Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLIII

Chapter XLIII – Un Ménage-a-Trois in Office (based on Love Romances No. 23 cover, Marvel, July 1952?)

For the last ten years, I have been married with Ruth and I have always been faithful to her. I know you’d might expect that I confess something about cheating my wife. Well, you are partially right. I had a sexual intercourse with someone that isn’t my wife. But what I am going to tell you is not what you were expecting from a story like this.

Even before I got married, I became employee of a very important advertising agency. And the place had since a pro-women hiring stance. Every single department, from the highest to the cleaning jobs, had women working on it. It’s positive because it really brings a way to make women take part of the whole process of the agency and not stuck to secretarial jobs or anything ‘soft’. But there was something that bothered me when I saw myself surrounded daily with beautiful ladies from all ages and backgrounds possible: my own past.
When I was young, in the college years to be precise, I was what people call as ‘womanizer’. I had lots of girlfriends, sometimes dating two or more girls at the same time without them even not knowing of each other. Sex? For me, it was a very important part of my days, sl**ping with the chicks and giving them pleasure. But my ‘Don Juan’ days were counted as I started to date Ruth. She is straight headed kind, totally different from the girls I used to date. I knew that, to have her as my girlfriend and future wife, I had to give up on my womanizing skills, and so I did.

The first years were as good as they can be, with me and Ruth being the ‘happy couple’ and starting a f****y together. But, as I got promoted within the agency, I found myself surrounded with beautiful women, young and intelligent, living their lives. I fought myself to keep my ‘teenself’ away from my mind, but not until I met Marcia.

Marcia was a co-director of my department and she got the place months after my promotion. Since we worked together in other sides of the business, both of us got along together pretty easy. She was around five years younger than me, beautiful as a girl can be and also one of the best employees the agency had in its roster. However, I didn’t knew she was the one who blew my mind.

“I see you and Marcia always get along with each other, Tom”

“What you mean with that, Ted?”

“Well, since I know you since college, I must warn you about having the prospects of a woman like her working with you in your office”

“Come on! I am married and I love my wife!”

“Give me a break, Tom… don’t you tell me that, if you had the opportunity, you wouldn’t have an affair with Marcia or someone else here”

“Of course not. Stop talking like that, Ted”

“I am sorry, buddy, but I must say you must take care, or your put your marriage to the drain”

“I love my wife, and she is everything to me, so is my f****y. There is no way for me to cheat her”

“I am just saying. But I must warn you… you must control yourself. I know how you’ve been around pretty women like her… so, just be aware”

I quickly dismissed in my mind my talk with Ted, but as the days went by, I saw how right he was. As I got to work closely with Marcia, something happened with me. Something I didn’t felt since long time ago. I felt younger, I felt happy, I felt refreshed… it was like I was at college again, with a friend I could confide my thoughts and so as hers.

When she told me she was still single, I could feel the ‘old Tom’ try to surface inside me and say ‘get her! get her!”. Don’t get me wrong here, I still loved Ruth, but suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking on Marcia and me getting ‘intimate’, if you know what I mean. I knew I couldn’t advance the line between workmates and else, but it was a urge I was trying to resist with all my strength.

Even worse was when I started to get late at home and spend the night at my office, of course with Marcia as my company. Ruth didn’t liked, of course, when I worked until late in the office, especially because mostly it was only me and Marcia there.

“You and her always have to be together alone at the office until that late?”

“It’s my job, Ruth. I can’t complain with them putting me to work until late, it’s what I gotta do”

“But I don’t know why Marcia has to be with you. You are capable to do your job by yourself”

“Sorry, honey, but she works ay my department and I need all her help to make those accountant stuff”

“I understand Tom, but I am your wife and I need to spend time with you too”

“I am just trying to do what I have to do. When everything it’s over, it will be everything as it is”

Every day, the same argument and every day I had to say the same ‘excuses’ to her. I could see on her face, even if she could deny it, that she thought I was cheating on her. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to cheat on Ruth but I couldn’t stop thinking about Marcia. It’s ridiculous, I know, but what else I could do?

I had to find a way to slow down my thoughts about Marcia while trying to end Ruth’s suspicions. However, I couldn’t do one thing either the other. And one night, inside my office, while we were talking about our personal lives.

‘Still beats me that a woman like is you still single, Marcia. You are young, beautiful, smart and amazing. All a man could want for a girl”

“Let’s say that I spent part of my life not caring about finding someone else for me. But, for me, the only problem is that I am too picky over men”

“How picky do you mean?”

“I just don’t like any kind of men, just that”

“And what kind of men you like? Just curious”

“Well, I feel kind of awkward to say in front of you, but… you are the kind of men I would date”


“I want to have a man just like you. Intelligent, caring, hard-working, cool, friendly…”

“Really? Oh…”

Little I knew that it was the start of everything. Two days later, at the same office, we were talking about relationships, about my marriage and how she was looking for the right fit. The only thing I knew from this day it, out of sudden, we ended up kissing each other, I just don’t remind why. Maybe it was talking about how I felt near her or whatever she said about me being good looking… anyway…

“D-Did we just kissed?”

“Yes, Tom… Why? Are you worried?”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry about your wife. I know you love her and you want to stay with her. And by the way, we are just friends”

“Er… I just felt uncomfortable. It was all out of blue”

“I understand your view about that, and I respect if you feel bad for us kissing, I feel terrible because I kissed a married man”

“You don’t have to. You didn’t kiss me because I told you to. You kissed me because I wanted, and so did I”

“Do you want another kiss?”

I couldn’t answer, since I kissed her again. We embraced each other in a kiss that I missed to so much to have, that passion from youth, the taste of the forbidden fruit, the never ending feeling. I felt myself like the ‘old Tom’, the one who fucked those tons of girls in college…




My wife caught us kissing. I just forgot I had her to take me home because me and her were meant to have dinner together. But right there I could only see her jaw fall on the floor seeing me and another woman. There was a lasting silence, the three of us too embarrassed, shocked or angry to say something.


“Well, Ruth… I cannot lie to you…”

“I hope you don’t lie, like you’ve been lying all this time to me!”
“Excuse me, Mrs., but you are making a mistake here”

“And my ‘mistake’ is any worse of any woman kiss my husband at his work place? And, the worse, you are his co-worker. How could you, Tom?”

“You are right, Ruth. I am deeply sorry about that, but I assure you this is the first kiss me and Marcia share between each other. I know I cheated you through this, but I must tell you that I didn’t do it to upset you”

“But you upset me, Tom”

“We didn’t meant to do it, ma’am. It just happened, it wasn’t our intention to kiss or do something to harm your marriage. I am very sorry; I understand how bad you feel…”

For one moment, she stopped talking and looked at us like she was some kind of school headmistress harshly reprehending us with her eyes. I thought she would scream the world on us or worse. But, she took a deep breath, looked at us again and said something that turned the things around this office.

“I could do something really bad with you two, but it won’t appease my anger. I could leave and break up our marriage, but I don’t feel I am strong enough to, and anyway, it was just a kiss after all. Because of that, I decided that I don’t care if you are going to cheat me with her, Tom…”


“…unless if you let me to cheat you with her too”

“Ruth! What the-!”

I couldn’t believe she said something like that! She said she wanted to cheat me with her. Was she out of her mind? Or it was just revenge? Well, Marcia got shocked when she heard her request that she got speechless at most. And what about me? I was like I heard bad f****y news.

“You can’t be serious, Ruth… what the hell are you talking about?”

“I just said that, if you need to do Marcia, you gotta do me as well, and I am really serious, Tom”

“But this is insane!”

“Insanity was exploiting the fact you are alone with someone else and kiss her for your wife to see it. This was insane. What I am asking for is to return the sanity between us, and for that to happen, I need to be a part of it”

For a moment, I was keen to say ‘no’, but then again my ‘older self’ came aboard to tell my mind to accept it, saying my past was full of threesomes and wild orgies, and if it was the best thing to do, I had to accept it. I got fighting with myself, trying to deny the idea was somehow interesting, but I wasn’t into leading position, so I had to give in.
“So, Tom?”

“If that means you forgive me at some point, I guess it doesn’t hurt… Marcia?”

“I must confess I never tried a threesome, and despite this whole situation, I think we should try it out”

The thing was so surreal that it’s impossible to explain, but I am going to try. Marcia and I came back to kiss as I saw Ruth caressing our bodies while we did it. I must confess I got a mild hard-on while both ladies kissed each other, from what I saw, both went awesomely perfect for first timers. Soon, we took off our clothes and the girls went hungry for my cock, in a way I didn’t saw it since my single years.

I know it doesn’t sound like revenge, but what happened inside that office was something that needed to become a book or movie. I couldn’t believe when seeing both Marcia and Ruth taking turns on sucking my cock while fondling each other. I stood at my desk watching my wife and my co-worker do me a blowjob. Sometimes I wondered if it was all planed or not.

“Your husband’s cock is great, ma’am”

‘Sure it is… and please, call me Ruth”

Later, I went to fuck Marcia on my desk as I ate my wife’s pussy. All those memories from my teenage follies came back that night, while I did that to those women. Marcia moaned louder, and Ruth didn’t want to be defeated by her while I brushed her cunny with my tongue. But my wife felt she needed to experiment a little and let Marcia eat her while we kissed.

“God, eat my pussy, Marcia! Oh Yeahhhhh! Tom, she is so gooood!”

“She is damn good, honey! I can’t believe I am cheating someone with my wife in the middle!”

I saw how Ruth felt pleased with Marcia’s lesbian skills by seeing her moan and scream in front of my while I fucked my co-worker. I didn’t feel anymore shame for that or any other bad feeling. All that I wanted was to fuck those two hot women in my office, at every way possible for us to.

We tried a few positions, but Ruth felt she needed me to fuck her, and there was she, on all fours on the carpet, being pumped by me as she had fun with Marcia’s pussy. I was surprised to see how my wife got interested in pussy, giving Marcia several tons of pleasure with her tongue, and it made me even more turned on watching those two getting at it. And I can’t forget how Ruth praised me in front of Marcia as I fucked my wife tirelessy. She told her how ‘stud’ I was and how I am the ‘hot lover’, and that she was proud to marry me. I guess that really sounded as forgiveness sound.

The three of us spent the night sucking, fucking, licking each other in so many ways that I find impossible to enumerate, despite weren’t that many. Ruth and Marcia went for my dick and each other’s slits like they hadn’t sex in years, and due to how the things happened, I can’t make any kind of bad comment about it. I finished them as how I finished the girls I did, with a cumshot that went over their faces and boobs. I couldn’t resist seeing them ‘beg’ for cum like they needed water or food, and at least, it was a prize for a night that almost went bad.

“How did I cheat you with Marcia, honey?”

“You were gorgeous honey! Marcia is really a woman hard to resist”

“And I must say the same for you two, Mr. and Mrs.…”

“So, are you still mad at me?”

“Tom, I am still mad with you. But nothing the time can’t fix, you know”

“I am still sorry, Ruth, for what happened between me and your husband”

“Let’s just let the time speak for it, Marcia”

We picked our clothes and took Marcia to dinner with us, like nothing happened. From that day on, we decided that we would ‘cheat’ on each other with Marcia. And, when we wanted to do it together, the office should be the place to go.

And Ruth never complained anymore about my late shifts…
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