Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIII

“Lesbo is Classy”, with Karine Doyle (based on a pinup art by Rust), Elvine (based on a Gil Elvgren pinup) and Bebe Jones (based on an Al Buell pinup)

Karine Doyle:
Bebe Jones:

My name is Karine Doyle and today I am going to tell a story that I lived with two of my bestest friends, Elvine and Bebe Jones. We are friends since Junior High and we got the luck to marry wealthy men that gave us all the conditions for us to get what we wanted. You know… clothes, money, jewelry, a good house and not having to deal with almost anything.

The three of us never got separated and we even live close to each other. That ensures that I manage to see Elvine and Bebe every single day and the possibility to hang out with them at malls and expensive stores, doing whatever of stuff high class women do.

We do all the kinds of things together, but there was one thing we carried from our single lives to our married ones. Something we only could do together and without the presence of our husbands…

I think you know what I am talking about…

If don’t, or you want to hear from my mouth: yes, we like to have sex with each other. I know we all are married, but we never let the feeling die and, even without our men to know, the three of us would meet each other in order to remain with our lesbian encounters. I know it’s kinda tricky, but what else could we do?

Well, let me tell you all about one of our last ‘meetings’, on a rainy Friday. Frank, my husband, went on a business trip at the East Coast and I had my home all to myself. It was, then, a good choice to call Bebe and Elvine for a ‘girl’s night in’ sort of thing. The thing we like to do to keep our gossiping fresh and alive.

Bebe arrived earlier and we stood at the living room waiting for Elvine. As usual, Elvine was the only who always got late for anything we scheduled to do.

“Damn… always the same… why Elvine doesn’t get the clue that she needs to get in time…”

“Maybe she is spending good time with her husband, Bebe. Since he came back from China, they barely left their home”

“If she is banging with John, she might never get energy for our ‘little games’, Karine”

“Leave her, please. She is entitled to have a sex life with her husband”

Bebe mumbled and complained for a while until Elvine arrived at the door like if she arrived at time and not showing any worries on being late.

“Good evening, girls! Sorry if I took some time, but I had to help my husband with some paperwork, but here I am!”

“Els, why you always get late and then act like you weren’t worried or something?”

“I would only be worried if I can’t be able to meet you girls, but since I can and I am right now…”
“Enough you two… arguing with each other will only ruin the night. We have lots of work to do”

‘Work’ is just a different meaning to ‘talk’. We did all the gossip we could do about our friends, neighbors, artists, A-class people, leaving no subject uncovered or commented. Everything accompanied by wine, our favorite combustible for nights like that.

“Have you seen Lisa Redford’s new boyfriend? Isn’t he a major hunk?”

“Major Hunk? Please, Karine… she had dated better man than him…”

“And I heard some saying that he has a little inclination for the same gender, if you know what I mean”

“What? Are you telling us that he is gay?”

“Not gay. Bisexual. You know, just like us…”

“But for us it’s easier to go for any gender… men are really awkward to acknowledge that, you know”

This is a sample of that night’s ‘round table’, that was the name we gave to our gossiping time. There were lots of subjects and people to talk during those moments and it was very pleasant to know how fun for us is to discuss about that.

But I think you want to know if we had a threesome that aforementioned evening. Well, yes, we did. And it happened after a few good hours dedicated to the usual girl talk…

“Gee, girls. I feel tired. How many time we spent here talking about everyone else in the world?”

“It’s just 10PM, Elvine. And we could talk more if you weren’t late all the time”

“Shut up, Bebe! I feel kinda tired of talking. I want to do something else”

“Well, I guess it’s time for us to move on to our favorite subject… if you two don’t have anything against it”

“Karine… is there any thought of us being against it?”

“Elvine is right, Kar. You know how much we like our ‘friendship time’”

“And why are we still wasting time? Come here girls, and let’s start with it!”

They approached me and we staged our common ritual to open our ‘activities’, that consisted on touching each other’s bodies and then go for the ‘double kiss’. I think you can already picture what I mean, but for those who need something… just imagine three women kissing each other, switching between lips and tongues, trading saliva with other two people… Many people think it’s disgusting, but for us, it was the perfect kickstart for our lesbian lovemaking evenings.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Ohhhhhhhh…”

Well, there wasn’t just doublekissing, but we also resorted to ‘natural kissing’, as everyone had their time with each other’s. We could feel lips, tongues, fingers, hands and bodies getting warmed and our pussies getting tingling for what would come up next.

“That is so good… I love you girls…”

We had a rotation system to define who would get the first pleasuring of the day. That evening, it was Bebe’s time, so she took of her one-piece lingerie and we could see that brunette’s hot body all for me and Elvine to celebrate and enjoy. Our first stop was the obvious choice: the breasts.

“You know I love to suck those breasts, Bebe”

“I am lucky to have you two to treat them well. My husband rarely touches me there sexually”

As always, it was his loss and our gain. Bebe instantly felt our tongues be present around her boobies and her nipples swollen just after we started to tongueplay with them. She loved when the two of us enjoyed her firm tities, perhaps due to the fact that only Elvine and I would like to have them in erotic way.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That’s it! Suck my boobies! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I took the left breast and Elvine got the right one. Taste those nipples is always a pleasure, I must say, and hear our friend get satisfied with our work really made me hornier than ever, and I bet it did with Elvine.

“You two! You dirty rascals… keep sucking by titties! Ohhhhhhh!”

She patted our heads and told us to do more on her and we did, but I got more interested on giving Bebe pleasure on another part of her body. After some minutes more of breast licking, I left Elvine up there and made myself room at her pussy. Her mind ‘melted’ in delight the very first moment I put my tongue down there, and that happens always.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Karine! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Being an expert on oral pleasure (just ask my husband), I know what to give to her and how to give it. My mouth explored everywhere it could, from her clit to the inner walls, tasting and lapping the girl juices that brunette let flow from herself. Hearing how Bebe was pleased with my pussylicking was enough for me to see I was at the right side of it.
“You really like my tongue, huh Bebe?”

“I like yours and Elvine’s too, Karine! I like you all! Ahhhhh…”

Me and Elvine ‘worked’ on Bebe for a while, both at our respective places and with our terrific combo of boobs and cunny tasting. But sometimes you just want more than that…

“God… Bebe, I just want you to eat my pussy right now!”

“Hop aboard, baby! Let me enjoy that snatch of yours! I need it!”

“Let me join too! I want Karine to eat me as well!”

I sat on Bebe’s face, where she could eye closely my pussy, as Elvine arranged a way to stand in front of me and put her cunny at my sight. In my sign, we just restarted our sexual night, now with Bebe enjoying me and I giving head to Elvine.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Karine! Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yes! Yes! Oh yeah! That’s it! That way!”

“Ohhhhhhh… hgmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

It wasn’t a position we did it much, we like more to resort on daisy chain-like stuff on these occasions, but you know how the heat goes on. Sometimes you gotta try something different in order to make yourself and your lesbian lovers better.

Anyway, I tried to give Elvine the best of lesbian fun, even being on somehow awkward positioning to lick her. She was the youngest of us and also the ‘bushiest’ of us all, with all that dark hair covering her lovehole. But that wasn’t a hurdle for me to take my mouth at that hot place.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh! Go for it, Karine! Put your mouth there! Ahhhhhhh!”

Meanwhile, there was me ‘riding’ Bebe’s face with my hips and crotch, rubbing myself against her to not let her stop licking me. It might be difficult to keep the balance like I was, but I already know how to do it and it makes pretty much easier to me.

“Come on! Lick that pussy, Bebe! Eat my pussy! Eat it good like you always do…”

“Please, don’t rock yourself too much! I am trying to eat you here”

We didn’t last much on that position, because wanted more. We went for our favorite ‘threesome position’, with me opening my legs to Elvine lick me in all fours and, behind her, Bebe servicing her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Girls, that’s so good… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“Hmmmm… that pussy is so divine, Karine! Uhhhhhhhhh”
“Yeahhh… ohhh… Elvine… Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

From a privileged view, I could watch Elvine treat my pussy as a queen, licking and sucking it like she was tasting a rare fruit, giving me all the sexual joy that someone like her can give me. And, then, Bebe eating Elvs by behind, having a full view of that girl’s booty, only to make me even more turned on that I was. Sometimes I even wondered if that was some sort of heaven or what.

“Keep it going, Elvs. Please… keep licking my pussy…”

“I am going to lick it and more, sweetheart! You are so hot, Karine!”

“Uhhhhh… ahhhhhh… keep licking her while I do your cunt”

“Go on, Bebe! Go on! Lick me good! Eat me hard!”

Pussyeating is always good, but no lesbian sex is complete without bringing in some toys to the game. We soon casted a few ones to join the party and I was the first to have it, with Bebe sticking a sausage-shaped rubber dildo into my pussy while I was at doggy-style and giving head again to Elvine.

“God, how I love this dildo! It’s so good… slim and effective”

“I know you like, Karine, and that is the primary reason I like to use it with you”

I moaned and moaned with Bebe sticking that thing inside my pussy, thinking about the kinkiest things ever to do with her and Elvine, who in her turned, liked how my mouth had fun with her clit and her vaginal lips, tasting all the joy of female sexual fluids.

“Keep it going, Karine! Ahhhh… that’s the way… uhhhh…. Yeah!”

It was fun to get behind my two best friends in sexual delight moments, and soon I was the one with toys in my hand, now getting a 6.5 inch black dildo inside Elvine’s pussy, with her sticking another toy, a nearly 7 inch one inside Bebe’s butt, a place she was used to give pleasure.

”Uhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was a festival of moaning and squealing, the three of us showing how we loved those stuff and how we were a good team. And we used lots of combinations during that night, with no one getting free of being licked or pounded or even both of them.

As it was expected, we came. Almost together, we found our pleasure peak after fucking each other with those toys, and it was, as usual, great. For girls that do it for long time, you end up knowing where one likes it or what the other doesn’t.

We took a rest but quickly resume our activities with some stuff we just missed from the last time. One position we did was me fucking Elvine’s ass with a dildo while she engaged into a 69 with Bebe. Doing that hot butthole was one of the things I liked the most, given her cute rear end she has.

There was the one where the girls laid me on the bed and Bebe come to lick my pussy as Elvine sat on me ordering to eat her both holes. Well, anyone had its turn to do it and, as usual, we all enjoyed it.

I could talk for hours about that night, but I will leave you all with a good taste in the mouth, because I might come back later with another of my sexual adventures with Bebe and Elvine, or with anyone else…

Are you ready for more? Because I am!”

THE END (of this chapter)

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