Hi, my name is Susan

Hi, my name is Susan and I live in the West End of
Vancouver, British Columbia. My part of Vancouver has
always been alive with the never-ending beat of the
city. The clubs, restaurants and streets offer a new
discovery every day. I would like to tell you about
one of my recent adventures.

I discovered a magic show in the apartment
directly across the street from me, in the next
building one floor below mine was a guy in his early
twenties. I looked out my large window one day and
discovered to my delight the curtains of his bedroom
were wide open and there on the bed he lay asl**p.

Now I have always been a little shy when it came
to being a sexual woman, dressing in a conservative
fashion to hide my very well toned body from the
world, but underneath those clothes was something
entirely different. Who would ever guessed that this
female dressed herself in the sexiest lingerie

When at home, I have always spoiled myself by wear
nothing but the most revealing attire around my
high-rise apartment, it consisted of a black lace open
face bra with matching garter-belt and sheer stockings
and nothing else that would hide my hair-less pussy.

I enjoyed watching myself in the mirrors, which
were placed in the most revealing spots to show off my
alluring form. The picture I enjoyed seemed to be the
act of being watched while I masturbated for the
mirror. Now here before me was just the opposite as I
looked through the bedroom and spied a perfect male
body asl**p in his bed. The sight of his nude form
lying there excited me beyond description.

As I watched him sl**p, I began to caress my body
ever so slowly with my hands; I started with the
hardening nipples of my 38D chest. My lust began to
grow as I stood there playing with myself in the
window as this erotic show began. The way his body
was in the bed, I could only see his hard muscled
cheeks of a well-defined rear end.

Our luck changed as he rolled over on to his back
and displayed to me a great looking piece of man meat
that was a least six inches soft. There I was looking
at him as my fingers traveled to my bald and baby
smooth beaver and they start to rub the outside of its

My knees became weak with the excitement and
started to shake as I stood there in the window, and
so I retreated to my king size bed to continue the
handy and randy work he had initiated without waking
for his slumber. To my fantastic luck, I found that
the show could continue by sitting and leaning back
against the wall with my legs spread and bent with
knees in the air. Glancing upward to the mirror on
the ceiling I could look down at him while my fingers
disappeared inside my soaking wet box. I slowly moved
my hand back and forth to give myself a good finger

There my hand began to pound harder and harder
into that tight hole; those fingers pushed their way
deep inside until they were disappearing with every
stroke of the hand to my hot desire of being fucked by
the cock I was keeping an eye on. He began to stir as
I watched with a burning hunger that tool begin to
grow. It was amazing to see that pole grow hard to at
least nine inches of meat.

What early morning dream had aroused him to such a
beautiful erection, I could only imagine that it was a
hot wet mouth gliding up and down the length of it
will his hairless balls were caressed by a gentle
hand. Again he responded by grasping the organ and
slowly stroking its length while I continued to finger
fuck the slut hole between my legs.

I was incredibly turned on by the feeling of
erotically exposing my whorish self in such a manner;
the excitement was ever increasing. I continued to
allow myself to behave in such a way that was
liberating, which allowed me the pleasure of enjoying
the freedom to be so wantonly fucked and used in such
a way that I had only dreamed of before.

How the thrill became ever increasing, to brazenly
watch this man play with his cock, and do it before me
so freely. The fact he was now also watching me do
such a dirty and stimulating show for him at the same
time made me compliant to try more sexually appetizing
deeds to return the service.

From my nightstand came a familiar object that I
had used many electrifying times before all alone in
my private slut room, a huge flesh coloured dildo
measuring a magnificent one-foot in length. This
delightful tool had a suction cup on the end, which
allowed me to place it in the middle of the headboard
so I could fuck myself on all fours, while looking up
into the mirror to see a wild fuck a****l taking it in
her fuck hole.

So now here I was fucking myself like a bitch in
heat, with a ready audience to take pleasure from my
kinky exhibition and was I revelling in utter delight
to be afforded the excuse to perform in this fashion.
My partner in sin was beating that cock of his in time
to my thrusts against the plastic tool I was ramming
into myself from behind. It was very apparent to me
that he was seeing every magic plunge into my wet pit
of sex as he stared back at me through the mirror
above of my bed.

Together we drew closer to the point of release; I
changed position one more time to give him the final
view of me sucking that pink cock on the headboard. I
finished off by ramming my entire hand into my now
well-stretched cunt hole for the final time. This was
just the thing to bring us both over the edge as I
watched him blow a huge load of cum all over his firm
belly and chest. I licked my lips and let out my
tongue to show him my graduated for an exhibition well
done for our mutual satisfaction.

Our little shows have become routine each weekend
morning, and to my delight I found a package at my
door containing my favorite attire only in bright red
last night, also there was an invitation and his
apartment key for the next morning.

Oh, well I leave you now as I prepare for my new
week-end adventure, remember life is always presenting
new opportunities, it is just a matter of choosing
which ones to experience. Susan.
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very hot and sexy a real turn on
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hi cam we b friends??