Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter X

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter X

“Madame Calls Her Friend”, with Vic (OC), Madame and Ingeborg (from ‘The Divine’, Stramaglia)

Madame (the brunette) and Ingeborg (the blonde):

The door opened and then Vic and Madame walked into her house, apparently sharing a quite pleasant chat if noticed how loud they talked to each other and laughing at almost every second of it. As soon as they went in, Ingeborg, the loyal secretary and Madame’s partner came from the living room to see the lovebirds arrive.

Madame and Vic went to see a play, produced by a good friend of hers. She wanted to enjoy that opportunity to make her lover get knowledge of her world as a singer and actress and what he had to deal while she was away with her plays and concerts.

“It seems the play was far from bad, I imagine”

“The play? Well, it wasn’t bad, Inge. But me and Vic didn’t care about it, right?” commented Madame.

“I think I didn’t pay attention to anything at the stage, given how your friend is close to a man”, Vic remarked, sparking a wicked smile from Inge and a censure look from Madame.

“Always you, Madame!”

“I don’t care, Inge”, said the brunette as she removed her coat and put where it belonged. “I am what I am and I won’t change at this point of my life”

“And no one of us wants you to change, right Inge?”, added Vic.

“Why I would like to change the person that I care the most in the whole, sir?”

Vic also removed his coat and went to the living room, where the couple spent some time chatting, with Inge’s eyes spying at both of them. Always worried about Madame, the blonde always had an excellent opinion about her neighbor, specially when talking about his adventures with ladies.

“Look those two! They seem like two teenagers after a state fair party…”, she thought looking at how they smiled while talking with each other.

She didn’t knew much about what about Madame and Vic were talking, but knew that was something ‘serious’ as they shared a kiss between the chatting and even noticed her being there, apparently doing a remark about it. When both were about to leave the room, she stood at her place, waiting to see the next chapter of their date.

“About to leave that soon?”, the blonde secretary questioned.

“Don’t be silly, Inge! We are going upstairs!”

“Oh, really… good luck then to the lovebirds”, Inge waved to them.

“You don’t need to wish us good luck, Inge. You can come with us if you want”, suggested Vic only to make her mind puzzled.

“Are you asking me to engage in a threesome with you two?”

“Yes, he is”, nodded Madame. “In fact, I proposed that to him and Vic agreed”

“Well, I kinda like the idea… you two are really hot and Vic deserves to know how we are good together on bed”, said Ingeborg.

“That’s why we had the idea…”

After a short deliberation, Inge decided to do the only thing she wanted: join Madame and Vic in sex. Both women wrapped her arms around the South American gentleman and went to Madame’s chambers.


Once at Madame’s bedroom, Vic suggested if Madame and Inge could show a small sample of how they liked each other. That sample happened through a small, brief and passionate French kiss, which only contributed to make both women horny for each other. Vic just watched it at first, but soon joined the action, kissing the brunette’s neck and licking that spot.

“I always loved women who knew other women so well”, stated the Brazilian.

“What a coincidence! So do I!” replied Madame.

Past that stage, the kisses where everywhere they could, with both girls pleasing each other’s mouths and their man. Soon, the trio surrendered their clothes way, and the ladies noticing his mildly hard cock.

“I think you two need to do something about it”

Ingeborg and Madame smiled to him as they started to masturbate him in an odd kind of ‘teamwork’. They used her hands to keep his cock somehow in the way to a full erection, which worked for a while.

“Ohh… you girls… ahhhh…”

It didn’t take longer for both ladies to use their mouths to please their lover. Starting with kisses and tongue baths at the tip, sooner their mouths worked at full motion sucking and sharing to each other the Brazilian’s dick, often leaving it for other places like his crotch and belly and even upstairs again.

“Madame! He has a delicious cock! Hmmmmm!”

“I told you would like him, Inge!”
The two women enjoyed tasting his penis, with all the licking; kissing and sucking they knew they could give to a man like Vic. They delightfully watched their man moan with every touch at his rod.

“Suck my cock deliciously, girls! Ahhhh! Yeah, that’s it! Ahhhh!”

Ingeborg left the sucking part to her boss while she went downstairs, licking and kissing his balls, enjoying to taste Vic’s sack and listening his pleasure noises. The oral action was intense inside that room…

“I would suck your cock for an entire lifetime, Vic honey!”

“Me too! I never knew he was such a hunk, Madame!”

“And you will learn more about him, Inge!”

Madame and Ingeborg sucked Vic the enough to warm him up for the main feature. The opera singer laid him on bed, where she could see his ‘soldier’ at full action mode, and sit on him, filling her dampen pussy with cock. Inge went to the other end, sitting at Vic’s face, having her boss directly at her eyesight.

With all on their marks, the threesome could go on, with Madame riding Vic’s dick and Inge having her first dabbles with his tongue at her snatch. The sensual seduction was about to take part of the action inside Madame’s bedroom.

“Ahhhh…. Yeahhhh… that’s so good!”

“Uhhhh… Ahhh… lick my pussy… yeah, go on…”

Vic delighted himself with his girlfriend having himself inside her genitalia and with a pussy for him to clean with the mouth. The moaning was the codeword he knew to keep his job going on the way the bi ladies couple demanded.

“Damn, you two are so… ahh… My God! Ride that dick! Ohhhh!”

Madame wickedly grinned hearing Vic’s answering on how she treated his cock, but her smiles were aiming for Ingeborg. Her venerable secretary and lover showed to love Vic’s requested intrusions at her pussy and watching Inge getting pleased turned Madame on even more than anything, or almost.

“Inge, you look so hot when someone is doing you…”

“And so do you, Madame!”

Without any further exchange of words, the two ladies again kissed each other, but now driven more for lust and passion than anything else. Vic’s pleasure giving actions made them feel like the times that just were the two of them, two women needing to give each other pleasure through lesbian sex. As they kissed, they moaned and said their names loud to show how much they loved each other.

“Ahhhhh! Madame! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Inge! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!”

They kept that configuration for a while, with Madame still lusting to hump her lover and Inge getting joyful feelings with a male giving her oral, and with a lesbian kissing scene to spice up things. However…

“Want to change positions, Madame? I want to feel someone else’s tongue on me!”

“Why not? And I guess Vic’s tired of us having our weight on his body…”

Vic didn’t mind to answer that nor wished to do so. He quickly agreed to change the position and the threeway engaged itself with the millionaire having Madame in all fours and Inge opening her legs right in front of her boss. When he noticed Madame was about to place her head between the blonde’s legs, it was his time to join the party.

Almost at the same time, Vic had his dick again plowing Madame while the opera singer gave Ingeborg her initial oral treating. Moaning and pleasure screams returned to the table (I mean, the bed) as naturally, the fucking session continued.

“Ahhhh… Madame, your tongue is divine! It’s heavenly!”

“You two… I love you two! Vic and Inge, I love you always and forever!”

“Ohhh yes! Me too! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Madame gave her secretary perhaps the best so far pussylicking Inge had. She knew where the blonde woman had her most sensitive spots and worked them to make her moan the loudest she could. With an occasional help of a finger, she knew where her tongue had to be to please Ingeborg.

The lesbian thing helped, on the other hand, to make Vic as horny as he could. As a lover of all things Sapphic, see two women show how much they liked each other was something had helped him to keep himself focused on screwing Madame. And, boy, how he screwed her…

“I never thought you were so delicious like that, Madame!”

“I knew you would like to have Inge with us, honey…”

It was so intense the threesome and how they were going deep into it turned things into a better tide inside that bedroom. Madame tasted all what she could from Inge’s pussy, making her blonde lover moan. Meanwhile, Vic used part of his best energies to bang Madame’s cunt, feeling his dick getting ‘sucked’ by it while giving her a good fuck.

“Madame! Ahhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So hot to fuck you! Ahhh!”

The hot threesome lasted like that for a while. Then, Inge suggested that she should be the one to get Vic inside her, even if the blonde secretary wasn’t the major fan of having sex with a guy. Then Madame arranged a position for them to do it, with Ingeborg lying on the bed and Victor wrapping her legs around his body, while his dick went into her tender pussy.

“Is this good, Inge?”

“Oh, yeah… Yeah… please, sir, let it go all inside… please, I want it!”

Without much to say about it, Victor slid his cock past Inge’s pussy and gently started to engage himself into the coitus. The blonde secretary quickly forgot her past troubles about the male genitalia and moaned with his first thrusts.

“Yeahhh! Ahhhh! Come on! Fuck me, Vic! Fuck me!”

Madame watched with pride and lust how her boyfriend had his early fuckery with her precious lover. At first, she restrained herself to see the faces of pleasure at Ingeborg’s face, but a woman like her isn’t just for seeing others having fun and she not having a piece of it. And a request from Inge brought her back to the ‘game’.

“Please, Madame, let me taste your delicious flower. I need to taste you, now!”

Without a second of hesitation, Madame jumped herself to fix her crotch above Inge’s head. When her pussy was at a close distance from her lover’s mouth, she received her first oral caresses.

“Inge… oh… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!”

The brunette watched how Ingeborg adjusted her face to keep her mouth at the right distance for her mouth to work. Meanwhile, Vic kept his job of doing the blonde woman, watching Madame’s reactions while being pussy eaten by her loyal secretary.

“Have I said that you look pretty when you moan like that?”

“You know that is so good, Vic. Ahhhhh, yeah, lick my pussy!”

Even in a threeway like that, romantic feelings still aroused the night and Madame and Vic kissed each other as they were still tied to their commitments to Inge. The Brazilian found a way to make her not lose most of the balance with the kiss as both had the blonde secretary as their target.

“I cannot believe that Ingeborg was that hot! Why you were keeping away from me?”

“She had a few bad experiences with guys, but I told her you would be the perfect one!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh! Fuck me, Vic! Fuck me! Let your cock inside me! Uhhhh!”

Vic fucked Ingeborg the best he could, as they stood with that position for a while and the blonde serviced her boss with the accuracy of a mistress in oral arts. Then, they decided to try other positions to make the fun go better.
One of those had Ingeborg sit on Vic’s lap, having his dick inside her pussy and with her back facing her lover. As the secretary had the Brazilian putting his rod in and out inside her pussy, Madame enjoyed herself her employee’s breasts and even the occasional lesbian kiss.

There were a few others that they tried, but let’s not extend this story too much for our readers, even if they like long stories sometimes. Given this series intention, let’s say they had lots of fun and Vic had himself inside all of her holes, giving the girls a series of great orgasms.

Those orgasms were lovely, especially for Inge, that finally made to achieve her climax with a man doing her, and loved it. Not without a help from Madame, that licked the blonde’s clit for a while when she reached her ‘boiling point’.

As a gift, Madame and Inge decided to make Vic cum using their tongues to lick and tease his cock. In a few minutes, he exploded is load into the two ladies’ bodies, covering their faces, breasts and even the belly in white manmilk.

“Ahhhhhhhh! My Goodness!”

After the sex, with their faces clean, the girls again kissed each other and thanked Vic with others.

“So, did you liked Vic, Inge?”, asked Madame.

“I liked it! I think he can be our man, Madame”

“I am glad that I made you happy, Ingeborg. Now I know I must call you whenever I want to do Madame here…”, commented Victor.

“And I think the two of us can be very good friends, sir”, agreed Inge, while touching Vic’s. cock.

“Indeed, Inge…”

THE END (of this chapter)
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