Slavegirl Island 6.1

Chapter Six (Part One)

PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF 25 YEAR OLD Trainer and Overseer Tariq

As I left the cell of the two of the six girls in my charge – ans also of Miss Pohl – I reflected once again what an excellent fuck Tania now was. After hideous reluctance to begin with, she now thoroughly enjoyed it. With me, anyway. It was probably rather different with some of the elderly horrors we get as male guests. Still, a slave-girl has to expect the rough with the smooth.
And I had certainly given it to her smoothly that morning.
Her sex felt like liquid silk and she could scarcely have been more cooperative. My weapon was doing tremendous things for her. She was soon coming excessively and, later, when I really went after her, she became quite berserk. Yes...a really good fuck.
The only trouble about being an Overseer is that one has to keep oneself in reserve a bit. I mean, there's so much pussy available, it's almost ridicolous. For example, I've got six girls in my charge, all of whom I fuck with great regularity, but there is also plenty of spare pussy around on Bianca's Island. There are always girls being trained and there's no trouble at all if you happen to fancy some other Overseer's charge. Or charges. Lucjily, I'm young and strong and I reckon I can manage about six fucks a day. A day and night really. I simply hope I can go on doing that for quite some time.
I entered the cell of two of my other girls, Elsa and Margot. Elsa is a hefty german girl, not greatly to my fancy but, nevertheless, with a superb bottom to thrash. Margot is far more petite, english and rather up-market. She simply can't get herself adjusted, which is a pity for her. I mean, though she submits, she still hates every second of it. Even when I'm fucked her. Quite unlike Tania who has accepted the situation and obviously gets a big kick out of my cockbeing up her. Pity Margot can't do that. She'd be hapier, I'm sure. I'll keep working on her. One day she may come to realise there is a lot to be said for a large cock being driven up her. She must try and overcome her ladylike predilections.
The two girls knelt up as I entered. Elsa's big tits sagging a little, Margot's micely firm and rounded. I went across to Elsa and slapped both her tits, twice.
„You know, girl,“ I said, „you're getting too fat.“
„I'm sorry, Sir,“ she answered miserably.
„I think I'll have to put you on a diet.“
„If you say so, Sir.“
I was, of course, quite aware that a number of male guests really went for big women. Big tits, big ass. So Elsa had her uses. It would, indeed, have been pointless to make her slim.
„Ben fucked today?“ I asked her.
„No, Sir,“ she answered respectfully. „Not yet.“
„Just been lying around then?“
„Yes, Sir.“
I went across margot.
„And how are you, my charming english rose?“ I asked.
„Well, Sir,“ she said. Rather like a schoolgirl answering her Form Master. I fondled her apple-round breasts and she proffered them more fully to me. As a slave-girl should. I fiddled with her nipples. Her expression remained composed as it certainly had not done in the early days.
„Have you been fucked?“ I asked.
„Yes, Sir,“ came the replie. Did I detect the faintest blush of shame?
„Tell me about it,“ I said.
Margot gulped. „He was...was an elderly gentleman, Sir.“ Another gulp. „He took rather a long time.
„I grinned at her. „Couldn't get it up, eh?“
„That is so, Sir.“
„Had to suck him a lot?“
„Yes, Sir.“
„Then he only just made it?“
„That's right, Sir.“
I nodded. „Well, that happens a lot with many of our more elderly guests. But, as long as you make them happy, that's what counts.“
„I understand, Sir,“ said Margot meekly. She had dark brown hair which was drawn into a single pigtail which made her look even younger than she was. Which was a mere twenty years old. Having left her public school, she might, I thought, now be sat at university. However, fate had decided differently for her. Instead of using her brain, she was having to use her pussy. Not to mention her mouth and her asshole. Oh dear, oh dear, how unjust life can be!
If I hadn't given Tania a real good thumping I would rather have liked to have a go at Margot at that very moment. But it really wouldn't have worked out. A man has to have rest and a little time to recover.
„You may, Margot,“ I said, „take the knob of my prick into her mouth...just the knob, don't be greedy...and suck it gently.“ Her features twitched as I removed my pouch. Sucking was one of Margot's least favourite things. All the same, she did exactly as she was told, taking hold of my rather limp organ and inserted the knob in her mouth. She sucked it well, also licking it. Very pleasant. Doubtless, she expected me to swell up in no time at all and have to give me a thorough sucking. But, after my recent exertions, this didn't happen. After a little while, I tapped her on her head.
„That will do, my pretty slave,“ I said. She released my knob from her mouth, looking thankful. I fondled her breasts for a few moments then left the cell.
It really is very nice to have a free run of six girls in one's charge. Not to mention quite a few others. A job must men would envy, I suppose. But then, they have to have the right equipment, don't they?
I looked into the next cell which, along with Miss Pohl, I am in charge of. The girls there are Theresa and Nina and they are both french. Related I think. Could be cousins. Both are very dark-haired and dark-eyed. Passionate looking. Both are 24 or 25.
Therese must have been taken off somewhere but Nina knelt up immediately I entered. I smiled at her. This haughty looking girl has about the best pair of breasts I have ever seen. They are half melon in size, yet sag hardly at all. They are firm and thrusting with big, light brown nipples.
„Hello, big tits,“ I greeted her.
„Hello, Sir,“ she responded. Then she meekly submitted to my fondling of her lush orbs. Many at time have I had my cock between them, with her tossing me off delightfully. A lovely experience.
Nina's nipples soon became firm and I sucked them for a little while. Though I had just been slaked by Tania, I still couldn't resist female flesh. Not that anything was going to happen. I removed my mouth.
„Nice?“ I asked.
„Lovely, Sir,“ she responded. I wondered how she really felt about it all. She was, I believe, from an Aristocratic f**** it must have been more difficult for her to adapt to slave life than most girls.
I asked her the usual question. „Been fucked today, Nina?“
„Not yet, Sir,“ she replied. „But I was taken to suck a gentleman. He said he very much liked the look of my breasts...and would make use of them tomorrow.“
„Lucky him. Not to mention you.“ I smiled at her again, squeezing those beautyful melons.
„Yes, Sir,“ she nodded submissively. Sometimes I wonder how these lovely slave-girls can make themselves do whatever they have to do. The indecencies, the indignities, the utter surrender of theyr sexual being. But then I think of the Punishment Room and what they have to go through there if they do not behave themselves.
It is certainly a very though life for them.
„Where is Therese?“ I asked.
„I don't know, Sir,“ Miss Pohl took her away an hour ago.“ Oh those lovely big, firm tits. I went on squeezing and mauling them. Nina kept them well presented to me. Good girl.
„I think I might well make use of these myself tomorrow,“ I said.
„Thank you, Sir,“ she answered. That was proper slave-girl talk. Mind you, Nina and Therese are very experienced. I reckon they have been on Binaca's Island for well over four years. They've gone through a lot. And survived.
„See you tomorrow then, big tits,“ I said, as I got up.
„I look forward to it, Sir,“ she answered humbly. Oh, what a well trained slave!

I left the cell and locked the door...just in time to see Miss Pohl leading Therese back. The girl looked absolutely knackered. I wondered what she'd been up to but didn't stay to ask. I was feeling in the mood for a good steak and a bottle of Bergundy. So I headed for the canteen.
Halfway trough my meal, Miss Timal came into the canteen. She is a ravishing looking Sri Lankan with the lightest coffee-looking skin. She was wearing a skin-tight leotard and white thigh-length booths which showed her to full advantage. Frankly, I've always wanted to fuck the ass of her but no way is that going to happen because she's made it plain she is a completian lesbian.
She came across and sat down beside me. I smelt the exotic scent of her.
Without being asked, she poured herself a glass from my wine bottle.
„Hiya, handsome,“ she said, smiling at me, „been using that big donger of yours this morning?“
„Sure have,“ I replied, smiling back, „had Tania suck me first thing then fucked her a little while back.“
„Lucky girl,“ she said. „But I hope you're not too shagged. I'd like some help from you this afternoon.“
„Always ready to help,“ I said and I mean it. Always a treat to work with Timal. „Whats on?“
„I've got a 16-year-old in the early stages of her training,“ said Timal.
„Yeah...quite some kind, with a super body for her age. She'll soon be doing marvellous things to me.“
„I bet,“ I said. „What's my part?“
„Well, after several good canings, I've got her through her Posture Training. Now I'm coming on to cock sucking. I reckon your cock will scare the living daylights out of her.“
„Shouldn't wonder,“ I said as modestly as I was able.
„OK then?“
„Fine...fine...“ It was not at all unpleasant to be asked to train a 16-year-old in cock sucking!
„Training Room Number 4 at three o'clock then?“
„Be seeing you,“ I said. She finished her drink and left, hips swivelling delightfully.

Just after three o'clock, I made my way to the Slave Quarters and entered Training Room Number 4. Timal was already there and so was the girl. The girl was in the revealing posture number 1, and I liked what I saw. Lovely tightrounded bottom, nice long thighs. It was pretty obvious that she had been caned at the lunch-time Punishment Session for there were plenty of fresh-raised weals over her young buttocks.
„This is Cloe,“ said Timal. „She's english.“ The girl was trembling uncontrollably.
„Nice arse,“ I said.
„Posture Number 3,“ ordered Timal sharply. The girl knelt erect at once, swivelled round to face us, placing hands on top of her head. Her mouth was wobbly and her cheeks wet with tears. This is a very tough time during a girl's training. She had beautifullly firm, well rounded breasts, like white apples. The nipples were light brown as was her shoulder-length hair. A pretty face but looking rather contorted at that moment.
I took off my pouch so that my cock hung loose and I saw her eyes widen in horror. She gasped and recoiled a little, mouth sagging. I usually have that effect on girls the first time they see me.
„That's what you're going to be working on this afternoon, Chloe,“ said Timal almost casually.
„Nooo...oooohhh...noooo...“ gasped the girl, mouth twisting.
Instantly, Timal lashed her slim whalebone switch across Chloe's naked breasts.
„YES!“ She bellowed, as Chloe's wailing shriek filled the room and her hands clasped her round orbs. „HANDS AWAY...on top of your head!“
Reluctantly, Chloe took her hands away. A bright red weal ran across both juddering tits.
„Mmmmmfff...mmmfff...mmmfff...“ she sobbed.
„And just because you've had one caning today, don't imagine that I will not be happy to give you another this evening,“ continued Timal, „if consider you deserve it. And it will be more severe one. „Is that QUITE clear, Chloe?“
„Mmmfff...uuugh...mmfff...y-yes...Miss...“ She must have learnt by then that Timal didn't threaten lightly.
I sat down on a leather bolster. „Crawl to tariq and kiss his feet,“ odered Timal. She looked very imperious in those tigh-length boots and I could well understand in what terror Chloe held her. She came crawling, still sobbing. It was nice to feel her soft, tremolous mouth pressing to my feet. Timal's switch sawd continuously across a nervously twitching bottom.
„Kneel up,“ came the order. Chloe knelt erect, eyes averted from me. Poor dear! „You are now going to kiss Tariq's balls,“ said Timal. Obligingly, I raised my cock so that the girl could get at them.
Swiiiccckkk! Sswwiiiicccckkkk!
The switch lashed twice across Chloe's buttocks and she writed forward, between my parted tighs. I seized her light brown hair with my left hand and pushed her head down. „Get on with it, my pretty,“ I said. „They're nice big balls, aren't they?“ She was struggling to get away.
Ssswwiiicccckkkk! Ssswwiiicccckkkk!
Two more stinging cuts had her yelping. I kept her head now and her mouth pressed to my balls.
„“ she sobbed but I f***ed her to keep her mouth there.
„KISS,GIRL...KISS!“ bellowed Timal.
Ssswwwiiicccckkkk! Sswiccckkkkk!
I felt the young lips begin to move as they pressed against my scrotum. She could only stand a certain amout of pain. It was better to obey than feel that stinging whalebone...which continued to saw menacingly.
Timal was smiling mischievously at me. „Is she kissing?“ she enquired.
„Yep...“ I said, „I guess you could say that...“ The young mouth went on working, with Chloe making little snorts of revulsion. My prick, which I still held raised in my right hand, was beginning to swell. Wouldn't yours, if you had a ripe 16-year-old kissing your balls?
„Lick!“ ordered Timal suddenly. „And lick good, girl!“ The switch tapped lightly and constantly. Chloe flinched with dread. Then I felt her tongue begin to lave over my balls. Nice...very nice. Pain obtain obedience.
„Is she licking?“ asked Timal.
„Sure is,“ I replied. Timal looked faintly triumphant. My cock was gradually getting thicker and stiffer but I don't think Chloe was aware of this because, I kept her head well down so that she could not escape from her noisome task.
„Lovely big balls, eh?“ I said.
„U-Ugh...u-ugh...u-ugh...“ she groaned but kept on licking.
Sawing the switch, tapping it, Timal kept the girl at it for a good five minutes. By then I was solidly in erection.
„Kneel up!“ barked Timal. I let Chloe's hair go and she straightened up at once. What she saw right before her must have come as quite a shock for she let out a disbelieving wail and half got to her feet. „KNEEL, SLAVE!“ bellowed Timal, lashing the switch down several times. Chloe knelt, covering her face with her hands. Again the switch lashed. „Hands on top of your head, have learnt the posture!“ Chloe's hands went up; she averted her face from me.
„LOOK AT THAT COCK...LOOK AT IT!“ cried Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiiicccckkkk!
Chloe had to look...or go on feeling that switch. She looked...features quivering, nostrils flaringwith revulsion.
„Nice, eh?“ I said, grinning at her. „That's a really big cock, girlie. And, soon, you're going to have it in your mouth.“
„N-Nooooo...NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!“ shrieked Chloe. She was fast becoming hysterical. Which, I suppose was understandable.
„First you going to lick it,“ said Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk!
Chloe was yelping with pain, her eyes wild, tears spurting out. I got hold of her hair again, bringing her face toward.
„LICK IT!“ commanded Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk!
I pulled the girl even closer, feeling her mouth on my throbbing length.
Four more times the switch lashes across Chloe's squirming bottom. Then I felt her tongue against me. Pulling on her hair, I ensured that her tongue ran satisfyingly up and down my length. She was retching. Sobbing heart-rendingly. No, that youngster didn't like what she had to do one little bit! It reminded me very much of how Tania had behaved to begin with.
I kept her at it, pulling her closer to me, jerking her head up and down.
Smiling at me, Timal sawed the cane across the girl's bottom. It was ever ready to lash down and bring instant pain.
„Lick...lick...lick...“ urged Timal, lick that lovely big cock!“
Chloe did so, having very little option, unless she wanted to feel the switch. I realised that, to Timal, the sight of my rampant erection must have been pretty revolting. Noth that that mattered a damn. It was all part of her job to have to look upon a Trainer's erection. In any event, she only had to observe it and not deal with it as Chloe was doing. Something far more unpleasant, especially for a 16-year-old.
„Lick the knob,“ ordered Timal. „Just the knob.“ Her switch started flicking warningly. Chloe licked my knob. I must say it felt delicious. Her pretty young features were quite distorted as she worked away. Her eyes were shut, her nostrils wide. Jetting, snorting sobs came from her. Yet she kept to her task.
Oh what a busy little tongue!
„Good girl,“ I said, mussuing her hair. „Keep at it!“
Chloe did so. She was definitely in mortal terror of what Timal would do to her if she did not.
Can you imagine it?
„Stop!“ cried Timal.
Needless to say, Chloe stopped at once. I let her head go and it swung right down between my thighs. She was weeping uncontrollably. Her lungs heaving. She had just done something she had never remotely ever imagined herself doing. Quite an ordeal. I was quite understanding even if, as ever, totally devoted to my duties. A slave-girl has to be trained to behave herself in every sort of sexual way that is demanded of her. And in every other way too.
„Kneel up!“
Chloe knelt up. Her eyes were red blotches. Her young cheeks were awash with tears. Those apple-round breasts heaved up and down. She was, I could see, right at the end of her tether. So, I guessed, could Timal, who is an experienced Trainer.
„Right Chloe,“ she said, „you have made quite a good start. Though, I have to tell you, not quite good enough. Accordingly, I shall cane you again this evening.“
„OOOHH...NO...NO...mercy...merceeeeee...Miss!“ Chlue flung herself round and clasped Timal's boots. „I t-tried...ooooh...I tried...have merceeeeeeeee!“
„But you didn't try hard enough, Chloe,“ stated Timal, almost sympathetically one might have trought. „Theree were lots of protests, lots of pressure put upon you. It's not good enough. A slave-girl simply has to learn to obey. And licking a cock is really a most basic exercise.“
„M-Merceee...merceeee...merceeee...“ moaned Chloe, „n-no...more of...of the c-cane...“
„Plenty more, if you don't behave yourself,“ rasped Timal.
„Oooooh...ohhhh...dear God...ooooh how can I endure it...“ whined Chloe. I smiled at Timal who was continuing to tap Chloe's bottom with her switch.
„Oh, you'll edure it all right, slave. You'll survive. And lean to obey implicity.“
„She's right, youngster,“ I said, mauling one of Chloe's tits. Instinctively she shied away. Shortly she would'n be doing that. „You'll soon be obeying absolutely and completely.“
„Another reason why I am going to cane you this evening, Chloe,“ said Timal, „is that tomorrow morning you are coming back here and you are going to take Tariq's cock into your mouth. Take it and suck it...“
„Oh, yes...oh, yes. So, my girl, while you're getting caned, just think that you will get it all over again, if you don't do as I say.“
Timal was smiling sexily at me. Though I knew she didn't mean it. „It might be more appropriate if you caned her, tariq,“ she said.
„If you think so, I shall be happy to oblige,“ I answered. The prospect was not at all displeasing. Timal was fastening on Chloe's collar and chain.
„See you this evening then, Tariq,“ said Timal, striding towards the Training Room door, more or less dragging the weeping girl behind her. I must say her bottom was already exceedingly well striped with both switch and cane.
„Yes...sure thing,“ I replied, following them out.
I went back to my own quarters to take a little rest.

I slept happily for a couple of hours or so, and when I awoke, realised it was already six o'click. Alomst time for the evening Punishment Session. As usual, after a sl**p, I had a solid erection on, but didn't intend to do anything about it at that moment. I took a shower and that cooled me down.
Then I made my way down to the Punishment Room without my pouch on.
Trainers and Overseers have the option to wear one or not. I often don't, so as to impress a few of the girls.
Timal was just bringing Chloe in when I arrived. She chained her to the wall, then came across to me.
„Eighteen strokes, I think,“ she said.
Whatever you want,“ I answered.
„Should soften her up nicely for tomorrow,“ smiled Timal. „Rather fancy her, don't you?“
„Not bad,“ I answered, trying to sound indifferent. „She's just another piece of young cunt as far as I am concerned.“
„Ahhh...well...“ sighed Timal, smirking at me.
Madame Grosse came in dead on time and Chloe was called out first. She was weeping incessantly, struggling against the collar and chain.
„Insolence and obedience, Madame,“ I said. Madame Grosse nodded grimly. „And we are just coming to a crunch point in Chloe's training. Miss Timal thinks 18 strokes with a Number 2 would meet the case. And so do I.“
Chloe was crying out for mercy. Madame Grosse said nothing for a few moments. Then she spoke. „May I make a suggestion, Tariq?“
„Certainly, Madame.“
„This girl has had several good canings; I think she needs something more. Something that will make her bottom very tender indeed. I think she should get then strokes with the double thonged strap and ten strokes with a number 2 cane. The strokes to be laid on alternately.“
„Excellent, Madame,“ I responded.
Then Timal and I placed a wildly struggling Chloe into the pillory and curved her round bottom as taut as possible. Timal picked up the strap so I fetched the Number 2 rod.
We took up positions on either side.
„Start at the top,“ I advised, „work down...then back up again. Take it slowly.“ Those second ten strokes were going to be the purest agony for young Chloe. Timal swung up.
THWWWAACCCCKKKK! The heavy leather tawse cracked loudly across the naked bottom.
A second later, my cane came down and whiplashed across the burning swathe just raised.
There were two gasping shrieks of torment from Chloe, the second one louder and more agonised than the first. A purpling, twin-tracked weal bisected the three inch-wide welt across both buttock cheeks. Chloe went on shrieking, her throat rattling.
We allowed her ten seconds to absorb the pain fully, then laid on again, a little lower.
The shrieks were ear splitting. Madame Grosse nodded her head approvingly. This girl, on account of her suggestion, was really suffering. And was going to suffer for, far more.

Chloe fainted three times during her cruel flogging but was quickly revived on each occasion. Tawse and cane continued to fall relentlessly. The whole bottom was a mass of red-purple welts and weals when we had at last finished.
„No treatment,“ said Madame Grosse. „You'll want her nice and tender for tomorrow.“
Timal and I agreed whole-heartedly.
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9 months ago
Being a male overseer on Slavegirl Island might be the very best job in the entire world. Here is Tariq the overseer explaining the "trouble" with being an overseer:

"The only trouble about being an Overseer is that one has to keep oneself in reserve a bit. I mean, there's so much pussy available, it's almost ridiculous. For example, I've got six girls in my charge, all of whom I fuck with great regularity, but there is also plenty of spare pussy around on Bianca's Island. There are always girls being trained and there's no trouble at all if you happen to fancy some other Overseer's charge. Or charges."

What a wonderful problem to have---too much pussy to enjoy!!!!!!

Tariq has so much hot young pussy to enjoy that he describes the beautiful young 16-year-old English new slave-in-training Chloe as "just another piece of young cunt as far as I am concerned.“
1 year ago
Ouch! Poor Chloe, and not even any ointment to make her sting less! I was there with her.
That's why I love your writing - I'm in the story experiencing everything with them.
Thank you for another great part to this series.
1 year ago
Once again you have excelled. Another excellent start to the series