Hardonis Academy p-5

New Student's Second Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Kimberly finally turned around, but now she had one arm across her perky breasts, and a hand covering her teenage pussy, pretending to be shy. Sandra just giggled, glancing at the others to gauge their reactions, but otherwise to shy to actually do anything. A couple of the girls were giggling, one of the boys was masturbating his hand fully under his kilt, another boy seemed frustrated that Kimberly was teasing so much and not yet showing off everything, the shy girl near Sandra had subconsciously placed her arm into a similar position, to cover herself, even though she was fully clothed in the school uniform.

Sandra, a sudden naughty impulse running through her... probably spawned by her arousal... scooted over till she could talk to the shy the girl. "What's the matter?" she whispered. "Don't you want to know what it will feel like when you have to do the same?" The shy girl looked Sandra in the eye, shock and surprise on her face, then she quickly looked down and away "I can’t do that." she whispered in answer.

"Didn't you read the handbook? I think we have to... if we get told to, anyway, and I bet that with a class like this, we'll get told to. Didn't you get the full introduction from the Head-master?" She watched Kimberly while she spoke. Kimberly, who had noticed what the boy in the second row was up to, was smiling very much, and after giving a wink to the teacher, she started rubbing her own pussy...slowly moving her arm to expose her tits, her nipples were very hard now. The shy girl looked even more embarrassed, if that was possible, "The Head-master...he ..he ****d me... and..." she looked at Sandra puzzled "and that woman, Miss Violet she took me to my room and she licked me all over, even down there." The shy girl’s hand was protectively held over her crotch.

Sandra nodded. "Me too, well Im not so sure it was ****, because I kinda liked it. Well, Im not sure what Violet did with me, I passed out. Was it really bad, though? For you, I mean?" She was talking to the girl next to her, but her eyes were on the show at the front of the class room.

"It was just so.. so strange, being ****d by a stranger, not at all like when my b*****r or cousins use me." She glanced at Sandra briefly before looking down at her feet again. "and...well Iv never been used by a woman at all"

“Y... your b*****r and your cousins? Like, they fucked you, that way?" Sandra had a hard time keeping her voice down. She knew she should be shocked, but instead the idea was just exciting. She didn't know why she was able to handle everything so well. Perhaps it was just how much she'd enjoyed the ****, and also that this girl was even more shy than she was.

As Sandra was quietly chatting away with the shy girl, Kimberly had taken her hand away from her pussy to show it off, licking her fingers as she sat on the edge of the teacher’s desk, opposite him. She then spread her legs... her pussy was mostly shaved clean, except for a small racing stripe just above her pink teenage slit. Gasps and exclamations of delight came up from the other students. But Sandra was focused on her new friend.

“When your b*****r…fucked you… did it make you cum?” She asked intensely. Her hand slipping under her skirt, lightly touching herself. The shy girl looked puzzled at the question..."cum? The boys cum a lot, on me... but I don’t know how to do that." she admitted reluctantly.

"No, I mean... reach the peak? You know, like when it feels really really good inside?" Sandra had been watching the teen, her own fingers pressing her own slit to try and relieve her arousal, but now she was staring at the shy girl. "You've never felt that?"

The shy girl shook her head, "some times when I..."she looked up at Kimberly who was rubbing herself right in front of a bunch of k**s. How could she feel so embarrassed about everything with this teenager openly doing what she thought was such a very privet thing? "Sometimes when I do that, alone at night...it does feel good" she confessed.

Sandra's own fingers were now pressing deep into herself, occasionally making a wet sound that was possible quite audible to the nearby k**s. "Well, uh... it's even better when other people do it to you." She said, watching Kimberly again, her own hand speeding up a bit. Right at that moment the boy in the second row let out a gasp, and he showed anyone sitting close to him, what cum was... he squirted some right onto the top of his desk

Kimberly having seen the boy cum, and knowing that many of the students were masturbating watching her, pushed two of her fingers deep into her pussy as she tilted her head back. Her f****y always loved to watch her perform like this. She felt her orgasm racing towards its peek, pushed onward by the thoughts of her mom and dad, mouths open wide, hands rubbing each other as they watched their daughter drive herself to a climax.

Sandra gasped and then giggled, as she saw the boy cum. She was quickly getting close herself, fingers and thumb working between her spread legs as she leaned back in the chair, feeling the orgasm approaching quickly. Not quite aware of what she was saying, driven on by the pleasure, she spoke a little loudly to the shy girl. "I'll show you if you want... make you cum..."

The shy girl was looking mostly at what Sandra was doing almost ignoring everything around her. The room was full of heavy breathing and slippery sounds, a few gasps and moans. The loudest of course was Kimberly; the 17year old teacher's assistant was not trying to be quiet at all. She had nothing to hide, no feelings of embarrassment. She would have been happy to stand up in front of an entire elementary school, strip naked, masturbate, and then be fucked by any and all the teachers.

Sandra, her lust pushing all caution aside, pulled up her skirt to show the girl exactly what she was doing. The knowledge that she was being watched... maybe even by the other students... quickly pushed her over the edge and she cried out, shaking hard as she came. "Oooo my god", the shy girl gasped as she was watching what Sandra was doing. Her comment was echoed a second later by one of the boys, who had turned around to watch also.

“Thanks you very much Kimie” The teacher said when his assistant had finished her climax. “And thank you too class, especially you…” He pointed directly at Sandra. "Could you pleas come up front."

Still breathing hard as she tried to recover, Sandra quailed under the sudden attention. When she was pointed at, she rapidly covered herself, although she glanced at the other young girls to see how they'd reacted to the events, and then rose slowly to her feet. The shy girl, who had been sitting beside Sandra, had hidden herself behind her long black hair again when the other k**s all started looking over. They were curious and some of them obviously hopped for more entertainment

As she approached the front of the class she was blushign hotly, aware of all of the eyes on her. The teachers smiled, trying to put his new student at ease, "What is your name?" he asked. "S... Sandra," she stammered, the young girl obviously nervous. She was still a little excited and light-headed from the orgasm, however, so she was still willing to obey anything despite the nervousness.

"Have you ever played 'show me yours and I'll show you mine?" the teacher asked, As Kimberly, still naked, took a seat on top of one of the desks in the front row. Sandra kept her eyes lowered, blushing even more at the question. She mutely shook her head, her pretty, full lips clamped shut. "Well, you don’t seem to have a problem with masturbating in public." he said with a laugh "That is actually a later part of this class, but first we like to take care of the basic getting naked in front of strangers part." Kimberly gave the young girl a wink as the teacher talked.

"Be a good girl Sandra and take off your shirt." he ordered firmly. Under the excitement of the striptease it had been easy to forget the watching eyes, but now Sandra was a lot more reluctant. She could feel everyone's eyes. Slowly, her hands trembling, she undid the school blouse, not showing anything yet though. The k**s in the class were watching her intently; one of the boys had both his hands below his desk, rubbing himself again slowly. They shy girl was looking also, although she tried to hid it.

The sight of the boy touching herself gave Sandra some courage. Steeling herself, she undid the last button and then slipped the top off her shoulders... her small, still-forming breasts were revealed to the class and she glanced shyly at them through her hair, giggling and biting her lip as she felt the thrill of the f***ed public exposure. Kimberly gave a hungry lick of her lips; partly as a way to encourage the k**, but also because she really did want a lick of those little tits.

"Very good" the teacher said as he made a motion with his hand, telling Sandra to turn around, so he could also get a clear view of her young breasts. She didn't see his hand motion at first, still watching the other students reaction to her exposition, and giggling at Kimberly as she caught the girl's gesture. She smiled back shyly, briefly meeting the other k**'s eyes. She was the center of attention, and she discovered that it was a great felling.

One of the girls in the second row, with dirty blond hair, whispered to another, "My boobs are bigger." the other girl, with short brown hair, giggled "Why don’t you go up and show them off." That comment made the dirty blond blush and shake her head. Sandra heard the whisper and felt a surge of anger, she determinedly lifted her hands to cup her own boobs, feeling the size and u*********sly tweaking the nipples for the sensation, biting her lip again.

Kimberly dropped one hand to her neatly trimmed teenage pussy, still wet from her own display. Her other hand mimicked Sandra's nipple tweaking on her own perky breast. The shy girl with the long hair had leaned forward to watch, her hands crossed over her chest, protectively holding her own tiny tits, even though she was still dressed. Finally, realizing that she was again fondling herself in public, Sandra quickly dropped her hands and blushed hotly, glancing at the teacher again to see whether he was happy.

The teacher had been grinning enjoying the inexperienced but natural talent of the new student. "Now pull up your skirt." He ordered, "You must give the class a look at your pussy before you go." Sandra considered trying to refuse... although the tingling of her nipples and Kinberly's continuing nakedness was making her very excited. Also the reaction of the others k**s, who looked on in eager anticipation, was really turning her on. At the same time a feeling of fright ran down her spine, as she recalled some of the descriptions of discipline in the School Handbook.

Slowly, eyes fixed on the ground, Sandra hiked up her skirt to show her little pink slit to everyone. A few of the k**s made small gasps of pleasure as they got their first glimpse of their class-mate's cunnie. The boy who had been masturbating was now rubbing himself vigorously. Kimberly blew the young girl a kiss, and spread her own legs a bit more, offering the girl a nice view of her slightly more mature slit, deep pink, open and wet.

Sandra felt her knees getting weak. Then suddenly the teachers was standing beside her and saying “Thank you very much, that will be all for now. I will be in my office after lunch if anyone has any individual questions. Class dismissed.” She was stunned with a mix of relief and disappointment.

thats all for this week - hope you enjoyed it...
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3 years ago
And thats just the first lesson on day 2. Its great
3 years ago
How have i only just found these stories?
They're amazing!
4 years ago
My god, if only my schooling was like this. Sheer heaven.
4 years ago
just so sweet & wonderful
4 years ago
don't ever stop writing...
4 years ago
letting my fingers do their magic as i read...love to rub myself .... ty for this story xx
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