f****y Camping Fun

This is a section from a story I co-wrote with a friend,
if you like insest and education then enjoy.

His mother leant foward, "Now honey, don't be scared. We aren't going to punish you. We just want to make sure you do a good job of fucking your s****r. If you can't satisfy her, how are you going to keep her? Tonight I'm going to teach you to lick pussy and then you'll have your first fucking lesson with me. Tomorrow you can try out Kelly and see if her cocksucking has improved. Now tell me, do you think your mommy is beautiful?"

With that she slipped the robe off her shoulders, letting it drop to the caravan floor. She spread her legs and reached down and spread her lips with her fingers. "Now mommy is already nice and wet so kneel down and I'll show you how to lick cunt."
Adem eagerly dropped to his knees unable to believe that his sexy mom wanted this and she wanted him to fuck her later. She guided his head down between her thighs and he could smell her musky arousal, different yet similar to his s****r's.

He dove right in like he did with Kelly, slurping away. With a sift voice and guiding hands his Mom guided his attentions, showing him the way she liked to be serviced. Soon he was tongue deep in her pussy while his fingers diddled her clit.

He could feel his own cock straining with arousal but knew he was going to get some soon. Above him he could hear her breathing quicken but was surrounded by pussy, enclosed in a steamy sex scented world. When she came it took him by suprise, her crying out loudly, shoving his face tight against her as she ground herself against him. Crying "Adem, oh yes lick your mommy."

Eventually she quietened and released him. Drawing him to his feet she kissed him fully on the lips, tasting her own juices on her sons mouth.

Standing she led him to the campers narrow bed and lay down on it. "Now baby when you fuck a woman you have to try and make her cum as well. Remember, the more she enjoys it the more she will want you next time. But you just made Mommy cum so this time I just want you to shoot your cum deep in my cunt. Right back where you came from baby."

She spread her legs and smiled up at Adem as he knelt between her legs. "Get on top baby, thats right." She guided him into position and taking his aching cock in her hand, guided it to her dripping wet cunt. With a single smooth stroke he was buried to the hilt in his mother, a very different feeling than his s****r.

Her hands guided his hips, starting him on a fucking motion. Adem knew he wouldn't last too long, he was just too turned on by the thought of fucking his hot mom. He quickened and sped up, his young cock slamming into his mothers tight cunt. In no time at all he shuddered and stilled, spurting his i****tous cum deep into her womb.

Relaxing he dropped ontop of her and she guided his mouth to one of her breasts where he started to contentedly suckle. "Good boy, mommy loves your cum in her pussy. You can fuck me anytime you want tonight, next time will last longer."
Adem looked up at him mom from where he was sucking on her breasts, his cock still inside her. He knew it wouldn't be long before he was squirting in her again...

"Kelly I want you to reach out and grab it. Its time for your first lesson." he told his daughter in a soft voice. Eagerly she reached up and got hold of the huge cock that was hanging right infront of her face. It got even harder as she touched it. "Give it a kiss, thats right baby like that. Now lick up and down a few times. Dont be in a hurry to get it into your mouth."

"But daddy Im never going to be able to fit all that in my mouth." the young girl said in a worried voice. "Maybe not today, but eventually you will be able to." He assured his daughter.

"Start by taking just the head in, thats it, seeing my cock in your mouth is so sweet, Im sure your mother is going to love seeing this. Now baby, suck on it a little, then run your tounge round my cock head." He caressed Kelly's hair as he told her what to do. Soon she had about half his shaft pumping in and out of her mouth.

"Are you readdy to tast daddy's cum?" he asked with a happy gasp.
She murrmered agreement

"Baby, its important that you try hard to drink it all, ...oh yea ... here it cummms"

As he began to explode hot jucie inside his little girl's mouth, his hands took firm hold of her head. Like it or not, she was going to learn to swallow.
"Oh daddy," she purrred after she had eaten all his hot sticky cum "that was wonderful"

He gave Kelly a big hug, pressing her little body to him, his hands on her bum as he often did. Only this time daddy did what he had always wanted to do. He slid his fingers between her ass cheeks , fondelling his daghter in a sexual rather than playful way. He was very happy to find his daughters cunt dripping wet as his fingers moved lower down her crack.

He pushed a finger up inside his daughter's tight little cunt. Daddy's one finger felt like Adem,s 3 fingers had, filling and streching her 12 year old sex tunnle. Kelly let out a long "Oohhhooooo" of pleasure.

He finger fucked his daughter for a long long time, making the little girl cum 5 times. Each time his baby girl had an orgasum his cock got harder, untill finally he just had to fuck her. With out a word he moved her into possition and spread her legs wide. Kelly watched her dad in a dreemy haze of pleasure.

It looked so lovely to see his cock pointed at her pussy. He rubbed the tip against her very wet oppening. "I love you baby" he said. Then daddy pushed his huge dick into his little daughter. It filled her up and she felt like she would split in half, but she loved it. "more daddy more, I can take it" she called. Inch by inch he pushed his tool inside her tight cunt.

Kelly seemed to be having one long orgasum, from the time her daddy started fucking her all the way to his cum filling up her insides. She gasped and howled muttering over and over "Im your little slut fuck me dady, fuck me"

When at last he was done squirting all his sperm into Kelly' cunt, he rolled over onto his back, taking her with him so that she was ontop. The weight of her little body on him was like a blanket. The drip of cum out of her pussy was a sign of their love.
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2 years ago
Whow! All this young teen, blossoming, virgin pussy and dick, blooming and flowering by just the nature of mom and dad pollinating their sex organs, prepping and preparing them for the most enjoyable function on earth!! Jeeeesz, how can their incestual deflowering be so erotic, so fucking sensual??
2 years ago
It was so sticky n wet in my pants when I read this, so hot
2 years ago
Sexy story!
4 years ago
would love for daddy to fuck me like that
4 years ago
Fantastic story, reminds me of my mom and me. Sheer heaven.
4 years ago
You have a dirty, kinky, perverted mind...I guess that's why we enjoy reading each other's stories...
4 years ago
Thanks for the comments.
Im sad to say that the other part of the story, explaining how the brother and sister started playing with each other, is no place to be found. I have lots of old files and no time to look at all of them.
4 years ago
great story!!!
4 years ago
that is so hot but please where is part 2
4 years ago
Loved the story and being somewhat kinky and into the thought of incest. It's a turn-on when ages are included in the story. Seems other writers hesitate doing it.
4 years ago
So Freakin HOT!! I would love to be part of that family!
4 years ago
great story, very hot,well constructed.
4 years ago
oh fuck i want that to happen to me someday
4 years ago