Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 5:

Personal narrative of Flavia once Lady Flvia of Cipri, now a personal slave of the Princess Alexena

It is probably not difficult for you to imagine the terrible shock to my whole being... my body, mind and soul... inflicted by my captors. By the viciously cruel Princess Alexena who was their leader.
From the very beginning, despite my previous high status, I had been treated like an ordinary citicen of Cipri. That is to say, more like an a****l than a human being. Stripped... kept naked... chained... herded... men with women. The only difference was I had not yet felt one of the whips which were wielded with such casual cruelty by the brutes who guarded us. Lyria, my closest companion at Court, had been similarly spared, why was this?
Never, never shall I forget being made a human figurehead for one of their ships! Could anything more barbaric? Chained for hours, aching in every muscle, just above the foaming sea. Then to be mocked and jeered at by the mob lining the port wall. I could have died of shame. And nothing could have impressed on me more that I was in the hands of an evil, brutish race.
Need I say that impression was hightened by the terrible incidents on board Princess Alexena's private vessel?
First the unbelievable flogging of poor brave Gaymede. How my heart had bled for him as he writhed and howled in his chains. Virtually reduced to pulp for nothing more than behaving as a warrior should. But I did not blame the others when they grovelled and kissed the feet of that cruel woman. What else could they do in face of such atrocious treatment?
And, in any event, had I not kissed those same feet myself, out of sheer terror?
Secondly, and worse, was my own fate. Those red-hot needles piercing my nose and nipples. Though brief, the pain was hideous. The incredible inhumanity of it! All the worse when I was ringed and chained so that I could not raise my head, being f***ed to permanently look down between the cleft of my bare breasts.
And why?
Simply because the Princess Alexena had said I looked arrogant!
Did I?
It seemed to me I was only looking as proud as any Lady could under such dreadful circumstances... and trying not to appear frightened.
They kept me kneeling on all fours on the deck, exposed indecently to all, while the vessel headed back to port. Little wonder is it, that I wept incessantly and shivered with dread, it seemed that this vicious leader of the State I now knew was called Barbaria, had claimed me as some kind of personal slave.
Kneeling there, cringing inwardly with shame, I still could not forget my unfortunate companions... once stalwart friends and aides.
Would Gaymede have lost his manhood yet? Oh how could they do anything so vile?
And wath was happening to poor Lyria? She had been arbitrarily given to that man! The so-called Captain. How could any Lady of quality be treated in such a fashion?
Though I asked the question, I already knew the answer.
A slave has no rights. He or she can be assigned and used that the whim of an owner. I knew that because we had slaves in Cipri. Not that they were treated anywhere near so vilely as we were being treated. They were punished for misdeeds, naturally. But, usually, the worst they could expect was the rod. Nothing comparable to the deadly whips employed by the Barbarians.
I shuddered and shuddered to think that now I myself was a slave. The lowest of the low. I tried to adjust my mind and spirit to those fact. How difficult it was. Because if one has had a high status in life it is all the more shattering to be lowered as I had been.
Naked... chained... a thing rather than a being.
I became aware that Princess Alexena's vessel was re-entering port and a sickness of dread rose within me. My life of true slavery was now about to begin... under the tumb of one of the most vicious rulers it was possible to imagine. I prayed to the gods to give me strength to endure but, to be honest, I had no confidence they would be of any succour to me.
Hearing the hustle and bustle of arriving in port,I remeined kneeling, acutely aware of the pain of my new nose and nipple rings. Always I kept my head low for fear of increasing that pain. It was how the Princess Alexena wished it. That was indeed bitter knowledge. How differently, I had thought, I myself would have acted if our small state a reasonable, even if slightly subordinate, status. I would have treated them with the consideration their rank deserved. I would have been firm but fair. Not so the ruler of Barbaria.
She had degraded me instantly to abject slavery.
What was more, to slavery to herself personally. Already I sensed she had done that on account of my previous rank. To have one so high so humbled, gave her pleasure. Hate and fury blazed within me. I railed against the gods who had deserted me. Dearly would I have loved to have clawed this Princess Alexena to pieces yet, in my heart, I already knew I was powerless. She was the conqueror, I the captive. That, it seemed, was the way of the unjust world on which we had been put.
I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I tensed.
„This one calls itself a lady,“ said a gruff male voice.
Then, to my shock and horror, a rough hand was thrust between my thighs whilst, at the same time, another hand took hold of a hank of my hair. In this fashion I was liftet up off the deck. I shrieked and kicked but only heard a guffaw.
„Feels much like they all do,“ said another male voice.
„Nice backside.“
„Not bad.“
Involuntarily I jerked back my head as I struggled vainly... and I heard myself screaming at the awful pain in my nipples. Quickly I lowered my head again. Also, I ceased struggling. What was the use? I just trembled helplessly, feeling the grasp of the uncaring brute hands as I was carried along the deck and then down a gangway. Then, as if I were no more than a carcase I was flung into the back of a cart. One of the brutes sat down on a plank trestle and put a foot on my neck; the other mounted the front of the cart and shook a horse into motion. The cart created off.
„Nice bit of cock-meat that,“ said the driver.
„Yes,“ responded the one with his foot in my neck, „not at all bad. Perhaps we'll have it before long.“
My stomach seemed to turn to water; I felt even more sick than before.
„Could be. Her Highness sometimes enjoys giving the likes of this to the likes of us.“
„Well, let's hope we're lucky.“
The cart rumbled on. I wished I could faint, I wished I could die. But I did neither.
In due time we reached the gates of the palace of Nexos and were admitted. As the heavy portals crashed home and were bolted behind me, I experienced a sense of dread the like of which I had never remotely felt before, though, at the time I did not know it, I had every reason to do so!

I had been bathed and perfumed; my hair had been combed and brushed. This had been done by naked young women (but bedecked with jewellery, bangles, collars, nose and nipple rings and the like) who I, rightly presumed, were also slaves. But of much longer standing than myself. I ventured to ask some questions. Was they any hope for me? For them? What was to happen to me? I was met by a stoic silence from all. They simply continued with their various tasks. I could not even look upon their faces, to see any expression, on account of the way my head was enfoecedly bowed. Certainly they gave me no comfort. For they were living examples of what happens to a woman reduced to slavery.
They were like automatons; having no reason for existence except to serve their owner.
The conception froze one's bl**d.
For now, I was one such as they!
When satisfied, they took me along marbled corridors, and I caught glimpses of lavish d****s and ornate furniture. Everywhere there seemed to be exotic scents. Obviously I was in a place of great luxury. The size, the opulence, seemed to be ten times anything we had known in Cipri. It made me feel even more terrified to be at the mercy of such overwhelming power.
Then those who e****ted me f***ed to my knees. From thence onto my belly.
„Grovel,“ whispered a soft voice i nmy ear, „you are apporaching the presence of her Highness.“
I stayed as I was. Nose to the marble floor, breaszs crushing to it, belly and thighs pressing down. I felt hate and fury at my humilitation... yet I felt terror too.
„Is this the new slave?“ asked a male voice.
„Yes... Sir.“ A chorus of sycophantic slave girl voices.
„Wait here!“
A long, but heart-throbbing, silence. I tried to collect my thoughts, my will. I wanted to be brave, yet how difficult it was. Should I resist? Should I defy them, so that they kill me... and get it over with quickly. It was frihtful to contemplate, yet it might be best. Then I thought of poor Gaymede. He had resisted and look what they had done to hin! It dawned on my sickeningly that there would be no easy way out. No easy death. These Barbarians would somehow keep me alive... to suffer the agonies of the damned.
No! Resistance, I sensed, would be an utter folly. It was what they would want. What SHE would want, so that I be made to suffer more.
The clumb-clumb of boots.
„This slave may enter... on her belly,“ said the male voice.
„Sliede... slither forward... as you are,“ whispered a voice in my ear again.
I knew I must do so, even though the humiliation of it was keen.
Clenching my teeth, I insinuated myself over the hard, cool marble, seeing the mosaic shimmer beneath my tear filled eyes. How the Princess Alexena would enjoy seing a Lady so humbled! Oh, by the gods, how I hated her!
„The slave, Flavia, Highness,“ said the same male voice.
„Thank you, Ryar.“
It was the icy voice of my new owner. I quaked inwardly. No matter how brave one tries to be, it is impossible not to quail before invincible power. After all, there was nothing this Princess Alexena could not do to me if she wished!
„Is there anything you require, Highness?“
„Yes, Ryar, there is.“
The voices passed over me, so uncaring I might as well have been a footstool. Yet, not long before, I had been lady Flavia, with my own retinue and my own slaves. Slaves, though, who were relatively decently treated. I tried to f***e my mind away from those happy days.
„Yes, Highness?“
„Have a pillory brought in, Ryar.“
„At once, Highness.“
„An iron one.“
„Yes, Highness.“
I shivered. That must be for me, but why? Why should I be put in a pillory? What had I done? Nothing as yet. Nothing to offend, surely?
„Also, Ryar, arrange to have six young guards to be sent up to the ante-chamber.“
„Yes, Highness.“
My brain seemed to shake within the casket of my skull. Six young guards? Six? Why, oh by the gods, why? Surely... or surely not.
She could not mean that! She could not do that, not even she! Not even the cruellest woman on earth could do that!
But, perhaps... yes, perhaps... she was the cruellest woman on earth.
Quaking inwardly, I remained pressed to the marble. My whole body seemed to have become covered in goose-pimples of dread. I found myself trembling all over, quite uncontrollably.
Sheer terror made me find voice.
„Highness,“ I heard myself croaking, „I... I w-was a... Lady... my father... was Lord of your... s-small state.“
„Flavia,“ said that icy voice, „a slave who addresses me without permission... or without being asked a direct question... is whipped. You will, therefore, be whipped later.“
Whipped! Oh merciful gods, not the whip! Not on my young body! Oh the pain... oh the scars!
„M-Merc... eee... mer... eee... Highness,“ I found myself whimpering. My tears began to flow unchecked.
Princess Alexena utterly disregarded my plea. I still lay there, sobbing, hearing the rustle of fans, drinking in the heavy scent that filled the chamber. An evil kind of scent.
Then there were footsteps again. Words of command. A clanking of iron.
„Put her into it,“ ordered Princess Alexena.
„Yes, Highness.“
I could not yelp crying out in shocked horror as rough hands seized me again, lifting me up as if I were no more than a sack of potatoes. As I was carried forward, I kicked and twisted instinctively... but to no avail.
„Hold! Take the chains off her nipples.“ It was the Princess again.
I felt them go... and was able to raise my head again. From my nose-ring dangled two slim chains. They jingled as my neck and wrists completely encircled in iron, so thight I thought for a moment I might throttle. I half choked and a wave of panic swept me as I felt my completely helplessness. I had been pinioned bending forward in a half crouching position.
„Thank you, Ryar. Let me know when the guards have arrived.“
„Yes, Highness.“
„Choose some of the huskiest you have.“
„Yes, Highness.“
„And when they reach the ante-chamber, I want them to disrobe, completely.“
„It will be done, Highness.“
There was a clumping of boots. Then, through a haze of tears, I saw Princess Alexena swim into my vision. There was a look of contemptuous amusement in her glacial features.
„H-Highness,“ I began, such was my helpless terror, I found it impossible not to plead with her, even though in my heart, I must have been aware it was futile.
„Flavia,“ said the Princess, „I have already warned you about speaking to me without permission. Now you will get a second whipping.“
My bl**d seemed to freeze, could she really mean it? Could anyone so be cruel? I felt the tears coursing down my cheeks. Oh what a spectacle I must present. Especially with that chain swinging from my nose, as if I were a pig.
„Now, Flavia,“ continued my captor imperturbalby. „You seem to consider your previous rank of importance, marking you out for some sort of preferencial treatment. Is that not so?“
At last I was permitted to speak. „Y-Yes... Highness... please... under... understand,“ I answered in hoarsely voice. „I... I was... a lady... like y-yourself, Highness... my father was a r-ruler... though our kingdom was smaller. I even h-had slaves of my own.“
„Is that so?“
„Y-Yes... Highness.“
Princess Alexena smiled thinly. „Well, Flavia,“ she said, “now you are going to learn what it means to be a slave. And learn fully. It occurs to me, moreover, that being a slave of Barbaria will be considerably more testing than being one of Cipri.
„M-Mercy... mercy... Highness,“ I heard myself saying. My voice was a crying whine, yet I know longer cared about that. My helpless vulnerability had reduced me to a beseeching jelly.
„The fact that you were once what you call a `Lady´ is of not the slightest importance,“ continued my tormentor unconcernedly. „If you still think so, I am shortly going to disillusion you.“ She came closer and spoke intense and low. „You are now my slave, Flavia and, you will obey me instantly and implicitly, if I raise no more than a finger.“
I cringed before her venom. Inwardly, that is, for I could not move my head or neck even a fraction.
„I... I... w-will... obey y-you, Princess,“ I manged to choke out, „I... swear... it.“
Believe me, in that moment, I really meant what I said.
She uttered a short, harsh lough.
„Oh yes, Flavia,“ she responsed, „you will obey... oh you will!“ She paused, hands jutting hips. Her short gown of black , edged with gold, shimmered before my eyes, catching the light from above. Her high-heeled, golden boots gleamed.
„Meanwhile,“ she resumed, „I am going to teach you that you are truly my slave and that your previous status does not merit you any preferential treatment. Rather the contrary.“
I heard myself whimper. Oh dear gods, what was she going to do to me? Have done to me?
„Can you guess what is going to happen now, Flavia?“ enquired the Princess, smiling faintly again.
I shook my head. „N-No... oo... Highness,“ I croaked. Yet I could. Of course I could. And my soul seemed to shrivel.
„Then I will tell you,“ said this she-devil. „I am giving you to six of my young Palace Guards... and they are going to sport themselves with you how, and for as long as they wish.“
My bl**d was freezing again. The room swam around me, surely I must faint! But no...
„... they are strong, athletic men,“ the Princess was continuing, though to me, her voice seemed to be coming from far off,“ so by the time they have finished with you, you will well and truly understand what it means to have `the arse fucked off you´! If such an unladylike expression has ever reached your ears.“
She smiled wickedly. Exultantly.
„Highness... k-kill me... rather,“ I said.
„You've earned yourself a third whipping, slave,“ she said and went on smiling. „Kill you, girl? How absurd. You are going to be kept very much alive for my amusement.“
I burst into a fresh flood of tears as despair swept over me like a crashing wave. I was quite lost. I was to be foully ****d. Defiled.
„M-mercy... m-mercy,“ was all I could whimper unvoluntarily.
But Princess Alexena was not even looking at me but raising a hand in greeting to someone behind the pillory.
„Welcome, Judilla, you have come at an opportune moment.“
„Good evening, Highness.“
A fair-haired woman – a most lovely woman – came into my vision, she was similarly garbed to the Princess except that her black gown was edged with silver and her boots were also of that colour.
„This is Flavia... my new acquision.“
„She seems to have some merit.“
I looked pleadingly at the new arrival. Perhaps she made have some compassion for one who had once had similar rank. The woman known as Judilla disappeared from view as she went round behind me.
„Good hindquarters,“ I heard her say. „Made for the lash.“
I knew then, in an instant, sha was cast in the same mould as the Princess herself.
„And for other things.“
The blonde Judilla laughed as she came back into view. „Indeed, Highness,“ she said, “she would tempt a monk, I think.“
And now the Princess laughed. The laugh was short and harsh. „I am having her fucked by six of the Palace guards, to emphasise her new status to her.“
The lovely blonde woman smiled broadly. A cruel, wolfish sort of smile. „Excellent,“ she sighed. „Most excellent.“
At that moment there came the clump of booths yet again.
„The guards are in the ante-chamber, Highness,“ came the voice of Ryar.
I found myself trembling uncontrollably. My breathing was fast and short.
„Are they disrobed?“
„Yes, Highness.“
„Have them come in.“
„At once, Highness.“
I closed my eyes sobbing half hysterically. Instantly I felt an agonising tug on my nose ring. My scream echoed round the room.
„Unless you want to earn yourself for a fourth whipping, slave,“ spat the Princess, „you will keep your eyes open. Wide open!“
My eyes were already open. Staring in shock and horror, whily my sobs continued unabated. For, filing now before me, were six huge naked male brutes. Muscular brutes, barrel-chested brutes, slim-hipped brutes. Hairy, arrogant strutting males, males massively well hung. The dangling phallus of each swung from side to side as he moved. Males grinning. Males with lustful eyes.
Males who were about to **** me, for the amusement of the woman who now owned me!
„Look what I've got for you, your `ladyship´,“ said the Princess.
The cruel barb of my ex-title did not escape me as I gazed with an ever growing feeling of dread. Three of the nude gurads were white, two had the tanned skin of the Arab race and one was coal black. The latter was the most massively-made – in every sense – and I shuddered with revulsion.
„Aren't you a lucky girl?“ smiled the blonde Judilla. „All those lovely big cocks are for you!“
I could only groan. Unfolding before my eyes was an unbelievable nightmare. How coulld this be happening to me?
„You will draw lots,“ said the Princess to the guards. Then she signed to them and they filed round behind me.
My utter helplessness and my awful vulnerability immediately seemed even more pronounced. From my neck to my ankles, they could maraud my flesh and ravish my body as they wished.
Can you imagine anything worse for a young woman? Especially one who, hitherto, had known only love, respect and gentleness. My mind was screaming but only a rattling groaning sound came from my throat.
„All the straws are of different lengths,“ I heard the overseer Ryar say. „Choose... the longest goes first, the shortest last.“
They were drawing lots for my body!
Oh let me die... let me die... at this very moment!
Before me, the Princess was clapping her hands. „Nerine... Selima,“ she called, „bring a table and xhairs and pour some wine.“
In moments, I saw two naked slave girls come hurrying into view, bringing an ornately decorative table and velvet covered chairs. Princess Alexena and Lady Judilla seated themselves... happily awaiting to enjoy my agonies, like Empresses of ancient Rome. Their vileness seemed to me to be beyond all human understanding. How could two women look on and enjoy another woman's utter degradation?
Behind me I heard murmuring and male guffaws.
„Lucky bastard, Cham,! Someone said.
„You'll all get your turn,“ came Ryar's voice. My flesh had begun to crawl as if it were covered in ants. „Two, if you can manage it.“
„Yeh,“ came another voice. „Cham will just warm her up a little.“
Before me, a naked slave girl poured wine into golden goblets. The tyrants raised them and drank a toast to each other. Then they looked up at my protruding head.
At that moment, a hand slapped my flank.
„Open your legs, girl,“ said a gruff voice, „I've got something for you.“
„Come along, girl...there's no room for shy modesty here, “said my intend ravisher. There was laughter from the other brutes who watched... and waited their turn.
A high pitched giggle came from the blonde Judilla. „She still thinks she's a `Lady´“ she sneered.
„It won't be for much longer,“ smiled the Princess.
„Very well,“ said the voice behind me.
Then two hands gripped the front of my thighs and pulled them wide apart... with the utmost ease. I felt the fleshy hairiness of brute pressing to my nakedness and my revulsion intensified.
„No... ooo... no... ooo,“ I heard myself whimpering.
Lady Judilla was smiling broadly; the Princess was sipping her wine.
Then I felt the hardness of his organ... against my helpless sex lips. It moved up and down as he positioned himself. I shrivelled inside, still praying that the gods would mercyful bring my existence to an end that very moment.
I wriggled to escape.
How utterly, stupidly futile!
With a grunt, he thrust... and buried himself in me to the hilt!
I was filled... and painful stretched. My mouth gaped and from it came a gasping, wailing cry. The two pairs of eyes before me glinted sadistically. No doubt the expression of shocked horror on my face was vastly amusing to them.
„She's nice and tight,“ said the brute thickly. He was still buried in me. There were sounds of approval from his companions-in-****.
„Come on, Cham, get going... we can't wait all day.,“ chided a voice.
„Let him do it how he likes,“ reproved another. And there was a general chorus of agreement.
It was me... my body... they were discussing!
Oh the hideous vileness of it!
For what seemed an age the brute remained rammed into me. Then, very slowly, he withdrew until only the big hard phallic head remained. A moment's pause, then, with a single solid thrust, he rammed back into me.
Again that wailing gasp from me.
Oh the hideous shame of it. The tears were running down my cheeks. Oh those vile monsters who could look upon such things!
He remained, savouring me... but not for quite so long. Slowly out again. Pause. Then suddenly in!
„Aaaagggghhhh... „
My horror seemed to know no bounds yet, of course, I was aware that this was but the very beginning of my ordeal. There were six like this, in all, to be endured. It did not seem possible that I could survive such awful threatment. But then, at that time I had not grown to learn what powers of endurance the human mind, body and spirit possess. Just when one thinks one has reached the limit, that limit seems capable of extension.
The pattern of my ravishment continued for several minutes. Slowly out... fast in.
But each time he seemed to stay a little less long in me, so that the pace of his revolting thrusting gradually increased.
„What's she like?“ asked a voice.
„Still t-tight,“ answered a panting Cham, „but... a... bit... dry.“
„Wait still Sambo gets his donger up her,“ said another voice, „that'll lubricate her, I reckon!“
There was a ribalt laughter. Sambo. That must be the black giant. I felt sick... but wasn't. It seemed that I had not eaten or d***k for days, so could not actually be sick anyway. Perhaps that was how it was intended.
The ramming was faster now. There was no more pausing. The brute was panting louder now, still holding my thighs in a vice-like grip.
„Look at his arse go! Cried someone.
„Hey, just like a fiddler's elbow!“ cried another.
Faster... and yet faster.
I knew he was approaching a climax and the thought of his juices invading me was loathsome. But it must happen.
I retched.
The pig behind me uttered a series of gasping grunts and his thrusts suddenly became frenzied... and then he was spurting and spurting into me.
I retched and retched again.
The lids closed over my tear brimming eyes; my mouth sagged.
„Open your eyes, slave! Came the Princess's rasping command... and I remember what she had done before. I opened them, but saw the two seated figures only hazily. Their goblets were being refilled.
„She did not seem to enjoy that very much.“ said Lady Judilla, sipping her wine.
Princess Alexena made no reply, but there was a look of ineffable satisfaction on her face. For her, the fun was just beginning.
The slumped brute upon me gave a low moan. Then he withdrew, releasing my thighs as he did so.
I too moaned, knowing a second ravisher was ready and waiting.
Suddenly I found myself babbling... begging for mercy... promising anything... if only I could be spared this intolerable defilement.
There came no answer from the she-monster who now owned me and, if anything, that look of ineffable satisfaction on her face intensified.
My ordeal had indeed only just begun!
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