Turning to Darkness P-4

Part 4.
What else happened that week end

The week end was a sort of living hell for young Rachel. Her dad and his new fuck-friend Sally spend most of their time inventing new ways to use and humiliate her. Never in her life had Rachel looked forward to school Monday morning as much as she did that Sunday night.

She thought about it several times; should she call the cops, could she tell them what was going on, would they believe her, would they drag her father off, would they protect her from him? Rachel finally made up her mind after seeing the things Sally brought over for Sunday night’s entertainment; the long double headed dildo worried her, the huge strap on dildo frightened her.

It was not so bad at first. Although Sally was treating her like a worthless bitch, when she got into a 69 with Rachel the woman lovingly and expertly licked the young teen to several orgasms. Although she did not want to admit it, Rachel sort of enjoyed licking Sally’s shaved smooth cunt and making the woman cum.

Next they took turns sucking on dad’s cock until he hosed them both with cum. Sally was happy to lick the warm spunk from Rachel’s face and tits, making sure to suck hard on the girl’s small pink nipples. When it was her turn to clean up, Rachel did her best, although she disliked licking cum it was sort of fun to see how Sally reacted when she sucked on the woman’s big brown nipples.

Fucking with the double headed dildo was very strange but not terrible. After Sally stuffed one end into Rachel’s young pussy, she took the other end up her own wet cunt. Woman and girl sat on the floor, legs around eachother, rocking back and forth as Daddy watched. Of course Sally was talking dirty the entire time. She had a talent for that. “I see baby likes to fuck this way,” she purred “little slut is tired of always being fucked deep, well now its your chance baby girl, fuck your new mommy as hard as you can.”

A mix of hate and horniness drove Rachel to do exactly as Sally wanted. The girl dug her nails into the woman’s back and thrust her hips as hard and fast as she could. “oh baby that’s to much” Sally gasped happily “little slut, little slut your stretching mommy’s cunt too much.” It was a calculated poke on Sally’s part to get Rachel made again. It worked more or less as she hopped.

Growling Rachel pushed the woman down, continuing to fuck her hard as she could. “I loved my mother I would never fuck her like this” the teen hissed as she wrapped her fingers around Sally’s neck. She pressed down hard slamming her pussy against the woman’s crotch over and over again, hardly noticing the felling of the dildo inside herself, Rachel was intent on fucking the woman senseless.

This time her father did not interfere. He sat, cock in hand, watching his daughter go crazy. Seeing his little girl dominate a woman this way was a new sort of turn on for him. Of course once Sally shivered wildly then suddenly went limp, he knew it was time to pull Rachel’s hands away from the woman’s throat.

As far as Rachel was concerned Sunday night had not been so bad, until Sally regained consciousness. She had a happy evil smile a mile wide. “That was great baby slut, but you went too far, baby has been a bad girl, and now you need to be punished.” Rachel looked worried, the energy from her anger spent. “I hope you enjoyed hurting me, because now mommy and daddy are going to double fuck you so hard your going to be hurting all week long.”

Rachel’s dad tied her hands to her knees as Sally strapped on the nasty dildo. “I will give you a choice baby-slut,” he said to her “Who do you want in your pussy and who gets to fuck you up the ass?”

“No please you cant do that, not both at once, I will be good, you can each take a turn fucking me” Rachel was getting desperate, “I will even beg you to cum inside me daddy. I will even call her mommy and… and say that I love licking her cunt.” Rachel knew exactly what her daddy and Sally wanted to hear her say, thus far she had avoided saying anything of the sort.

“Mmm very tempting offer but no.” Her dad said “Seeing how you were so nasty to your mommy-slut, Im going to let her have your ass.” With that decided her dad sat Rachel onto his hard cock. He then bent her forward and held her small body to him so that her bum was an easy target for Sally.

The woman took her time forcing the strap on dildo head into Rachel’s tight asshole. She held onto the girl’s hips and slowly drove it deeper and deeper with small thrusts. Rachel could taste bl**d in her mouth from having bitten her lip. Her attempt not to cry soon failing she sobbed and screamed as the adults double fucked her young body.

Monday morning found Rachel barley able to walk and not very happy with any sitting down. Never the less she got ready for school, determined to do something about her situation today.

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Oh man oh man oh goddamn...
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poor girl, but fantastic story
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Loved it!!!!