Cold Night With Mom

My name is Tim and I just recently graduated from high school. I am a typical big farm boy about 6’3” and pushing 200 lbs, varsity football player. I currently live and work on the farm with my very lovely mother Kate. My mother Kate is just wonderful in every way. She is loving, smart, and very, very easy on the eyes. She is 5’7”, blonde, around 130 lbs, with perky DD breasts.
My father is no longer in the picture sadly. He died of a very strange heart condition about 5 years ago.He was throwing hay bales into the back of his truck as I stacked and arranged them. I remember that day vividly, it was hard work and he looked like he was struggling. He tossed one of the last hay bales on his truck, as soon as he let go of it he clenched his chest and folded over. He was dead before he hit the ground.
The death of my father was extremely hard on me, especially my mother. She became very depressed and loathed at the thought of being with anyone else but my father (luckily for me I am a spitting image of him). Being 13 at the time I had to really pick up everything my father did on the farm, at 13 years old I was doing and lifting as much as a grown man. My mother was very grateful for me helping her. Now it is just the two of us, I have no siblings and we have no relatives close to us. I mean who would want to live in Kansas of all places anyway? Alright now that you have enough background of my mother and myself I will get to the story.
It is May, plenty of storms and tornadoes make their way across Kansas at this time of month. It’s 5pm I am out tieing down tarps, putting away tools and what not, basic storm prep. A storm was heading this way and was supposed to hit heavy at about 11pm. After I got done prepping I hear mom yelling down from the farmhouse to come up and have dinner. So I walk in the house and my mom is at the stove cooking, wearing a white tank top without a bra, and white tight booty shorts. I go up and stand next to her and grab a plate, get my food and sat down. When she sat down I couldn't help but stare at the outline of her nipples, I knew this was wrong but I don’t care. I have always saw my mom as an attractive woman, many of the girls I have been with don’t even compare to my mother.
We were eating dinner and she asked “So how was your day sweetie? Did you tie down everything like I asked?” while smiling. “Yes mom.” I said. “ My day was fine, I went out and checked on the cattle, then chopped down a few dead trees.” I always have physical labor to look forward to everyday. “So is chopping the wood the reason you are eating dinner shirtless?” she said jokingly. “Well, that completely slipped my mind to tell you the truth.” I lied, whenever I have the chance to take my shirt off, you bet your ass I will. “So what did you do today mom?” I asked. “Oh not much, just baked and took care of some things in our garden.” she said. “So do you think the cattle will knock over the fence again like they did the last storm Tim?” she asked concerned. “Probably, but I will take out the truck at maybe 12 or 1 to go look.” I said as a look of reassurance came to her face.
We finished with dinner and put our dishes in the washer, I went up stairs to the bedroom/ bathroom level. To take a shower as my mom stayed downstairs to watch one of her girly shows. After I got out of the shower I put on some boxers and walk back downstairs. My mother and I are very open and walking around in underwear was nothing new. “ Hey!” I said spooking her. “What?” Do you want to watch a movie? “Yeah that sounds fine. What would you like to watch?” she asked. “Well, Titanic is about to start soon on HBO.” I said which brought a smile out of her since Titanic was her favorite movie of all time. “Sounds good!” she exclaimed.
I sat down next to her, it was kind of cold now so I could see even more of her nipples. As I was gazing at her nipples I started looking at those tan legs of hers that I wanted around my head. Her feet had High arches in them, with painted red toenails. Everything about her made me want to rip her clothes off and fuck her for hours on end. I went from looking at her perfect legs back up to her amazing breasts. “Are you okay?” she said confused at to what I was doing. “Oh, just tired and spacing out.” I said as I sounded alarmed. Shit, I really need to be careful when fantasizing.
“I’m going to go get a blanket before the movie starts. “Good Idea!” she said. As I come back to the living room with the blanket she stands up. “Here lay down on your back if and I will lay on you since you're so tired.” she said warmly. So I handed her the blanket and laid down, she got on top of me and covered us up with the blanket. With her head on my chest I could smell her hair, it smelt like strawberries. Somehow she always smelled good, even after a long day of hard labor she would still smell like flowers. I was so worried about getting a boner after I have been fantasizing all night. I’m pretty well hung so it would be very noticeable. I could tell she could feel my girth as she lay on me, she was moving so I could adjust myself so I she wouldn't have to be laying on her sons cock. Now all i could think about is how curvy this beautiful woman was and how it felt having her on top of me.
Now Titanic is not my favorite movie so I quickly fell asl**p. I woke up to the sound of thunder, in the dark living room by myself. I looked over and it was 1 in the morning. Fuck, I need to go and check the fencing to the cattle. I ran upstairs to put on some jeans and boots. As I walk past my mom’s room about to head downstairs my mom opens the door and asks “Are you going out to the cattle?” she asked sounding dazed. “Yes mom.” I said. “I am going with you in case you get hurt.” she said. “Thank god.” I thought, she was even still wearing the same clothes that she had on at dinner. We walk down the stairs out to my truck. I opened up the tailgate (because I can’t just reach in since I have a camper shell on it) to put a 20 lb sledge hammer and grab the flashlight off the bed of the truck and walk back to the cab and got in. It was raining hard so my jeans and boots are soaked. My mom quickly scurried out of the house and got into the truck. Her shirt had transparent spots in a few places but wasn't soaked like I was. “ This weather is intense!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, let’s just hurry and get this over with.” I said.
So we pulled out onto the dirt road and drove about 1 mile worth of road to get to the cattle. “Fuck!” I yelled. The cattle knocked over the fence. I pulled off the road and drove on the now mud pit that was the pasture. About 10 off the road my truck got stuck. “ Oh shit!” I said. “What’s wrong?” my mother asked worryingly. “The damn truck is stuck, and I have to go fix that fence!” I said while opening the door. My mother yelled back “I will go out and hold the flashlight for you then!” The storm was so loud that we were practically yelling at each other to talk. So I step out of the truck in ankles deep mud and took long strides back to the truck. Grabbed the hammer and walked back past the cab and my mom got out to follow me.
The knock over posts were about 20 feet away from the truck. When we got there I directed my mother to where to put the light. “ Stand over here! Point the light at the ground so I can see the hole!” The damn hole was filled with water. “Okay!” she said. I couldn't see her for when there was a flash of lighting. She was soaked. From her head to her rain boots her all white clothing was soaked. But I had more of a priority then looking at flashes of my wet mom. I picked up the first post and put it right side up. I put the huge sledgehammer above my head, swung hard and hitting the post. I hit it so hard that you could hear it over the storm. I put it above my head and hit it again. With every hit it took, the post went deeper, and deeper. By the inches. After doing this 10 more times it seemed stable. Now on to the next one. I propped it up just like the first one and did the same routine. As I was holding the hammer above my head I looked over at my mom and she was just gawking at me. She didn't think she would be seen with it being so dark but that was simply not true. I decided to put on a show. Grunting with every swing. Making sure she got a good view of my arms and upper body. But my fun was over after a few swings. I yelled at her “Let’s get out of here, we can look for the ones that got away tomorrow!” “Okay!” she said.
We hop back into the truck me covered in mud and soaking wet and her with see through clothes. I knew it was see through because I turned the overhead lights on so I could get a good look. And my god, did I get a good look. She had pepperoni sized areolas with hard nipples, a black thong that I could see from the side of her leg into her crotch. All of her just covered in water. I couldn't stare for too long. So I started up the truck and put it in reverse. No luck. I just dug us into a bigger hole. Put it in forward. No luck. “ Are we going to be able to get out?” she asked. “Probably not. We need the tractor to pull the truck out.” the storm had calmed down slightly so there was no more yelling between us. “Well what should we do then? Walk back?” she asked concernedly. “ No, walking back would be 25 minutes through mud and the dark and we would get lost. I have another idea though!” looking excited as I said that. “What is it then?” she asked. “Well remember when Jerry and I went out hunting last week?” I asked “ Yes. What about that?” “Well I still have the wool blankets that we used that night in the back of the truck.” I said. “So?” she asked obviously not catching my drift. “Well we should get in the back of the truck and sl**p until morning.” I said. “Good idea Tim!” she exclaimed. Fuck yes. I get to sl**p with my soaking we mom with see through clothes.
We get out of the truck and trotted back through the mud. I Put down the gate and she climbed in first into the camper shell. I was holding the flashlight and I got a good look off the thong on that bubble butt. She rolled over, slipped her boots off, then through them outside. I climbed in and did the same. I shut the tailgate and then I found the lantern by the camping equipment and turned it on. “Now what?” she asked. “Let me unzip the sl**ping bag so we can use it as a mattress and I will grab the blankets.” I said. “Well how are we going to dry off?” she asked. I looked over at her and she had her arms across her boobs sitting up against the side. She was shivering so hard it looked almost painful. “ Well we won’t get warm unless we get out of these clothes…” I said. “Oh… so we are going to sl**p together naked?” she asked. “No, there are two blankets here.” I said. Fuck, why the hell did I say that? I will fix this later on. “Oh, that’s good.” she said sounding relieved.
“ Alright, I’m going to get naked so turn around and don’t even think about looking!” she said jokingly. So I turned around and she starts stripping. Little did she know that I could see her reflection off the window from the lantern. She started with her tank top. As she pulled it off the big supple breasts plopped back into place. Then she laid down and arched her back as she pulled her short shorts off of her. Damn, she was going so slow it seemed like a tease. I would have those clothes off in half a second. As she was pulling them off I was staring at her flat stomach and wide hips. Her butt was firm so she had a little trouble with the shorts since it was wet. After she got them off, she put her legs together up in the air as she slid the black thong off. Then quickly rolled under the blanket. “Your turn!” she said. I just went right to it. Didn't even warn her. I laid down and pulled my underwear down with my pants. I must have caught her off guard because as soon as they hit my knees I hear her. “ Oh my god. Tim why wouldn't you warn me?” as she said looking embarrassed and shielding her eyes. “I don’t mind being naked in front of my own mother!” I said while chuckling. I grab my blanket and laid down. She was still shivering. Knowing this might be my only chance I took it. “Mom, are you cold?” I asked knowingly what the answer was. “Yes, very. I can’t seem to warm up but it does help being out of those clothes.” she said wrapping herself tighter in the blanket. “Can you promise me you won’t be judgmental?” I asked. “Sure honey.” she said. “Well I read in a outdoors magazine that if you are naked and shared the same personal space as another naked person you will heat up more easily.” I said with a nervous stutter. “Okay?” she asked looking confused. “ Well I was just thinking that maybe we should do that.” I said. Man, I was so nervous about the answer I felt like I was going to throw up. She thought about it for a few minutes. “Okay, but we are laying back to back.” she said sternly. “Deal!” I said excitedly. I slid under her blanket. I put my blanket over us. “Is that better?” I asked. “Yeah, a little bit.” she sounded a little uncomfortable but she would adapt.
After about 15 minutes in our new sl**ping position she was still shivering. We talked about many things, girls, dad, what I want to do later in life. Until I brought up her shivering. “Still cold?” I asked. “Yes.” she said. “ Alright don’t be mad at me.” I said. “Mad about wh-, what are you doing?” she asked. Mid sentence I flipped over and started spooning her. “I am just looking out for you mom. It is not a big deal.” I said trying to convince her. “Tim this is very inappropriate… but I will let this slide for tonight considering the circumstances.” she sounded uncomfortable. My cock was up against her ass. One arm under her boobs pulling her closer to me. She was pushing me back with her feet so her ass wouldn't be on my girth. The shivering instantly stopped.
“This is a little embarrassing to say but I have always thought you were the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…” I said this hoping for a reply. “Oh you do? Even more than those tight bodied blondes at your school?” she sounded more comfortable now. “Yeah, they have nothing on you. You are incredibly sexy.” Shit. Why did I say that? “ I am?” she sounded like she didn't believe me. I pulled her back into my dick. She gasped at the jolt. “How am I sexy?” Holy shit… She is falling for it! “Well, you are smart, loving, and have a marvelous body.” “What about my body?” she asked. “You have very nice tan skin, freckled face, blue eyes, luscious lips, and long blonde hair.” “Go on.” she said. “You are very in shape, your toned long legs, and flat stomach cause me to stare.” I was now running my hands up and down her stomach and side. “Anything else?” she asked. “Yeah, your big breasts make me want to suck on them. You ass is round and firm and makes me want to tear your pants off. And your feet, are perfect. I just want to fuck you mom…” “Tim, stop, this isn't right we shouldn't be talking like this.” she suddenly snapped. “It is alright mom, we are adults, I always see you staring at me with my shirt off. I know you're lonely. I can change that.” it seemed convincing. “Well, Tim, I am your mother!” she seemed to not want to give in. So I pressed my hard cock on her ass.
“Tim!” she sounded concerned. “Are you sure you want this?” mom asked hesitantly. “Of course! Who wouldn't want to fuck a sexy woman?” Finally I had her. From this moment on I knew she was mine to do with as I pleased. “Oh, well, okay then. Just this once. Never mention this to anyone, this is a secret between you and me okay?” she said with a stern tone. “Yes ma’am!”
With the lightning illuminating the truck bed cover, the sounds of the howling wind and hard rain hitting the truck, all of it was blocked out. I was focused on the thing that I desired most in this world, my mother. I started with the kissing of her neck, slightly moving my hand up on to her boobs. They were firm, yet soft. Pinching and rubbing her nipples I was getting slightly more rough with the more I played with them. Her moaning and gasping “Oh, Tim…”. My cock in between her round ass, grinding and pushing, feeling the heat coming off of her. I pushed my cock in between her legs up against her pussy. I started rubbing my dick up against her lips, in between them, massaging her clit with my head. She was soaking wet down there, the heat was intense. “ Tim… please fuck me Tim.” she pleaded. “Not just yet…” I had other things in mind first.
I went under the blankets, rolled her on to her back, and slowly creeped down her body. Kissing every part of her as I did. I took her nipple into my mouth and got another moan out of her. Going down even further kissing her navel, then her shaved smooth mound, and finally her pussy. I licked her outer lips, the smell of pussy filling my nose. I put my tongue over her moist clit and went to work. The moans and gasps coming from her only drove me more crazy. She had her soft long legs wrapped around my head, toes curled, and was quivering from pleasure. I finished licking up the juices from her pussy, and as I did she pulled me up to her mouth heavily made out with me.
She flipped me on to my back and creeped down to my member. “I love sucking your cock. And I’m going to lick it clean.” as she said biting her lip. She took my throbbing cock into her hand, I could feel the warmth of her breath as she teased me by rubbing my manhood on her lips. She licked the head, and up and down the shaft. I was getting antsy. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock into her mouth. Still holding onto her hair she was bobbing up and down sucking and licking my cock. I let go of her air and she took me all. Deep throat. I was impressed. Then she started humming and I almost exploded in her throat right then and there. She came back up and we swapped our taste’s. “ You liked that didn't you?” She asked with a smirk on her face. “Better than my dreams.” I replied with the same expression.
After kissing a little more I flipped her onto her stomach. Grabbed her perfect hips and propped her up onto her knees. I was behind her, sliding my cock on the outside of her pussy. I took the head of my dick right on the brim of her vagina… and slid in. Her full body shaking, moaning and gasping. Sliding in her pussy was the best feeling in the world. She was super tight, extremely wet, and pleasantly warm. I slowly slid in and out enjoying the moment that I finally achieved what I have dreamed for. Holding her hips, rubbing my hands up her legs and onto her bubble butt. Everything about her was soft. Still slowly sliding in and out I decided to change things up. As I was coming back out I took one powerful thrust shoving my cock deep inside her. So I pulled out slowly and did it again. And again. And again. Ramming her as hard as I could. She seemed to enjoy the roughness so I decided to speed things up. I grabbed a hold of her long blonde hair and started pumping. I was speeding little by little to the point where she started screaming and yelling. I yelled “You like this big fucking cock? Let me hear you!” I slapped her ass hard. Then again, and again. Her yelping every time I did so. “Fill me up baby! Fuck me with that big fat cock! I want you to cum for mommy!” I was about to explode, she was on the edge of cumming. “Fuck me harder!” I started cumming inside of her. She started let out one last scream and collapsed from pleasure.
I laid back down drenched in sweat. She scooted towards me and set her head onto my chest. “Wow…” was the only word I was able to muster. “We need to do this more often!” mom said. “ I would have to agree with you on that one mom. You are such a good fuck!” “ Thanks baby, I didn't realize that you had such a big cock. Mommy is very sore now!” We were both exhausted. It was still late. We dozed off and woke up early in the morning. We got back to the farmhouse and went our separate ways to the bathrooms to shower then to bed.
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1 month ago
"Cold Night With Mom" - Eighteen Year Old Son, Tim and Late-thirties Widowed Mother, Kate.

Too fast, too short! The theme, context and premise of this story is great. Any true loving mother and son fucking, having respect, consideration and wanting to please each other, is a great story. This one fills the bill, but the details and specifically the foreplay is too limited and short.

With mother Kate being a widow for the past five years since her husband died, has probably been celibate and without sex and marital warmth and loving. She's in her prime and fertile years of womanhood and more than likely wants her son Tim in her bed from now on; he's a young man, virile and horny. They have the ideal opportunity to grow and enhance the incestual partnership, very possibly even to the event of impregnating her and having several children. After they do own a farm and several youngsters in the family would be a bountiful benefit!!
7 months ago
Way to keep mom happy...
7 months ago
Good story would enjoy hearing more .
8 months ago
good story
8 months ago
Would anyone like me to write more about this duo? Like, release some chapters and create a series.