Older lady busts naked into my hotel room!! Great!

Okay, this was just all inspired in about ten minutes looking at (am I allowed copy and paste an url from this site??? Hope so, or you'll have to bust me unfortunately!)

(omaficker37; Fresh Photos > geile amateur omas > Photo #5)
(Thank you for your great photos omaficker btw!!)

Anyway...sorry, that it didn't actually begin life as 'a story', so it's not correctly structured or anything, but rather was all inspired looking at this woman, who may not look remarkable to some people, but I think she still shows how older women may have just as much needs, if not *more* needs to sexually satisfy their lovely aching bodies....sorry, I'll try and cut the drool!!
I think she looks quite proud, and this too, was something I admired. Why shouldn't she? She's still a wonderful bit of creation, her body's in good nick, it's hot, and it should be fully satisfied!!
But anyway....yes, is it an old stereotype in society, that older women have a hornier sex drive?? Is it true?? Well, I'll have to take it that it is, as I've heard so much about it. Some of you older ladies reading this, (if any), might have to confirm that for me. In any event it's both nice to hear another demograph's perspectives, as it is healthy for the person speaking about themselves to another.
Anyway...any guys out there, who have a fantasy about older ladies (do we all, or is it just me!), I'm sure you'll relate. Okay, enough. The story/fantasy is quite short, as it all blasted out in about 10 minutes (like somethin else!!)

I would love to be sl**ping in a hotel bedroom by myself, and hear a knock on the door after everyone's gone to sl**p, go to the door with a big stalker on ya, open it and here's this older woman who was eyeing you up all evening in the bar, and has now snuck out from her well-past-it husband's bed.
And she's there standing in the dim hall-light, only a light flimsy robe covering her nubile body & ravenous intentions, and she smiles hungrily as she looks at the nice big young manhood pointed threateningly at her. You can clearly see the shape of her body through the flimsy cloth, the insides of her soft thighs, the gentle rolls of femininity that came with her age, though she's still compact and very shapely. Nonetheless it pleases you to get a glimpse of all this older female nakedness.
She pushes you in the door, throws off the robe, standing only in her clung panties (see above picture!) a rising damp patch becoming very visible. She stands there for a second, looking at you, then opens her arms out with a proud gesture, inviting your eyes to view her near-naked body, her female need to be satisfied still, regardless of her age, and taken to the crazy heights of wild bliss with an able man.
She pushes towards you pushing her ample breasts against your chest, rubbing the nipples over and back across your skin, making you *feel* her eagerness, all the while m*****ing your mouth with her full expert kiss. She throws you back on the bed, and proceeds to mount her sopping wet hunny on top of your meat which is now about to burst a bl**d vessel as you enter her, and satisfies *herself* again and again throughout the night, until you've pumped at least five gallons of spunk into her & all over her writhing, ravenous body...
Ahhh....what a fantasy....!
Sorry for the racing mind and elongated 'comment'....just...all the thoughts the wonderful near-naked woman in this picture conjured. :_)

So there it is. I could have improved it, with a little more time, but maybe next time! Hope you enjoyed it somewhat.
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3 years ago
good quicky
4 years ago
I have had this fantasy-I have always enjoyed older women!