Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 7

Main Narrative
An Introduction to Slavery

The next guard who mounted the distraught, sobbing Flavia, was one of the two arabs, who wnt by the name of Abu. Like Cham before him, he used no finesse but quickly and simply thrust deep into the helpless girl. However, his technique was diferent to Cham's for there were no delaying tactics. At once he began to fuck vigoriously, his belly and flanks slapping loudly against the thrusting bottom.
„Give it to her, Abu,“ shouted the next guard in liene. „That's it... that's it!“
The man named Bret, was white skinned and looked little more than Flavia's own age... nineteen. Already he had a full erection and was gently playing with himself.
„What's she like now, man?“ asked the giant Sambo, „gettin' warmer?“
„I... hhaaa... I... guess... so,“ panted Abu, not for a moment slackening his furious pace. His head was turned to one side and his wet mouth was slavering on Flavia's smooth back. Obviously it was a pace that could not be maintained for long, but that was how the Arab liked to have his women.
Once again a series of retches came from Flavia as Abu spent himself violently within her. A loud gasping, wailing cry also came from her and her pretty nostrils were flared wide with disgust.
Princess Alexena continued to look up impassively, though the pleasure shone from her eyes. Judilla was more open in her enjoyment. Her small white teeth bared in an almost continuous smile.
„Still doesn't seem to be enjoying it much,“ she remarked.
„She might like black meat.“ said the Princess.
„Yes, that's quite possible,“ agreed Judilla. „Come here, you black bastard.“
The negro came forward, grinning hugely, so that he was once again in the view of Flavia... who had... by then, started to be fucked by an urgent and eager young Bret.
„Oooo... she's getting nice and joivy now!“ cried the young buck happily.
„M-Mercy... oooggghhh... m-merceeee... st-stop... it... oooggghhh... stooop it!“ Between her gasps and groans, Flavia was now pleading almost constantly. Quite uselessly, of course.
„Look was coming to you next, your ´ladyship´,“ grinned Judilla, „isn't it a beauty?“ She took hold of Sambo's almost flaccid organ and gave it a squeeze. „My, my, what a size it is! But just show her how big it can get, you hulking great brute.“
„Sure thing, Ma'am,“ said Sambo. And, when Judilla let him go, he began to manipulate himself.
„N-No... agh... n-no... agh... no,“ the wretched Flavia kept gasping out.
The look of horror and revulsion in her eyes increased as Sambo came slowly to erection. At the same time, Bret was puffing like a steam engine as, with the joyful zest of youth, he fucked with abandon.
„Come... hhaaahhhh... come … you... bitch... come,“ urged Bret.
„It's me who make her come, man,“ said Sambo. He actually winked at Flavia as he removed his hand from his solid erection. The negro was indeed massice. Over ten inches and thickly girthed as well, the organ looked like some black truncheon, surmoounted with a pinkish-purple knob.
„There, Missie,“ he added with something like pride in his voice, „that make you come, I guess.“
For a moment, Flavia's eyes seemed to roll back in her head, then she close them. Instantly, Princess Alexena stood up and pulled on the girl's nose ring.
Another terible scream.
„I won't warn you again, slave! The next time, you'll get a rod across your backside before you fucking re-commences.“ The Princess's voice was like a whiplash.
Flavia opened her eyes, f***ed to look upon the frightening sight before her, whilst she endured the torment of Bret's mounting assault upon her.
„Oooohh... hhhaaaahh... oooo... I'm going... to sh-shoot,“ announced the youth in a strangled voice. „Ooooh... you beauty... oh you lovely... fuck... noow... NOOOOWWWW!“
A faint smile crossed the Princess's hard features as Bret went into a climatic convulsion. It could not have been very pleasing, she reflected, for one who still considered herself a `Lady´, to be referred to as a levoly fuck!
After a brief pause, Bret withdrew... sighed happily and staggered off.
„It's a pity,“ said Judilla, „She's in no position to have Sambo's black meat in her mouth first.“
„Yes,“ nodded the Princess, „some other time, though.“ She drained her goblet and sifnet to one of the slaves to refill it.
Sambo, still grinning, his `truncheon´ swinging stiff before him, disappeared from Flavia's sight. She began to babble half-hysterically, green eyes starting from her head.
Then the great black hands seized her shuddering white flanks and her thighs were pulled so wide apart they nearly made a straight line. Flavia's feet left the floor and she hung in the iron pillory by her wrist and neck, choking horribly.
„Here comes the black meat, Missie,“ said Sambo, „there's mah knob.“
A terrified gasp.
„There's half mah prick up you.“
A terrified, squealing gasp.
„There's the lot, Missie.“
A terrified, breathless, gasping cry.
Eyes rolling, mouth gaping, Flavia squirmed like a pierced insect.
Inhuman sounds came from her throath; there was a glazed look of disbelief in her eyes. How can I accomodate anything so huge, they seemed to say, surely I must split!
But no...
But no...
She felt the hard, rending organ slide out of her, smoothly and easily. Then, equally smoothly and easily, slide back again. Though Sambo looked the biggest brute of all, there was no brutishness about his methods. He stood there quietly, grinning as always, looking down at the curvaceous, quivring white body he was enjoying.
Out again.
In again.
There was no doubtthat the three previous entrants had nicely lubircated Flavia. There was a faint squelcing sound each time Sambo thrust home. The watching guards were silent... and envious. They envied Sambo his seize, his virility, his skill. Those who had already taken Flavia envied the fact that she was now in a considerably more suitable condition for enjoyment. Those who had still to take her were thinking that they would not measure up to the negro's capabilities and so earn the scorn of their comrades.
Out again...
In again...
Out again...
In again...
It was a steady rhythm though rather a lazy rhythm. Each time Sambo thrust home, Flavia would utter a breathless gasp. For a moment or two, he would leave his black belly pressed to her white bottom, then out he would slide again.
In again...
Out again...
In again...
Out again...
Still the same easy going pace. But each thrust was firm and solid.
Squelch... thumpp...
Squelch... thumpp...
Squelch... thumpp...
Breathless gasps continuing. Sobs continuing. But no more cries; no more pleas. Flavia's tear stained features had become slack, the eyes growing wider, it seemed, the mouth beginning to quiver.
„I think she's just beginning to enjoy it,“ said Judilla.
„Yes... possibly,“ nodded the Princess.
„She must like the size.“
„Mmm... she's the kind of trollop who would.“
„And there she was, trying to pretend she was a `Lady`!“
Princess Alexena uttered a short, sharp laugh. „She doesn't look very ladylike now, anyway,“ she said.
Some of the muscles in Flavia's face had begun to twitch and quiver uncontrollably. Her breathless gasps at each of Sambo's pounding thrusts were becoming louder. He had increased the pace just a little.
„You like black meat, Missie?“ he enquired.
Flavia continued to gasp. Suddenly she became aware that terrible things were starting to happen to her. She was no long resisting as best she could. She was accepting. She was no longer feeling revolted. She was accepting the dominance of the big, driving piston of flesh.
„Yes, she's beginning to like it, Sambo,“ giggled Judilla. „You can see it on her face.“
Flavia fought desperately for control of her feelings. It would be intolerable to show lustful pleasure before these two women.
And Flavia suddenly realised that was exactly what they wanted.
What they had been aiming at all long! Wildly she tried to get a grip of her surging emotions. She was being ****d! She must hate it... she must!
Yet, steadily, and rhythmycally the massive black organ slid in and out of her. Relentlessly. Masterfully. It seemed as if it could go on sliding in and out indefinitely, and that thought sent added shuddering thrills through Flavia... strive as she might to suppress them.
She mustn't feel like that!
She mustn't. No... no... NO!
Yet on and on it went. As inevitable as doom.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
Slowly but surely, all the time, the pace of the solid thrusts was increasing. Flavia began to whimper as well as gasp.
„Come on, girlie,“ said Sambo, „don't be shy... show us all just how much you like it.“
„No... aahh... no... aahh... no... stoo... oop... oh stoooo... oop!“
„You don't really want to me stop. I can feel how much you like it.“
„N-No... ooo... no... ooooo!“
Flavia was assuredly becoming even more desperate.
„Hhhhhaaaahhhh... hhhhaaaahhhh.“
„That's it, Missie... you love black meat... you know you do!“
Skilfully, completely in control, Sambo began to fuck the now squirming Flavia faster and more f***efully.
In moments, Flavia knew she was lost, and the shame of it was like a knife wound in her belly. She could see the derisively smiling features of the Princess and Lady Judilla just before her. Their's was the triumph. For Flavia had no hope of stemming the ever-swell surge of lust within her.
„She's loving it now alright,“ said Judilla.
„The harlot.“
„Eeee... oooooo... eeeee ooooo!“
„You've got her now, Sambo,“ came a voice from behind.
„Just look at the bitch wiggle!“ came another.
Flavia's eyes were wide. Flavia's mouth was wide. Lust suffured her features.
She climaxed violently... unrestrainedly... simoultaneously feeling the pleasure and the degradation.
She saw Princess Alexena's teeth bared in delight; she saw Lady Judilla laughing but could not hear in the hubbub from behind.
She felt the saliva drippling from her mouth and running down her chin.
„Rather disgusting, isn't it?“
„Isn't it just.“
Flavia heard herself moaning... and was aware that the masive male root which had reduced her to a jelly of lust was still sliding in and out of her. The negro had slowed his pace again but was ramming with controlled authority.
„N-No... oooo... oooohhh... no... oooo... no m-more... stop... oogghh... stooo... ooopppp.“
But Sambo was only just beginning. Such was the man's skill and willpower, he was perfectly capable of fucking in this fashion for twenty minutes or more.
Within five minutes, amidst vociferous applause from the guards, squealing Flavia climaxed a second time.
Yet still, whilst she moaned and cried out hoarsely for it to cease, the gleaming black piston continued to glide in and out.
„Reckon she's juicy enough now!“
„What's she feel like now, Sambo?“
„Lovely, man, just lovely!“
„F-for... pity's... s-sake... stooo... oppp... oooh... stoo... oooppp!“
„Dear, oh dear,“ said Judilla, „first she wants it, then she doesn't.“
„Oh she wants it alright,“ replied the Princess. „It's simply the `Lady´ in her still trying to be modest.“
Judilla laughed. „I hadn't thought od that.“ She stood up and went close to the pillory, looking into Flavia's distraught face. „Tell me, slave,“ she said, “are you enjoying having that wacking great prick up you or not?“
A rattling noise came from Flavia's throat. „N-NO... ooohhh... n-no!“ she maged to choke out.
„It didn't sound like a few minutes ago,“ smiled Judilla. „You were happily squealing the place down.“
„Stooo... pppp... oooohhhh... st-stoooop!“
In her despair and desperation, Flavia's lovely face had become so distorted as to be almost unrecognisable. Mingled tears and saliva were constantly dripping from her chin.
Judilla strolled round to the rear of the pillory to gaze upon the slippery black `truncheon´ ramming in and out so remorselessly. The sight brought home to her most vividly the extend of Flavia's ordeal. She shuddered and the lesbian in her made her feel a little sick.
„Give her the full works, you black bastard,“ said Judilla.
„Sure thing, Ma'am,“ nodded Sambo, his habitual grin broadening. And instantly he doubled hid pace.
Judilla strolled back to the front of the pillory. Once again she looked close into Flavia's face.
„Won't be long now, I guess,“ she sneered.
Immediately she had done so, Judilla saw Flavia's mouth begin to say and the irresistible natuural lust begin to shine in her eyes.
§NOOO... OOOO!“ cried Flavia.
She could not believe it was happening a third time. She felt utterly exhausted. Yet it was happening. Yes... she was to be f***ed to endure the abysmal degradation yet again!
„There,“ grinned Judilla impishly, „what did I tell you, girl?“
„Hhhhaaaahhhhhh... hhhaaaahhhhhh.“
„Enjoiying it again, eh? Enjoying that big black prick? It's lovely isn't it?“
Flavia's eyes had begun to roll in her head; her mouth sagged open wider than even before... and harsh squealing sounds began to yet from it.
„No point in pretending, is there? No point in pretending you're a `Lady´?“ Oh yes... Judilla was enjoying herself immensely.
Sambo began to grunt.
„Go man, go... go man, go,“ the guards began to chant.
„Here it comes, Flavia, the full load.“
Flavia began to squeal even louder. Her tongue was flickering in an open, red cavern. Her eyes were glazing over.
Sambo's grunts suddenly became piggish and urgent.
Then he unleashed himself and the torrent of his lust spurted and spurted into Flavia's depths.
„Ughhhh... uughhhhh... uugghhhh!“
They were obscene grunts of delight, counterpointing Flavia's squeals.
Both slowly faded, to be replaced by moans.
Sobbing moans from Flavia, sighing moans from Sambo.
For a few moments, a heavy breathing silence descent on the room. It was like the brief pause at the end of a great concert, before the applause breaks out. Certainly, all had witnessed a superb performance, but there was no applause on this occasion.
Princess Alexena simply clapped her hands to have the goblets refilled with wine.
Slowly, a sweating Sambo eased himself off Flavia's quivering flesh.
Judilla re-seated herself.
„Next!“ came Ryar's voice.
A voice that was as casual it was unconcerned.

The two guards who followed the Negro were, perhaps not surprisingly, something of an anti-climax. For, so weak from exhaustion was Flavia, she scarcely seemed to be aware they were ravaging her.
There were no more squeals. Just a more or less continuous series of groans. Neither man took more than three or four minutes over his task, and it was soon evident that Princess Alexena was getting faintly bored. At one moment she actually yawned.
Then while the final guard was still mounted, haunches heaving, she stood up.
„Slaves,“ she said, “attend me. I am going to my bath. Coming Judilla?“
„Indeed, Highness,“ the blonde rose quickly, giving Flavia a final contemptuous glance.
But Princess Alexena did not deign to do so but walked serenely towards one of the arched exits from the chamber. Then she turned.
„Oh... Ryar,“ she said, „if any of the guards want her again, they can have her.“
„Thank you, Highness.“
„Then take her below again.“
„Yes, Highness.“
„And have her cleaned up.“
Yes, Highness.“
As Princess Alexena and Lady Judilla swept from the chamber, the final grunts of a slaked lust could be heard mounting.
But Flavia was unaware of them. Her eyes had closed.
At last she had gained the temporary haven of u*********sness.
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