Beginning of a great long weekend! (Part 3- the fi

“I think we need to get out of here before we shrivel up like raisins” you say laughing. Looking at me you smile suggestively. “Let’s get into bed and work on that again”.

“You’re on!” I say, leaping out of the tub and running to the bedroom with you right on my tail...


Beginning of a great long weekend! (Part 3)

As we race out of the bathroom we leave wet foot prints along the floor to the bedroom. I can feel you right on my heels. With one quick motion you wrap your strong arms around my waist and pull me to you. I squeal like a k** at Christmas. You start kissing me down my shoulders and neck, right there in the hallway. I pull my body closer to yours, feeling your hard chest against my back. It is at this moment that I know we are great together, we fit perfectly together.

“Mmm” I moan, as you kiss that special spot between my neck and shoulder. I can feel your hands trailing gently around my stomach and up towards my chest. You push me forward, so that my chest is against the door to our room.
“I want you here” you grunt, in a voice that instantly makes my knees weak. My mind is reeling; I am totally turned on (again!). I can’t get over how great these last few hours have been, you are like a teenager again, getting hard so quickly, and recovering even quicker it seems.

I can’t respond, I just lean into the closed door, sticking my ass towards you as an invitation. You drop to your knees and slide your hands down my hips, caressing the curve of my behind. You have always loved my ‘booty’; the curves that I hate trying to dress are one of your favorite things about me.

I can feel your fingers gently pulling apart my ass cheeks. I groan, as your fingers slip towards my still dripping pussy. I push towards them, feeling them plunge deep inside me. As I stand there you fuck me with your fingers, sliding them in and out of my soaking wet hole, changing the pressure and amount. Suddenly I feel your other hand slide up my leg, towards my tight ass hole. I’m not too sure about this, I’ve never been into the whole anal thing, but I know it’s something that you are very interested in. I try to relax, knowing that if I ask you to stop you will. Feeling your fingers gently caressing my rosebud I start to get more excited about it and you can tell. You pull your dripping wet fingers from my pussy and switch hands, using my own juice to lube up my ass. You slowly insert one dripping wet finger, being careful not to rush it, worried I will stop you. I don’t, I just let out another moan, secretly enjoying it as much as you do. As you slowly add a second finger I moan again, “please” I say in a hushed voice, “please take me, now”.

You stand up, turn me around and look me deep in the eyes. “Are you sure?” you ask in an excited voice. “Yes, just go slow” I respond a little nervous. You pick me up, wrapping my long legs around your hips and carry me to our bed. You start kissing me again, working your hands all over my body, you reach my still wet pussy, rubbing the wetness down towards my ass hole. You gently start to rub your hard cock against my ass, making sure it is well lubed. Ever so gently you start to push inside of me, stopping when you hear me take a deep breath.

“Don’t stop” I say, “it feels so much better than I thought it would”.
You keep going, getting deeper and deeper inside of me, suddenly I feel you pull out, then back in, and out... You are now pumping in and out of my tight ass, moaning with pleasure at the experience. This is a new thing in our relationship. I know that I can trust you and I am showing it in every way I can.

I am so turned on again; I raise my hips off the bed so that you can get deeper and deeper inside of me. You reach your hand down to my pussy and start fingering me while you fuck my ass. I cum almost instantly, this brings you closer to your own cum. You stop, pull out and flip me over, doggy style. Again you press your hard cock into my tight ass, harder this time, faster than before. You fuck me like this; slapping my ass and watching yourself go in and out of me. Suddenly you pull out and shoot your warm load all over my back letting out a low growl as you do. “Humph” you say, reaching for the towel that is on the floor beside the bed to wipe my back off.
Once you are done I flip over and you kiss me. “Thank you!” you say, “that was amazing”.

“You’re right, it was awesome, and we’ll have to do that again!” I say back looking at your shocked face. “I think we need to get back into the shower and get cleaned up so we can get something to eat so that you can keep your energy up!”
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2 years ago
4 years ago
nice story!!
4 years ago
sounds good to me
4 years ago
WOW, very erotic. Need a cold shower now
4 years ago
Nice story ; )
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hey Van - thanks for this Anal First time story.
Nicely written and very erotic - loved it.