A lot of u ask how.. me and Kejala make it work

I got with my dom back in Dec 23,2012. Did not know i would hit a hard spot in a hardship, when I came to polly. When I came into polly I didn’t really think that I would have to really share my dom with anyone. Man I was wrong. I can say that, it was extremely hard at first, it really hurt at first and I didn’t know how to take it. As time went by it got a lot easier. I had to take the first step and get used to sharing. It has taken time and a lot of patience to take this climbs as the first 3 months, later it been really easy to get throw this. Yes there are still points that are hard. But as they say life goes on.
If my dom says no I respect that and will not do it even if it sounds tempting. Can say he’s got a firm hand on me. He can keep me in line. I fall out of line he punishes me. I can say I do not like punishments. He likes to use my hard limits against me. Soon enough I will get used to them and he will have to find something else.
Let’s get into a little detail that everyone ask me. How me and my dom can be BF/ and be in a D/S relationship.
Kejala and me started into a D/S dom/sub relationship. As him and me hung out, and played, I grew to like each other, I was afraid to show it at first. As time went by I was lying with him I started to tell him something then I froze, he ask what was I trying to say. At that point I tried to fight it; he got the 3 words out of me. “I love you”. At that point I did not know what he was going to say. At this point he said I love u too. I was relieved at that point.
Kejala has picked me up, out of a cold dark hole, when I was lost, and didn’t know how to feel, afraid to open back up to anyone, after my ex dom destroyed me. He’s picked me up and I have warmed up to him. He can get me to do more than my other doms. Like anal, Knife/bl**d play, needles, etc. He can keep my asthma in check. He’s not out to really hurt me. He does a lot of thing that I enjoy. As in punishment yes it hurt but it enough to push the point accost that I need to straighten up, and change my ways, or just quit being a brat.
As of 5/19/2013
I can say I can walk with Kejala and not let a lot of pain bother me. If it does I have someone I can turn too, when I’m really hurt, pissed, or even upset, or something bothering me. He’s like my right hand. When he is not by my side, He’s always with me. He can get anything out of me. I am ok with that. I love his warm cuddle at movie or bed time. I can say I am always ready to see him when were apart. My heart is starting to fill the hole that’s there. I can say it would be hard to play with someone else because it would destroy me. I am ok with a 3 or 4 sum. But nothing more. Kejala has my heart and I’m not going to let that go. I want to be with him and no one else. Can my love for him has grown. I don’t regret fall for him. Yes it will affect the k**s, but in time it will all work out. He helped me from braking down, sinking into a depression. I would do anything for him, but still keep my k**s 1st. We can be open with each other, not hold anything back. There are times I have to calm down then tell him, but I’m getting closer. He has help push hard limits, and I trust him with my life.
The one thing I can say is that he shows me he loves me. He’s strict with me when he has to be for my form, and my health. Like I like to say is there is a time for BDSM stuff and a time for vanilla.

I am a masochist, i am a slave, i am a toy, i am a pet and I can be a brat. Sometimes it is all mind set that day. Over all I love him.

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