The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 03

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Story made in partnership with a friend (writer 'Merder')

Chapter 3:


A white limousine raced on an empty road, trying to reach its destination. The surroundings of that road were full of trees, lawn and large mansions, with long gates and even bigger walls. It didn’t took time to the vehicle head towards one of those homes, secured by a white brick wall and black steel gates, emblazoned with a monogram written “VP”.

That “VP” stood for Venena Palmer, mostly known as “Mafia Mistress”, one of the most powerful people at the Chicago mob. After killing one of her rivals, she took a position of leadership among the mobsters, using her wealth to buy or chase away her competitors.
But Venena wasn’t satisfied and decided herself to spend her money funding several people in what they call of ‘promising evil plans’. As her plan, she would give cash for any mind that could deliver plans to, at least, trump the good side of the battle. The aforementioned limo had a few potential prospects for that plan.

As the gates automatically opened, the car entered and ran through a paved way to the front side of the mansion, all reminiscent of late 19th century. When the limo stopped, the chauffeur went out of the vehicle to open the back doors, from where three people jumped out.

The trio were composed by Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, owner of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, a company where he dedicated himself to the plan to take over all tri-state area and to trump his enemy, Agent Perry. With Heinz, another evil mind was present, the worldly famous Dr. Drakken, born Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, which tried to find a way to make his plans get better to conquer the world and overthrow his nemesis, Kim Possible. Alongside him, was his almost loyal sidekick, Shego, formerly from Team Go.

“Wow, the woman has a fancy house! It means she has the plenty of cash!” exclaimed Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

“But you must know that cash is coming into my pocket”, replied Drakken with a bragging tone.

“Your pocket?” sarcastically asked Heinz. “Ha-Ha-Ha... If there will be the one to get her funds it’s me, be sure of that”

“I don’t know why Miss Palmer would give her money to a guy who is a specialist on being beaten by a platypus, unless she thinks you can at least lose less to him”

“Don’t come with that, Lipsky!” protested Doofenshmirtz with a finger at Drakken’s face. “You must know that my evil company is A-Class, capice! And why are you here, if not to try to cry over money for trying to bet that Possible girl!”

“What the fuck you want to talk, huh?” was the blue-skinned mad scientist turn to point a finger against his partner. “Be aware that if wasn’t by her, I would have conquered the world at least 17 times. Heard it?”

“Please, keep coming with your jokes, Lipsky... they are hell of fun!”

“Ahhhhhh! You’ll see it! Shego, why you don’t help me to beat this asshole?” Drakken asked to the green-skinned female, which was polishing her nails.

“You know that I don’t meddle on k**s brawl”, answered Shego.

As the rumble gone, the front door of the mansion opened and a blonde woman in a maid outfit and a cigar in her mouth appeared, talking in a thick Russian accent.

“Can I help you, gentlemen?”

As the woman said, both women stopped calling names and smiled like friends, with their arms around each other’s shoulders, creeping Shego and even the other female.

“Oh, well... we came to see Miss Venena Palmer. Does she is here?” asked Heinz.

“You must be the gentlemen Miss Palmer is awaiting. You can follow me. She is expecting you in the main living room”, the woman explained before letting the door open for the trio walk inside the residence. The men took a view on the maid, thinking that she was a fine woman, even a bit overweight and seeming beaten by the age.

“Miss Palmer is right here” said before letting them in. In a very fancy leather and wood throne-kind armchair, it was a brunette with curly hair tips, dressing herself in a long corset-like black dress, black gloves and high heels.

Drakken and Heinz walked first to the room, soon followed by Shego. As they finally saw the woman, none could say they didn’t found stricken by the beauty and the looks of Venena, definitely a bombshell.

“My guests arrived. Have you had a good trip? My driver did treat you good?” asked the brunette Mafiosi.

“We must say we had a pleasant trip”, commented Drakken.

“Stunning!” Venena said before leaving the armchair and coming to receive her guests. “I am enchanted to see you three here...”

“Thanks”, the trio replied in unison.

“Katie, you may leave now. I want to talk with my guests alone”, Venena ordered to the maid, Katia Brajenkaia, to leave the room, what she done almost immediately. Soon, the brunette faced Drakken, Shego and Doofenshmirtz.

“I am very enchanted to see you Miss Palmer. You are sure very gorgeous”, Heinz said before kissing the hand of Venena, which blushed with the compliments of the evil scientist.

“Oh, thanks! And, please, you all can end formalities here. Call me ‘Venena’... Well, so you must be Dr. Doofenshmirtz, right, and you must be Drakken and this lovely girl must be Shego, am I correct?”

Drakken and Shego soon followed to compliment the woman, with Shego thinking to herself *Helluva, this woman is hot*. Soon, Venena sat on one of the couches available in the room, and the trio gone to sit in the one at the opposite side, facing her house hostess.

“I am delighted to see you here, people. You all must know that I am glad for this meeting with enchanting figures from evildom”, said Venena.

“Yeah, yeah, alright. So, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the money!” replied an eager Drakken.

“Calm down, Dr. Drakken. Let’s not enter into further discussion now. First, I would like to explain the reasons I called you and Dr. Doofenshmirtz to my home today.”

“Don’t care about him, he is always eager when comes out to money”, joked Shego while striking her elbow against Drakken’s arm, showing her disapproval of his behavior.


“Anyway, I invited you all here because I wanted to discuss my plans. To put it in a short manner, I decided to find several minds like yours to fund them in order to make their evil plans finally work. I did a research and I found two incredible prospects on you, Mr. Drakken and also Mr. Doofenshmirtz for my objective.”

“And this objective means?” asked Heinz.

“Well, I represent several interests and they are very eager to fund evil people with bright minds and uncanny efforts in order to keep them running and maybe take direct action on planning and execution of those aforementioned plans.”

“And who are those ‘interests you mean?”, it was Drakken’s turn to question the mobster boss.

“Unfortunately, I cannot disclose who they are right now, but I must tell you they are very important people on the underworld”, outlined Miss Palmer, leaving amazed the three villains.

“So, how those interests are really interested on us?”, now the curiosity was on Shego.

“Well, me and them have much money, as you can imagine. And we want to spend on you because we want to fund people like you. People who have the brains and the enough experience on fighting against the good side. People who can have good plans and build machinery that can be able to fulfill my interests’ needs. And must say that you are those people.”

“Quite interesting”, stated Drakken. “But, how about the business side?”

“About that, and that’s the reason I called you, I want to give you a starting capital for you. Money I think for now, it can help you on your plans. And also inform you that my interests and me will fund you virtually every time when you need it”, after the brunette explained, the eyes of both doctors grew.

“And how much money do you talk, Venena?” asked a very eager and curious Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

“Well”, Venena then picked a checkbook, opened and wrote a value on two checks, supposedly one for each man. “Let’s see, how about.... just for the start, five million dollars”, proposed Venena. Soon the currency symbol and cash register sounds blew inside the evil trio’s minds.


“I know I might be putting too much of a risk investing in this, but I guess is enough for both of you fund your plans. And later, the value can rise till, who knows, ten or twenty millions... of course, it depends on how you evolve, gentlemen”, explained the mobstress, before handing the checks to Drakken and Doofenshmirtz.

“I-It’s...” Drakken was trying to say something when staring to the check before a more than ecstatic Shego took it out of his hands.

“It’s amazing! Finally I am... I mean, we are getting the recognition we deserve! Caribbean vacation, here I go!”

“I cannot believe! You are being very generous with us, Venena”, replied Heinz.

“Think, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, or well, if you let me, Heinz... think that it’s a gift in upfront for what it shall come next”

“Sure is a gift! It’s like Christmas!” shouted Drakken.

After enjoying their newfound source of funds, the three villains stood up and went to leave the home, all in delight and praise.

“Thanks, Miss Venena! You are a kind soul! Kind in an evil way to say”, said Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

“Hope to see you soon, gentlemen and lady! Wait for news on myself to arrive soon”, replied Venena as she e****ted them to the outside, where the limo was awaiting them again for driving them home. After saying goodbye, Venena returned to her living room, where Katia was idly.

“Why are you there, Katia?” asked the brunette.

“Why you gave all that money for those bastards?” Katia replied with other question.

“I don’t need to explain myself to you, Katia. I have my own reasons for doing that...”

“Sometimes I want to know what kind of reasons you have, Miss Palmer”, commented with a tone of ‘harsh irony’ the Russian, now face to face with Venena.

“Frankly, we are not supposed to have this conversation. The only thing I need to talk with you is that you need to do a favor to me”, said Venena.

“Don’t tell me you...”

“I need you to call all your contacts back in Europe, Katia. We will need to have many money if we want the project to happen“, explained the brunette Mafiosi.

“All the time is the same thing: I have to do the dirty work and you get the rewards”, responded Katia.

“Katia, please, don’t say that! I do not need all the money, just a part. And anyway, they will be pleased if the results are alright. So as me and you”, Venena giggled before giving a little peck on the lips of her companion.

“Don’t tease me, Venena!” Katia backed off quickly.

“I am not teasing you. It’s just business, and anyway, I guess I will take a nap and then meet some colleagues. I call you when I am back”, finished the mobster before leaving the room. Katia stood there thinking that Venena might be playing another of her ‘games’, and soon also left the room.



“What happened? You did what?! How? How you did it? And did you not get it? Are you thinking I am some kind of clown? We agreed on a deal: do your job that I do mine! Ok? So, next time, finish what you started, capice?” a harsh voice talked on the cellular for a few minutes, to an unknown speaker.

Soon we see a middle-aged man, with grey hair, blazer, tie and trousers, sitting on a chair and who just ended a phone conversation. His name is Rolando Piffium and he is known to be one of the most important liaisons among the villain world. His face wasn’t much pleased.

Soon, a woman with long white hair walked on his office.

“Did you want to talk with me, Rolando?”

“Mirage! Come here, I was expecting for you”, said Mr. Piffium to the lady, who just had left the occupation of personal secretary to Syndrome, a very influential villain in Metroville.

“I just came here as soon as I got. I am still dizzy with leaving Syndrome and starting a new life all by myself that...” the woman explained until being interrupted by the man.

“No problem! I just had a conversation with one of my clients. Come here, have a seat!” said Rolando, showing a chair in front of his desk, which Mirage sit.

“Thanks, you are so lovely! Well, tell me why you wanted to see me today?” asked Mirage.

“Well, Mirage, honey. The reason I called you was that I have an offer that I believe you can’t refuse”

“Tell me and I will tell you if I can or not”

“Well”, Rolando explained. “Some of my clients are having trouble on doing their tasks, so I thought I may need the help of someone that can help them to do those aforementioned tasks, and since it’s your field of action...”

“You want me to help you to get all them in line?” asked curiously the girl.

“Sort of”, answered Rolando.

“Well, this is very hard. I just came out of a job and I don’t know if I can take the responsibility of such thing, unless if the conditions are, at least, good to me”, explained Mirage, which was unsure on accepting the job.

“If you are worried about this, please don’t. It’s not a hard task and the financial outcome will be good if you do your job well”

“Just for curiosity, how much will be this ‘financial outcome’?”

“If I pay you $ 10,000 to start a job for me now, what do you say?” proposed the liaison man.

“Ten thousand? Well, is a good value, but I think we can negotiate here...” answered Mirage


“Now you talk my language... but I am still unsure”

“Ok, since you said: $50.000! My last offer!” summarized Rolando.

“I agree!” quickly answered Mirage.

“So I guess we have a deal here!” smiled Mr. Piffium, who stood up shaking the hands of Mirage.

“Thanks, Rolando. I think I will be a great add for your company”, thanked the girl.

“Well, you will be...”

“Sorry, but now I need to leave. I need to help a...err...friend in need. Can I start tomorrow?” said Mirage.

“No need to rush! I will send you the files so you can work on them this week”, explained Rolando.

“Well, thanks again, I appreciated it! Well, see ya soon!” the white haired woman said goodbye to her new boss before leaving the room.



Steps could be heard inside a dark corridor, full of slightly creeping pictures and portraits of people. Inside this corridor, a male figure walked, sweating and with worries in his face.

The man had blonde hair, with a small bang covering his left eye, but the hairdo wasn’t so much long it could almost reach the top of the nape. He wore a cream-colored blazer with black pinstripes above social shirt and a maroon bowtie, gray pants and brown leather shoes, shining like new. His body figure seemed of a thin man, with long and poor muscled arms.

He, whose name was Error the Terror, finally reached to his destination by opening a door and going to a room, where he was alone. But not for long. Suddenly he stared to a corridor and a black shadow appeared from nowhere, only with red gloomy eyes and a cavernous voice, impossible to distinguish gender or origin.

“Why you wanted to talk me so much?”, asked Error.

“I wanted to see you Error. I got the news. I have to congratulate you on the mission at Alfea”, said the voice.

“You don’t need to thank. I must say it was piece of cake to attack the school and scare people there. There are so weak and powerless that I could kill all them, but I must say I have also a heart”, bragged the blonde man.

“Oh, Error. You are your modesty... I forgot how you seem to see the worse in your enemies.”

“Who you talk modest?”, replied Error with an angry tone. “You know I have superior intelligence and powers that could put most of the world at my feet!”

“Do you want to challenge me? Who are you to dare to challenge me in the first place?”, the voice also showed being bothered with the talk.

“I am Error the Terror, the worst enemy you can challenge”, said the blonde man.

The figure felt disrespected by the boldness of Error and aimed a spell against its interlocutor. But Error, also an expert into magic, quickly blocked using his left arm. Part of the spell was absorbed by the mana wonderwall made by Error, while other part was directed to the shadowy figure by the man’s finger, but ricocheted in the wall and hit one of the statuettes in a wooden frame table attached to the wall.

“I think you should know that I am an expert in magic tricks”, stated Error, smiling wickedly. “Do you think that you could have a piece of me with this?”

“You...!”, the shadow figure raised the voice, but the blonde man quickly eased its moods.

“Anyway, I didn’t come here for an altercation. You called me here for one reason and I want to hear about it!”

“Yes, I called you, Error. The reason I called you is that I have a new task for you. Well, two tasks”, the voice said.

“Tasks? Quite interesting...”

“I got information of two places that seem vital for our plan and I want you to conquer them”, explained the figure.

“Conquering? Well, this teases me a lot. Tell me, how these places are worthy of my presence”, again bragged Error.

“Pay attention to me! One of the places is the Sultanate of Agrabah, at the Middle East. The place is one of the wealthiest of the world and I have heard to some ‘activity’ around there, as it happen in the other place, in France, a castle that is surrounded by a small village.”

“Quite different places. But why you want me to do that job?”, asked the blonde evil man.

“As I said, I found out those two places are strategic for the plan to finding the stone and I want you go there and try to conquer them for me and see if what I’ve got informed is the truth”, explained the voice.

“And what you want me to do?”

“Agrabah is a well-guarded place. Not only the Sultan has a personal army but I also got the information there is a thief that works closest with him and his daughter, and he has a free lamp genie with him”, the figure continued to explain the plan.

“A genie? Well, I like the challenge. I never fought a genie before but I am sure he will be no game to me”, Error said, again bragging himself, which annoyed the shadow figure.

“Please, let me finish! Anyway, about the other place, I have no much of information, but I know that the prince that rules there has a small army, and the people on the village were trained on battle...”

“Peasants who can battle...”

“And apart that, I want you to stay closely watching these two girls...” the voice said before a foggy screen appeared in front of Error, showing the pictures of two girls. “The one in the left is Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan. She is fierce and independent and is always involved in adventures with the aforementioned genie, her so-called boyfriend, a former thief and her pets. The one at your right is named Belle, she is a village girl. She can look all innocent and cute, but she is very intelligent and also has knowledge of battle.”, the demonic voice lectured to Error.

“And why you want me to keep an eye on them?”, asked Error.

“For now, you just keep an eye. Later, I will give you further instructions. Now you are dismissed. I talk to you soon”, the voice said before disappearing from the room, leaving Error alone, thinking about the mission while he made his way out of the room.

“Well, I guess Agrabah is my first spot. I will take on that genie by myself. And the other place it can wait... or not...”


Vic and Bloom took a separate room, embracing each other at a seemingly never-ending festival of kissing. The Brazilian closed the door for privacy, but didn’t expect the redhead fairy had already removed her top, showing her gray cotton bra, and getting ready to unzip her jeans out.

“Seems I got an impatient girl, isn’t?”, he grinned.

“I am a nymph, and well, that’s why we are built for”, answered Bloom.

“So you are attending the ‘nature call’, right?”

“You don’t know the half how true is that!”, commented the Winx member.

“You must be surprised if I tell you how much I know about you”, laughed Victor.

“Really?”, Bloom was surprised with what she heard, but soon she got the mood back to herself. “Anyway, let’s not discuss that. Let’s discuss you and me, right here, right now”.

The redhead quickly got her lover in the right mood when teasing him while taking off her jeans, only to reveal she wore black stockings underneath it. Since she knew he had a thing for that, it was a call for him to get hard.

“So, liked it? Bought it last week!”

“They... are... perfect!”

“Sorry, I didn’t found a hat to match it...I tried but all of them were all expensive”, explained Bloom, before Victor interrupted.

“It’s okay. Well, I came here for you...”, said the Brazilian, letting Bloom blush.

Then Victor took off his shirts and unbuttoned his pants, being only on boxers. The redhead nymph decided to take the matters for herself and pulled off his underwear, revealing a large and already hard cock, pulsating for some sexual action.

“Wow, you are really impatient!”, commented Vic.

“Only when it comes to cock and pussy”, replied Bloom, with a wicked smile.

Bloom took a turn to see Vic’s package and saw the hunkness she brought to her bedroom. Bloom bent herself on her knees and started to lick the tip of his cock, teasing the Brazilian’s balls with one of her hands. Was enough to make Victor let a moan get out of this throat. The redhead fairy used her tongue to tease her boyfriend, going up and down, slowly lapping the head and also the balls, and way back to the head. The procedure worked as Bloom predicted.

“Uhhh... yeah, baby! You’re so good, Bloom!”

After licking for a while, the Winx member noticed a strong thickness of Vic’s wiener. The redhead nymph decided to get another approach to her man’s.

“Time for some milk-squeezing”

Saying this, Bloom grabbed his cock with one hand and put the remaining visible part into her mouth. Victor whispered in pleasure as the Winx member slowly sucked him, using her lips to push his rod inside her throat. Soon, that hand went down to his balls and the fairy alternate sucking and licking in order to tease the male in scene.

“Your cock is so good, Vic sweet! I wonder how I lived without knowing you”

“I am the one doing the....uhhhh... same question right now!”

Bloom kept sucking the Brazilian, watching every reaction of his face and changing the pace of her mouthwork following the feedback. She gone as hard as she could sometimes, but then could go back to a soft and slow blowing move, pacing her fellatio like a very experienced person on that matter.

“Uhhhhh... Suck it! Suck it good!”
Bloom enf***ed her oral skills so good that it didn’t take longer to Victor sweep a small quantity of precum from his genital. The fire fairy didn’t bothered with that and tasted the liquid sprouted by her lover with a smile, even licking which was left on her lip, just for the pleasure of his eyes.

“Hmm.... delicious! I should have tasted it the earliest!”, grinned the Winx member, clearly in a kinky tone. But before Vic had something to add to her comment, Bloom climbed on the bed, on all fours position, raising her butt in the direction of the South American hunk and using her hands to expose him her loveholes.

“Pick any hole you want! For you, it’s lifetime free pass, honey!”

“Sure I do!”, Vic said without any hesitation and climbed on bed, inserting his manhood inside Bloom’s pussy. The feeling of the tip was enough to make the redhead moan, the feeling increased as the most of it was inside and pumping.

“Ohhh... fuck me, stud!”

To enhance the sexual joy she was feeling, she squeezed her pussy, making it a bit tighter for him to screw. She also moved her waist to be closer to Victor’s crotch. The changes worked well, with her lover thrusting slowly and in a paced rhythm into the nymph’s ass.

“You are so delicious, Bloom! You’re so hot! I wonder how much those girls can’t resist with you around!”

“Nymphs have their way....Ohhhhhhhh... and well, ask Stella or anyone about... Ahhhh... how I am in bed!”

Vic enhanced his own fuck-speed, raising with that the pleasure felt by his lover. To even create a naughty environment, he gave a quick but slow slap on Bloom’s butt cheeks. The redhead turned his face and smiled with a wicked accent, which meant that he was at the good way. The Brazilian, with that, slapped and squeezed her buttocks, giving Bloom any more reasons to moan.

“Ahhhh! Fuck me Victor! Fuck me! Fuck your hot girl, stud boy! Fuck me baby!”

But as soon as she was getting much pleased than ever, Vic removed the cock from her pussy, which disappointed a little the Winx fairy, but everything changed when, without any warning, his dick went right into her butthole.


At first, the Domino nymph got struck by surprise with the sudden decision of Victor’s, but soon when he started to pump his rod inside her butthole, got struck by surprise with the sudden decision of Victor’s, but soon when he started to pump his rod inside her butthole, she could give her some of her ‘anal aids’ for him, using her nymph skills to tighten her asshole enough to give her a proper ramming, giving to both the needed sexual delight for the situation.

“Ahhhhhh! Yeah!!!! Fuck My ass!”

The ass pumping wasn’t enough for them so they decided to change places, with Bloom standing herself facing the wall and Vic behind her. There, he decided to take a little ‘freedom’ on pumping, switching from pussy to ass and the vice-versa in a constant pace, giving the redhead enough reasons to moan harder and louder.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My Gooooooooooooooooooood!”

The appeal of seeing her lover pumping her near the wall gave Bloom new heights in pleasure that were even better as they got to kiss each other frenzily while Victor exchanged holes. And with that, only one thing could be on her reach...

To avoid having an orgasm that she didn’t wanted that soon, the fairy employed everything she could to hold off her own feelings, as from just biting her lips to use her hips to be herself on different position or even ask Vic to slow down. It worked for a while, but cumming was something that it was just about to happen to her.

“Oh, My Fucking God! Not Yet! I don’t do cum just Not...”


Bloom had an enormous orgasm, ones that might she never felt in her life. She screamt all she could bearing the pleasure and delight Victor gave to her that night. For a nymph, it was surely something that she should be used to, but with a hunk like the Brazil, it was millions of times better.

“Ahhhh! Yeah! Oh My Dear Lord! Oh Yeah! My Goodness!”

Victor removed his dick inside Bloom, pretty much full of her love juices and watched her orgasm. When she stopped, she turned to him and noticed that he was still rock hard. For her, something like that wasn’t right.

“Now we’re gone to fix your problem, babybums!”

She sat on her bed, bringing along her the Brazilian and quickly wrapped his cock between her tits and started to rub it in a faster way. She watched Victor’s reaction in order to know when he was about to cum, therefore going as faster as she could on titfucking before herself putting the cock inside her mouth again and sucking it hard and deep. It didn’t take longer for what she expected.

“I... can’t... hold it... Bloom....Ahhh....Cummmmmmmmmmmminnng!”

Victor just came inside Bloom’s mouth. The redhead felt his hot liquid going down her throat and esophagus. Feeling that she would choke, he took it out of her mouth and sprouted his load on her face. Bloom felt delight on getting hit by his manmilk and also took another ‘sip’ of it when blowing the squirting rod again.

She smiled after he finished to cum, and then got surprised when Victor decided to help her to clean herself, licking his own cum off her face.

“You are used to lick your own cum?”, asked the Winx girl.

“There are some stuff you gotta know about me!”, answered Victor.

“I am eager to know more!”

“Well, only if you tell me some of your stuff too...”

“Better if I say that this fuck was by far the best I ever had”, said a cheerful Bloom.

“Thanks! With a woman like you, it’s a crime not to give pleasure! I hope that will not be the last!”, replied Victor in a romantic way.

“Be sure that this is not the last one for a long time”

Victor and Bloom kissed each other and lay on bed, embracing their naked bodies.


Layla closed the door of her room, hand by hand with Merder. As soon as they were in, they embraced in a deep, passionate kiss. Their hands traveled on each other’s bodies, making sure the moment was deep and romantic.

“It’s been since when we had our last time?”, the chocolate-skinned Winx member asked after breaking the kiss.

“I don’t know. But I don’t want to talk about past. I want to talk about now”, answered the Dutchman before kissing again Layla. She smiled but quickly withdrawn herself from her lover.

“Stay just there. I got something for you”

“Is it a surprise? I love surprises!”, cheered the young man.

“But just stay there. And don’t try to look!”, the fairy warned as Merder covered his eyes with his hands, as his eagerness grew with each second of waiting for what Layla was getting ready for their soon to be “night of love”.

After a while of waiting, Layla turned back to Merder and ordered him to remove his hands of his eyes, to reveal his lover a naked fairy, unless by a single detail, a pair of green satin gloves, reaching two or three fingers near the elbow.

“So, do you like what you see?”, asked the ebony girl to a speechless Merder. “I didn’t knew what kind of gloves you like, so I hope these can fit your taste”

“I-I-It’s... excellent!”

“So do you like it?”, asked Layla

“Of course I do!”, answered Merder.

“I am glad I pleased you, Merder honey! I just wanted to make you a surprise, and since you like gloves...”

“I must admit I am very surprised, Layla”

“Well, I guess now I need to show you how much I am pleased to have you with me tonight”, said the Winx member before using her hands to remove the shirt, pants and underwear of her man, leaving him naked. Merder was extremely eager to see what she was about to do with him. And judging by his cock, his eagerness was at the peak point.

“My God! You are stunning tonight!”, complied the fairy girl.

“It’s just I can’t resist to a hot woman wearing gloves. Don’t know why or when, but gloves always picked my mind”, replied the Dutchman, before Layla touched the tip of his rod with one of her fingers, the enough for hearing a brief moan. She pressed it again and Merder answered with other short whisper. Layla felt she was going in the right way.

“I guess you liked my touch. Let me try other things here”, thought the fairy, using her index finger to run on his penis, only to see the moans get less brief and also a bit louder than before. She went further doing it, feeling how Merder was rock hard. After the moment of teasing, Layla asked if the Dutch boy couldn’t be on the bed.

“I guess I can have a better way to use those gloves”, said the ebony female taking her lover to sit on her bed. By his side, Layla sit. She made him sit properly to make him watch better the scene. She positioned his cock upright where she could do what she was intended to.

“Well, now let me take that matter by the hands”, Layla played. After that, her left hand grabbed Merder’s penis, to another brief moan. She held it not too hard enough to avoid pain, but her grip managed to take a little more than moans from his lover. Then, the ebony fairy slowly slid her hand down the shaft until reaching the scrotum area. Merder seemed he liked the procedure, giving his face and grunts. Following that, the Winx member repeated it, but going up the shaft, again slowly.


Noticing how her love partner seemed to love the gloved action, Layla went further and repeated her action, going up and down on Merder’s dick, with slow moves, masturbating the Dutchman. Her slow tempo, plus the way her hands were wrapped on, made the fabric get the maximum of contact with his cock, bringing him to immediate pleasure.

“Uhhhh... yeah! Keep doing it, Layla!”

She observed the reactions every time her hand slid on Merder’s phallus. The pleasure felt by her male partner increased with each single move. * Let’s try something here * thought, while going a little bit faster on her jerking. Which managed to make the man more pleased. The more the speed grew, more delightful was the situation for him due to the glove material friction against his cock.

“Are you liking, honeybug?”, asked the fairy

“Ahhhh....”, it was only what Merder could answer at the time.

“Want me to get faster?”

“Ahhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!!”

Layla surely understood it as a ‘yes’ and kept wanking the Dutch toonvert, now with fast strokes, but not much faster. The steady rhythm of her gloved hand going up and down his penis brought him to a world of delirious joys. He pretty much didn’t even saw what Layla was doing, opening and closing his eyes in a ritual where the only thing he could feel was the most amazing pleasure one man could have. All because of a handgear.

“Uhhhh... God... That is soooooo gooohhhhhhhhhd!”

The speed was increased and Merder was moaning louder than he could. Layla was getting aroused by it, but felt that if, he came, it would ruin all the good time she wanted to have with him later. So, with her index finger of her free hand, she decided to make a test.

“How about if I do...this on you”

The finger went right into the space between Merder’s testicles. She pressed quickly the place while raising the speed of her handjob. The reaction was what she expected: moans and contortions of joy of the Dutchman.


Layla decided to keep going and stimulated the scrotum with her glove-covered finger, as much as intercalating quick strokes of her other hand with slow ones, trying to avoid him to cum soon, and also teasing even more her lover. She even feared she would kill him with what she was doing.

“Pffahhhhfggg.... yeah... Use these hot gloves on me! Ahhhh.... Uhhh...”

Pretty much of that action took few minutes before Layla decided to withdraw her hands from Merder’s cock, feeling he was about to cum and taking time for him to ‘rest’, still with his cock rock hard. When it seemed he regained strength, the ebony Winx bent herself to lick the tip of the cock.


She quickly lapped the head of Merder’s dick, before she swallowed it with an already eager mouth. Slowly, she gave a first blowjob before returning to lick the tip and tease the boy with alternating quick and slow laps, going from the tip to the balls.

“Your hands are divine, but your mouth is... Ohhhh...”, said Merder between moaning

“Your cock is divine, Merder sweetie”, replied Layla.

The Fluids Fairy again involved Merder’s rod inside her mouth, blowing it. She positioned herself better, with her knees on the mattress and bent to perform the oral action. As soon she got to suck deep and hard, he helped her by using his head to make sure she wouldn’t leave.

“Uhhhh...suck me Layla!”

The taste of cock wasn’t new for the fairy, and so was Merder’s cock. But that night, the whole surprise about the gloves and the job she did before the fellatio was enough to make that different. Merder was feeling stuff that, even to him, were way beyond his thoughts. And for Layla, was a nasty and kinky situation on pleasing the man she loves and also herself as well.

The oral procedures went further with Layla going deepthroat on Merder’s cock. The dark skinned girl took much care and didn’t went much faster on the Dutchman’s to avoid the cum. She alternate hard mouth strokes with a few handjobs and tongue laps.

“I am jealous of the women that can get access to this prime beauty!”, praised the Winx member.

“You don’t need to be. Perhaps I can introduce you to some of them”, replied Merder, which Layla giggled with some ‘naughty intention’.

After around 30 minutes or so of blowjob, Layla stood up on the mattress, with the legs surrounding Merder’s thighs. He grabbed on her hips and steadily guided her down to sit on his lap, positioning her body in order for her cunt be filled by his wiener. Both had to do a series of changing positions to find the perfect fit.

With his lover facing him, and also with some guidance, Merder started to stick his rod inside the ebony pussy, which Layla answered with a short moan. The chocolate-skinned fairy, on other hand, answered the strokes by ‘forcing’ her hips to ‘follow’ the moves of Merder’s penis. To put it clear, they would move opposite ways, when Merder gone ‘up’, she was ‘down’, and so son, to make the fucking be more pleasurable and the cock be more inside her.

“Ohhhh.... Ahhhh....”

The slow and steady ‘movements’ of the couple created a sexy and different tone for their intercourse. Both ‘fucking’ each other, going to some kind of extreme action they wanted. Since Merder and Layla didn’t wanted to lose the pace, he embraced himself wrapping his arms on the ebony Winx’s back. Layla did the same with Merder, like they didn’t wanted to get away of each other.

“Fuck me Merder, honey! Put that cock on me! Ahhhhh! Yeah! God!”

“I love to do you Layla! Ooohhh... You are a gift from gods. Well, in your case... Ahhhhh.... the fairies!”

“So, kiss me! Kiss me!”

Merder didn’t wait and kissed Layla with huge passion, lips and tongues quickly going at each other in a naughty frenzy action. Meanwhile, both raised the pace of their mutual fucking, getting enormously pleased. The moans and screams couldn’t happen if they kissed, so the tongue moves kinda appeased their urge to loud demonstrations of delight. The Dutch male was completely mesmerized with the skills of the dark-skinned girl. Being himself a fan of the ebony female beauty, it was like Heaven for him. Or even more than the Heaven, who knows.

The same could be said to Layla, a young female that hadn’t so far a true love, apart having her friends at Winx Club as often-time lovers. She found herself in the arms of a lustful, horny and always pleased on loving and caring about her. And that contributed for the scene become a festival of lust.

After a while, the couple got enough of riding and sit side by side, in spoons positions. Layla in the front, had her arms placed in a way that Merder, behind her, could slide his dick into the moist vagina of his lover. Quickly after that, the delightful party got back on track, with Merder giving hard and gentle thrusts, providing Layla to moan and squeal as loud as she could to bear the pleasure he was giving to her.

“Yeah! Fuck me Merder! Fuck me! Make me cream!”

“You are so hot Layla! You are so hot and so delicious! Your body is so hot!”

“So fuck me stallion! Pump me! Put your hot dick inside me!”

Merder pumped hard and deep on Layla, giving his lover tons of pleasure. Every thrust he gave to her set an amazing amount of pleasure on both, already engaged in the best sex they could have, until of course the next one. An interracial love that neither civil rights person would dream it better.

“Give me yoooooooourrhhhhhhhhhh....aaahghhhhhhhhhhhhh... Yes!”

A little precum slipped from Merder’s cock, enhancing the coitus by letting the cock slippery inside a very wet pussy. The couple was in almost incredible synergy, like they were meant for each other.

“Uhhhh... My God. You are divanaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Layla!”

How much it would last all that fun? Merder and Layla tried more and more as she was in all fours at one point with her lover pumping as hard and deep as he could. Both knew that orgasm was a matter of time, so why not delay a little the fun by changing positioning and trying a few stuff like some mounting and missionary like positions.

“You really know a lot on that, right?”, asked Merder.

“I have excellent teachers there!”, said a proud Layla.

Perhaps the sex went for one hour or more, even two, till they approached the orgasm lane. Layla seemed to be the first on it, so Merder made it all to make her achieve, by giving her oral pleasure.

“Ohhh... Yeah! Lick my pussy!”

“You so good, Layla, you so good!”

Quick and paced laps brought the ebony fairy close to the Pleasuredom Heaven, step by step. Legs wrapped around his shoulders and everything he could handle at her pussy. The cumming was almost there.

“Ohhh... God... I am clooosssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee, my God! God, I am... I am... Oh my! I am....”

A brief moment of silence.

A full load of female juices ‘exploded’ on Merder’s face at result of the orgasm Layla had. It was so intense that he had to stop drinking her juices and watch for a while to see her reactions bearing the ultimate moment of sexual pleasure that a woman can have. The Dutchman had time to drink and lick everything that Layla could deliver to him, tasting all her love juices while she moaned as louder as she could.

After Layla, it was Merder time to get an orgasm himself and the ebony Winx surely took her time to help him. He jerked off and the fluids fairy treated on sucking him as much as she could, taste again his and her own fluids.

It didn’t take too much for her get what she wanted...

“Goooaahhhh..... I’mm...ooohhh....CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGG!”

The Dutchman blew his whole load of jizz on Layla, that made a small trick to let everything fall on her face and boobs, covering them in white sperm, in the one of the most naughtiest visions one can have in Earth. Or Alfea. Layla took a while to clean her up, while Merder cummed on her till the last drop. Even her gloves got sticky with goo, but she didn’t mind to lick it, which let the boy even more excited.

“God, it was amazing! I never want to stop loving you Layla!”, said Merder.

“Me too! You are the amazing hunk, babe! You fuck so well!”, praised the chocolate skinned fairy.

“Thanks, but you have this delicious and hot body and I cannot stop thinking on doing you all the time!”

“You say that to all girls you meet, right?”, asked Layla.

“I hope you aren’t jealous, but I do tell, but with each one is special, so as you”, said Merder, to make Layla blush.

“Really? Well, thanks, but anyway, I want to meet all those girls you brag about, ok?”

“I will introduce them, no need to be angry. Now I just want to rest for a while. Follow me?’, suggested the Dutchman.


Both lay on the bed and slept.


After the couples left the room, the remaining Winx members stayed in the library room, Tecna and Musa were browsing the Internet, while Flora was watching and. Stella, instead, sit on one of the chairs, her hand on the chin and stamping her foot in the table and floor, not seeming too much pleasant.

“How much time they will spend there?”, muttered the blonde fairy.

“Why you worry so much with this, Stella?”, asked Tecna.

“I am not worried! I just feel bored, just that...”

“Sorry, but I know your tone of voice and it’s not boredom I detect”, replied Musa. “It seems another case of ‘jealousy, Stella version”

“How come you say that, Musa?”, said a slightly angry Stella.

“Come on, Stella! I and everybody in this room, in the three schools and the whole Magix knows you have the hots for the guys, and specially, for Bloom... please, hiding that is not what you do best”, answered the music fairy.

“You would understand if you became too close with someone after saving its life”, replied Stella.

“Stella”, Flora approached the Solaria princess. “Listen, there is no way for you to act like that. Bloom still cares about you and likes you. It’s just she does like Victor too, as much as she like all of us too!”

“Easy for you. You don’t feel that you should be inside that bedroom with them right now!”

“I know how much you are a sucker for both of them, but relax. Bloom loves you and surely when you get alone, will be the turn of you getting together. And, besides that, you two are not exclusive of each other...”, explained the flower Winx.

“Well, I do like Vic too, and also find Merder very hot... and anyway, don’t get me wrong, but I also do like you all. It’s that me and Bloom...”

“Yeah, yeah...I know, you two have a deep connection since you saved her life and brought her here. Yeah, we know that”, Tecna also appeared to give her comfort to Stella. “

“Now I feel guilty to make you bothered with my selfish rumbling”, said Stella with a bit sad tone of voice.

“No need to”, answered Flora. “And you know good that we are inside your heart too...”

“What do you mean?”

Stella didn’t even finished to question Flora as she noticed who she winked to Tecna and the two girls started to touch her buttocks through her miniskirt. The blonde girl didn’t expected for that, but soon found out that could be good.

“Now that you brought it, well, I guess one of our famous orgies will be the meal of the day”, smirked Stella. Musa quickly joined her two friends, not wanting to get behind on the ‘orgy train’.

“Who needs males if we can be of a good service”, played Tecna, seeing Stella being object of three eager women, groping her ass and her boobs. The fairy gave out a slight moan.

It didn’t took any longer for the four girls present at the place build a horny weather down there, with Stella taking turns on kissing her friends. The urge managed to see everyone at the library kissing and groping each other on an interesting build-up to something bigger.

The foursome quickly removed all of their clothes, not stopping on kissing and groping each other. Soon, the four girls split, with Flora having her moment with Stella and Musa with Tecna.

Stella had her back against the wall while the golden-haired fairy girl used her mouth to run all over her body, from the mouth to the pussy, while stimulating it a little with her fingers, of course causing her to moan.

“Uhhh... Ahh... Flora...”

The nature fairy planted her face on Stella’s genitalia, and the blonde girl felt the tongue of her friend start to work on her. On other side, Musa laid Tecna on the floor, and with the pink-haired Winx member legs open, made herself into the oral pleasures.

“Ohhh... Ahhh... Lick me Flora!’

“Ahhhh... Yeah! Musa! Ahhhhh!”

With the slight advantage of being against the wall, Stella could bear a little the pleasure released by Flora’s diligent work at her pussy, making her outer lips as open as they could for her mouth to feast on. Meanwhile, Musa munched carpet on Tecna, eating the exotic tastes of her friend and lover, lapping and sucking for the sex juices.

“Uhhhhhh... Ahhh... Yeah!”

The noises running around the library mixed with the noises coming from the rooms gave Alfea a very arousing environment. While Flora had Stella still on the wall, giving her the cunnilingual pleasures, quickly Tecna and Musa had other tricks on them switching to a hot and naughty 69.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Yeaahhh!”

It did look that wouldn’t stop that early, but Flora decided to give up on licking and go to another approach on her blonde friend.

“Stay right here, I have something to spice this show”

While the blonde girl waited for Flora to come back, she masturbated, watching how Tecna and Musa pleased themselves in the sixty-niner. The technological Winx, on to, munched the musical fairy’s pussy and clit deep and hard, as the pigtailed girl did at bottom, with the extra of some ass fingering and butt-slapping.

“Ahhhh... Yeah! Uhhhh... Ahhh...”

Soon Flora came back holding a tree branch, but that only aroused the curiosity of the blonde Winx member.

“I think that is too thin for a dildo, Flora”, ironically remarked Stella.

“Not funny, Stella. And this is not the dildo” Flora said before using her plant magic to create a ‘plant sextoy’ from the branch, mimicking the size and the shape of a normal penis but with the advantage of having some ‘features’ a sex toy cannot have. “But this is”

“The old trick of ‘plant sex’... nicely done, Flora”, said Stella, before positioning herself to receive the toy. “So, what about now?”

Flora didn’t say much as the tree cock was planted near her pussy, of course giving the other girls free access to her smutty place. The nature fairy then inserted the toy inside Stella, and started to fuck her friend, much for her eagerness.

“Fuck it Flora! Fuck me! Take me to the stars!”

As Flora and Stella were about to have more sex, Tecna and Musa withdrew from the 69 and move to the next level. Musa went outside the library and in a few minutes came back with a purple strap-on with thin straps and a thick shaft, already attached to her body.

“I thought Stella was the eager one, but you aren’t far behind”, said the pink haired girl.

Musa smiled and proceeded with the action coming close to her friend, with the fake dick near her face. Tecna didn’t had other option (and neither wanted one) than open her mouth and watch the music lover stick it in.

“I think it’s time for you to suck my cock, Tecna honey”, asked Musa.

It became a cock-party for lesbians (or sort of) inside that library, with Flora telling Stella to turn around and offer her butt cheeks to her, while sticking again into her wet cunt. Meanwhile, Tecna had herself sucking Musa’s strap-on dildo watching how her lover grinned in ecstasy with such act.

“Ahhhh... Yeah... Fuck me Flora! Fuck Me!”

“Take that cock, you slut! I know you like it!”

“Go on, Tecna, suck that cock of mine....ohhhh yeah... that’s good”

Of course it wasn’t like the real thing, but for them it didn’t matter if it was through toys or not, since lesbian pleasures aren’t to be discarded that easy. And, with that, Flora was now banging the butt hole of Stella as now Musa had Tecna laid with her legs wide and, as it can be imagined, doing the technological fairy. And if there was a place that meeting could go, was to a very pleasurable place.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!”

“Ohhhhh.... Yeah! Ahhhhhhhhhhh”

“My God! Yes... Fuck me! Ahhhhh! Uhhhh!”

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Yeahhhhh....”

Being four girls at that place, the configurations they could do were countless, and soon all girls had brought their toys to join their fun. Stella was still facing the wall and now Flora were banging her butthole, while Musa went below them to eat the blonde’s pussy while Tecna rammed the pussy of the blue-haired fairy.

“That’s so much fun, as always! I hope Bloom and Layla are having the same fun as us”, shouted Tecna.

“I don’t know, but I sure I am having the best fun! This is the best orgy ever!”, said Flora.

“Ahhh... Until... sluuurpp... the next one, gals...”, replied Musa.

And the lustful moments weren’t to stop that soon. The four girls lined up, one behind the other, and slid each other’s strap-ons into the pussies or asses of the girl in the front, creating the ‘train of pleasure’, one of their favorite positions in orgies, where they fucked each other almost simultaneously in order to create a chain of pleasure. As usual, it worked a lot.

‘Ahhhh.... Yess! Yes! Yes!”

“Yeahhhhh...Ahhhh..... oh yesssss! Yes!”

“Yessss.... Go for it! Fuck my cunny! Fuck it!@”

“Uhhhhh....Yeah, fuck me, fuck me!”

The trail of pleasure went through for some minutes, with the fake cocks going in and out of the holes with an endurance that would blush even the most experienced porn actor or actress. But the fun wasn’t about to end because the girls quickly took off their toys and lay on the floor for a session of daisy-chain licking, to make them all cum together. The order was Flora on Tecna, Tecna on Stella, Stella on Musa and Musa on Flora.

Already in a state of constant pleasuring by lesbian sex, it didn’t take longer for them to reach wherever they want, with all the licking. Almost at the same time, the foursome reached to the climax.

“I can’t... ahhhhh... hold myself...”

“Me too... I am.... uhhh yeahhhh...”

“Goinggggggggggghhhhhh tooo..”


And so they came... a big orgasm they had. To be true, they came almost at the same time as the other couples inside Alfea did. If they trained that, could be even more amazing...

And after the orgasm, the girls kissed and embraced each other while trying to recover themselves.

“Girl, again another great orgy”, said Stella.

“Too bad Bloom and Layla weren’t here... they missed the action”, added Musa.

“But we all agree they enjoyed a great night tonight”, commented Tecna.

“So as us”, said Flora.

The girls giggled and vowed as usual to repeat that soon...
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