Turning to Darkness P-5

Part 5.

Monday morning Rachel went to see the school guidance councilor. She told him that her father had been abusing her and r****g her. The councilor looked quite worried, “This is very serious. Do you have any proof?” he asked. “What do you want a fucking video?” Rachel blurted in disperse.

“Please calm down Miss.” The councilor said gently. “You cant just go making accusations like that; you are talking about some serious criminal charges being laid against your father. The police will want evidence they can use.” Rachel dug her nails into the palms of her hands, to help her stay calm. “Iv been beaten up, tied up and fucked senseless for the past two days, how was your week end?” she glared at the man behind the desk.

“Well we could get the school nurse to have a look at you, rough treatment like that would be detectable. Although I must caution you, if the nurse finds signs of abuse that’s just the start of a long process.” He gave her his best –Im on your side look. “Things like this are usually best settled with out getting the police involved.”

“Yea whatever, let’s get on with it.” Rachel said with determination. It was clear that the councilor was uneasy about the situation. He was supposed to be there to help students, but Rachel guessed he would be happy if students never brought him any real problems to deal with.

A few minutes later Rachel found herself in the school nurse’s office, the councilor stood near the door and explained briefly why they were there. The nurse took some notes on her clipboard. Then she said in a friendly voice “I will give you a little something to help you relax before we start the exam, if that is ok.” Rachel knew that she was tense, on edge, and ready to run out of the room, so she nodded her head; ok. The nurse prepared a needle and told the teenager to take off her shirt. Rachel did as she was told, not hardly flinching at all as she was given the shot.

“Now please take off the rest of your clothes and have a seat on the table.” The nurse said as she prepared some medical instruments beside the table. Rachel glanced nervously at the councilor and then looked around for some sort of privacy curtain. “Regulations say there must be a witness to this sort of thing” The nurse explained. The councilor smiled and made a show of looking at some papers on the desk, instead of at young girl. “You may feel a bit lightheaded, but don’t worry its normal.” The nurse said as Rachel finished stripping naked.

Sure enough, as she sat on the table, Rachel did begin to feel more relaxed and rather foggy. Whatever was in the needed sure had a strong effect. Her memories of the next few hours were dreamlike or nightmare like to be more accurate. The nurse began with professional poking and prodding but soon her touch turned more sexual. She even sucked on Rachel’s breasts, or was that the felling of some strange device that was attached to her tits.

Rachel remembered having something cold and metallic stuffed up her pussy, being f***ed open wide very wide, it should have hurt but it did not. Things were pushed up her cunt, then up her bum. She struggled a bit but found that her arms and feet had been put in some sort of clamps. She also remembered the councilor with a camera, taking photos of her.

After the exam was over, Rachel drifted in a timeless sl**p, she did not know if it was a few minutes or a few hours. Then something familiar was f***ed into her young cunt, she thought for a moment that she was back home and her dad had come into her room more a morning fuck. But no she was still on the exam table. A man, maybe the councilor, was fucking her as another man, maybe the principle, was rubbing his cock across her face.

When the first man finished hammering her pussy, the next guy took his place. It was all very foggy, she was not sure how many men fucked her, maybe it was only a few who did it several times or maybe it was every male teacher in the school who had a turn violating her. A few times she though she smelled perfume and the way she was fucked seemed more like how Sally did it with her strapon dildo.

Rachel passed out for a while, but was awakened by a burning sensation deep in her tummy and it felt like she was peeing herself. She looked around and saw the nurse with some sort of watergun, she was squirting something smelling like lemon juice. The nurse smiled and said “Your fine, this is all just a bad dream.”

It all seemed unreal, especially when Rachel finally woke up in the nurse’s office, fully dressed, on bed in the corner. From the fading light coming through the window she guessed it was late afternoon. Quietly Rachel got out of bed, she still felt a bit light headed. Her body hurt but it had been acing ever since the week end ****. There was no one in the office. The clock showed it was 4:30pm. An envelope sat on top of her backpack. She found that it was a note excusing her from today’s classes and explaining that she had a strong reaction to the sedative. It also allowed her to take the next day off if she did not feel up to coming to school.

Rachel took a good long look around the room. There was no evidence of the sort of things going on that she dreamed about. The office was simple and dull, just the way it was when she entered it. The exam table did not even have any restraints build into it. Picking up her pack, and stuffing the letter into her pocket, Rachel left the school.

She did not want to go home. But what could she do?

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3 years ago
This is getting so sweet
3 years ago
grerat story
3 years ago
did the nurse and counsellor abuse her, or was it the drugs making her dream? good twist that.
A xxx
4 years ago
very good