Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 9

Main Narrative
The Whip at Work

„Do you feel excited?“
The raven-headed young woman, sprawled in a deep armchair, smiled at the question, looking across at the fair-haired girl seated opposite her.
„I suppose I do, my dear Zena... a little anyway,“ answered Karena, Lady Helvetia's youngest daughter.She looked down at the thhird figure in the luxurious chambers, that of a naked slave girl who was diligently engaged in painting the toe-nails of karena's foot with rested on a low stool. „Anyway it will make an interesting change from having female slaves.“
„Interesting?“ queried Zena. She was just six months older than Karena, who had just turnes six-teen. The girls were constant companions and devoted friends. They had even experimented with a lesbian relationship found it very satisfactory. „That's one way of putting it, I suppose.“
Karena raised her foot off the stool and examined it. The nail varnish was a light purple. The slave girl remained kneeling head bowed, waiting. She was an aristocratic-looking, maturely-made woman something like ten years older than her young Mistress. Once she had been the wife of a Lord of one of the domain's conquered by Barbaria.
Karena's small white hand gripped the silver-chased handle of the rod which lay beside her. It was a long slim rod – about four feet six – made of ivory-hard whalebone, terminating in a sliver of white leather six inches long, knotted at one inch intervals. The whippy rod went up and came whistling down to slash across the whiteness of the bending slave girl's shoulder and back, raising a long, thin, bl**d red weal.
„I don't like this colour,“ said Karena, „Change it!“
The slave girl, whose head had jerked up and back, gasped and shuddered with the pain.
„Yes... aagghh... yes, my Mistress,“ she said. „What colour would my Mistress wish?“
Karena surveyed the row of bottles with insolent, power-conscious eyes.
„Silver,“ she said curtly. One might have imagined from her tone that it was the slave girl's fault that the colour did not please her! She watched the servile head bend again... and the offending lacquer began to removed.
„When is he being brought here?“ asked Zena. She looked indifferently at the long weal running across the back of the woman before her. In Nexos, the laying of a rod or a whip across the back of a slave was of no more concern than swatting a fly.
„This aftrnoon.“
„Mind if I stay?“
„Of course not, in fact, I'd like to you.“
„Good, I think I may be some help,“ said Zena, standing up. Like Karena, she wore a simple, white, tunic style dress, belted at the waist, with a skirt that came no more than halfway down her thighs. That skirt was split for some twelve inches at one side, so that it was evident that neither girl wore anything beneath it. This was the conventional gown in which ladies of quality relaxed in when in their own quarters. Zena was shod in white leather sandals with high heels and the leather strips formed a lattice pattern up her shapely legs.
„Well... you have some experience,“ said Karena, looking at the tall, lovely figure who stood arms akimbo.
„True,“ smiled Zena. She strolled across the room to where, on a table and hanging on the wall, was a variety of corrective implements. Most of them were considerably more vicious than the whalebone rod, which Karena customarily referred to as her `Boudoir switch´.
„I should begin by giving him a good whipping.“ Zena reached up and took down one of the whips. It ws made of rhino-hide, black and tightly plaited... a well oiled, vicious, five foot snake of agony. Zena cracked it in the air and, at the pistol-shot sound, saw the slave girl flinch involuntarily.
„You careless slut... look what you've done!“ shrieked Karena. Her hard little face was contorted with sudden fury as she regarded the smear of silver lacquer on one toe.
„I... I b-beg p-pardon... my Mistress,“ began the slave girl.
„Get it up... get it up!“ snapped Karena, rising to her feet, the `Boudoir switch´ swinging flexibly at her side.
The slave girl... whose name was marilda... knew better than to delay in obeying such an order. The `it´ in question was, needless to say, her bottom and she at once crouched down, with nose on the floor and thrust up maturely formed hindquarters to the maximum. It was a constant delight for Karena to have this once-aristocratic, older woman at her beck and call, ready to be tormented at any time.
The rod whistled again and, with a thin zipping crack, bit into the soft bottom flesh.
„Oww... aaahhh,“ gasped marilda, head jerking up momentarily, eyes wide with pain. The flesh of her ample buttocks twisted... left then right... as she squirmed.
Though the switch was one of the lighter weapons in Karena's armoury, it was quite adequately painful!
„Careless slut!“ repeated Karena... and laid on another stroke.
„Oww... ooowww... aahh... „
„Will you never learn?“ Another stroke.
„Oowww... aaaaahh... “
At the moment came the ringing of a bell in the ante-chamber. It was a signal that someone wished to enter Karena's private apartment. The girl paused with the rod on the backswing, seeing her slave's nates already contracting with dread.
„Who is it?“ she called.
„Overseer Vane,“ came a woman's voice. „With your male slave, Miss.“
A smile flickered over karena's tight mouth. „Bring him in,“ she ordered. A leather clad figure came through the curtained entrance, followed by a nude man.
„On your knees... „
Even though the order was given, the man was already halfway there. It could now be seen that he was being led on a chain, the end of which was fastened to a ring round his testicles.
„What is his name?“
„Leo, Miss.“
„Twenty two years, Miss.“
„Thank you, Overseer Vane, you may go.“
The Overseer took a key from her belt, unfastened the ring and removed it with the chain. Then, after a brief bow, she left.
For a few moments, Karena stood silent, looking upon the kneeling figure. Her first male slave. It was wonderful to know that she now owned this masculine flesh. That she could use it as she wished; do what she liked with it. There certainly was something to be said for reaching the age of sixteen! Karena experienced a thrilling glow, deep inside.
„Get up!“
The slave Leo rose apprehensively. He looked at the two white clad figures who were regarding him clinically. He also saw, with mingled shock and excitement, e kneeling form of the naked woman, her stripped buttocks quivering softly. He tried to check the sudden surge of his desire. He must show the utmost respect. Which of these two attractive damsels was his Mistress?
„Quite a husky brute, isn't he?“ said Zena. She felt a faint twinge of envy on account of the handsome muscularity of Karena's new possession.
„Mmm... I suppose so,“ answered the girl, trying to appear calm and casual, but her heart was pattering away excitedly.
„Approach closer,“ ordered Zena. She felt, as the senior, more experienced girl, it was best to take the lead.
Leo stepped nervously forward, he felt the two pairs of girlish eyes hard upon his nudity. It was a strange and frightening experience. One of these two owned him. But which?
„Do you know who I am?“ asked Karena sharply.
„N-No... Miss.“
Like lightening, Zena's little fist pounded into Leo's solar plexus, doubling him up, gasping breathlessly.
„Mistress!“ Zena almost snarled. „For that is what she is!“
„Urff... urrf... M-Mistress,“ groaned Leo, trying to f***e himself erect, eyes watering with the pain of the punch. Oh the little bitch! Then Leo bit his lips, knowing the danger of any such reaction. He was a slave... he dared not afford such luxuries. „I... beg... uugghh... bed p-pardon, Mistress,“ he added with maximum servility.
Karena said nothing, she just walked araound and around the nude figure... noting the straight back, the well muscled rump, the strong limbs, the solid looking penis.
„The main thing is to control him,“ said Zena.
„Yes... yes... quite.“
„So that... when you don't want to use him... there's no possibility of... well... of anything.“
„Ah yes... of course.“
„Will you be using the same method as I do?“ enquired Zena.
„I don't see why not. It seems most effective.“
„Believe me, it is! In fact, I've brought one of the rings with me. Would you like to put it on?“
„Yes... why not!“ Karena's vixenish eyes were glinting. This was power! To control a man utterly!
„No... wait a minute, I want to see him... fully, you know.“
Zena grinned. „As a stud, you mean,“ she said. „Well, that's understandable.“ The blondes features hardened and she stood right before Leo. „Play with that thing between your legs, you ape,“ she commanded.
The slave Leo looked first startlet, then disbelieve. He looked wildly around. Could she really mean it, one could see him asking himself. For a moment it looked as if he were going to refuse. Or, at least, plead. Then Karena's switch whiplashed across his flank.
„Didn't you hear Miss Zena, slave?“ she barked.
The tin, searing pain shocked Leo into action and he took hold of his flacid length. Casually, the two girls seated themselves on the arms of the chairs. Right before him was a luscious set of naked buttocks... and other female charms displayed.
Leo's hand began to move.
Ah well... it was an order, wasn't? There was nothing he could do about it. Gazing at the naked bottom before him, he soon felt himself stiffening. With every passing moment, his lust increased. Oh, by the gods, what a bottom it was! Oh... if only he could be fucking it! As best he could, he avoided the look in the two girl's eyes... which was compounded of amusement and disdain.
Beginning to pant, Leo came to full erection.
How long would he be able to hold out?
„Stop!“ Zena's command rang through the chamber.
At one, Leo released himself, his penis was now massive, thrusting ram-rod like and quivering slightly.
„Most adequate,“ said Zena, with almost a sigh in her voice. She was making comparisons with her own male slave and reckoned that Karena had done as well... if not better.
„Yes, I suppose so,“ nodded Karena, trying to mask her obvious satisfaction. This Leo she had been given was certainly a plaything worth having!
Leo was trying to control his seeting lust. Surely, having brought him that far, they were going to let him finish? His glance lingered on the naked bottom before him and his desire to continue masturbating intensified. Yet he dare do nothing about it.
„Have you got the ring, Zena?“ enquired Karena.
„Yes... but it won't go on just yet.“
„I realise that!“
Leo was beginning to look even more apprehensive as the blonde girl walked across the room, fumbled in a bag and took something out. What were these two up to? If they wanted to make use him as a man, why didn't they do so? This halfway house was ridiculous. His erection was still throbbing massively.
„Here it is,“ said Zena.
She handed Karena a kind of iron tube some three inches long and about a couple of inches in diameter.
„Thanks. I say... it's quite heavy, isn't it?“
Zena nodded. „You slip it on until it's just behind his phallic head. Then you tighten it up. Then, if he starts swelling, he'll know all about it!“
Karena smiled cruelly. „Very neat,“ she said.
Leo had gone pale. He knew something awful was about to happen to him, and doubtless his terror was causing him to deflate quite rapidly.
„I think he's about ready now,“ said Zena.
There was a gasp from the slave as Karena took to hold his organ.
„M-Mistress... mercy... M-Mistress.“
Unconcernedly, it seemed, Karena slipped on the tube. The knob emerged from one end.
„You tighten it up with a little screw on the side,“ said Zena.
Karena turned the screw and the tube began to contract in circumference. Leo gasped louder.
„Mercy!“ he cried, feeling the cold iron beginning to grip him tight. The terror of losing his manhood altogether filled him.
„A little tighter, Karena,“ suggested Zena. „He'll shrink.“
Leo almost screamed... and did shrink. Quickly. Then, half sobbing, he stood there, feeling the heavy iron tube enclosing him, pulling him down, knowing he had been emasculated. He could have wept.
„That looks very effective,“ said Karena.
„I prefer it to infibulation,“ said Zena. „Even if that is equally effective. See that small ring there, you can hook a chain on there and lead him about, if you wish.“
„Ah yes.“
Zena looked into Leo's petrified eyes. „You understand what has been done to you, slave?“
Leo nodded his head. Only a croaking sound cam from his throat.
„It gives your Mistress complete sexual control over you,“ continued Zena. „If she wants to make use of you, she will remove the device. If not, you will remain in a quiescent state. Or, perhaps I should say, if you do not, you will experience a great deal of pain.“ The young blonde smiled wickedly. „I expect you can already appreciate that.“
Leo nodded his head again. „Y-Yes... Miss,“ he answered weakly. He had never expected slavery to be anything but unpleasant and degrading... but slavery of this nature was beyond anything he could ever have previously imagined. To be emasculated by a six-teen year old! To be her minion! And he had once been a warrior both feared and respected. Leo hung his head in abysmal shame. Before him he saw that the shapely woman still knelt in abject submission. Perhaps she was once someone of rank, he thought, and did not realise how near the mark he was.
„Are you going to whip him now?“ asked Zena.
„Leo's nerves flared. What had he done to deserve a whipping?
„I don't see why not,“ answered Karena.
Leo began to tremble, what monstrous people were these? They whipped for pleasure, not to punish! And these were but two young women of their race. No more than girls... of an age one would have expected love, compassion and gentleness.
Zena looked at Leo, smiling faintly. „Your Mistress is now going to whip you, slave,“ she said. „To impress on you her true authority over you.“
„But... Miss... what,“ began Leo.
Then a fist hit him in the solar plexus for a second time... and he doubled up in even greater pain.
„Don't interrupt,“ said Zena. „Just speak when you are spoken to.“
Leo clasped his midriff and groaned. He was already near to tears. And how unmanly that was! He strove to pull himself erect and act more like the warrior he once had been. But how difficult that was under the circumstances. With a knife pain through one's vitals... with an iron ring rendering one impotent... and the promise of an undeserved whipping!
Then he saw his young Mistress tapping the courvaceous nates of the kneeling slave girl.
„Three more to come, Miralda,“ she said. „Did you imagine I had forgotten?“
Leo saw the naked woman shudder, saw the nates clench. Then the whippy white rod sailed up and whistled down. It bit into twin globes and the woman uttered a series of breathless gasps, throwing back her head. Poor creature, he thought. What a terrible fate for a woman! Even worse than for a man.
Or was it.
Ssswwweeee... eeeppptttt!
Leo knew the pain of that biting, ivory hard whalebone... and marvelled at the woman's stoicism. Admittedly she gasped and squirmed but all the time she remained kneeling with hindquarters thrust high, ready to receive the whip-lashing strokes.
Ssswwweee... eeeppptttt!
The final stroke fell and Leo's new Mistress strolled casually away. „Get up, Miralda,“ she ordered.
The slave stood erect and turned and Leo was immediately conscious of the mature beauty of Miralda's body. Also of the aristocratic lines of a once proud face. Now the eyes were wet and the lips quivered, and Leo was aware of a deep shame at his own helplessness and impotence. He was no longer a man in true sense. Just a helpless chattel.
„This is your fellow slave, Miralda,“ Karena was saying, „you'll be seing a lot of each other.“
Leo saw the tear filled eyes fastening on him. Hopeless, despairing eyes.
„Yes... mfff... m-my Mistress.“
„Are you going to let them couple together?“ That was Zena asking.
There was a pause and mischief suddenly danced in Karena's eyes. „I might... I might,“ she said. Obviously the idea had not previously occured to her.
„I sometimes put mine together,“ said Zena, „it can be quite amusing. Giving them pain and pleasure at the same time.“
„Oh yes... I can imagine.“
For a moment or two Leo though his Mistress was considering some form of sexual entertainment there and then... and felt a sudden heat in his loins, despite everything. This heat was almost immediately transferred to his enclosed organ and Leo knew pain. Leo bit his lower lip. How quickly that device subdued him.
„Right,“ said Zena, shall we get on with it?“
She could hardly wait for the whipping to begin, it seemed, and Leo felt a freezing dread right through himself. Suddenly his knees felt weak. Not only was he in sudden terror of awful pain (in his mind's eye he could still see poor Gaymede) but he was in despair at the humiliation coming to him. For a six-teen year old girl was about to quite unman him. Reduce him to a snivelling, whining, pleading hulk of flesh. Leo watched as Karena walked across the room and picked a whip up off a table. It was the long, black rhino-hide one that Zena had placed there. He shuddered... and almost got down on his knees to beg.
„Have you ever been whipped before, slave?“ asked Karena, running the supple, plaited thong through her fingers.
„N-No... Mistress.“
„Good. That will make this all the more memorable!“ The whip snaked out and dracked sharply. Fear stabbed through Leo like a knife. The whole of his flesh seemed as if it were suddenly crawling with ants as the sweat broke out. Soon that would be ribboning his flesh.
„Come there!“ It was Zena barking the order.
Almost blindly, Leo stumbled across the room towards the tall, blonde figure. He saw that she was smiling... and hated her with an almost unbelievable intensity.
„Face the pillar!“
Leo turned and faced the cold, mottled surface of the pillar alongside Zena. He had begun to shiver as if with fever.
„Put your arms around the pillar!“
Leo did so. The stone felt even colder than it looked. Then he felt steel about his wrists. There was a click as mancles were locked... and Leo found himself secured helpless, clasping the pillar in an uncomfortable wide embrace. He turned his head to one side, pressing a cheek to the stone. Across the room he could see the naked figure of Miralda, watching silently. What were her feelings, he suddenly wondered. Pity? Indifference? Perhaps she had been whipped in this very same way.
Leo turned his head and put the opposite cheek to the pillar. There stood Zena, still smiling. Her hands on her hips seemed to have hoisted her short skirt somewhat higher and he could see the whole of her long, smooth thighs. Absurdly, even in that awful moment, Leo felt a quick stab of desire.
Then there was the click of heels behind him.
He tensed.
There came a faint kind of hissing sound.
Then the rhino-hide whip cracked across his shoulders... and the blazing, burning agony of it filled Leo's whole being. As his breathless, gasping howl echoed round the chamber, it seemed to him as if it came from some other being in torment.

Karena whipped unhurriedly and methodically.
She started at the top of Leo's back and worked slowly down, laying on alternately from opposite sides. At each stroke, Leo's bellowing howls grew louder and louder and, writhing convulsively, he not only twisted round and round the pillar but up and down it as well, as if he were masturbating some giant penis with his whole body.
And as Leo twisted, through a red mist of torment and tears, he saw various aspects of the chamber.
Miralda still standing there, motionless, expressionless.
Zena, standing closer, the light of sadistic pleasure in her eyes.
„Merceee... aaaagghhh... MERCEEEEEE!“
Was that his own voice howling so hoarsely? It sounded like that of a total stranger.
And, as if to dismiss his plea with contempt, Karena began to lay the whip across his buttocks at a faster rate. And, because he twisted and threshed so violently, it fell not only over his buttocks but on his thighs and his genitals too.
Soon, between pityfully agonised pleas, Leo was screaming. Clasping the pillar right down at it's base, he writhed and kicked uncontrollably. He cared no longer about his manhood... about his pride. He only prayed to the gods for the excrutiating torment to cease. Inwardly he vowed he would do anything... anything... for this young she-devil, if only she would stop. Indeed, he even howled it out!
Remorselessly, legs astride, right arm swinging with practiced ease, Karena continued to ply the whip to her new slave's lacerated flesh. To Zena it was now clear that she would do so until he was rendered insensible.

Leo was not the only newly-arrived slave in Nexos who, at that moment, was being flogged... was about to be flogged... or had just been flogged. For, naturally, the whips flailed most frequently when slaves were new and untrained.
At that moment, Flavia was being led back to the apartements of her Mistress, supreme ruler of Barbaria, Princess Alexena. Ryar, the Chief Overseer led her, a chain having been slipped through a link of one of the chains which ran between Flavia's nose and her nipples, keeping her head submissively bowed. The girl was already weeping.
Two days had passed since her vile ravishment by six Palace guards but, not for an instant, had the memories of that appalling experience left her. In that terrible hour of **** Flavia had truly learnt what being a slave girl of barbaria meant. There were no more illusions. None. No more fanciful hopes that, because she had once been a woman of rank, she would be treated differently. It was now quite clear that, if anything, she would be treated worse than a common citizen.
„Down... on your belly.“ It was Ryar's command.
Her legs already feeling like jelly, Flavia slumped to the floor. She knew she was in the ante-chamber of the Princess's main apartment. No slave ever passed through it but with nose to the marble floor, on his or her belly. Flavia waited, feeling herself trembling, feeling the sickness rising within her once more. Was she to be ****d again? She could hear sounds from the apartment. Voices raised, sometimes laughter, sometimes, it seemed, cries of pain.
The clump of boots.
„Move forward, slave... keep on your belly... keep your nose to the floor,“ ordered Ryar.
Flavia slithered forward, rather like a snake, feeling the shame of it... arms spread, breasts flattened. How absurd to feel shame, she thought, after what had happened to her. After that, could anything matter? Yet she did feel shame.
Then she was in the apartment itself and Flavia's terror increased.
There was a slashing sound. A grunt... a whimper.
The sounds came again.
„Up, slave, on your knees,“ came an order from Ryar.
Flavia knelt up, half instinctively making to cover her bare breasts as they bounced before her. The chains clinked.
„Take off her nose-chain, Ryar... I want her to see this.“ That was the Princess.
„Yes, Highness.“
The small chain came away and Flavia thankfully raised her head. Her eyes widened in disbelief and shock.
On the broad bed, naked but for calf-length boots, lay Princess Alexena and Lady Judilla. To one side of the bed, knelt a slave girl on all fours. Mounted on her was a young male slave who was being birched by a female overseer. Through, of course, Flavia was unaware of it, these two slaves were Nerine and Myron who, once upon a time, had not only been persons of rank but also happy lovers. Thus, all the more, it amused the Princess to play games with them from time to time.
Nerine and Myron who, once upon a time, had not only been persons of rank but also happy lovers. Thus, all the more, it amused the Princess to play games with them from time to time.
An imperious hand went up. The birch ceased to fall on the rump which was lacerated with thin red weals.
„Give her some more meat, slave,“ said the Princess.
At once, the slave Myron's haunches began to move and his organ, previously embedded, began to slide in and out. It goes without saying that he felt pleasure at possessing the girl who had once been his free lover... but this was counter-balanced by having to perform under orders and in public. Though this scene had been enacted often enough, Myron never could get over the abysmal humiliation of it.
„Faster,“ ordered the Princess.
Myron's haunches moved more vigorously and he gritted his teeth. Nerine was getting hot and succulent and his lust was increasing faster. But he was aware that, if he spent himself before receiving an order, he would get more than a birching!
„Are you nearly coming, Nerine?“
„Yes... es... hhaaahhhh... … y-yes... Highness,“ panted the girl.
„Stop!“ ordered the Princess.
The haunches stopped. Myron groaned and his head drooped momentarily. He was sweat with effort. The hand went up again, the birch began to slash down again. For Myron, pain once more began tp outweigh pleasure.
Flavia wanted to close her eyes, but dare not. The familiar sickness of horror filled her. What monster these people were! Truly barbarians, as their name implied. Revelling in cruelty for it's own sake.
„Why don't we have her suck him for a while,“ suggested Lady Judilla.
„Good idea,“ nodded the Princess.
„Then she can get some of the birch for a change.“
„An even better idea!“
Orders were given... and the tableau changed. Myron lay down on his back on the floor and in between his thighs crawled Nerine. As her shapely bottom came up, her head went down and she took her ex-lovers throbbing organ in her mouth. The Princess raised her hand again and the flailing birch began to swing again.
Squirming with pain, whimpering and snorting down her nostrils, Nerine nevertheless managed to suck avidly. From time to time, she felt the organ jerk in her mouth and her ex-lover would groan. She was well aware of what an effort he was having to have to control himself.
The Lady Judilla, absent-mindedly fondling the Princess's naked breasts, was smiling lazily. From time to time, the Princess glanced at Flavia to ensure she was taking in the scene.
„I am going to let him go,“ said Princess Alexena at long last.
A longer and louder groan came from Myron. One of relief!
In under thirty seconds, the tableau had dissolved... with Nerine having sucked her ex-lover dry. And never for a moment did the birch cease to fall across her squirming bottom whist she completed her task.

„Secure her to the end of the bed, Ryar.“
„Yes, Highness.“ The bed was a huge four-poster and most suitable to secure a slave to... as was frequently done.
„M-Mercy... oooohh... mercy!“ cried Flavia as grabbing hands seized her.
„You are going to be whipped, slave,“ announced Princess Alexena, still reclining on the bed, with Judilla.
„M-Mercy! Mercy!“ Flavia was being spreadeagled like a starfish above them.
„For addressing me without permission.“
„Merceeee... aaahhh... MERCEEEEEEE!“
!You did it three times, so you will whipped three times.“
„Once by me... once by Lady Judilla... and once by Ryar.“
Princess Alexena rose languidly from the bed. Then tall and graceful, beautyful naked, she moved in high-heeled boots of gold across the room and picked up a slim whip with coiled on a nearby table.
It was shorter, slimmer and altogether less vicious then the one chosen to be used on Leo, but Princess Alexena was well aware that soft, inexperienced girl-flesh would find it a more than adequate torment. She moved around to the end of the bed... saw the strainings arms and back... noted the quivering milk-white buttock flesh. As yet untouched buttock flesh. Quite, quite unused to pain.
Princess Alexena smiled.
It was a smile of pure power. Pure pleasure.
She would give the girl twelve strokes across her bottom.
Then she would watch while the other two did the same.
She raised the whip and cracked it across the helpless, tender flesh.
A vivid, red-purpled weal blazed up as, shrieking and shrieking, Flavia jerked and twisted in a convulsive frenzy.
Princess Alexena's smile became a bare-teethed grimace of delight.
Flavia's reactions were all, and more, than she could hope for... when there was such a long, long way to go!
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