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It was after New Year season. I was working in a leading education institute in capital. It was really interesting period both in my carrier and personnel life. I had enough freedom to attend many things with my friends and my own. It was post New Year season. There was no rush in roads and shops. Therefore I used to go for shopping after season due to keep away from heavy crowd.

One evening, the overcast day my feelings were not good. So I thought to go for shopping to get rid of laziness prevailed. Sopping is one of my favorite hobbies. Most of the times, I went alone because I wanted to take my own time to select things. I loved fashion; therefore frequently I went to dress points to purchase the latest in the market.

I got ready wearing my favorite colour pink short sleeve blouse and ash colour knee length tight skirt with front opened slit. I always admired myself when I was in front of the mirror. I had well shaped figure. The body carves added extra attraction to the appearance. My friends regarded that I had very sexy figure. Long neck, firm breast and broad hip and narrow waist brought me captivate look. I had noted most of the guys stare at me with seducing eyes.

I stepped into in the sopping complex after coming by a trishaw taxi. As I guessed only few customers were on the ground floor of the shop. I rushed to the second floor which was for ladies garments and accessories. I moved here and there through display hangers with an intense of selecting a proper dress. Meanwhile I looked for a sales girl who helped me most of the time when I visited here. She became a friend of me because of my frequent visits here. Actually she was very funny and talkative girl. I had noted that she kept extra attention on me willingly.

However, when I was watching one hanged in the showcase at the corner of the room. I heard somebody came behind me and closed my eyes with palms. “Anu” I spoke out her name that I guessed would be. Hands were taken off. Anu giggled looking at me.

“Oh my God you are. I have been looking for you since I got into the shop” When I was telling she held my hands.
“Sure I will help you Miss. I was in the main stores on the ground floor.” Her bright eyes were always getting almost close when she smiled. I loved the way of her behaviors.

“I just saw you when I was with a customer over there. You are very cute today because of this out fit. I am sure, you bought this from here. Isn’t it?” She told with putting her fingers through the space between buttons of front opening of my top. She implied that she was observing the material. And I felt that she put extra pressure on my breast with her fingers. I nodded my head as replying her.

“So, Miss what can I do for you…I t is really happy that you see this time after heavy New Year season” Her voice was suitable to catch any kind of customer. She was wearing a dark blue coat over the white top with same colour tight skirt and black cod shoes. Her name badge was at the left side of the collar on her uniform.
“Anu I want to buy a white lace blouse with long sleeves.” I explained what I needed.

She found out three numbers of blouses and handed over me to try. I entered into the small changing room carrying the dresses and my hand bag. The life size mirror was there and it had only small space to use. I hung dresses and bag on the hook one side and removed pink color top, opening the buttons and hang on the hook fixed on the wall. I adjusted the straps and cups of the bra before I put on the blouse. First tried one was too large and not fit for me. The second one was ok because I wanted to buy back opening blouse. The third one had to wear putting head first. When I was removing, the lace material fastened on the hair clip which I put the hair together.

I was a real trouble that I couldn’t take it out without somebody’s help. So I just opened the door. Luckily, Anu was at near by.
“Please Anu help me to remove this” I asked from her. She came in side locking the door behind and helped me to remove the blouse and her eyes ran over my body. I felt shy and told her. “Fortunately you were there; otherwise I will have to pay the damage to the dress”. We laughed together.

“You are very beautiful Miss..” husky sound came from her voice.
“Why only me you are also very charming girl, I like you.” I told her with wink.
“No, you have very sexy figure not like me “She replied with holding my hands. It was difficult to put on my top back because the room was not enough to accommodate two persons.
“Anu , tell me… is this good for me?” I wanted to know her opinion about the dress I selected.
“Yes this is good for you.” Her eyes were on breast. I felt little bit uncomfortable. I put on my blouse again and kept hand on the door lock to open. But she kept her hand on me blocking. “ I like to kiss you Miss, please I am just asking from you.” Her face was timid look. I was shocked from her voice.

“What??” I wanted to repeat it to confirm what she asked.
“No, Miss you are really beautiful, my feelings pushed me to ask…ok we will forget.” Her face got to darken.
“Naughty girl…..” I pinched her chin to relax the uncomfortable situation built up.
“OK go ahead, otherwise you will annoy with me for simple request” I closed my eyes letting her to give a kiss. I thought it would be a simple face to face hugging. Unexpectedly, she embraced me and kept her lips on me. It was really lovemaking hard kiss. I tried to resist but her strong arms held me not to move. I was really confused by this incident as well as little bit sensation arouse inside me.
“Thanks” She complemented. Her eyes implied dominating look. Both we went out. The selected dress was on her hand. My mind was so awful with sudden act of her. And also I felt that flying butterflies on my stomach because of her sensational touch. She turned and looked at me with a smile. She put the dress in the bag. “Thanks for helping me Anu” I said her to forget the hastiness in the mind. Instead of going to cashier she went to the steps to go upper floors.

While she was going up, she remembered me “ Do you know ? I think you have not finished shopping here. I would be forth floor waiting for you” It was ironical invitation. She disappeared along the steps. I went here and there without any idea. Once I thought to leave the place to escape from her. But my dress was with her. This little bitch really confused me. After thinking little while I made up mind to go up. I stepped up to forth floor with hesitation.
Forth floor was for bridal items. There were only few customers. I looked around but I was unable to find Anu. I felt that my breathing was high to face this up comings. I stepped to the rear corner of the floor through the display racks.

I heard calling me “ shs….sshs…” behind me. I turned and looked from where the place sound came. It was from entrance of small store room. It has mentioned “only for staff”. Anu was standing just behind the door. She nodded me to come in. Nobody noted that I was entering. She closed the door and locked with hurry.

“I have been waiting and guessed that you would come” she said with confidence. I felt that she trapped me as planned. I was sure that she loved girls.
“How did you get sure?” I questioned with very low voice because somebody would hear.
“No, I read your eyes,” She replied with confidence as well as her experience. I could see her lovely face through the light came from the small window. She kept my bag on the corrugated boxes around us.
“Let me enjoy with you Miss” Her seductive voice heard as a dream. I did nothing other than leaning against the wall due to dismay and excitement in the mind. I closed my eyes letting her to do whatever she wanted.

She touched my cheeks with her soft palms. At very first touch of her flouted me to another world. She pulled my face towards her and kissed my forehead, cheeks then neck. Very slow manner she kept her lips on my lips. Her breathings mixed with me and her perfume irritated me with its pleasant smell. I gasped as arouse of the feelings. She kissed my delicately then came to French style. Her tongue protruded into the mouth and I responded with touching and teasing her tongue with mine. She came ran her lips either side of neck and to earlobes which are the most sensitive areas of me. It made me moaning with sensation.

She squeezed my boobs over the dress and I felt that I was really hot. She was very smart in love playing. She fumbled when she was opening the buttons of my top and it made me shy. “No Anu, this is not a safe place..” I insisted her.
“Don’t worry darling, door has locked and nobody come here because the keys are with me” She consoled me.
She removed my top exposing white colour bra with transferring shoulder bands She stroked and fondled full size firm boobs with her both hands. The excitement ran along the spinal code urging me to thrilling adventure. She unfastened the front hook of the bra letting free of my well grown boobs. The tits were rigid and harden. Bra was removed from the shoulders and ran her fingers over the very fair tan skin of boobs. I felt that my panty got wet of this motivation. She kissed me again in French manner and stroked my hands up to wrists. She grasped my wrists and rose over the head and let me to hold the bar fixed to hang the cloths on the wall.

On this posture my boobs were well projected and nipples were pointing. Then she kissed my armpits which were well shaved. She was delighted with the aroma of armpits. Her palms cupped the boobs and fondled with care. Her long slender fingers with well maintained long nails polished with dark maroon colour rolled over the erected nipples. She pulled the nipples with fingers and shook the boobs providing me extra sensation. Then she surrounded the erected nipples with her middle and forefinger with both hands and rubbed the tip of the tits with her thumbs. Oh, an electric shock ran in to the body with a moan of me.
After this initiation, she started to suck my tits one after one till I cried with pleasure. She buried her face between cleavage of my rocks and kisses went along. Her tongue traced up to the naval and loved to be wetted the bigger hole of it.
I thought that she would finish at this point. It was wrong. She straddled at the feet of me and put her hands around me to open the zipper of the skirt. The loosen skirt was pulled down and took away from toes. I was only with red colour micro panty, it just covered the triangle. Always I used to ware tight panties because it made me comfort as well as during the monthly periods it helped me to keep the pads unmoved.

Anu entertained with my sexy appearance. “Wow you are so sexy honey” she stroked my fatty thighs gently up to the crotch. She could feel the wetness of my pussy absorbed by panty. It was really smooth and affectionate touch. She pulled down the panty and removed. My trimmed pussy was just front of her face and I was only with white colour high heels. She delighted with well trimmed bush of my pussy. She buried head between parted thighs squirming with pleasure. She nuzzled along the friction of pussy to get the sweetness of aroma. She licked the pussy lips with sucking the fold petals. I was etching with unbearable feelings. She ran her tongue over the clit which was already swelled. I moaned holding the bar tightly and I spread thighs to easy access of her. She grabbed my booty cheeks and squished them. Her sharpen nails scratched hurting me and slapped on bums fired me into maximum.

She licked all the pussy juice inserting tongue in to the hole. I had no any tuning point other than come to the climax. I could only see her head moving up and down through friction of my boobs. She looked at me with successful smile and parted the swelled pussy lips and inserted her middle finger drifting me into the maximum enjoyment. She moved her finger up and down while she again touched my clit with her tongue. She speeded up her figure moving. “ Oh my God…yes…ye..yes..harder..harder…it is soo…good..” Words came out with any effort. Boobs were bouncing according to heavy breathing of me. She entered another finger and another. “Oh…fuck me … darling….harder…faster..faster… …is …so..gooood.. oh I am coming …” She accelerated pumping her fingers to the maximum. I felt pussy muscles got tighten and wrapped around the Anu’s fingers. I came to orgasm with emission of fluid running down along her fingers. She licked fingers to dry off.

My legs were feeble. Unless the bar I would have fallen. After all she stood up in front of me. I fell down on her body we hugged and kissed together with the feelings of complement. After little while, she remembered. “Ok we will go now…” I hold her hands and told “Thanks Anu” She smiled with me kindly. She helped me to put on my cloth and adjusted things as it was.

She opened the door and peeped out for safety. Both we came down to ground floor cashier counter. She helped me to pay money and handed over my bag, while she pinched my hand. “Today is your day next will be mine…don’t forget that ok!” She said good bye to me. I smiled with her gracefully.
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