I barely knew him. That’s what I thought when he shoved his fingers deep inside me. He twisted and rolled them in ways I’d never felt. I watched his eyes flicker with every breath escaping my mouth. It didn’t really matter. Because he knew exactly what I was wanting. And he gave to me the most giving. He made a fires flame nothing but a mere kiss. He ignited me somewhere I was dead. Because he touched me.

I watched the expressions on his face. The way his hands held me down. The beads of sweat he wiped from my face. The gentle way his tongue entered inside of me. The way he gazed deep into my eyes during penetration. He caught my every movement. He heard my every sound. And I found that I knew nothing about him. And I found that it didn’t matter.

His hands slid over my breasts, over my ribs, and down to my hips. His fingers were pushed into my mouth and I felt his finger prints on my tongue. And his hands, they cupped my breasts, which longed to be toyed and caressed. He pulled and pinched and twisted my nipples, all while I rode him.

And I felt passion bubble up. And I felt heat from summer. I felt it all crawling around inside of me. It was the way his hair fell on my face. The shape of his jaw. The feel of his chest against my own. He was a heart beat and bl**d flow. It was the way his clothes always smelled of grass. And the last puff of a cigarette on his breath. And he knew my body before he knew me. And he knew exactly what I needed.

On my back the stars witnessed the man I hardly know. How he unbuttoned me. Not just my shirt, or my pants, or my undergarments. He opened pieces of my soul. And every time his fingers slipped one of the buttons from the hole, I felt myself unthaw. He his breath placed heat upon my chest and melted my heart. With his mouth, and his tongue, he melted ice on my groin and thighs. He caused my bl**d to rush once again, and my chest to heave. So I awoke to him under the stars. All while he buried himself deep inside of me.

And I yearned for him more and more. I pulled myself to him quicker than ever. My arms and my legs wrapped around him for God and the great universe to see. I wanted to became a part of him. And the fire that lived deep inside of this man, it came from within him. And I felt it inside myself. And at one moment of fusion, both of our souls collided. So my body moved like his own. My frozen limbs now fully alive. So I pressed him near my breasts. His lips felt their way over my soft puffy nipples. He teased me with his tongue and teeth. Before I knew what collision truly meant, I found out in an instant.

Both of our bodies burned just like those stars. And we caught the woods on fire. A deep smoke swirled around he and I. And I was alive. My heart was in a race to beat his own and my voice seemed to be traveling from my soul. From both our mouths we gasped. Deep inhales. f***ed exhales. Then he kissed me slow, like the beginning of rain. Drowning out the flames to leave my insides smoldering.

I drifted to a sl**p that night. I awoke with ash on my cheeks. The instant I opened my eyes, I realized, I knew him all along.
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3 years ago
You have to read all this girls hot stuff so nice x
4 years ago
From this day forth, Your words are unforgettable to me!
Keep writing, Girl!
4 years ago
so much passion :)
4 years ago
Loved it!
4 years ago
Very interesting.
4 years ago
very good i like it
4 years ago
I love your style!
4 years ago
Very poetic