Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 3

Back in his quarters, Captain Varian had himself bathed, shaved and massaged by his slave girls. There were half a dozen of them... all taken captive on various expeditions, all personal gifts of Princess Alexena. Not one of them was more than twenty years old. Each was exceedingly pretty, with a ripe young figure to match such excellent looks.
`I deserve these little luxuries´, the Captain said to himself, as he watched the naked beauties hurrying hither and thither about his apartment to do his bidding. Milk-white breasts swung and bounced delectably; curvaceous buttocks cheeks undulated, jiggling and joggling. `After all, I have to spend weeks and even months on expeditions on behalf of Barbaria. Living pretty rough at times. Courting dangers. Risking my neck. Yes, I deserved the easy life from time to time.´
Captain Varian patted the bottom of the youngster who was trimming his beard. Her name was Mina and she was one of the younger ones. Not that one would have known that from the ampleness of her figure. She was perhaps the most buxom of all. Big melon breasts; a plump behind. Puppy fat, thought her owner, kneading the flesh rather as if it were dough. The girl did not protest or try to withdraw in any way but continue to snip-snip with the scissors.
The Captain slid his hand into the deep, warm buttock flesh. Only sixteen, he thought, how delightful! Still there was not the slightest recoil for Mina. She parted her thighs slightly and felt her Master’s finger slide along her sex lips. Having been captured some eighteen months previously, when only f******n, she had, despite her age, become used and hardened to such maulings. In fact, old as he was, she was rather glad to serve Captain Varian. It was better to be played with by him than to be mauled and ****d by all and sundry... as she had been until she had been specially selected for such service.
“Have I fucked you lately, girl?” The voice was lazy, indifferent almost.
“No, Master. Not for some time have I had the honour.”
The Captain grunted. Mina was not his favourite when it came to that sort of thing. Just rather too much flesh on her for his taste. He preferred them shapely but a little slimmer, as most of the others were.
Mina completed the beard-trimming and stood up. “Does my Master wish me to please him now?” she enquired respectfully.
Sprawled on a leather massage table, the gallant Captain appeared to be considering the offer. I’ve been given that girl Flavia, he recalled. Delicious little bit. Very fuckable. And once a Lady, too! Perhaps he ought to save his strength for her.
Hell no! Why should he wait? He could have her later that night. Or on the morrow. Soon he would be at sea again (on a mighty dangerous mission, it seemed) so he might as well ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’.
Who should it be? Not this Mina. His mind roved over the selection available. Then he caught sight of Sindi’s pale golden bottom as she bent over to pick some clothing off the floor. She bent as all slave girls had to... from the waist without bending the knees, thus exposing herself.
The girl was eighteen and Captain Varian’s current favourite. Deliciously shapely and light as a feather. A real hot little number when She got going. A right sexy wriggler. Yes... he’d have her.
But not yet. He would have some other fun and games first. The Captain slipped off the massage couch and moved over to a large, circular leather couch covered in cushions. It was very soft and resilient and this was where he usually had his sport.
“You can make use of those big tits of yours, Mina,” said the Captain.
“Yes, Master,” nodded the girl, pouting a little. Actually, she had hoped her Master would favour her. She was feeling quite like it. It had been some time. However it so happened the Captain caught sight of the look on her face.
“Come here, girl,” he ordered. Mina hurried across, big breasts joggling furiously.
“What are you looking so sulky about?”
“I-I beg pardon, Master I didn’t realise... “
“Don’t you know by now that whatever I order you to do, you look happy about it?”
“Yes, Master... yes... but... “
“No ‘buts’, Mina. Come here and get across my knees.” Captain Varian edged himself fo the edge of the circular couch.
Mina lay herself across the outstretched thighs at once. Her breasts swung pendulously as she placed her hands on the floor. Her bottom curved fulsomely. The Captain was by no means a cruel man and punished rarely. Then with no more than a dozen strokes with a light cane... if he thought a slave had been really naughty. But he did like to smack young bottoms and he did this fairly frequently. Such a form of punishment was a mere ‘fleabite’ to all the girls... and they played up by making a lot more fuss than was really necessary.
“You don’t pout when you get an order!”
“No, Master, I am very sorry, Master ... “
The spanking began... with Captain Varian smacking each big plump buttock-cheek alternately.
Smack... smack! Smack... smack! Smack... smack!Smack... smack! The pink imprint of the Captain’s palm appeared on the jelly-soft white flesh. Mina bounced and squirmed as if she were truly suffering, gasping out with pain at each slap. In fact, she didn’t care a damn about the stinging palm... which was as nothing compared with a real punishment.
Smack... smack! Smack... smack! Smack... smack!
Smack... smack!
Captain Varian’s face was flushed with pleasure; his grey-blue eyes glinted. Oh how lovely it was to slap an eighteen-year-old’s bottom! And such a big bottom, too. Oh how it squirmed and quivered at each slap! Oh what a delicious sight!
“Aggh... owww oh please... Master... OWW... Oww... oh... it hurts ...”
“I’m pleased it does!”
“Master... oooohhhh... Master... I beg you... sto... oooppp... “
Captain Varian grinned hugely. He loved to hear them plead ... and then go on smacking and smacking. Harder and harder, if possible. Seeing the bottom cheeks changing from pink to red. Feeling the skin of the bottom getting hotter and hotter. Feeling his own palm warming up. Oh lovely... lovely!
“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”
Smack... smack!
Oww... ah... yes... Master...”
“To pout like that?”
Smack ... smack!
“Yes... M-Master... oh... please... oh it hurts...”
“You should be happy to be my slave!”
Smack... smack!”
“Ohh aahh... I am... M-Master... “
“You deserve caning!”
Smack... smack!
“Oww... oh... Master... h-have m-mercy!”
On and on it went, with Mina’s big bottom wriggling frantically, even if she would have been quite capable of keeping it virtually still. Redder and redder it got; and hotter and hotter. On and on it went, until the Captain’s arm grew a little tired and his palm just rather too hot.
Elsewhere in the apartment, the other slave-girls took no notice whatever at what was going on and went about their duties. A spanking such as this was very much an everyday affair when the Captain was home from his voyaging.
“Right then... now you can get on with it,” said Captain Varian, releasing the sixteen-year-old.
Mina sprang up, clasping her bottom cheeks, twisting this way and that in pretended anguish. Of course, her bottom burnt, but nothing like she made out.
“Oh Master... ooohhhh... that hurt... that hurt...”
“Good,” grinned the Captain, lying back again on the couch and watching as Mina scurried away, red bottom swinging and jouncing. Delightful... quite delightful! In a few moments, the girl returned carrying an olive-coloured jar of scented oil. This she spread all over her big soft breasts... and also over her Master’s partially swollen penis.
“I am honoured, Master... truly honoured...”
“Yes, you are, aren’t you, girl?” leered Barbaria’s chief commander. He placed his head on a cushion and parted his thighs. Mina came down and knelt between them, clasping her white melon breasts at the sides. Then she slipped his penis into the deep cleavage, squeezing and manipulating her breasts.
The sensation was warm and oily. Very stimulating.
Lovely big tits encasing him.
Tossing him.
Mmmm... lovely... so lovely...
Look at those strong firm nipples! Feel the slippery softness of the girl flesh! Only sixteen... and with tits like that...
Ohh... lovely... lovely... lovely...
Quickly, Captain Varian stiffened and his pleasure became even greater. The large, mauvish phallic head kept thrusting up, again and again, between the cleavage as Mina bobbed herself up and down rhythmically. She squeezed tighter ... and her young face was a study in concentration as she strove to give her Master maximum pleasure with her lush orbs.
The captain closed his eyes. How long can I stand it, he wondered? Oh it feels so delicious! If I liked, I could let her go on... and, at last, shoot my load right into her face. That was a nice idea. Almost overwhelmingly so. But wouldn’t Sindi’s cunt feel even nicer? Oh yes... of course it would!
Making the effort required, Captain Varian f***ed Mina off himself. Just in time. He rolled over on to his side, his erection jerking and quivering. Though his organ was not over-long, it was thickly rounded. In particular, the phallic head was large.
“Send Nyrene to me, slave,” he ordered as he lay there.
“Yes, Master... at once, Master...” Her duty done, Mina rose to her feet and hurried away. It hadn’t been too bad, had it? Her bottom smacked... and then having to use her breasts. Compared with former times, that was nothing. Then, it could have been the whip and multiple ****!
Slowly the Captain began to subside. That had been very good. What lovely tits for a sixteen-year-old to have! And she knew how to use them that way. Oh how he loved them young!
Captain Varian rolled over and opened his eyes. A dusky-coloured young beauty was sinking to her knees at his side. This was Nyrene. Quite a rarity among slave-girls on account of her colouring. There were not many of her sort about. She was tall, shapely and supple. Her dark eyes were luminous and her lips were full and pouting in the Negroid style. That was why Captain Varian had sent for her. She could suck better than any of his other slaves. The girl could only be faulted on account of her hair which was short and rather frizzy. Still, that didn’t matter too much when one was making use of her other attributes!
“You are going to suck me, girl.”
“Yes, Master... an honour Master....”
“Naturally.” The Captain grinned. “But I am not quite ready for you.” He was waiting for his loins to cool a little. No point in being brought to the boil again too soon.
“Very well, Master...” said the kneeling girl.
“Meanwhile, you may play with yourself.”
“Thank you, Master....”
Without any hesitation, Nyrene’s fingers went to her sex lips. She began to manipulate herself vigorously, concentrating on her clitoris... which was surprisingly large. Soon her eyes were even more luminous and she was breathing fast.
“Like it?”
“Yes... hhhahh... oh yes Master... “
Captain Varian grinned. It was amusing to see this youngster abase herself. Whether she really liked it or not was another matter. She had to do as she was told.
“Ahh... s-soon... s-soon... Master... hhhhaaahhhhh...”
“That’s it ... frig away, girl!”
“Hhhooohhh... hhhaaaahhhh... oooh... I’m c-coming... I’m coming...”
Nyrene was bending forward, sinking down, her fingers working frantically. Then, suddenly, she twisted and jerked in a series of convulsions as she spent herself.
Captain Varian was grinning. It was like having living puppets to play with, he thought. You pulled the strings and they did what you wanted. Most amusing. Not for one moment did he consider what it must be like for a pretty young girl to be a slave. To be owned by another. To go constantly naked. To have to obey whatever orders one was given... no matter how difficult or degrading they were. To have to live with the knowledge that this slavery was for a lifetime!
He waited until Nyrene stopped quivering. “Alright, girl,” he said, “you can start sucking.”
At once, Nyrene insinuated her dusky body between her Master’s thighs. Rough hands squeezed her breasts. There before her was the half-flaccid organ... thick and stubby with its big mauve knob. She was very familiar with it. At first, the size of that knob, when she had taken it right in, had made her choke. But now she was quite used to it and it caused her no difficulty.
She began by licking and kissing. Laving her long pink tongue along the length, kissing the balls gently but zealously. The Captain closed his eyes and revelled in the sensations. Soon he was thickening and stiffening again. A hand took his root. His knob was guided between thick, wet-warm lips. Lovely. The tongue flickered on his sensitive knob. Lovely. Then his length was taken right in. Lovelier still. And the sucking began. Loveliest of all.
Oh what a mouth this girl had!
And did she know how to use it!
The suction was superb. Sometimes gentle, sometimes almost fierce. But always there... working... working... hot and slippery... gripping his throbbing organ.
Oh what a little beauty!
The temptation to go on and on... to let Nyrene suck him dry... was almost Irresistible. The Captain groaned, shuddering with his pleasure-lust. Then he thought of young Sindi’s hot-wriggling cunt.
Ah yes... that would be even better!
He had the required effort and f***ed Nyrene off just before the wave of desire overwhelmed him. His prick was jerking; Nyrene’s mouth was open, saliva dribbling down her chin. Her eyes had a hot, glazed look about them. She had been so intent on her task it was almost a shock when it suddenly ceased.
“I want Sindi over here,” called the Captain.
“At once Master...”
The girl came running... golden, apple-round breasts bouncing. She was blonde and very beautiful. Small-boned, slim in the waist, she was, nevertheless, well-fleshed where it mattered. She was light and quick in her movements, rather like a bird.
Sindi fell to her knees and the Captain took her by her blonde hair.
“I am going to use your cunt, girl,” he said with deliberate crudity. He loved to speak to these youngsters in this fashion.
“Thank you, Master... I am honoured,” replied Sindi without a moment’s hesitation or the flicker of an eyelid.
What does she really feel about it? wondered the Captain momentarily. Having to please a man in his forties? A man with grizzled hair, old enough to be her father?
“But I want it warmed up first,” he said. “Nyrene, go down to her.”
“Yes... Master... “
Leaning back, Sindi spread her thighs. The depilated sex came up, pink lips pouting provocatively, it seemed. Nyrene’s bigger, thicker lips clamped over them and Sindi gave a little gasp as the big, firm tongue probed in.
Captain Varian grinned. “Nice?” he asked.
“Y-Yes... Master,” answered Sindi.
It was delightful to look into the servile blue eyes, watching the fleeting expressions there, seeing the lust mount steadily.
“Are you getting hot, Sindi?”
“Y-Yer... ess... M-Master... “
“I think you’d better come.”
“Ahhh... yes... yes... Master... “
After about another thirty seconds, Sindi spent herself, squirming ecstatically, gasping out, head thrown back. The Captain knew she would be very ready.
“Up you come, my little one.”
“Yes, Master... yes... “
Nyrene was left with tongue still projecting as she lay on the floor. Sindi straddled the Captain’s thighs and he gripped the girl’s flanks, lifting her up above his organ which was still solidly in erection. She felt as light as a feather.
“Down you go... “
Sindi’s shapely young bottom descended and the Captain’s thick-girthed organ thrust up into her, making a faint squelching sound as it did so.
“Aaaahhh... “ sighed the Captain. The girl was like hot liquid-velvet. Superb. Clinging to him. It was perfection. And he savoured her to the depths.
Then Sindi began to wriggle herself up and down, her soft buttock cheeks bouncing again and again on the Captain’s hairy thighs.
Almost too delicious.
How could he possibly hold out against such delights? Especially having been stimulated previously?
No, it was not possible. But what did it matter? This time, let the ecstasy be brief.
In no time at all, it seemed, Sindi found her Master panting and groaning in mounting lust. Fast-mounting lust. She wriggled herself even more seductively, her breasts swinging as she undulated.
“hhhhhaaahhh... ooohhh... you... l-little beauty.... hhhaahhh...”
She saw that her Master was literally drooling.
His belly began to quake, his thighs to shudder. Sindi’s buttocks were gripped violently as the eruption came.
And came again and again and again...
With the Captain rolling from side to side, mouth sagging, eyes glassy, groans as if of pain coming from the depths of his throat.
Then he slumped, hot and sweating, eyes closed.
There was the slackness of contentment on his jowled features.
Sindi had done her job and done it well. It had been brief, but beautiful. For the Captain, that is. The girl remained where she was, feeling the limp organ inside of her, gently caressing the grizzled chest with her lips and hands.
Yes, just like a bird, thought Captain Varian drowsily.
Fluttering. Soft. And so fragile.
He ran his hands over the resilient, warm curves of the young bottom. His. To enjoy like this whenever he wished.
A beautiful thought.
And with it the Captain slid down into an even-breathing doze.

After Captain Varian had dined - and wined - he sent a message to Ryar that the slave-girl Flavia should be sent to him.
“At the moment, she is being used by her Highness, Sir,” came the reply. Flavia was, in fact, still harnessed around Princess Alexena’s loins. There she was to remain for a further hour or mole, after the unfortunate wretches who had been birched were removed... bringing her Mistress to yet several more climaxes.
Until the Princess’s nerves were fully calmed.
Until she no longer concerned herself with the future... and the vital campaign to come.
Until she dropped into a dreamless sl**p.
A sl**p quite untroubled by any conscience over her wantonly cruel behaviour that evening.
“Send the girl to me tomorrow then,” ordered Captain Varian, before he too entered the world of Morpheus.
Three days later, Captain Varian had finalised his plans for the Sythian expedition. And, in between conferences with his junior commanders, he enjoyed Flavia considerably. He enjoyed particularly he fact that she was obviously a girl of good breeding, since this made it all the more enjoyable to humiliate her.
This he did in a variety of ways.
For example...
Making her tongue all his other slave-girls, one after the other. Making her tongue him anally.
Making her use a dildo on herself whilst the girls watched. Using her as a footstool in the manner Princess Alexena did. Once he caned her - and quite severely - in front of the others. It was not for any particular fault, as he informed Flavia beforehand, but imply for the pure pleasure of making a ‘Lady’s’ bottom squirm!
In short, Flavia’s stay with her temporary Master was exceedingly disagreeable. If not as painful as serving the Princess, it was certainly most wounding to her pride!

The Ruler of Barbaria approved the plans put before her by her chief Commander.
All preparations were to go ahead immediately.
A large fleet was to be assembled.
The expedition would set sail in ten days’ time.
Upon it hung the fate of all who dwelt in Barbaria.

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