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A poem - I hope you enjoy;

Twinkle twinkle like a duck
it is you I want to fuck

your tits are sexy I like how they sway
Im going to fondle them night and day

Twinkle twinkle your in luck
my cock is ready you may suck

in and out of your cunt so hard
we can fuck in the back yard

Twinkle twinkle now your wet
your laughing at this song I bet

About me...
Im a creative kinky writer, who of course loves porn. It is very inspirational. Im always happy to talk with people who can help me push the limits, or just have a good laugh. Im willing to trade stories, vids or pics but I dont actually do the self broadcasting thing.

A short thought...
A night full of rain and lightning can be so passionate.
I dream about taking you up to the balcony of my apartment, high above the city, to watch the storm.
Of course we will get wet, then get naked. You will sit on my lap, facing towards the night sky as I thrust into you. My hands will hold your breasts as you ride me, my teeth will nip at your neck, as the rain and the thunder rolled over us.
We will cum together.

Dan Quayle Quote: "I understand the importance of bondage between parent and child."

New Friends Take Note
Im always happy to chat with anyone about anything, although I may be a bit slow to answer messages Im happy to receive them. However I tend to ignore Friend Requests that do not come with some sort of Hello message.
You can also get hold of me on yahoo; victor4fun4ever

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11 hours ago
Hello Dear, how are you?
1 day ago
Fantastic Stuff! Hope You accept my friend request!
7 days ago
great collection
1 month ago
We love your favorites!
1 month ago
I love your galleries :)
1 month ago
love the galleries... cum worthy
2 months ago
I see the XH police have been slashing their way through your profile as well. I can't even keep up with them anymore. most of my stuff doesn't even post or they delete it real quick. oh well. Your stories are enjoyable. Check out my profile if your interested.
3 months ago
I always love to stop by and visit your Fuzzy galleries.
3 months ago
you have an awesome collection in your galleries. hoping you accept the friend request I sent.
4 months ago
Great collection, I'm thoroughly enjoying them.
4 months ago
You have a wonderful collection of videos and photos!
4 months ago
Great galleries!
4 months ago
Yes you are creative as a writer. there are precious few that hold my attention as your stories do.
5 months ago
I neglected to thank you for accepting my request to be friends, sorry.
5 months ago
When I see something I like, I try to think of more to say that just "wow that is hot"
5 months ago
Love your new Teddybear gallery :)
5 months ago
Sweet profile!! Would you please add me? ^.^
5 months ago
Thank you for your many comments, I appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to send them along to me.
5 months ago
Mmm more galleries being taken down,
have to put up new stuff soon
5 months ago
I like your stories
5 months ago
Thanks for the love
crazy people have to stick together...
if they play with glue they sure do.
5 months ago
Did I already said that I loooove your profile ? (and there isn't enough "o" in "love") if not, so I loooooo[...]ooove your profile ! =D
5 months ago
Yeah, and if you go to upload, hope that it isnt already on here 10 different times
5 months ago
the only problem with porn is finding the good stuff
5 months ago
thanks for accepting my invite :) great uploads and faves
5 months ago
That poem is awesome! :D
6 months ago
THX for Comments!!!!
6 months ago
Love your poem :)
6 months ago
it's time to delete those deleted videos now. Housekeeping4fun...
6 months ago
I like to think that Im a lot like him,
with out the big blue box
6 months ago
Yay :D Not that difficult to recognize the 9th Doctor :)

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