the last work on the encounter

The Encounter Part 03
true story by VL

After that night with Kim and time I spent with her little s****r Meg, I expected that I would not hear from her again while I was in town. Kim would disappear from my life or maybe I would see her on line and she would make up some excuse why she had not gotten hold of me while I was in her town. What happened the next evening was wonderfully unexpected.

Kim called me wanting to come over to my hotel room. I said; sure. Soon she arrived with her s****r in tow, literally. Meg had a collar around her neck and Kim was holding a string tied to it. "Come right in and bring your pet along." I said trying not to laugh to much.

Kim was dressed normally, a nice skirt and preppy pink top, her blond hair done in a perky ponytail. Meg was dressed in a long painters shirt, her slightly darker hair a mess. The collar would not be easily noticed unless she had a few buttons of the shirt open, as she did when she arrived at my door."She begged me and promised to do anything if I let her come along tonight." Kim explained. "I didnt think she would really do it, but here she is."

I turned to Meg and said "Hello little slut, lift up your shirt." She did as I ordered and sure enough my guess was right, she was naked underneath it. "We will see if she is really willing to do anything." I said with a big smile.

First I told Meg to strip and sit on the floor. She did, while I kissed her older s****r and slowly undressed Kimie’s sexy athletic body. My hands were allover her, rubbing and gently pinching, turning her around until I was behind her and she faced her lil s****r. I spread kim’s pussy lips as I nibbled on her neck “crawl over here and lick your s****r’s cunt you dirty slave slut.” I said to Meg.

I kept hold of Kim, caressing her firm tits and rubbing my cock against her lower back as her naughty s****r slurped away between her legs. After we made Kimie cum, I told her to climb onto my pole and ride my cock. She happily mounted me and bounced up and down a few dozen times before I called Meg over and ordered her to sit on my face.

I licked Meg’s muffin for a few minutes, trying not to enjoy Kim’s cunt too much. But soon it was time to change positions. “On your back lil slut, arms and legs outstretched.” I told Meg. Then in a more polite voice I asked Kim to get on all fours so her pussy was above her s****r’s face. She giggled and did so, pinching Meg’s small tits as she got into position.

I fucked Kim doggy style hard and fast, making her grunt and yelp. Gradually I pressed her down until her smooth shaved pussy was rubbing against her lil s****r’s nose. When I finally exploded inside Kim’s hot cunt, it was a gusher of cream.

“Hold still, then slowly straiten up.” I told Kim, making sure her pussy was still right over her s****r’s face, as I pulled my cock out. I leaned back to watch my cum drip from Kimie’s well fucked, wide open cunt into Megan’s mouth. Like a true slut she had opened her lips and wiggled her tongue, without having to be told what to do.

From there, the rest of the night got more dirty (wink)
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3 years ago
4 years ago
no - this is all I plan to write on that adventure.
4 years ago
So far so good...tell me more!
4 years ago
well are you going to tell us the rest of the story