Shemale Whore and Arab Pimp


It had been over a year since Johnny threw that tantrum that
ruined me and got him excommunicated from mom.

Holding me down when mom walked through the door with
her friends, colleagues, whatever and they all gasped and
screamed as my big b*****r finished doing me.
We had ample warning, we could have all vanished when
we heard them at the door.
Bobby ran away and got dressed. The chickenshit
denied any knowledge of the event.
Smart but chickenshit.

Mom severed all ties between me and our doctor's
little perv ring, so I had no more money coming in.
I did, however, have a bunch of loot and money
locked away in my room.
She let me keep it all for some reason.

Here I was, 18, at the start of summer vacation,
involuntarily retired from the “oldest profession,” my
once girlish body now muscular yet still somewhat feminine.

Testosterone and personal gym trainers are no match for genetics.
Plus, my doctor “clients” had killed every hair follicle below my
head in exchange for my services.

I was no longer gorgeous by any means; I looked like
a lady bodybuilder who used too many 'roids.

My B cups had shrunk to barely A's but I still had
prominent, erectile nipples.

Mom had gotten me a job at a law office, running errands,
filing but mostly just gopher stuff and making coffee.
Still the pay was surprisingly good, enough to buy books
for college in the Fall with some pocket money to boot.
Piddling sum, though, compared to what I was making
a year and a half earlier from my affluent 'clients.'

I showed up at work in trousers and white shirt, my
still feminine waist and hips showing through the
attempted camouflage.

I knocked on the boss's door and entered after he
acknowledged me.

“OMG I KNOW this guy,” I thought.
He started telling me about my job description, looked
up from his desk and froze for an instant.

“Tommie-girl?” he asked, shocked yet nostalgic.

“Hi, 'Habbie,' ” I answered.

The “boss” is not your superior when you know all
of his secret perversions.

“I almost didn't recognize you with that boyish haircut,
my little whore” he retorted.

The respect thing works both ways.
A john is a john and a whore is a whore.

It all came flooding back. I was my old self again,
at least mentally.

“This changes things,” he said, “We have to find
a suitable position for you.”

“Under your desk on my knees?” I shot back

He chuckled lasciviously. It gave me the creeps.
I finally really saw him for the sick perverted
fuck he was but I kept my “professional” demeanor.

“No, I was thinking on the couch, naked, with your
ass in the air.” He was a hundred percent serious.

I saw the free weed, more money and gifts
floating in the air and decided to pluck them
all from their orbits.

I was a whore again.

By the end of the day my nipples were sore from being
sucked, my ass and hermaphroditic pussy were sore
from being fucked, I smelled like his Middle Eastern
cologne scents and I felt truly defiled and ashamed.

I know understood the world better and
for the first time I really understood what
it was to sell myself yet I still smiled seductively.

I still knew how to manipulate men but now I
was an expert.
I lay on my back on a sl**ping mat behind his desk,
totally spent, in an attitude of total defeat and
surrender, not even bothering to close my legs.

Modestly is for people who have dignity.

I had no pretense to dignity.

Habbie came walking out of his little shower room
casually dressed in sweat pants and tee shirt,
speaking in Arabic on his cell phone.

I hated the sick hairy mtherfcker yet I lay there
gazing at him like a satisfied lover.

“You're back in business, my little whore” he
said very businesslike and domineering.

He sat in his chair and we talked business.

Only 'respectable' clientele, no rough stuff, condoms always.

Habbie had lined up a dozen clients by weeks end and
many more in the days to come.
They fucked me to exhaustion and I welcomed the
start of the new semester.
The school work was a vacation compared to my
highly paid slavery

By this time I was siting on his desk, still naked,
With my feet on the armrests of his chair.

“I keep 70%” he said

“Make it 60% and I keep all the 'extras,' extras
being extra money and gifts.

I stroked his hardening cock with my left foot.

“OK, you keep 40%. Now we consummate the deal.”

He removed his pants and shirt, again revealing the
thick, graying hair that covered his body.

He squirted an excessive amount of lube on my
little cunt, the surplus running down the crack of my ass.

I lay back on his desk as he carefully penetrated my
shallow little pussy with his huge, thick cock.
I wrapped my legs around his waist.
He could have easily killed me with one violent thrust
but instead he popped his enormous cock head into
my two inch deep twat as he lay atop of me,
supported his weight on his elbows, sucked
my tits and worked his rod around in me.

I gyrated my hips to get us both off faster.

"YES," he hissed "Make me cum in you, bitch."

I had my first orgasm in about half a minute,
causing him to suck my already sore nipples even harder
and wriggle his cock around my little orifice more vigorously
until I felt his rock hard penis jump and fill me with
huge amounts of his stinking spunk.
The sensations caused me to have a tremendous orgasm,
one of the last of half a dozen or so.

I gasped and moaned in disgust, humiliation and passion
as his seed overflowed my little cunt and also ran down
my ass crack to mix with the small puddles of lube on the
desk and floor.
I slipped off the desk to my knees and took his cummy,
still pumping manhood into my mouth to swallow the last
few squirts and squeeze his dick from base to tip as
I drained the last of his semen.
Habbie was exempt from the condom rule.

I f0rcd myself to look up into his eyes lovingly.
he half smiled, half sneered at me in dominant triumph.
“That's a good little whore” he said in a patronizing
tone of voice as he held my face firmly in his
large hands.

Johnny was no longer manipulating me; I had
no one to blame but myself now.

I had sold myself into sex slavery.

But the money was good.

100% (17/0)
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2 years ago
Great story
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Great story, i would love that!!!
2 years ago
Amasing story made a chuck of money and had a vacation when school strarted did you work much during school.
2 years ago
so what happened to this business venture
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Great story
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Great story.
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another great story!
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I like Habbie....just what I would do with a fucking cumslut mini cunt like