My Sister the Tease Part 1

She walked past my room shortly after hopping out of the shower. Soaking wet. Skin glistening. And sexy as hell. I called out her name hoping I could look and those long, tan, freshly shaven luscious legs. “Josie!” I yelled. I hear her turn around and came back to my door. “What do you want now?” she sounded irritated. It worked though. I got to take a good long look at her perfectly toned thighs that I dreamt about being around my head. “Oh! Sorry didn’t realize that you just got out of the shower. I will tell you later.” that was a lie. “Whatever!” she always was sassy. She headed back to her room just a little ways down the hall. I had to go see what was under that towel.

I slowly but surely sneaked down the hall to her room. She turned on some music so I knew I wouldn’t have a problem of her hearing the door open. I slowly turned the knob (of the door, not my dick) a gave a slight push to the door just to leave a crack open enough to where I could see her. Wow… I had no idea of what I was expecting but got a better show of what I thought I was going to get.

She took the towel off of her head and let her wet long blonde hair down. I could smell the fruity shampoo that she used from here. Next she took off her towel revealing her sweet round ass. Water was dripping down her back and between the cheeks of her butt. She turned around to grab something and showed off her flat stomach that went so well with her perky C cup breasts. She also gave me a nice look at her perfectly shaven mound and pussy lips. She had that gap between her legs right under her pussy that drove me insane with lust. I have dreamt many nights about how I could suck on her tits, stick it in her nice round ass, and lick and suck her pussy for hours on end.
Her music changed to a different song and she started dancing and singing around the room naked. Her tits were bouncing up and down. Her butt was jiggling. And I was about to bust. She grabbed some lotion and put one leg up on to her bed. She started at her thigh and worked her way down to her foot. Her thighs were nice and thick, while her feet were tan, had a nice arch to them, and toenails painted red. She did the same to her other leg. Watching her lather herself up was intoxicating, watching her hands linger up and down her beautiful skin was mesmerising. This wasn’t even the best part.

She bent over her bed to reach something under her pillow. As doing so I got a nice few of that clean shaven pussy that I fantasized about. She turned back around and sat on her bed, scooting back a little so that she could put her legs up onto the bed. I look to her hand and she is lubing up a vibrator. She laid back to put her legs up onto the bed with her knees up. She slowly inserted her vibrator into her wet pussy. In and out with moans and whimpering to match. She slowly picked up the pace. Fucking herself harder and faster than before she started moaning louder to the point of her almost cumming. She stops… She laid the vibrater onto her stomach, grabbed the lube and put a little on her finger. She put her finger right on her asshole and gently inserted it. She pulled back out and rubbed her finger around the rim of her ass. Took the vibrator and embedded it back into her. She was quivering and shaking from pleasure. Rubbing her clit at the same time. Just like the first time, started out slow, then progressively got rougher. Watching her ass grip onto that fake cock was making me want to hop in there to help her out. She was rubbing herself furiously while ramming herself. She got to the edge and had to choke back a scream while she sat up from clenching her ab muscles. And there I was, head pretty much inside of her room making eye contact with her as she climaxed. As I was staring into her deep blue eyes I realized I was about to die.
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8 months ago
Loving it!!!
8 months ago
Excellent story thanks
8 months ago
now that's a hotttttt vivid story....realistic!