Str8 Married Dude I met with friends.

Played with a married dude today....I met him & his wife lastnight. my friends & I were walking to a restaurant this coiuple stopped us, asked where is good to eat. my friend chris said follow us...they sat next to us, the 2 of them, we had a table for 4 me & 3 friends....him & i had been talking so i sat on the same side of my table as he did his...

after a couple drinks i had to piss. i was standing at the urinal pissing, the door opened, he walked in locked the door, guess it was suppose to be 1 at a time, i didn't know....there is a mirror above the urinal & sink., so i said hey, he walked over, asked if he could join me, he pulled his dick out & started pissing,,,,,Commented me on my thick cock. He said wow dude nice bat...I said thanks, you look like you are packing to b*o..He winked.

when i was done he grabbed my dick, i said if you shake it more than 2 times you are playing with it. he kept shaking it......i was getting hard, dick was str8 out....I grabbed his dick, shook it, then as it was getting hard, i bent over started sucking him.....he fucked my face for a few thrusts, he said lets get back to the table.....another drink and some food, my friend chris said he was going to smoke, the married guy said ill join you, then said mike join us. so i did..

after our cig, he said he wanted to move his car to the restaurant, so i went with him, chris went back to the table. we walked a few blocks , got in the car, he took his dick out, i kissed him, then sucked his dick while he drove. made him cum just before we got to the restaurant....I swallowed, we made out a little then went to our tables. oh we swapped information in the car & he asked if we could hang out today while his wife was at the spa 10-2 tomorrow. I said hell yeah....

so we met for coffee this morning then came back to my place.....he said his wife wanted him to manscape..I laughed...lastnight at the table his wife brought up man scapeing. asking me and my friends if we trim & shave. We all said yes..Well she gets waxed & said he should get shaved or guess what.

The hotel they (the married couple) were stayaing at recommended someone. He called made an appt for himself at the hotel. He called told me bout his appointment. I said Ill do it to tell the waxer guy to come to my place. The married guy and I came to my place we messed around until the waxer showed up.. Bout an hour later the waxer showed up...waxed us both including our balls with this different kind of wax on our balls. Regular wax for pubes. Didn't hurt as much as i expected..Pubes all gone.

He asked if he could get naked while he waxed us. I said sure. He asked if we were bf's i said no both bi, he is married we are messin on the DL. Waxer said hott. So after we got waxed he said we should take a warm shower to sooth the area after waxing. I said how bout we hit the hot tub. So we did. He put this stuff on us after. No irritation at all, a little pink.

I paid him for waxing & tip before any playing...So i sucked both of them the waxer sucked me then the married guy and left...He only stayed 20-30 minutes.He didnt make us cum.

We got out of the hot tub, took a shower and started messing around again.

His wife called when i was sucking him. He told her he ran into me after he got waxed. Told her we stopped for a couple drinks. She said cool. Then told him to invite me to dinner. They hung up. We continued messin around.

So when he sat on my dick which shocked me.. i said. Hey when you go back to your hotel tell her i invited you both to my house for cocktails then we could go to dinner.

So he texted her while on my dick...she called...i was laughing. She asked for me. He is still on my dick..I talked with her made plans. So he shot his load all over me..We cleaned up. I told him yeah you and your wife are coming here for cocktails then we will all go to dinner. He smiled...

We both got off twice...I told him I wanted his underwear...

I have a major underwear fetish, I wanted his underwear he had on they were the same [air he wore last he said i can have them if I buy him a new pair to replace them. So I did. They are Calvin Cline grey performance boxer briefs.

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3 months ago
Great hot story! I've been with lots of married bi men…I guess a lot of them go a long time between male to male sessions 'cause they always moan so loud about how hot they are and how they could cum in 4 minutes (after we start) because I suck their man tools so well; stuff like that. And they usually do. I figure I swallow at least two loads and shoot three, either up their hairy holes or down their throats before they leave. Oh, and a fair number of times I did them at one of the local adult book stores.
6 months ago
Hot post!
6 months ago
Don't you just fucking love it when shit like that happens? Hell- I was at a conference in Denver a few years ago- hooked up with this slut and we got a cab back to his place. We were messing around in the back seat, and finally the driver asks us if we planned on fucking, to which I of course said hell yes. So he drops us off at the sluts place and says would we mind if he came by when his shit was over around 6 am. Damned if the motherfucking cab driver didn't show up no more than half an hour after he dropped us off and the slut and me were already fucking. The cool thing was that after he got naked and he took my cock in his hand to jerk and suck me, there was a ring on his wedding finger! Shit- had to scram early and he gave me a lift to my hotel and the airport- had a bloody mary on the flight and slept the rest of the way to San Francisco!

Like I said- great post!

1 year ago
I love this story!!
1 year ago
super story!!! what happened after dinner?