Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter IX

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter IX

“It’s for the Chest”, with Micki (or Micky) and Charlene (from Treasure Chests 01, Art Wetherell)

Micki (blonde) and Charlene (brunette):

This story is about two busty women. Two busty women who are friends with each other.

Well… they are friends, but they are more than that. Much more than a simple friendship.

Micki is a long-haired blonde woman who works at a construction supply firm, along with a short-haired brunette named Charlene. The two were friends from old times and were inseparable. So much they decided, together, to take part-time jobs in modelling. Lingerie and nude modeling to be precise

They were much close, but there was a subject that brought them as closer as anything

That subject is sex.

Micki and Charlene shared their experiences to each other like they were talking about their hair or anything. There wasn’t any single date one had that didn’t become the subject of next day’s water cooler talk. They were so open they didn’t hid the most lascivious details from the other, leaving an exciting climate every time they talked about that.

However, talking wasn’t enough for both. What they really liked is to do it and being big-breasted ladies, find guys wasn’t such hard task. Almost every guy they met quickly fell by their looks and charms and the only place they knew they could go was the bed or anywhere else they could have sex. They often resorted to group sex tactics, mostly taking together the same guy for a threesome.

But and if no man could be available to please them? Where they could get some nookie?

Well, this is what our story is going to answer you…

A Saturday, Micki planned to have a date to a guy she met during one of her job tasks, Randy. He was a 30-plus guy, with beard and not so long golden hair. A man whose kind touched perfectly inside the blonde girl’s feelings and that could be her boy for the weekend.

Charlene, instead, was busy with photo editing and couldn’t have a date, but she waited for the details the next day. However, Micki didn’t brought good news from the aforementioned date by Sunday.

“Hey, Micki! I was waiting for you! Please, tell me everything about last night”

“Sorry, Charlene, but there isn’t anything to speak about it?”
“What happened? Did he stood up with you?”, asked the brunette

“No, he didn’t”, said Micki before entering Charlene’s home. “Even worse…”

“Even worse? What could be worse than being stood up by a guy?”

“It’s…”, Micki sat on the couch followed by Charlene by her side. “I don’t know what to tell or how…”

“I think you should tell me first how your date was. Did he screwed up?”, questioned Charlene.

“No, he didn’t. Randy and I enjoyed a lot, we ate at a Mexican restaurant, went bowling, drank and then we got home and…” explained the long-haired busty.


“We were there, kissing each other and going at it, really excited for that. But, after we were on the bed, he…”

“Don’t leave me curious, Micki!”

Micki took a deep breath before telling the reason of her disappointment.

“He… failed!”

“Failed!? Really? He couldn’t…” said a very surprised Charlene.

“Yeah! He couldn’t get hard! He didn’t got hard! That fucking dick was totally flaccid!”, the busty blonde sighed with major disappointment.

“But how!? I thought he was so much into you and stuff.”

“He was, but I don’t know what happened, he just couldn’t get up! Believe me; I tried my best to make his cock rise, but nothing…”

“Oh, fuck… and he didn’t get hard not even a little?” the short-haired brunette touched herself with her BFF’s sexual distress.

“No, not even a single inch. Believe me, Charlene, I think I tried everything I had in my trick book and not”

“Poor little… you must be disappointed for your date not being great, Micki”

“Don’t worry, Charlene. I think it was the rush of the first date, just that. And, anyway, I think my hook into sl**ping with Randy was bigger than his”, commented Micki.

“You shouldn’t get so frustrated about that”, the brunette tried to cheer your buddy. “You know how it is”

“I know, but I was counting to have a hot night with Randy. I should be here, talking with you about the great sex we just had and not talking about his non-hard cock”

“Well, I think you should relax. There will be another dates between you two and I am sure by there you and Randy will get that sex”

“Sorry. Char, but I am not thinking about that now. I am so frustrated and my sexual energy is so held up that I think I am going to explode”, said Micki, only to something spark inside Charlene’s mind.

“I think I can help you with your little problem”

“And how? Will you make Randy get hard for me?”

“No, but I think you know how I can put a smile in your lips”

It didn’t take a second that Charlene said that and her hand landed at Micki’s thigh. The blonde woman quickly noticed her best friend’s intentions by noticing how her hands rubbed her skin and the smile she had on her face.

“Charlene! You will never change!”

“For my best friend and lover, I won’t change at all!”

“Only you to help me when my libido disappoints me. I don’t know what I could do without you”, Micki said as her expression slightly turned from sadness from a yet restrained smile.

“I am your friend and that’s what friends do”


Micki and Charlene weren’t just best friends, but longtime lesbian lovers. The busty couple always found time to do each other, especially when one needed a woman’s touch after frustrations or just because they were hot for each other.

And that moment became a mix of both moments as Micki quickly kissed her friend, who just gave into her excitement. The two women just knew how to make their lips and tongues play with each other’s, like one of those kisses from porn movies…



The big boobed brunette laid Micki on top of her while they kissed, their thighs rubbing against each other and already feeling the incoming wetness from their pussies. She was getting close to achieve her goal.

“Oh, Charlene! You know how to make your friends happy!”
“I know how to make you happy, Micki. Now, let’s not lose any time and cure your frustration down there”

Charlene removed Micki’s cotton shirt and bra, letting her massive boobs free. Sitting her friend again on the couch, but with her back against a cushion, the brunette’s mouth got her task to suck the blonde’s knockers.

“Let’s first taste those boobies of yours, honey”

Micki moaned with her friend and lover’s early nipple sucking. Charlene’s mouth first circled her tongue around the blonde’s nipples and then, like a hungry k**, did her job to taste those beauties and seeing first results with that licking.

“Suck my boobies, Charlene. You know how I like it… ohh… ahhh….”

“Micks, your boobs rock! Hmmmm….”

The short-haired girl enjoyed her friend’s boobs and made the blonde girl feel the pleasure getting intense inside her panties. Soon, Micki would forget the constraints from her last date and surrender to the delights of girl-girl love.

“Ohhhh… uhhhhh… suck it good, suck it hot! Uhhhh!”

Charlene sucked Micki for a while, but she wanted a piece of pleasure as well, therefore she had an idea to spice up the things between them.

“Want to suck my tits while I suck yours, Micki?”

“Sure, but how can we do that?”

“I know a way to”

The busty shorthaired told the blonde to take off her top and lay on the couch. Above her, Charlene was into a 69 position. But it wasn’t the traditional sixty-niner, but what some people define as a ‘breast 69’, with Charlene’s face at Micki’s boobs and vice-versa. As they were properly positioned, their boobs became part of the action again.

“Suck your delicious boobs as you suck mine looks really tempting, Charlene”

“Remember, all to help a friend in need…”

And like that they tasted each other’s nipples, sucking and using their tongues to play with the swollen teats, increasing the pace of how the two quickly engage into their already regular lesbian relationships. Talking for Micki, it didn’t looked like she had been through a problem of sexual order with her male date hours early.

“Micki! Ahuhhhhh!”

“Oh, Charlene… hmmmmmm!”

The two girls had fun sucking each other’s tits, taking it to where they wanted to take. Charlene kept her paced moves at Micki’s boobs and the blonde replicated her lover’s at the brunette’s nipples. Almost like they were teacher and student.

“Hmmmm… ohhhhh… Uhhhh….”

Despite being fun doing her breasts, Charlene eyed other locations to make her fun. While licking her friend’s nipples, she noticed though the blonde’s skirt, a small patch of wetness at her panties.

“I think we should do something else now”

“What, Charlene?”

“Well, want me to lick you down there?”

“That would be great!”

After a few more minutes of breast 69, they undone the position and tried other stuff. Then, there was Micki with her back against the cushion and Charlene doing some good work with her fingers going inside her moist vagina.

“Uhhhh! Ahhhh! Charlene! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Micki, you look so delicious! Your pussy is so inviting!”

But the brunette’s fingers weren’t alone on that. Soon, the shorthaired woman brought her mouth to join the sexual caresses. After a few minutes, the fingers withdrew the scene and just her tongue remained to lick and taste Micki’s.

“I love when you get to lick my pussy good, Charlene”

“Isn’t what lesbian lovers do, Micki?”

They both enjoyed the delights of cunnilingus, now the busty blonde getting all what she could handle from her lover. Charlene mastered the tongue skills needed to give pleasure to another woman, and Micki surely loved how her friend moaned with that.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Eat my pussy! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”

“Hmmmmm… slurrrrrrrrrp! Hmmmmmm!”

The brunette gave the sexual gratification Micki wanted, but she felt she was being somehow neglected and she deserved pleasure as well. After doing her job with the blonde, it was her turn to get tonguing as well.

“Come here and show me what you got, baby girl…”

Micki pretty much showed she completely was over Randy and her face ‘glued’ to Charlene’s pussy. Pretty much like the short-haired girl did earlier to her, the blonde put her skills to the proof and licked Charlene, right away making those pleasure noises.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssss! Mickyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Charlene felt proud while Micki ate her cunt, being the one who suggested some minutes of lesbian sex to cure her frustration to not be able to do the guy she was supposed to date. It wasn’t the first time that happened nor could be the last. Anyway, every time they did it with each other, there was always something to spice up the weather and contribute with the rising lust.

“Seems you are better now!”

“With a minx like you, who could not feel better?”

Micki’s tongue did their best playing with Charlene’s clitoris and labia, tasting and proving the brunette’s juices Her frustration was pretty much overcome and thanks to her best friend, the one who always stood by her side when anything, good or bad, happened to her. Now, the only thing she needed was to taste her pussy.

”Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

But it wasn’t just yet. Charlene got another better idea to raise even more Micki’s mood that Sunday.

“Ok, stop licking. Let me go to my room. Wait just here”

“For what?”

“You will know it in a minute or two”

The short-haired girl came back quickly with a strap-on dildo, a rubber one with a black ‘cock’ and white strap. Not much fancy, but it was Charlene’s darling.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“You didn’t say you wanted it with a man? I am not one, but I am sure I can show some skills”

Micki smiled to Charlene as the brunette ordered her friend to be in all fours. Soon, she slid the toy inside the blonde’s pussy and the works begun, first slow and paced, but not for long.

“Ahhhh… fuck me, For God’s sake, fuck me!”

Obviously Charlene wasn’t a guy, but Micki couldn’t complain about that or even think about that. The brunette liked what she was doing and got to fuck like a ‘real man’, going deep and hard into her friend as the blonde girl moaned and scream for more and more.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Micki liked what she got and even wanted to try a few positions, like riding the fake dick as her back faced Charlene’s face and even with the brunette lying on top of her. It was everything that she deserved, but there was something more.

“After that, we are going to finish it together, like real friends!”


The short-haired girl fucked her lover the best they could, but she wasn’t to finish that action only by a strap-on. The end was with a good old 69, the real one where women lick each other.

“Hmmmm… ohhh…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With their mouths, they pleased each other until they reached, almost together and in unison, to the desired orgasm…

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My Gooooooooooooooooooooood!”



A few days later, Micki got this text at her cellphone.


What this has to do with the whole story? Maybe in another story…

THE END (of this chapter).
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