Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. was the beginning of
a distinct chapter in my life as a young sensual
a****l. This day began as a sizzling vacation period
of time in the month of June on our infamous nude
beach just after my 19th birthday. The walk to the
naked open-mindedness among all those freethinking
individuals was exciting to me that afternoon as I
descended the thousand steps.

Arriving at the bottom of the trail, I found
myself walking along the beautiful beach through a
mass of sun worshipers, at once I began to shed my
tight T-shirt that hid my ample breasts from the light
of day. My excitement grew as I opened myself to the
view of other people, male and female alike threw a
glance at me as my ass hugging denim shorts fell the
way as my top.

I decided to explore and headed along the beach in
a southerly direction, the number of people relaxing
in the hot sunlight decreased as I went farther down.
However the boldness of some people became ever
increasing as I looked to see more and more couples
openly engaging in excited forms of lovemaking.

The spot I choose to lie down and enjoy the scene
had afforded me the perfect view of three couples
actively enjoying themselves on the beach that day.
The first pair just to my right about forty feet away
were enjoying a ravenous 69 for all the world to see
and which seemed to excite the gorgeous blond who was
greedily sucking a hard cock. Her partner was lying
underneath and was expertly tonguing the hairless
beaver on his face while inserting two fingers into
that nectar-dripping hole. She looked right into my
eyes and let out a low hungry moan of pure lust as she
suck that cock with increased actions to her partner’s
delight as he also let out a loud groan of delight.

My gaze next fell upon the second couple as they
engaged in a wild doggie-style fuck, which I later
realised was up her tight round ass. I watched with
ever-increasing joy and growing lust, as her abundant
breasts swayed with every thrust from the young man
pounding away at her rear end. The picture of these
two aroused me to such a state, that my right hand
travelled down to my now wet pussy and began to slide
a long finger between my lips while caressing the
nipples of my ample tits with the left hand.

I began to fuck myself with two and then three
fingers as the girl was on her hands and knees and
looking right at me. She began to lick her lips as
she watched me continue to work my fingers in and out
of myself, then she began to speak in a very low tone
of voice. At first the words were to soft to hear,
but as the cock thrusts into her enthusiastic ass
started to increase to such a pounding tempo, she
loudly said to me “Let me lick your honey sweet hole

This was an opportunity to experience a new and
wicked pleasure, never before had I felt the touch of
another woman, let alone a female licking my pretty
young moist box. I eagerly made my way to her and sat
right down in front of her compliant mouth, she began
to eat me with a wild and unbridled craving that no
man had ever done before. I was in such a lustful
state of bliss, which I had never enjoyed to this
level of ecstasy that I began to look for the third
couple that was in the area.

As I was looking around to see what else was
happening the young couple doing the sixty-nine rose
and came to join me as I continued to finger the wet
opening between my spread legs. He laid down to allow
her to carry on the hot blow-job she was doing, only
this time she began to finger her pussy two feet from
my face at the same time I was doing myself. My
excitement grew as I watched those long digits
disappear between the saturated folds of her damp box.

There through the sand grass I could now see two
young boys hungrily sucking each other’s meat
popcicles. Now before me was a vision of such horny
cock sucking that I immediately had an enormous desire
to do the same. My luck was with me this day, for no
sooner had I begun to let my lust take control when
those two boys got up and came over to the five of us
as we played in the hot sunlight. They read my mind
as the tallest one came over and planted his
magnificent tool in front of my face. Now my desires
were going to be fulfilled to every way possible.

There before my hungry mouth was a nine-inch cock
with a bald head that was just made for my horny and
needful sucking. My lips parted ever so slightly as
the smooth head glided into my willing oral cavity to
the utter delight of the young boy. What pure
delightful sensation it was to suck a cock while an
equally eager woman made a full meal of my dripping
wet box. All the while I was sucking the boy’s cock
he was expertly sucking his friend’s tool down that
hungry mouth. The sight of a boy sucking cock while I
did the same to him turned me on as never before. The
glorious sunshine was beaming down upon us as we five
fucked up a storm that afternoon.

I began to climax as the talented tongue of that
girl lick and the sucked my clitoris to the point of
release. Now more than ever did I need to feel a hard
prick in my pussy and the second young man removed his
cock from his buddy’s mouth and anxiously replaced her
able tongue with his rigid tool that was thick and
eight inch in length to my total satisfaction. I was
eagerly getting myself fucked in the pussy while I
sucked another cock at the same time, which was a new
and daring feat for me.

Never before had I allowed such wild and unbridled
passion to come forward and control me so complete to
the point of behaving as a wanton and willing fuck
slut. The sensation of two cocks filling me at the
same time caused me to want more and more cock. I
asked the cock in my pussy to lie down so I could sit
down on that beautiful prick and open my ass for a
third tool for the ultimate grand slam. No sooner had
I began to ride his penis when the man ass fucking the
girl pulled out of her and plunged the full lengthy
size of his gear all the way up my willing ass.

The other three in our group made a daisy chain
and watched me passionately enjoy my feast of a
three-way meat sandwich. The girls both offered to
exchange positions with me as they expressed that
enthusiastic desire to be triple fucked, just like I
was now being used and using all of those hard rods in
my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time.
Relentlessly I rocked my ass back and forth to meet
their ever so hard strokes pounding into my horny
holes. With my head turned to the right and my hand
grasping another thick hard cock I suck it into my
watery cock starved orifice, its lips and tongue
bathing the tool with long slow even massage.

Their fantastic male pistons plunged in and out of
my ass and pussy at opposite times, and ever so often
they both rammed together completely stuffing me so
that I felt like I might be stretched beyond anything
that I might be able to recover from. I loved the
complete sensation of being overflowing in every
possible way that a woman could experience, in her

What a sight I was that day on the beach, three
beautiful cocks filling every hole of mine in perfect
unison, the sensation of two cocks rubbing in and out
of my tight holes soon brought me to another shaking
orgasm. The extravagant cock in my mouth soon began
to erupt with delicious cum pouring down my insatiable
throat and then with a low groan I started the other
two cocks in a joint release of semen in my ass and

The young men pulled their tools out of my ass and
cunt which were dripping full with their liquid seed,
“More, I want more cock in me now.” were the lustful
words that left my mouth to a excited crowed around
me. No hesitation stopped two new dicks from entering
behind me and from underneath to my grateful whorish
delight. Once again I rocked vigorously to meet the
new thrusts being delivered into my ass and fuck crazy
soaked chasm as another cock slipped between the lips
of my agreeable youthful face.

We continued our sex marathon for another two
hours until all three of us girls had been triple
fucked another two times and I had eaten the first
taste of two cum filled sweet pussies, while being
fucked in the rear-end once again. The summer days of
sexual joy on Wreck Beach that year were the beginning
of my awakening to true sexual freedom and total
fulfilment to my hearts desire.

100% (5/0)
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1 year ago
We go to Wreck a lot. Would love to watch some action there, especially if it included some of those college hotties.
3 years ago
What an exciting story.
I have been to Wreck Beach a few times. The only thing i hate is the stairs. Those are crazy to have to walk down and back up. lol
4 years ago
Very Hot
4 years ago
nice one