Beginning of a great long weekend! (Part 2)

Beginning of a great long weekend! (Part 2)

You look at me; there is something in your eye that intrigues me... "What?" I say, questioning your look. "Your turn!" you say to me, grinning...


I look at your grin and know something mind blowing is coming; I squeal as you grab my hips and pull me out of the water and on to your rock hard body.

“What are you doing?” I gasp as you take my hard, dark nipple into your mouth.

“MMMM” you moan as you flick your tongue around and around, you have always loved my tits, sometimes I think it’s why we are together. You are a ‘boob’ man, and my 38DDD’s are just what you like. You always want to play with them, not that I mind at all; after all, one of my favourite things is when you fuck my tits. Getting to see your big, swollen cock between my boobs, ready to blow couldn’t make me want you more.

“OHHH” I groan, I’m getting hotter and hotter as you tease me with your mouth.

“You like that baby?” you ask in a husky voice, “you ready for more???” You slip your hand under me, sliding 2 fingers deep into my soaking wet pussy. Sure we are in a tub full of hot, soapy water but that’s not what has made me so wet. You playing with yourself, while I fucked you ask with my strap on has got me so turned on.

“I need you to fuck me” I say in a voice that sounds like I am begging. “Fuck me, here, in the water, now!”

You laugh, “Not yet” you say, “I plan on playing for a while!”

I moan at the thought of that, both in pleasure and pain. I want you inside me, but I know the things you can do with your tongue. And I can’t decide what I need more. “I’m all yours” I say, knowing that only good things are to come.

I turn myself over so that I am leaning against you, my back against your hard chest. I feel your legs wrap themselves around my hips. ‘This is the most relaxing position’, I think to myself, not that I want to relax much, but from here you can watch me play with my clit, and I can guide you (not that I have ever needed to!).

As I reach down and put my hand into the water, you pull it back up. Grabbing my other hand you pull them over my head and grab both with one hand, pulling them behind your head.

“No touching!” you say in a gruff voice. With your other hand free you slowly start to pinch my nipples, gently at first, then getting harder and harder. I love this, but I want you to rub my clit.

“Please” I groan, “please do my pussy”.

You move your hand down my wet, bubbly body, reaching the peak of my pussy, just below the water. I moan, “Yes” as you slip a finger between the lips of my pussy and slowly flick your finger over my very swollen clit. I buck my hips up to meet your hand, trying to rub myself against your whole hand and not just that one finger.

“Slow down babe!” you whisper into my ear. “We have all weekend”.

I don’t pay attention to your whispers, I want you, it’s been so long, and I’ve watched you cum... Now it’s my turn! I know this sounds greedy, but we have all weekend to be slow and passionate, now I want your hard cock inside me!

I try to pull my hands down, you resist, I try to turn over, and you wrap your legs around me tighter. I know there is no point fighting it; you are much stronger than I am. To calm me down you start to kiss my neck, my special spot, the one you know drives me nuts.

“That’s not going to make me slow down!” I say, “You should know that!”

“Mmm, you like that?” you ask me in a stupid voice. “I want to keep doing it, but you gotta relax so I can let you put your arms down”. You slowly release your grip on my hands, letting me pull them down.

“Okay, I’m all yours” I say with a pretend pout. I’m not disappointed and you know it. I know you won’t disappoint!

As you keep kissing my neck, I feel your hands working their way over my body, slowly at first then faster and rougher. Your fingers are kneading my skin, my boobs, and my pussy. You are really getting into this. I can even feel your cock getting hard against my back. I think to myself, ‘this is gonna be great!’ As I lay there, enjoying my body massage, I feel you slip your fingers between my pussy lips again, this time, you don’t touch my clit, and you plunge your finger deep inside me. You can feel my pussy muscles tighten around your finger.

“More” I say breathlessly. “I need more”.

You reach your second hand down, leaving my nipples alone, and place it on the mound of my pussy. I know what’s going to happen next, and I can’t wait. You pull your finger out of me and replace it with 2 fingers, and slip your hand so that your fingers can flick my clit. At that, I am about to scream, I cum just from the initial touch of your fingers. You start to laugh, “Hmmm,” you say, still laughing “that was easy!”

I moan, “I’m not done yet!” keep going. Not that I have to ask, you haven’t stopped rubbing my pussy, in fact, you are plunging your fingers deeper into me and flicking me harder. I am raising my hips up out of the water, knowing that I am about to cum again. As I grow tighter around your fingers, you know what is about to happen and you pull them out of me, still rubbing my clit. I scream as I squirt all over, hitting the end of the tub. Shaking and trying to catch my breath, I slowly lower myself back into the water.

“Shit!” you reply, flipping me over the side of the tub, coming up behind me on your knees, ready to push your hard cock into my wet, throbbing pussy. Before you can push in I push back, fucking you from the front. You groan, taking over the rhythm. I am fine with this, you are better at making me cum than I am. I raise my body up and you reach around your hands, taking my breasts into them, pinching my hard nipples in your fingers. You pump harder and I can feel myself climaxing again, ready to cum, I hear you moan. ‘Perfect! I think as we cum together. Once we have gotten ourselves together again, I hear you pull the plug in the tub.

“I think we need to get out of here before we shrivel up like raisins” you say laughing. Looking at me you smile suggestively. “Let’s get into bed and work on that again”.

“You’re on!” I say, leaping out of the tub and running to the bedroom with you right on my tail...

To Be Continued!
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2 years ago
very good continuation
4 years ago
Great writing, plenty of humour and detail and hot, hot hot!
4 years ago
Great story. Lots of detail. Thanks.
4 years ago
yep... liked it a lot... more please...
4 years ago
Thank you you are soo hotxoxoxoxoxo