The illicit dog walk‏

To my beautiful, sweet, sexy Mother;

I am in my bedroom doing my homework when I hear the front door slam...
I look out my window to see Dad and Rex, our dog walking down the path.
I open the window and say "Where you off Dad?" Dad looked and said "The shop son, then to the woods with Rex - Wanna Come?"
I thought about that question... Yes I did... But not with Dad or Rex...
"No im good thanks Dad" I answered, my mind wondering back to last night.

You were asl**p when I got back from my friends at around 10pm.
You were also on the couch wearing your short black pencil skirt and white semi see through white blouse. I could see your white lacy bra underneath. Your big motherly tits moved up n down as you breathed...
I knelt beside the couch and my fingers began there magic.
It wasn't long before I had my fingers inside your tiny knickers and was lovingly stroking your wet motherly pussy like only a Son can;)
As soon as my tongue hit your tiny wet panties I heard a door open and footsteps coming down the stairs...
I panicked and quickly ran away through the kitchen door and into the larder.
After about half an hour or so I still had not heard anything or seen anyone
What was going on?
I gently pushed the larder door open and slithered through the gap.
Upon getting to the kitchen / lounge door I heard a soft moan.
I looked through the gap to see a head bobbing up and down in between your wide open legs.

Who was in the house???
You - tick
Dad - no
Me - tick
David, b*****r - maybe
Sarah -s****r - maybe.

My teenage cock was throbbing like mad as I squeezed it through my school trousers.
And then I saw who it was.
My gorgeous s****r Sarah was licking your thinly covered pussy and by the way you was softly moaning, I guess you were enjoying it. Good on ya Mum!!

Sarah stood up, raised her little skirt and lowered her knicker covered cunt on to your face.
She was facing me and I could see her eyes shut as your tongue came into view.
My pants undid themselves and took themselves down to my ankles all on there own and my hand gripped my swollen member.
This was amazing Mum, what a sight, Wow!
Soon I was working my hand up and down my teenage cock with such f***e that I knocked the door with my elbow.
We all froze!! - - - - - For what seemed ages we all kept very still.
We all knew it was a very naughty thing we were all doing and none of us wants to be caught!
Sarah stood up and curled her fingers into her tiny black knickers and dragged them down over her hips, down her thighs to her feet.
Stepping out of them she threw her leg over you and began to lower herself again onto your sl**ping face.
Another noise... grrrrrr
This time Sarah panicked and legged it through the other door to the porch.
I waited...and waited... but no one... Then just as I was about to make my move, Sarah ran through the lounge, past you and up the stairs... I waited... No one...

I sneaked in and came to you.
I reached down and picked up my s****rs knickers and held them to my nose while lovingly staring at yours.

Again, another noise... Now I am to scared to continue so I lean in and rub my s****rs knickers all over your thin wet knickers then gently close your lovely long legs and leg it upstairs to my room with my trophy.

All them naughty thoughts in a few moments eh lol

Dad walks off down the road and I carry on with my homework.

Soon I hear you shout "My name", do you want a cup of tea baby? - I will bring it up to you my darling"
"Oh go on then Mum" I answer and carry on with my work...

I am sat at my computer desk doing my math homework when I hear the clip-clop of your heels...
You like wearing your heels don't you Mum?
I know I may be in for a quick flash of your thighs or boobs and my cock begins to twitch...
Your beautiful sexy Motherly body is fantastic Mum, I love every single bit...
I have thoughts about last night and quickly run to my bed, reach under my pillow and grab my trophy.
Lifting my s****rs still wet knickers to my nose and inhaling hers and your scent I hear the clip-clop of your heels as you hit the bottom step.
I quickly put Sara's wet knickers back under my pillow and sit on my desk chair.
Clip-clop, clip-clop getting closer and closer - throb-throb, throb-throb getting harder and harder...
Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip, stop. You are at my door;) My beautiful sexy Mummy was at my door.

"Knock-knock. Can I come in baby" as you slowly push my door open. "Please do Muuu, I am cut off as you appear in the doorway... Wow Mum . ! . Fucking hell... You are seriously without doubt the most sexiest woman on the planet!
You are wearing the shortest little black dress which was so short, if you had of turned round, I would have probably seen your bum cheeks, it was that short, Witch is fantastic as I get to see more of your fantastic thighs -- wow Mum I really love your thighs! - I could have them buggers either side of my face all night long and as soon as Dad left for work the next day, I would put my head back and lick you out all day as well Mum!!
I noticed your high heel red shoes. I noticed your slim waist, your dress was not only very short but it was also very low cut, revealing your creamy white flesh.
My eyes wonder up to your face as you step towards me, your big tit flesh wobbling, you smile and stop about 3 foot away.
"Here is your tea Son" With that you slowly reach out, lower your top half and put the cup on my desk. I am now staring between them heavenly globes of fun. "Sweetheart", you say bringing me back to reality.
"Oh wow, sorry Mum, Thank you" I mumble as you straighten up and slowly bounce your way toward me.
"Oh my baby boy, you are very welcome for the tea honey but why the sorry for Son"
"Mu, mu, Mum, its like this, You are a very VERY good looking woman with a terrific body, I said sorry because of the way I looked at you then... I really shouldn't be looking at you like anything other than my Mother, but its very hard Mum and .... and..."
"Go on Son, tell your Mummy whats on your mind, it's ok Son, tell mummy" and without any warning just plonk yourself on my lap...
So is my dick, Mum" I mumble as you wiggle your but all around my lap...
"Oh my handsome baby boy, oh please don't be sorry baby, the truth is... ... Mummy likes to know she can make your horny little boys cock all hard for his mummy, it makes me so very wet Son, does this excite you baby? does Mummy behaving like a dirty little whore excite your teenage cock? Wow Mum, what words... Just your words alone were making my cock harden and with your heavenly Mothers pussy rubbing my throbbing member, it didn't take long and I was soon as hard as a bar of steel.
We just stare into one anothers eyes while enjoying the sensation.
I look at your face and you smile a gentle sweet - yet sultry, naughty Motherly smile back.
"Wow Mum, your lips look so inviting, so, beautiful, I love that red lipstick Mum, it really makes your lips look fantastic...
So beautiful..I, you cut me off by saying, "Oh baby, Mummy wanted to look good for you, I took the time to find your favorite color and took time on them making them perfect... perfect for you Son, I have seen the way you look at me around the house, why do you think I wear such short skirts and low cut stuff? - To show you baby! Yes you my Son" as you wiggle and wiggle on my raging hardon.
"Mum, your lips, I wanna kiss them, I wanna touch them with mine, can I please kiss you Mum?"
You simply smile and say "Yes baby, You may kiss me, I have wanted you, my Son to kiss me for a long time"
My teenage cock lurched in my school trousers as our lips met and our tongues touched - wow Mum!
You must have felt it as you then just stopped. You looked me in the eye and whispered softly, "Is this what you want Son? do you want to fuck me? Do you want to become a little Mother-fucker?" I was so shocked and stunned and lost in a naughty, i****trual place where all I could do is nod...- You raise up allowing me to reach down and grab my zipper. My cock is so hard it bounces as soon as it is released and touches something warm n wet? Oh my god, wow this was unreal- I mean, I love your tiny knickers mummy, all of them but what was this? The next thing I know I feel your hot wet pussy slide down my raging horny teenage cock. My god Mum - you are not wearing any knickers and within moments I was all the way inside you Mum. Your sons cock was all the way up you filling you to the point all you can do is smile. My teenage cock bounces inside you and I feel you tighten your fanny muscles-and lips around my cock.
I thrust my hard 7" ? year old cock into you raising you up in the air while my hands curled under your bum for your support.
Your bum came to rest on my hands and I pushed back into my chair allowing my cock to slowly slip out of you, but not all the way of course Mum, lol - You reach up and tug the top of your little black dress down to free your big heavy breasts. Wow Mum what a pair!
"You wanna suck Mummy's tits?" you ask as you bring them towards me... Before I have time to even think about it - they came crashing around my face, hmmmmm, we both moan. You lift your tits up, squeeze them together and bring them towards my opening mouth. I feel both your nipples harden in my mouth and hear you softly moan and feel you try to push yourself on my cock.
How I was lasting so long with the tip of my teenage cock at the entrance to your beautiful wet pussy, I will never know but I was... and whats more is I had a feeling I could last forever.
Slowly I pushed my hard 7" ? boys cock into you till my balls hit your bum. Then I slowly began pulling it out till just my pulsating bell end was inside you. "Oh baby, please, your driving me wild here Son, just fuck me will you?" Then I released my grip on you and when you got your balance, you took over and began lowering yourself onto my raging hard-on. Up and down you went, getting slightly faster and faster as you fed my cock up in to you. Soon you are bouncing up and down on my teenage cock like a mad woman, your pussy lips gripped so hard on my cock I soon began to feel my balls tighten and I knew it was coming! "Oh mum, I am gonna Cum, shall I pull out or shall I fill you with my hot gooey teenage Cum, Mum?" I began to moan as you bounced and bounced - up and down - up and down your Son's horny teenage cock. "Yes, Yes baby boy, fill Mummy's pussy with your hot boys Cum and let me have your babies - let me have it Son" as you bounce up I throw my hands under your bum forcing you to a sudden stop about half way along my throbbing cock.
I could feel my hot boys Cum creep from my balls, and course along my throbbing member. My bell-end twitched inside of you and I lunged upwards into you hearing you gasp as once again I fill you with my cock. "Ohhhhhh Mummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy" I moan as I begin to empty my hot seed into your eagerly awaiting wet cunt, loving the way your fanny lips gripped and milked my mother loving cock.
"Ohhhhh my sweet baby boy, that's it baby, fill Mummy's pussy with your lovely hot Cum"
You shuddered on my cock as you drained the last out of me and threw your head back and erupted on my still hard - still twitching member while softly whispering "Son, you have made Mummy Cum soooooooo hard, I don't want you to tell ANYONE about this or we will never do this again - y'hear" you say as my teenage cock softens inside you.
We both heard Rex bark in the distance, knowing he and Dad wasn't far I said
"Yes Mummy, I want more of this - you I mean... Wow Mum, I wanna fuck you all the time, can I mum? can I fuck you around the house? Can I come in, see you are wearing a short skirt, can I push my head up your skirt and lick your pussy through your tiny wet knickers - while Dads around? wow naughty. - Hey Mum, put a long table cloth on the dining table and when you and Dad are having dinner, I will sneak in (without anyone knowing;) slip under and lick my way up your legs... over your opening knees, along your (my) gorgeous thighs, along the groove of your tiny tight knickers, yes Mum, leave your tiny knickers on as I love them, I will lick and lap at your heavenly Motherly pussy for hours and hours Mum or
when were all in the lounge, come sit next to me on the couch. Make sure you wear something little. While my Dad, b*****r and s****r are there.Cum on Mum, lets have some fun ,Your loving, hard n horny Son xx
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1 year ago
Loved your story, Yes bring Rex LOL
2 years ago
A great story and yes bring Rex in on it
2 years ago
Shall I bring Rex into my next story guys?? ;)
2 years ago
Great story.
I'm hugry for more, More...
2 years ago
Thanks guys - your comments are always welcome x

Any ideas what I should write about next ;)
2 years ago
the best of your stories
2 years ago
Great story. Hope it gets filthier.
2 years ago
great loved it,more plse
2 years ago
Great story..thanks