Film night‏

You me and dad were in the lounge and it was movie night. Horrayyy - - Not.
Dad had rented a silly "one of dads films" and you didn't seem to interested. You were sat on the couch wearing a modest skirt and a nicely fitting white blouse. You looked up at me and smiled a sweet yet naughty smile that made my dick instantly twitch.
I sat at the other end of the couch and we all started to watch the film... about 15 mins went by and I was bored. I looked at you. We held a long, loving stare. You winked at me and lifted your finger onto your lips as to shhhhh me. Then you opened your lips and slid your finger into your mouth in such a sexy teasing way. I was mesmerized mum. Very slowly you moved your finger in and out of your mouth. I imagine your finger is my cock and soon start to grow. I do very little to hide the fact that I'm getting a hard-on for my mummy and as soon as I catch you looking at my shorts I push upwards making my shorts so tight you can see the whole outline of my hardening member.
This is crap says dad and gets up, I'm changing the film" Wow we didn't seem to notice as we carried on staring at each other. Daddy is so gelable sometimes.
"Anyone want a coffee" you asked not taking your eyes off my eyes and gently nodding at me. "yeah" shouted dad.
"Ok right now" you said and slowly raised your cute ass up allowing your legs to open slightly but enough for it to pull your skirt up your thighs for me to know you had my favourite colour knickers on. You headed to the kitchen and as you went through the door you looked back at me. "Will you help me please Son" you asked. Awwww mummmm I replied, "Do it Son" shouted Dad. we smiled at each other and you watched as I got up and walked towards you. Your eyes were on my bouncing teenage cock wasn't it Mum? I got right in front of you and you instantly spun round causing your bottom to graze my throbbing boys cock. Slowly we head off through into the kitchen and as soon as were out of sight from Dad you stop and look over your shoulder. Then to my amazement you just bent all the way forward. Now my cock was pressed against your ass and we could both feel it.

Dad coughed and we instantly moved away from each other and made the coffee.
we heard Dad sit back in his chair then you bounced your way over to me (lovely bouncing tits mum) and whispered, "I am as bored as you are baby, Mummy's going make her own fun" Do you like me teasing you Son, Do you big boy? you ask. I just nod, I can't answer you Mum, my mouth is to dry.. "your in for a show tonight son," you say as you rest your hand on my thigh... "So where's my coffee" bellowed Dad. Here it is sweetheart - I will bring it to you darling - you say all the time staring into my eyes and squeezing my inner thigh...
We grab the coffee's and head back into the lounge and all take up our previous positions. after about 5 mins you suddenly get up and walk to the door, Im just going get a blanket, does anyone want one? You say. No thanks says dad MMMMMM yes please mum I answer and off you went. I heard every step you made as you climbed the stairs.
It seemed ages and I heard you coming downstairs.
You walk in and I'm shocked to see you had changed your skirt mum, that one is sooooo much shorter than the last one.
I also notice your big breasts swaying as you move so I know you have taken your bra off - for me!
As soon as you come in the lounge my dick lurches in my shorts.
When dad starts ssshhh-ing you all I can think of is your beautiful heavenly legs and how much I wanna touch them - kiss and lick them. I look at you to see the look of lust staring right back at me causing my teenage cock to harden fully!
As soon as you threw the blanket over us I slid my hand down and rested it on your knee. I could feel you shaking. Wow your scent is driving me insane mum. My hands move slowly up your heavenly thigh - mum, did you just open your legs a little for me??
I hear dad snore as my fingers trace the outline of your pussy through your very thin knickers. You softly moan in my ear as I curl my finger under the elastic of your tiny now wet knickers. I feel the wetness of your cunt as lovingly begin moving my finger along the groove of your pussy. my other hand creeps up your tummy and up till I am cupping your big tit. Mum your nipple went rock hard in moments. I move the blanket so I can see my fingers edge the wet material away from your beautiful wet pussy. I lift your top and your massive tits bounce into view wow mum there magnificent!
I lean in and circle my tongue around your hard nipple as You softly moan.
Your hand makes me jump as soon as you touch my cock. thats it mummy, slowly stroke your sons hard fuck stick.
So mummy loves it when I play with her? good!
I look at you then dad - You have this look of pure lust in your eyes as you push me back and slip your head under the blanket. Wow soon I feel your hot breath on my ragin hard on.

I sit there and wait... and wait... All the time im thinking "now mum - please suck my cock" Just then I feel a warm and wet feeling on my bell end, wow my mum just licked my raging hard on.
I feel your tongue circle around the tip of my cock and I just couldn't help but to moan out loud.
This must have set dad off as he coughed and snorted. I thought we had just been caught, imagine the look on his face if he had of caught us mum!
As soon as dad turned over I gently placed my hand on the back of your head letting you know its ok and we did not get seen/heard! This fuelled my lust for you mum!
My other hand was busy rubbing your tiny wet panties into your wonderful pussy.
When you raked your teeth up the length of my dick I almost Cum Mum.
Just then you slip out of the blanket and slowly stand up.
Your little skirt is around your slim waist and your transparent panties on full view.
"Oh my god Mum" I whisper as you hook your fingers into the waistband of your wet knickers and stare at me!
"Do you want to take mummy's wet panties off son" I just nod and watch as you step in front of me. I reach out and slip my fingers into your little white wet knickers and begin to pull them down. Over your bum and down to your knees. Looks horny as fuck Mum, You half naked with your knickers around your knees wow! You slip your tiny wet knickers down till the reach your feet and as you step out of them I see your glistening pussy! wow mummy is that wet because of me?
You straddle my lap and whisper in my ear "I want you to fuck me Son - Come on and fuck your mum, Iv wanted you for years son so Fuck me son, get that big cock of yours inside me"
Wow mum them words coming from your mouth made my cock bounce in appreciation. Just then Dad snored again but it didn't matter to us, oh no, I felt your hand grab my rock hard cock (like now) and rub it on your wet pussy. Wow mummy
You didn't waste much time sliding down my member till I am all the way inside you. Were fucking while dad snores next to us - how beautiful mum!
I want to last forever but I know I wont be able to as Mum, its you im fucking! Erotica at its best mummy! Soon you worked up a steady rhythm and was bouncing up and down on my hard teenage cock. Your big tits were bouncing all over as you f***ed down on my swollen member, up and down up and down!
Mum Im gonna cum I whisper. where do you want it Mummy?
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i like it alot
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