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How my fetish with panties got started with the Ex

When I first met my ex, she lived in another state...We carried on phone conversations for quit awhile b4 I actually went to see her or before she actually came and stayed with me...Even then it was 3 months before we finally had sex on January 12th, 1994 when she came to stay with me one weekend...I'll never forget, because when I went to go down on her she didnt know what to do...When I started licking her pussy she at first tried to pull me up, but I wouldnt stop...That was the first pussy I had in three years, and I love licking pussy, probably more than actually fucking it...It wasnt long though I thought maybe I should stop so I started to quit, but then she pushed me back down...I made her cum in no time...I later found out that was the first sex she had had in about three years and the first time someone ate her pussy and it felt good...Gene Simmons has nothing on my tongue...

Anyway, that finally set up what would be the best sex night of my life...About a month after that I went to see her...I picked her up and we got a Hotel room...We had a quickie, after that first licking, every time I seen her the first thing she made me do was lick her pussy real quick...No complaints though cause she kept it shaved and always wore a sexy pair of panties...

There was an adult store a few doors down from the hotel and we decided we would just go in and look...She had never been in one b4 she said and I said the same...It was amazing when we went in...They had clothing, toys, videos, you name it...Nothing like the ones Ive seen...We looked around and we went to the clothing section and I talked her into getting this very sexy, skimpy, royal blue outfit...Royal blue on a blonde just turns me on to no end...And to know there was a shaved pussy, pretty pink nipples underneath, I was ready to blow right there...She was really shy and had never wore this type of clothing before...She was actually a rough edged girl who didnt show her feminine side at all but I knew she had one, I just had to get it out...The outfit was a pair on nylons, a bra, panties, & garters..."I have never wore anything like this before" she said...We walked around and was about ready to check out and one of the sales girls came over and asked if we found everything ok...We said yes...She asked if we thought about any other items to heightened our experience and we were like dumb founded...She must of seen it on our face because she said what I met was did you see our selection of toys and movies...I have never been with a girl who used toys before and she never used them...I know we both masturbated before weather we talked about it then or not, but toys...

We went with her and looked and to my surprise she talked her into getting this blue vibrator...Almost had her to get the dildo but she backed out and got the vibrator...I was still happy...We checked out and headed to the room...All the way in the car we talked about what was gonna happen...She knew I brought the recorder and we both had agreed to film that weekend...We didnt know all this was gonna happen though...When we got to the room she did like we said...She went to the bathroom to get dressed and I set up the recorder...She yelled at me to come to the door and when I got there she said if I am gonna wear something so are you...I didnt know what she met...Next thing I know she hands me her red panties that she had had on...She told me "You put these on while I get dressed, lay down and wait for me"...I was shocked...This shy girl was turning into something right before my eyes and I liked it...I took my cloths off and for the first time I put on a pair of her panties...I cant tell you how it felt...It was so great...I couldnt believe it...I laid down and my cock was standing straight up in those thin panties...I was kind of embarrassed so I tried tucking it between my legs...

She came out of the bathroom and I almost came right in those panties...She was gorgeous in that royal blue outfit...Her tits, which were not too small but not too big, I think then they were like a 38C...She had the vibrator in her hand and looked at me and said, "Are you ready?"

She laid on the other bed and told me she wanted to do something special for me since I had licked her pussy earlier and got nothing in return...She didnt know I jacked off before we went to the adult store...She said, "Turn on the camera while I lay here and give you a show... You can take it home and it watch over and over while we are apart...Every time you get horny you put it in, watch it, jack off, video yourself and send it to me so I can get off watching you while I play with my new toy...For tonight, you cant pull your cock out of my panties tell I tell you you can...You can rub it all you want, but no pulling it out till I say so"..I agreed...

With that she laid on the bed and asked, "Are you ready???"...I started filming and she started playing...She started by talking to me at first...Asking me if I liked looking at her in her panties and garters??? Then she asked me how her tits looked...With that she started rubbing her tits and her whole body...She kept talking to me, telling me she could see my cock getting bigger in her panties and that she liked the way they looked on me and she always wanted to see a guy in her panties while she played with herself and got off in front of him...She wouldnt let me say anything...She just kept rubbing her tits, stomach and her thighs but she wouldnt touch her pussy...Finally, she said "You want me to touch my shaved pussy dont you???" I said yea...She asked how bad...I didnt know what to say...She said, "Do you want it bad enough to lick it first???"...I said, "Oh yea!!!"...She said, "Tough!!!"...With that, she turned on her vibrator and started rubbing her tits...She did each one then squeezed them together and fucked her tits with it...She started moaning and and asking me how bad I wanted to see her shaved pussy...She just kept grinding her hips up and down on the bed...Finally she started with her toy towards her pussy...I think she wanted it but was nervous but couldnt take it anymore...She finally started rubbing it on her panties all around then focused it right on her clit...With that she said, "Pull it out, now!!...I want to see it, I want to see you stroking that cock but leave my panties on...Just pull it out the side"...So I did as asked, or told, whichever...She asked me if I wanted to see her fuck her pussy with her toy and I could barley get the word yes out...She pulled her panties to the side and put the vibrator right in her pussy without any problems...She must of been horny as hell...She started telling me how wet her pussy was and that she had never been that wet before...She asked me if I could hear how wet she was and if I could hear the vibrator going in an out of her bald pussy...She turned it off for a second and asked, "Can you hear it???"...I said, "Oh yea"...She said, "I can see your cock is wet too...I can hear it as you are jacking it off...Its making me so horny...Are you getting as horny as I am???"

With that she said Im ready...She said, "Sit the recorder on the stand and come here NOW!!!"...So I did...She told me to put my cock back in her panties and to come to the side of the bed...When I got over there she said get closer...She had never sucked my cock before and we really never talked about it, but she mentioned it once when we had talked about our former partners, but although her former had fucked her alot, she really didnt like sucking cock that much...I never pushed it...Next thing I know, she has me by the cock and is sucking on it thru her panties...She had one hand holding my cock, sucking it and the other holding her toy as she spread her legs and started playing with her pussy again...All I kept thinking is I hope I have the recorder set up right and am not missing any of this...Finally, she looks up at me and says, "I want my pussy licked and my clit sucked now!!!" With that I gave her her first 69...I love to have a girl put her pussy on my face, so at first I leaned over and licked her while she sucked my cock, then I just turned her over...It was great...As I was tonguing her pussy and licking her clit, I stuck one, then two fingers in her pussy finger fucking her while I sucked her clit... She was sucking my dick and balls like she was a pro...I was about to grab her toy that was laying there to fuck her with it as I ate her pussy but it was like she read my mind and grabbed it, reached back, and put it into her pussy...At first,she was slowly going in and out while telling me, "Lick my pussy while Im fucking it...You like licking my shaved pussy dont you??? You like it even more that Im fucking it while you are licking it, dont you??? I bet you wish it was a real cock going in and out of my pussy while you were licking it, dont you??? Would you like that huh??? Would you like to have another cock going in and out of my pussy while you licked it???"...She began to really moan and talk more... "I feel my pussy juice getting all over your face...Does it taste good??? It must be for the way you always want to eat my pussy...You cant wait to see me and lick my pussy can you??? I bet you jack off all the time thinking about my pussy and licking it, dont you???" She was going fucking wild...I couldnt believe this was the girl I knew...I stated thinking man I have I got lucky here...And all it took was an outfit, a vibrator, video taping her and licking her pussy...

Truthfully, I forgot I still had her panties on...I knew she still had hers on because I was holding them to the side as I licked her and every once in awhile, she wold move them over her pussy and make me lick her thru her panties...Guess she was teasing me, but I liked it...Still do to this day...After a few more minutes of fucking her pussy with her toy and sucking her clit she sat straight up on my face and started grinding on it...She started yelling she was gonna cum and she wanted to cum all over my face...I was more than happy to let her...As she was grinding her shaved pussy on my face, I stuck my tongue up in her and started fucking her with it...She reached down, playing with her clit and kept saying, "Yea, yea, thats it, Im ready, Im gonna cum all over your face...When I do, I want your tongue up inside me as far as it will go so you can feel me cumming..." So I started sucking her clit again and pretty soon she yelled, "Here it cums, its cumming on your face...I wanna squeeze my nipples and tits while I cum...Dont stop, right there, yea suck it, right there, yea, fuck me with your fingers too, yea, here it cums, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh..." With that her hips slowed downed and I stuck my tongue up in that pussy as far as I could...I actually felt her quiver inside as she came on my face just like she said she was going to, wanted to and just I loved it...It was the best ever and that pussy was the best I have ever ate or tasted...

After she just sat there a few seconds she said, "Now, I get to fuck you!!!" She whipped around, stood up and had me take her panties off...She sat down right on my cock but made sure it was still in her panties...She just rubbed her pussy on it for a few minutes while asking me, "Do you want that cock in my pussy??? Do you want me to take them panties off so you can fuck me??? Do you want to fuck me and my shaved pussy???" I said, "Oh yea, I want to fuck you real bad and pound your pussy til I shoot my load all over that bald pussy..." She just smiled and with that she took her panties off me...She said, "Dont forget, you get to wear these home and keep them...You might even need to cum in them on the drive home...I know you will think of me, get horny and jack off while your driving home"...I didnt know it then, but she was right...Good thing before I left that weekend, she gave me a few other pair...I used the ones she took off and gave me right before I left instead of the ones from this night...Those were keepers!!!

She then stood over me and said, "I cant wait to feel that hard cock inside me and have it pound up against me as I ride you fast and hard..." She pounced down on my cock and true to her word, she started riding me fast and hard...As she jumped up and down on my cock I reached up and started to play with her tits...I was squeezing and pinching her nipples while she was moaning, "Squeeze my tits while I fuck your cock...You like my tits dont you??? You like playing with my tits while Im fucking you good and hard with my wet pussy, dont you??? You're gonna cum on my tits, aren't you???" She was so wet sliding up and down my cock, I knew I wasnt gonna last much longer...I started asking her where she wanted me to cum on her...She had told me she liked it on her tits for some reason, so I knew I had better let her know I was close so we could get close to that position...Little did I know, that for some reason, thats how she liked for me to cum on her when we were finishing up..But after, she had already came once from her pussy licking and once from her fucking...I got to get off usually titty fucking her...Never no complaints from me on that one!!! With that, she rolled on her back, squeezed those nice tits together and said, "Fuck these and cum all over my nipples"...I straddled her body, stuck my dick right between those and came all over those 38c's...After a few minutes rest and a smoke, I thought we were gonna call it a night, but she had other plans...

She said, "Turn the camera back on, put on my blue panties, because I want you to get on top of me and pound my pussy good and hard...So hard that I cant walk tomorrow, but neither us will cum.." I asked her what she met...She said, "Just pull your cock out the side of my panties, fuck me like I said, but before you cum, stop...If you dont, no pussy for you for a month and no panties or video to take home...Now Fuck Me!!!" So I spread her legs apart with her lying there in her red panties and purple silky robe...I grabbed my cock, stroked it a few times and she just smiled and moaned ummm...I rubbed it around thighs, her pussy lips, her clit, then I asked her, "You want me to fuck you, dont you??? You want me to fuck that little shaved pussy of yours like its never been fucked before and make you moan and beg for my cock, dont you???" She reached down and rubbed around her pussy and looked at me and said, "Oh yea, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me now and I want it hard and fast...Fuck me like I was your whore for the night...Go ahead fuck me...You know you want that cock in my bald pussy so quit trying to tease me and fuck me..." So much for me trying to turn the tables on her for a little bit..So I did as she said and I slid my dripping cock right into her waiting wet pussy...I started slow with long deep strokes...Enjoying the feeling of getting inside that beautiful pussy again that was right there with me...She was moaning and moving her hips while playing with her tits...I was taking long slow pumps in and out of that pussy...I was almost coming out of her when I was on the out stroke...She reached up, pinched my nipples and started saying, "Yea, yea, yea, that feels good...go a little faster, faster, faster, thats it, now pound it, pound my pussy...I feel your balls slapping up against me, yea, thats the way I want it, fuck my shaved pussy hard..."

We were really going at it when all of a sudden she pushed me off and said Stop!!! I thought I did something wrong...She said remember what I said about cumming??? I said yea...She said Im ready...Truthfully, I was too and if she didnt stop me I would have shot my load deep inside of her or all over her shaved pussy...She said, "I want you to lay on the bed in my panties while Im in mine...We can watch each other masturbate and get off but Im gonna lay so when you cum you can shoot all over my panties while you are stroking your cock and Im gonna cum in them while you cum on them..." I was a little unsure and being in her panties already, but I was so horny if we would have bought that dildo she could have done anything she wanted with it..I would have sucked it or whatever she said at that point...We laid with our legs crossed over one anothers so that we were almost to the point of my cock touching her pussy...She prompted her head up with some pillows so she had a good view and I done the same...With that she got her toy and started on her pussy...She told me, " You can pull that cock out of my panties now on the side and start stroking it while I play with my pussy...Im gonna play with my clit and fuck my pussy with my friend like it was a real dick and your watching me...But we have to cum together"...We started masturbating in front of each other and it was such a turn on...She would ask me how I liked wearing her panties while I was watching her get fucked by another dick...She kept talking dirty the whole time...When I shut my eyes by the way she talked I would have thought she was fucking some guy...I was stroking and jacking off and she was fucking her pussy with her toy then turned the speed up...She started pumping it in and out of her pussy faster and faster while screaming, "Thats it, fuck me just like that, yea, harder and faster while he watches me and jacks off with my panties...He likes wearing my panties and watching me get fucked while he jacks off, dont you???" she kept saying...I started stroking my cock faster and faster til I was at the point....Just then I heard her let out a big moan and I saw that look on her face...I knew that I could go ahead and cum now...As she kept moaning and saying, "Yea, thats it, Im cumming, Im cumming all in my panties...Oh yea..." She looked at me and said, "Oh yea, baby finish it up...stroke that cock, let me see you shoot that load all over these little red panties..." I could feel it...A couple more strokes and, "Ahhh, ahhh, here it cums, Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum all over your panties just like you want..."
She said, "Thats it, stroke it for me, cum for me, let me see you shoot that load all over my panties"...With that I felt it cumming...As I finished the last few strokes, my rock hard cock started jerking around and I pointed it towards her pretty red panties and shaved pussy...My load started squirting and it hit the target head on...or should I say pussy and panty head on...She just started grinning and said, "Umm, that looks so good, seeing you jack off in my panties while you watch me fuck my pussy, then shoot your load all over my panties while I cum in them..." She said, "The ones Im wearing are for me, the ones your wearing are for you...and the video, you get to take, but its for both of us..."

I didnt argue...It all sounded good to me...We didnt even get out of bed...We just crawled up next to each other, hugged up and feel asl**p in each others arms...

This is a true story about me and what became my wife...We never had another night like that...Not even close...I only wore her panties in front of her one other time after that for the next 15yrs...We made 5 or 6 more vidoes but she rarely watched them with me...She never seen this one...She kept her toy and would use it in front of me and let me use it on her while I ate her pussy...She never got tired of that...She mostly kept it shaved for me so I would always be willing to go down on her...She still wore sexy panties for me if I bought for a few years after we were married...We didnt talk about it but I think she knew Id wear them and jack off with them while watching our movies...Id sneak and put a pair of her panties on at night, then I'd slide up the bed, her legs, to her pussy and wake her up licking it...I'd jack off with her panties while I got her off licking her...We never did nothing more...She would roll over and go back to sl**p and Id sit there, look at her, her shaved pussy and finish jacking off...Don't know why things got so routine after that one night and no matter what I tried, it just wasn't brought up and we just feel into a good sex life but not what I thought it was gonna be...Sad thing is, we split up, she took everything, but I still have a few of the videos. I still have a few pair of her panties, not just the one pair, but several I had bought her over years, when she just quit wearing them and went to boring cotton...Ive wondered if she kept the others or not...I did talk to her recently and asked if she kept our wedding stuff and other intimate things??? At first she said no, but before we hung up, she said she lied, that she did...I wonder??? I bet she kept her little blue friend for sure though...

Posted by Van712 2 years ago
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4 months ago
Great account of a very hot and kinky night! Thanks for sharing!
10 months ago
That's so hot!
1 year ago
Nice - you lucky guy.
1 year ago
great story, i'm glad you got ot keep her panties, i hope you still wear them some, i know i would
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
And as of Aug 2012 I found out she still had the videos and her blue friend...We got to have phone sex twice like the old days, but sad to say, we are back to not talking...But I still have my memories of her, blue and those panties...