Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 2

the first Chapter:

Chapter Two

Personal narrative of Nerine, body slave to Princess Alexena

The familiar bite of my Mistress's switch seared into my flesh, momentarily robbing my of breath, and I sprang quickly to my feet to attend upon their. Faint sounds from the other chambers had indicated she was returning, though one could not be sure. It might have been one of the Palace overseers on a tour of inspection to see what we were not being dilatory in our duties or, taking advantage of our Mistress's absence, were relaxing at some ease of instead of in the position and posture demanded. In my case, as with those others most closely in attendace upon her Highness, such a dereliction of duty would not have been punished immediately on the spot by the overseer. However, the matter would certainly have been reported to her Highness who would have dealt with the matter herself of instructed the oversser as to punishment.
Let me say at the outset that it would be foolish to imagine that not to be at the immediate mercy of an overseer was something to be thankful for – though I am sure many of the other slaves in the Palace assumed otherwise. For my Mistress was not only far more powerful than any overseer, she could be far more mercyless and cruel if the mood so took her. At least there were some limits imposed upon an overseer. Upon her there were none. And she was by nature cruel. Indeed, one could not but be aware that she delighted in cruelty for its own sake.
That, however, is the prerogative of a Princess. Perhaps, indeed, that is how they gain supreme power and the reason why they hold it.
I hurried after my Mistress who had moved to the side of the massive square bed, which had a golden canopy above it, and was piled high with golden cushions. At the head of the bed, one on each side, stood two other slave attendants. They were not personal slaves like myself but simply Palace slaves. Their sole function was to ensure a cool current of air flowing above the bed by the to-and-fro wafting of the long fans their carried. Each was as naked at myself but, in keeping with the decorative magnificence of that Royal chamber, each had her body completely coated with a glistening gold substance. Always, night and day, at the head of my Mistress's bed, two such slave girls stood on duty.
There were two other slaves in attendance in that most personal of her Highness's inner sanctums. They stood, one on each side of the room, back to the wall, arms folded and staring fixedly ahead. They were male slaves. As always, when our periods of duty coincided, I was supremely conscious that one of these was Myron... a handsome, well-built young man whom I had been betrothed when we had once both been free citizens of the small island kingdom of Cipri. Until that terrible way when we had been overwhelmed and enslaved by Barbaria.
Quite unexpectedly, for we had not known of their existence, their ships had arrived over the sea and the resistance of our small f***es had been fierce but futile. My uncle had been King of Cipri, so one might say that it was I who had been a Princess, though I was not given that title. All the same I had been given every honour and respect, having many servants of my own. Yes – servants. For they were not treated as slaves and were punished only for serious offences. I personally hardly ever chastised my own servants and then only with a few mild slaps. Thus you will see that our small community was far, far more humane than that of the more powerful one of Barbaria which had thousands of slaves, where punishment was swift and merciless, and cruelty often employed for its own sake.
Myron had been of similarly high rank to myself and that, apart from his good looks and physique, was the reason for his being reduced to that status of a personal body slave to Princess Alexena. For it was her policy to select for such positions, only those who had once held high rank in their own city states. It much pleased her to have at her beck and call those who had once held power themselves. All the same, from among those of former rank, she only chose those of the greatest beauty of face and figure or, in the case of males, those who were strong and handsome.
It will, no doubt, be understood what an additional torment it was for Myron and myself to be in the situation we were. With frequent regularity he had to gaze upon my nakedness – and know it was beyond his possession. He could not even touch me, unless he received a direct order, without risking the most terrible kind of punishment. To express his desire for me as he would have wished, and as a man should, would have certainly meant castration and, most probably, death from the other hideous cruelties which would follow.
Equally I had to gaze constantly upon his proud, young manhood and feel my own frustrations. Worse, I had to submit to punishment by my Mistress or one of her overseers in his presence, and, equally, from time to time I had to watch his similar humiliation and suffering. Worst of all (for Myron as well as myself, I am sure) there were occasions when, at her whim, or for the amusement of herself and her guests, I had to submit to the sexual attentions of another man or men. Often too, women used my body for their pleasure.
Such practices were were commonplace in Princess Alexena's Palace. I mention it only because it should be understood why, although all slaves suffered, Myron and I suffered to a greater degree on account of our previous closely intimate association. Despite everithing, I still loved him. And he me, I'm sure. Sometimes it was like a knife in my heart to see in his eyes the frustration, the rage and the hate and the anguish.
The weal across my nates burnt fiercely as I began to disrobe my Mistress as she had ordered. Pain is always more unpleasant when it is undeserved. Certainly I had done nothing to warrant the cut from her switch. As always, I strove hard to forget the matter. I had learnt it was the best that way. This female tyrant could do exactly as she wished – and I was her utter sklave. One had to accept the fact or suffer worse, that was something very difficult in the early stages of enslavement but which one learnt by slow and painful degrees.
Unbuttoned, the white jacket-blouse she was wearing slipped away to expose a magnificent pair of full, high breasts... breasts held and made all the more proud by the golden-net brassiere support. The constant motif of my Mistress was gold; in many of her garments, her accoutrements, her jewellery, the decor both inanimate and human which surrounded her. Even the handles of the switches and whips she employed were of gold, or decorated with it. She was the only woman permitted to employ gold in this fashion. It symbolised her supreme position.
With the familiar and natural nervousness I felt whenever in her presence – particularly when serving her intimately – I unfastened the brassiere. The milk-white orbs seemed even fuller when released from their flimsy covering but they scarcely lost anything of their high thrust.
I myself am similarly endowed and, although not so tall nor as powerfullly built as the Princess, I know I am equally well and firmly proportioned. Once I had been most happy on that account but, in view of my Fate, it would have been better otherwise.
As I unfasten the golden cinch-belt at her waist my Mistress ran her hands up over her breasts and sighed softly. The strong, pink-brown nipples were already firm. No doubt she was already thinking of the pleasures to come with the Lady Judilla. In that moment I was no more concern to her than some inanimate article like the pleated white skirt I was removing from her Junoesque body. She was nude but for her high-heeled golden boots and tiny gold-net briefs that clung to her curves. These too I removed whilst she stood gazing abstractely into the distance, sighing contendedly again.
I knelt, about to unlace the boots, when I received a sharp stabbing kick from one of them in my flank.
„Leave them... „ she snapped. Then she turned and I was left to contemplate the milky-white smoothness of her back, hindquarters and thighs. Even I had to admit to the magnificence of this woman creature. She was not only tall, big and superbly built, she was perfectly proportioned. Moreover, her skin had something of the look of what I can only describe as creamy satin-velvet. It seemed to have a soft sheen on it. I felt a lump of envy and self-pity come to my throat, as it often did. As a physical being, she was perfect. Unmarked, unblemished. No rod, no switch, no whip, had ever fallen across that flesh... raising red weals... setting it quivering, quaking, shuddering and writhing in torment, as my flesh had been made to do, often enough. And would do again.
The blonde Lady Judilla, booted like my Mistress and as nude, smiled from the other side of the massive square bed. Her body could well stand comparison with that of my Mistress and her flesh had a faint golden-tan hue to it. Her pink lips parted in a smile as she looked not upon Princess Alexena...
I suddenly caught the tormented look in Myron's eyes, as he stood and enf***ed witness of the scene. I could guess something of the awful torment he endured being so cruelly restrained, yet being so often and amply surrounded by so much pulchritude!
The two women moved together and clasped each other, kissing passionately. At the contact of their naked flesh, the mutual mounting of their desire was obvious. They shuddered as belly was pressed fervently to belly. We slaves, the onlookers, were of no concern nor account them. The fact that we could observe their lust and passion seemed to matter no more than if we had been dogs, or even inanimate objects. We were simply there to be used, to heighten pleasure if so required.
My nerves tingled apprehensively as I looked upon the softly quivering white flesh of the Princess. In such a situation a slave never knew what role she or he might be called upon to perform. My fervent hope in that moment was that my Mistress and one of her most favoured courtiers would be content to slake their desire upon each other. That sometimes happened – but more often whenever the Princess took a liking to some new young lady of her Court. Therefore the probability was that they would not simply be content with each other. So it was to prove.
„How shall it be, Judilla?“ enquired the Princess in that low vibrant voice of hers. She released her companion somewhat, but continued to fondle her firm breasts.
„The slaves first?“ suggested Judilla. My nerves flared. How I hated her in that moment for her beauty and power. It was a dangerous sentiment for any slave to hold, however briefly, (for it could lead to error) and I suppressed it.
„Yes... “ nodded Princess Alexena, „and with the birches.“
My nerves flared even more and my knuckles clenched as I felt that familiar shaft of despairing dread go through me. What my Mistress had just suggested was something by no means uncommon for, being a natural sadist, she often found her pleasures intensified if others were being made to suffer at the same time. Thus, already from these words, I knew what was going to happen. Whilst I and Selima pleased out respective Mistresses in the way each desired, the birch twigs would slash us across our exposed hindquarters.
The Lady Judilla happily agreed with the suggestion made and spread herself voluptuously on the bed while the Princess pulled a silken bell-rope at its head. Impassively the golden fan-wavers continued with their task as she slid down upon the bed alongside Lady Judilla's awaiting body.
Their shuddering embraces, their leg entwining and belly-thrusting movements – accompanied by soft moaning sounds – continued until the arrival of the overseer whom the bell-rope had summoned. I saw that it was Ryar, one of the chief overseers and, unlike most of the Palace overseers who were eunuches, he was an entire man. And a massive muscular one at that, with a body of a gleaming light coffee colour and features which had a slight hint of the Negroid about them. As was customary he was nude but for the white linen loincloth which hung bulging about him.
Ryar bowed low and received his orders. He retired and, in what seemed an all too brief to me, returned with two of his women assistant. These assistants, again as was customary, wore skin-fitting black leather leotards and calf-length boots, with six-inch spike heels, made of the same black leather, but which had been polished until it gleamed. Each assistant carried a birch, composed of a bushy mass of slim twigs. Biting my lower lip I summoned my resolve... for I knew that any failure on my part would result in my feeling something far worse than these light birches. For, by Palace standards, they were light. This was because they were not, in the direct sense, to be employed as instruments of punishment for some fault. There were far heavier and more deadly birches for that. It was that they were to be employed for the entertainment and pleasure of the Princess and Lady Judilla... and in a specialised way that would prolong their perverted enjoyment.
It needed no more than a sign from Ryar for Selima and myself to take out places upon the bed. We had been long trained in such rituals so there was no need for verbal order. Princess Alexena, still kissing Judilla and fondling her breasts, turned the lower half of her body so that she lay flat upon the bed, Judilla did likewise. Then Selima and I knelt between the long satinsoft thighs, which parted readily. We knelt and each of us bent her head to perform the duty demanded of us. Before me lay the most powerful woman in the world; the woman whose lust for sexual satisfaction and whose love of cruelty scarcely knew any limits. Little wonder I trembled with apprehensive dread a being so intimately close to the very heart of power, for I knew what might befall me if I failed in some particular way to satisfy one desire or another!
I felt the slight squirm of the haunches and qick quiver of pleasure as my lips and tongue went to work. At the same instant I felt the multiple sting of the birch twigs wich the assistant overseer laid across my buttocks. Since I was kneeling, my hindquarters were most conveniently postured for such treatment. I squirmed – not, however, for one moment desisting from my task.
But wereas the squirming of my Mistress was of pleasure, my squirming, naturally, was of pain. As she wished.
All the same, I must make it clear, that the pain was not excessive severity. If I had been received the birch as a punishment, it would have not only been heavier but laid on hearder. In these entertainments for the Princess, a delicate and skilfully maintained balanced was sustained throughout. Indeed, the twigs did not fall and sting again for something like a half a minute, during which time I had ardently continued with my ministrations. The timing of the strokes, and their f***e, was indicated by Ryar who had, it need hardly be said, vast experience in such matters.
As I continued with my duties, using all the expertise I could command, my mind flashed momentarily to Myron. What must he have been suffering to see me engaged in such abject servitude, utterly and nakedly exposed not only to his gaze but to the gaze of all, and treated in such a fashion? And all for amusement.
For some three minutes whilst the lust of my Mistress (and of Lady Judilla alongside her) continued to mount steadily I and Selima felt the slash of the twigs every twenty or thirty seconds. But thereafter the rhythm began to change. As the sighs and the whimpering moans of the two debauchees grew more fervent, and their squirming and jerking more urgend, the birches fell more frequently and with steadily mounting f***e. That was the pattern desired by those who owned us. The more pleasure for them, the more pain for us.
It need hardly be said that under such circumstances my chief aim was to bring the Princess to a climax as soon as possible. The sooner she achieved that supreme joy the sooner would my hindquarters cease to jerk and squirm under the biting, burning twigs. Accordingly, with mouth and tongue, I worked with frantic zeal which alomost beggars all description. Naturally, this was exactly what she wanted.
After what I suppose was something like five minutes, my Mistress's strong thighs were alternately clamping my head and cheeks in a vice-like grip or splaying wide in abandon. At the same time she was writhing so uncontrollably it was well-nigh impossible for me to maintain the urgent contact that was so desired. Fortunately I manged to do so.
When, a long last, the ultimate peaks were reached, and she was gasping out her ecstasy, the birch was slashing at intervals of no more than two or three seconds across my contorting buttocks which by then felt as if they were literally on fire. The long-shuddering climax came and went... and then – and only then – did those biting twigs cease to fall. My head drooped lower and my mouth pressed into the covering of the bed as I sought to stifle a little of the sobs that racked me. One each side of me, my Mistress's thighs twitched and quivered gently as she enjoyed to the full the relaxation which the slaking of her desires had brought her. Alongside her, I knew, Lady Judilla would be breathing equally deeply and with equal sastisfaction. I also knew that Selima, my companion in misery, would be suffering the same burning-smarting torments that I was. But at least there was one small spark of content with me. I was sure I had not failed to satisfy my Mistress to the full.
In due time we were ordered from the bed to stand, with as much fortitude as we could command, alongside it. Oh the throbbing, stinging pain of the flesh! It was incessant and, I knew, would not subside for many hours. Under my eyes, before me, the long white limbs of Princess Alexena moved languorously as they entwined once more with Lady Judilla's. The milk-white buttocks seemed to shimmer, still quivering slightly. All pleasure was there.
„Good?“ I heard her whisper.
„Mmmm... yes... „ answered Lady Judilla. „Even though she did leave me two or three times... just before the end.“
„Have her whipped later,“ said Princess Alexena. Then she kissed the soft pink, parted lips before her.
Looking across over the recumbent figures, I saw poor Selima flich as if she had already felt the lash and then watched two large tears roll slowly down her cheeks, to drop and mingle with the beads of sweat already on her naked breasts. I felt pity – but more relief. Only perfection satisfied Princess Alexena, as all who served her knew.
For some time the two nude women lay with eyes closed, recovering from their first bout of slaked lust. My instinct and experience, however, told me that there were still fires within them that needed to be assuaged. So it proved.
After Myron and his fellow male slave had served them with goblets of whine... wine which I knew was fortified with a special aphrodisiac powder... the two women were soon again locked in an embrace, with belly pressed to belly and haunches moving erotically. Then I heard Lady Judilla speak.
„And now the male slaves, Alexena,“ she suddenly panted.
„Yes... yes... „ agreed my Mistress, equally breathlessly.
Thus is was that my beloved and once betrothed Myron took the place that I had so recently occupied to perform the same service that I had done. His companion served Lady Judilla equally. Oh what torment it must have been for young virile men to be in such close and intimate contact with such lush female beauty and yet be so utterly frustrated!
At a sign from Ryar, the two women women assistants began to wield the birch rods as before... but they fell harder and with more frequency than they had done in my case. This was partly because the Princess and her blonde lover were already roused and it was obvious that a second climax would not be long delayed.
That chamber was filled with the sound of the whistling-slashing twigs, the gasps and grunts of the male slaves, and the whimpers and sighing moans of two women being brought to higher and higher peaks of ecstasy. My heart was heavy for Myron, for I knew just how he was suffering. The women overseer's teeth were bared with effort and delight as she remorselessly flayed his strong, muscular hindquarters. It was indeed fortunate for him that before long my Mistress was twisting and juddering uncontrollably as she spent her lusts to the full.
For some five minutes there was only a heavy-breathing silence, while the two male slaves lay with heads still bent between the still-quivering pairs of long thighs. Finally they were dismissed back to their attendant positions... and it was the turn of Selima and myself to serve the aphrodisiac wine.
The dark eyes of Princess Alexena had a hot liquidity about them and her full lips were wet and parted as she looked with avidity upon the golden nakedness of Lady Judilla. I knew then that there would be yet a further – and final – climax.
The two women drank deep. Quickly I re-filled my Mistress's goblet as it was extended in silence. She drank deep again and then idly tossed the remnants over my face and breasts before throwing away the goblet. Then, with an almost a****l-like ferocity she fell upon Lady Judilla... and the Lady Judilla upon her. Now each simultaneously put her mouth and tongue to work where we slaves had done. Soon the lush naked flesh was squirming and quivering with even greater abandon than ever before. Together, it seemed, they reached even higher peaks. Their pleasure in each other was limitless and flagrantly displayed.
We slaves, whose bodies burned with weal-striped torment, could only look on in impassive servitude until the ultimate, prolonged climatic was finally achieved. Watching equally impassively, but without our torments, were Ryar and his two assistants... and, of course, the two naked, gold-painted slave-girls whose fans continued to oscillate slowly back and forth.

It was about an hour later, after Myron and I had bathed and scented the body of our Mistress, and were engaged on re-clothing her, that news was brought to her that her fleet had been sighted by an outlying coast vessel. It was no more than twenty miles or so from the city-port of Nexos.
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