Ladyboy Secrets

by utubeslut

forgive the misspellings but inocent words get sensored
by the auto censeless

Diaries can be dangerous and have unexpected
consequences if they fall into the wrong hands.
Or the right hands ….

Early Spring and that meant a visit from my
Aunt Becky and my cousin Susie.
I loved Susie but she was kinda weird.
She had mood swings like she had permanent
PMS, very unpredictable.
Otherwise she was very sweet.
Crazy bitch.

The neighborhood girls were drawn to Susie
like a magnet. Crazy people have 'followers....'

Of course Susie phoned a few neighbor girls
a week before so when she and Aunt Becky and
Uncle Mike arrived a half dozen more girls
showed up.

Of course they all gathered in my room since
I was the only “girl”in the house.
Mom and my aunt and uncle stayed
in the kitchen talking and sipping wine.

I was dressed for inside the house;
comfortable but skimpy white shorts, bare
feet with robin's egg blue polish, and an old powder
blue tee shirt that I was now sorry I wore because
my very large nipples were fully erect and poking
through like torpedoes. My arms were also completely
bare and my shoulders and underarms were on
full display because I had gotten creative with scissors.
After a few uncomfortable peeks and stares I just
held my pillow over my boobs.

A knock on the door, then mom peeked her head in
and told us the three of them were going to get some
stuff for the BBQ. That meant they'd be gone for at
least an hour.

They were all sitting on my bed taking and laughing
but I was excluded from the conversations because
they didn't know how to deal with me.

Suddenly crazy Susie had my diary in her hands.
I had left it under my bed

“What's this??” she said devilishly, “My little
hermaphrodite cousine has a DIARY??”

“NO!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!” I screamed

Thank GOD I didn't have anything about my
'clients' in there.

Susie threw my precious book of secrets
on my dresser, pushed me down and in one
fluid motion pulled up my top and grabbed
my nipples. She was an athlete, a swimmer and
much stronger than me.
I struggled but she held me down and kept working
on my nipps. She knew my nipples are my Kryptonite.
I become totally submissive when my nipples are
grabbed or sucked.
But this was my diary, my heart, so I would not give up
so easily. Then she took my left nipple in her mouth, the one
she knew was my most sensitive.
Thirty seconds later I was conquered.
“You bitch.” I said, weakly.
She told Lisa to read my diary out loud.
Lisa, beautiful Lisa, literally the girl next door,
yet light yeas away.
She was about to find out how I felt about her and
I was terrified.

Everything was neatly indexed;
Guys, teachers, neighbors, experiences, events, etc
The pages could be removed, rearranged and
extra pages could be added.
A perfect diary.
She read first through Guys:

Tony D.
medium large cock, funny little mole on the left side,
well trimmed pubes, cums too quick.
I thinned out some anbesol in some water and
rubbed it on his cock head and he lasted much longer.

One girl suddenly exploded,
and stormed out of the house.

Susie was still doing my tits to keep me
under control.

She said, “Look ME up”
“Cousin Susie: LOVE her to death! Unpredictable,
capable of cruelty but really a sweet person, superb
athlete, smart, beautiful.
I admire her soooo much.

Susie let go of me, ashamed.

Lisa looked up Neighbors:
Lisa, next door neighbor.
My secret crush. I love her for real.
I fantasize about kissing her and making
real love with her, not like some sick old
perv fucking me for pieces of green paper
or a necklace.
She's so beautiful but I'm too afraid to tell
her I love her.
I couldn't stand it if she went EWWW
I would kill myself.
But i'm a freak of nature. How could she love me back?
I'm not a boy, I'm not a girl. I look like a girl,
I have nice tits and a beautiful face and figure
but no guy would ever marry me.
So now i'm a whore. All i'm good for is to get fucked.

But I watch her all the time. The way she moves,
her beautiful red hair, her perfect long legs
I love it when she sings in her backyard.
Such a beautiful voice.
But I know she sees me as a freak and a filthy
whore and she's right.
I'm not worthy of her.
I was crying as I wrote that and I allowed
two teardrops to fall on the page and I held
it up so they'd run down the page.
That book was my heart.

By now everyone was silent.

Almost everyone was crying.

Lisa had started crying when she scanned her pages,
before she read it aloud.
Our eyes met. The look in her eyes made the tears
pour down my face. Pure love, kindness, compassion.

She tipped her head down at my diary and added a
few of her own tears and held it up it let them run
down the page, then set it down to dry.

I was sitting up, cross-legged,
Susie was sitting on the edge of the bed,
not looking at me, wiping away tears.

Lisa walked over to me, got on the bed and
walked closer on her knees.
Our eyes never parted for an instant.

“You dumb slut. I love you too.”
We hugged each other forever.

Everyone else silently filed out of the room
and closed the door behind them.



All the names were changed.

I loved cousin Susie to death.
She lived a few minutes away.
She was a swimmer and I loved wrestling
with her and feeling her strength and her
muscles as she pinned me down, fondled my
tits and kissed me.
We were lovers.

Lisa, my next door neighbor, caught me spying
on her a few times.
It was July. Summer vacation.
One day she struck up a conversation with
me and I invited her in.
mom was at work, my b*****rs were on one
of their stupid fishing trips.
We went to my room, I took out a brand new fifth of
Stoli vodka.
I went out to the kitchen for glasses, ice, a bottle of Perrier,
cranberry juice, then buttered two keiser rolls
and rejoined her.
I was so excited at the thought of having a girlfriend.
NO, a FRIEND girlfriend. You pervs :)

“Old Russian secret.” I said “First we eat the
buttered rolls, drink plain juice, wait a few minutes
then we drink.
I learned that from one of my (OH SHIT) f-from my doctor.
We both fell silent. I blushed.
She knew I was about to say “one of my johns.”
We ate our rolls, drank juice.
“For every drink of vodka we drink an equal
amount of water. The hydration will prevent hangover.”
“Did you learn that from too?”
she teased.
I answered, “Yeah” in a subdued voice.
Then I mixed a couple of strong drkinks.
I could tell she was not a vIrgin to alc0hol.
We talked for close to an hour, drkinking,
giggling like idiots.
At one point I said, “Don't think you're gonna get
me drupnk and have your way with me.” like a
Southern belle.
“I heard you don't NEED alc0hol to do that.” but she
said it in a friendly way.
“Fuck you.” I said laughingly.
“Yah, you'd like to.”
I blushed again, even with the alcohol lowering
my inhibitions.
I looked down at my glass and sipped my vodka and
cranberry juice.
We each made a couple of trips to the bathroom,
talked, laughed, giggled. joked.

I was so happy.

Finally we cleaned up, I walked her to the door
and hugged for a second .

She had a troubled look on her face.

I asked her what was wrong.

She looked deeply into my eyes and said,
I realize now you're a human being.
A very NICE human being.
She kissed me on the cheek and left.

I was feeling drKunk and very content.

I opened my dresser drawer to write a new entry.
It was gone.
I P'eed myself a little and collapsed to my knees.

The next day I threw on a bathrobe
and answered the doorbell.
(I went naked when mom wasn't home.)

Lisa stood there, looking deeply into
my eyes. She looked more beautiful than ever.
She walked in, handed me my diary and said,
“You dumb slut, I'm a lesbian.”
I answered “So am I” as she pressed me against
the wall and kissed me.
I opened my robe and let it fall to the floor.

We were girlfriends. Yes, lovers. You pervs :)

She explained to me later that she was scared
I was spying on her and searched my room
looking for something that might explain what
I was up to.
(She also spied and watched my b*****rs
pile into the car with our unkel for the
fishing trip.)

My diary explained everything perfectly.

I also found extra tear streaks in Lisa's entry.

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2 years ago
Fantastic story a true love story
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing this - its beautiful, and so emotional. Yes I did cry, but I'm glad I read it.
2 years ago
I think I'm going to cry...
2 years ago
A heart searing tale and a lot of familiar truths in there.
2 years ago
yes very sweet hon:)
2 years ago
A very sweet story....
2 years ago
another great story! You are so kind and wonderful
2 years ago
a true love story wow so beautiful
2 years ago
Awww thats awesome. not often you have a secret crush that crushes back...