My Friend's Panties

Hey all... Just thought i'd share this with you...

Went round to my friend's house for dinner this week and i was horny as i'd gone without internet for a few days...

I was feeling brave (thanks to alcohol) and decided to sneak into her room after a toilet break and had a look in her washing hamper... SUCCESS !!!

I am now in possession of a pair of my friend's used panties... I'm not particularly into pantie sniffing nor do i particularly fancy her but the smell of her crotch gets me so hard and the fabric feels so soft and good against my dick as i rub the two together...

It was quite a thrill to sit there with her dirty underwear in my pocket through the night but quite scary at the thought of being caught... I shall use them well and perhaps return them (hope i haven't stolen her favourites)

Of course i'll post some updates if there are any developments ;)
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2 years ago
I used my friends moms panties every chance I had.she was a pettie latina but mostly wore breifs.She had a thong but I decided to leave it so she could look sexy for her husband. I did rub on it though!Her pussy was sooo spicy good!!
3 years ago
great, i love to put my wife used panties at the laundry room on the top of washsing machine while trademan is working in my house. i watch thru hidden cam from my room saw them smelled and even licked her panties while looking at our photos on the kitchen wall making so hard.
3 years ago
I have done this many times, when the opportunity is there i wont hesitate to steal a pair of panties to cum on later
3 years ago
nice my friend.
i have done that before, a few times. it felt great to sit there, knowing when i come home i have the smell of her pussy for me alone. i always got a hard in just sitting across the table from my friend. one time i couldt not stand up because my hard penis would show.
when i am invited to dinner at a friends house, i always try to take some underware. at home i smell them jerk my penis, and then put them in a ziplck bag, with date and sometomes with a picture. i just love to smell panties and nylons
have fun enjoy... nothing wrong...
3 years ago
I love the story. Are you using them?
4 years ago
Stole my best friends sisters.
I need new ones though -.-"
4 years ago
Love this real life stuff. I got lucky in my teens with a buddy's very sexy mom's sheer red panties!
4 years ago
nice, any chance of taking a pic of you using them?!