I remember it as though it were yesterday.
19 years old, jut dropped out of college over a sex scandal
with my History professor.
I managed to find a good job in a high end boutique
because I was beautiful, sexy and could pass myself off
as classy, even though I was a cheap whore.
My boss was a perverted dominatrix and immediately
made me her plaything as a condition for my employment.
As long as I obeyed her and serviced her clients.
I was making very good money as a prostitute for rich perverts.
I found a fairly nice apartment, no penthouse for sure
but far from a dump.
I deliberately chose it as a compromise between quality
and cost. Why spend more money than I needed to?
It was a nice place and allowed me to save huge amounts
of money in my three safes and several more strongboxes
as well as my safe deposit box at the bank.
Undeclared cash cannot be put in a savings account.

Some of my clients even gifted me gold and silver ingots;
their lawyers got around the taxes.

Things were going well; I had obscene amounts of money
in the safe deposit and in my various safes and security boxes
bolted down and hidden in my apartment.
Plenty of very good weed, Viagra and Cyalis for clients who needed it,
and assorted harder dr-gs for when they wanted to get
stoned while they fucked me.

I also had a very well stocked wet bar.
My 'clients' were often kinky yet safe. They were wealthy
and gentile. Dinners at exclusive restaurants, weekends at
the best hotels.
I even had female clients.

I'm intersex, born with genital deformities that appealed to
a number of kinky fetishes.
My pussy has no vaginal canal and only two inches of
penetrable love tunnel but if worked properly would
give both myself and my customer much satisfaction.

My little penis is nothing special but it works, adding to
the kinkiness factor.
One day my Elysian bliss was shattered by my landlord, a 50 something
year old pig who was only interested in getting his dick wet and
bullying anybody vulnerable enough to be victimized..
I had just taken a shower and blow dried my hair and was wearing only
an ass high, thin white cotton robe when the doorbell rang.
security in the place was top notch so I flung open the door without fear.
The landlord walked right in along with another man who looked like
a detective.
He was are retired NYPD detective working as a private eye.

The sleazy bastards got right down to business.
I was under surveillance and they had proof I was running a
prostitution business out of my apartment and was making undeclared income.

I was scared sh!tless and started crying.

Sleazo landlord reassured me and said,
“Don't worry, we can work something out.'
I was sitting on my black leather couch between them with my legs pulled up.

As if by choreography they both touched my feet and stroked my legs.

Before I knew it my robe was open and they were grabbing my tits.

I struggled until one of them grabbed my throat and the landlord
said, “we have you by the balls, freak. Your pretty ass belongs to us.
You do what we say or you go to prison, understand, you fucking whore?”

The tears were pouring down my cheeks now as I whimpered “yes.”

You mean yes, SIR, bitch.

Yes sir, I obeyed.

I was shaking in fear, humiliation and anger.

They removed my robe, I didn't resit.

Then they both stripped as they took possession of me, tongue kissing
me, sucking my tits, fingering my pussy and ass, totally defiling me.

I shuddered and moaned in disgust and helpless shame and despair
as they stuck their cocks in my mouth, my ass, my pussy.

I shrieked in pain as the detective tried to penetrate my vagina
and I told him I was only two inches deep.

Finally they pushed me into a doggy position, the landlord found
a bottle of lube on the coffee table and was happily r@ping my
ass as the detective roughly pulled my head into his crotch and sunk his dick into my throat.
He enjoyed making me gag.
The sleazlord cummed deep in my ass and kept ramming me till he went soft then
pulled out and p!ssed on my ass.
Again I started crying in humiliation until the detective pulled out of my mouth and slapped the sh!t out of me repeatedly.


He dragged me by the hair onto the floor.
“Kneel, bitch. Open wide”
The the pig jerked off and cummed in my mouth, on my face, in my hair. On my tits.
He seemed to have an endless supply of semen.
After a minute or two he also pi!ssed on me too, mainly in my mouth.
He made me swallow what hadn't already run out onto my tits and down my belly.

They they both started slapping my face and my tits until I p!ssed myself
and collapsed into a trembling, weeping fetal position.

As they walked out, laughing, my landlord said, you're out property, CUNT!

We can do anything we want with you.

One fucking word out of your cum hole and you go to jail and lose everything.

Then he came back over and p!ssed on me one more time.

They both left, still laughing.

I curled up into a ball, just wanting to die.

Then I remembered. I had a surveillance system, activated when
the door was opened or a window was f0rced open.
Three full color views of everything they did.
I was giggling in happiness as i tapped a few keys and burned a few DVD's
and uploaded backup copies to two online storage services.
I put one DVD in a safe.
I looked out the window in time to see my two r@pists drive
off to the bar to celebrate their new acquisition.

I called 911 and reported the r@pe.
They came and swabbed me for semen and I gave the detectives
a DVD.
The online storage and passwords were in my head.
Only I knew about them or could access them.

Today I own the building live in. I also own the detective's place
of business.
I rent it out to a r@pe counselor.
I'm making a very good income.

I'm still figuring out how to use all those surveillance toys from the private dick's place

I hope those two scumbags are getting ass fucked every day in prison.

I've since bought a walk-in vault
And a panic room.

Life is good.

86% (20/3)
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2 years ago
Sometime experience helps great story
2 years ago
great story!
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2 years ago
Great tits!
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:) good
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wow thats a happy ending
2 years ago
I LOVE your big beautiful cock but it's TOO BIG
for me.
i can get half of it in my throat i think. ;)
i like when u call me slut :)
2 years ago
Great story, and well writen...
2 years ago
love the story..just like a good slut.
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Great read!!! thanks!!
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i really nice ending i love the way you write your stories...
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Nice story with a happy ending. Thanks.
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so hot and good thanks
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Awesome, very cool ending