A helping hand

A helping hand to make my daughter a slut
this is total fiction by V Lazlow

Part 1
"Do you ever get your daughter naked?" the woman asked me as we sat in the empty café.
"Yes quite often, she is not shy about it." I answered with a smile.
"Is she hot? Do you get to touch her? Do you get naked with her?" the woman asked with excited curiosity. I knew from our online conversations that Sally often fantasized about daddy daughter situations. Sally was quite a wild thing but never had she lived out her dream to be involved in a situation like the one I was offering her.

"She likes it when I touch her lil pussy, I rub her panties often and rub her when she is naked too.
Some times I get naked with her, like when we have a shower together." I explained as if it was an everyday event, wich at my house it was.
"Mmmm that is so hot....do you get to finger her? or suck her titties? how far have you gone? I would love to be with her and walk thru a mall half naked...." Sally purred with a lusty look in her eyes. The part about the mall was unexpected and it got me curious.
"I have tried to suck on her tities, but that just drives her into a giggle fit. I have licked her pussy many times, and made her cum, but I dont finger fuck her, she does not want me to pop her cherry yet, and I can respect that." I explained with a growing lump in my pants. "I would love to take you and her to the mall. Would you like to walk hand in hand with a young girl in public,
both you and her with short skirts and no panties? It would be a smile-full even. Better yet, Id like to have you and her naked in a more privet spot."

"I am all for giving a show. I love to flaunt my ass or my tits." Sally leans forward and pulls down her top to give me a quick peek. "Love to show my pussy too." She leans back in her chair, tipping it on two legs and pulls up her skirt to show me her smooth shaved valley. "Anything I can get away with." she laughs. "I love to drive my car topless...." Then sally gets this real serious look about her and says "I would do anything to be naked with you and your daughter."
"You naughty girl, you would be a wonderful influence on my c***d." I laugh "I can just imagine you helping my daughter to tie her sneaker at the mall, her squatting down, flashing her pussy at anyone looking low, you bending over, flashing your ass at anyone looking high."

"Has your daughter ever done anything with a woman? Mmm I want her to suck on my tits, as I play with her little pussy." Sally was rubbing her own big boobies as she spoke.
"Im sure my daughter would let you play with her and lick her pussy, maybe we can get her to sit on your face, as I stuff my big hard cock in your wet cunt." As I spoke I reached my hand over to Sally's leg and ran my fingers up and under her skirt. She instantly spread her legs for me, what a horny slut. She was wet, very wet.
"Oh yes Id love to have her sit on my face as you stuff your big cock up my hot cunt. She can watch you fuck me, fuck me hard as you want, and I will ravage her little pussy with my tounge. I bet you will cum in no time watching me eat your baby-girl's bald cunnie." By this point Sally was gasping for breath. She had pulled her top down fully exposing her big tits with their very hard nipples. She was rubbing and pinching herself as my fingers explored her dripping wet fuck-hole.

I did it with Sally for the first time that night. Right there in the café after closing time. I set her plump ass on a table and fucked her cunt. In no time I was cumming deep inside her hot hole. She was loud and liked to talk dirty as I fucked her. Almost as soon as I stopped squirting cum into her, Sally was off the table and on her knees, sucking me. "Do me again daddy," she said, "Fuck my face like I know you want to do it to your baby-girl"
I got hard again and I put my hands around her head. I gave her what she asked for. I face fucked the i****t loving slut a good long time, but did not cum. Eventually she pulled herself away enough to say "Please daddy, I need your big cock up my ass, fuck me doggy style daddy."
I did Sally from behind, pressing her to the floor as I fucked her. She moaned and screamed and said the most nasty sexy things. I finally came when she begged me "**** my tight bum, please daddy, do me like you did for my birthday." I slammed hard into her a few more times, then I came.

Part 2

A week later I arranged for Sally and me to have some alone time with my daughter Jillian. We would spend all Saturday turning my baby-girl from a sexually curious young teen into a total cum loving fuck-slut.

First we striped Jill naked, Sally's hands and my hands exploring every part of her young body. Rubbing and pinching, stroking and poking my nervous yet willing daughter. As Sally suggest, we sucked on her tits at the same time as we took turns finger fucking her smooth little pussy, being carful not to go too deep. She was still a virgin after all.

Next we sit her down in a chair, and tie her there, arms and legs open so her body is totally exposed and vulnerable to whatever we want to do with her. But we would not do anything more to her just yet. I lick and eat Sally's hot horny cunt, making sure my daughter had a good show of it. Then I rub the big head of my cock up and down her wet slit, maybe push it inside a bit.

Then I would offer my cock for Sally to suck on. Like a good slut, she would show my baby-girl how to suck a cock and make a man cum. Jill never liked the idea of sucking my cock, although she loved to have me lick her pussy. Although I know Sally would be happy to swallow all my hot cum, I want her to keep some in her mouth, so she can kiss my daughter and make my little girl swallow it. "Pinch her nipples as you push my cum into her mouth with your tounge." I suggest.

As Sally does that she is rubbing her needy wet pussy along my daughter's leg. So I give Sally a small slap on the ass and she wiggle as she offers herself for me to take from behind. As I plunge my cock deep into Sally's hot cunt, I can look down between my daughter's legs to see her open pink pussy. Mmm I purr as I fuck my slut. Aaaaa Sally gasps as she presses her mouth to my baby-girl's tits, they are not very big but her nipples are very erect. Sally suck hard, her fingers finding their way to Jill's helpless cunt. The harder and faster I fuck you, the harder you finger fuck my c***d. "Do me hard, do me deep." Sally gasps "cum in my cunt, I want you to watch me feed it to our baby-slut."

After I explode in Sally's hot fuck-hole, I sit back to catch my breath and to watch. Sally carfully tips over the chair Jill is still tied to, so my daughter is now on her back. With a big smile the woman walks over and squats above the girl's face. She holds her pussy lips open wide and winks at me. I watch my cum drip from her cunt onto my daughters cute face.

Anyone want to read the next part ?
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6 months ago
that is so fucked up.. reporting and blocking :s
6 months ago
so wrong, so good. yes parts 2, 3 and 4 please
2 years ago
mmmm so hot
3 years ago
Keep writing!!! Very hot!!!
3 years ago
yes write more :)
4 years ago
sounds like alot of fun
4 years ago
You are nothing but a filthy-minded tease! I mean that as a compliment.
4 years ago
Part 3 had been written, but I have no idea where it has gotten to.
4 years ago
Oh my god. Amazing.
4 years ago
yes we want more
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm. i want a daddy like that
4 years ago
yes! Yes! YES!
4 years ago
4 years ago
yes please!
4 years ago
that was a deliciously sexy erotic story; please continue.
4 years ago
I would love to be there to watch
4 years ago
victor extremely hot excellent & yes pt 2, 3, 4.... & a detailed discription of both girls please
4 years ago
4 years ago
Excellent beginnings.
Yes definately continue and in graphic detail please.
4 years ago
4 years ago
I wish I was your daughter, I would promise to be good to you! xoxoxo