Turning to Darkness P-8

Part 8

Rachel was having one of those dreams that seemed so real you could feel and smell every detail of it. She was laying in bed a big soft puffy blanket covering her naked body. Right next to her a mother and her daughter were making love. It was not at all the nasty f***ed i****t she had endured at the hands of her father and his lady-fuck-friend. What Rachel saw in her dream was full of real caring. The mother made her daughter cum, because she wanted her to be happy, not out of some desire to control her. The girl in return made her mommy cum because she loved her.

Rachel smiled and rubbed herself as she watched. Although she had recently suffered a great deal of abuse, the events of the dream were making her so hot and wet. The quiet but excited breathing of the young girl and her mother, the slurping and squishy sounds of fingers sliding into pink places, even the smell of sex seemed so very real.

The woman was not very old; she was plump but not quite fat. Her hair was dark and her tits were large. The girl was young; much too young to be having sex like this, but she seemed so very experienced. Her skin was bone white her hair bright golden, her eyes were the strangest color Rachel had ever seen.

The girl began by sucking on mommy’s tits and driving her entire little hand into mommy’s cunt. While the woman rubbed her daughter’s tight bum and slid a finger between her cheeks. After making mommy cum, the girl climbed up, to sit her bald pussy on her mommy’s face. The woman licked her daughter long and good. After cuming, the girl turned around into the classic 69 position. Mommy and baby held each other tight as they slurped away towards a mutual orgasm.

With one hand Rachel rubbed her pussy and with the other she pinched her own nipples. She was desperate to cum at the same time they did.

The strangest thing about the dream was right at the end. The little girl looked up from between her mommy’s legs, at Rachel and smiled with sharp fangs and a small trickle of bl**d running from the corner of her mouth.

Rachel woke up suddenly and looked around. The room was dark. She was in a big bed, naked under a soft blanket. It was not her bed, it was not her house. She was also clinging to someone, warm and soft and plump. Rachel moved her hands slightly; just as she thought, she was in bed with a girl who was also naked. Her left hand was between the girl’s legs, her right was grasping a breast.

Rachel realized; it was almost certainly Mercy, the girl who the room belonged to. She also realized with a hot flash of embarrassment that during the dream she had not been rubbing her own pussy.

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3 years ago
Salivating for the next...
3 years ago
3 years ago
AW brilliant, i'm getting as hungry as the vampires, please write some more
3 years ago
excellent victor i hope that you write alot more of this sweet series