Fiona and I (One)

Fiona was my first girlfriend, back in the 1980s when Dire Straits, INXS, Midnight Oil, Tears for Fears and The Smiths were on the airwaves; and when women didn’t shave their pubic hair. Like me she was a country girl and like me she had been sent to a boarding school in Sydney. I had known her for a couple of years before we first got together – she was a friend of my best friend’s older s****r. I was still at school at the time, but she had done her HSC and was in her second year at the University of New South Wales. Things got serious quickly, and we lost our virginity together a couple of months after we started going out.

This is the story of an evening we had together some months into our relationship. On a typical Saturday we would go to the George Adams Bar in the basement of the Hilton Hotel for Happy Hour between 5pm and six then walk up George Street to The Fortune Of War, a pub in The Rocks claiming to be Sydney’s oldest, when the alcohol got expensive at the George Adams. After getting something to eat, I would usually head back to school in time for curfew. This wasn’t a typical Saturday however.

It started as usual, but after a little while at The Fortune Of War Fiona soon let me know that she was feeling particularly horny. We decided to go back to her flat so we walked to Circular Quay and hopped on a 273 bus to Coogee. As it was summer Fiona was wearing a little denim skirt and a short-sleeve top because of how warm it was. Now Fiona was carrying a few extra kilos and as a result she had rather big tits and fairly large thighs, and she was pressing and straining on her clothes in all sorts of places that this eighteen-year-old didn’t mind at all looking upon. I used to get quite a bit of ribbing from the guys at school about her figure, but as they weren’t getting any sex I thought the laugh was on them.

Anyway, we were on the bus toey as hell, sitting down the back in the last row. For some reason we had the bus pretty much to ourselves, with only a few people picked up as the bus made its way down Elizabeth Street, and the closest person to us was a few seats in front on the other side of the aisle by the time the bus got to Anzac Parade. It was then that Fiona’s horniness got the better of her; she unzipped my shorts, put her hand inside and grabbed my cock through my underpants amid some deep, rough kissing. I was hard within a few seconds. After a few minutes of this, she withdrew her hand, looked at my now-sweaty face and said, “I have an idea”. With this she reached under her skirt, took off her panties and put them in her bag, saying “that’s better”; who was I to argue the point with her?

I begged her to let me see up her skirt, but Fiona said “uh-uh” with a smile, and went back to kissing me. The woman sitting nearest to us turned her head and gave us a look of disapproval, which only seemed to provoke Fiona into more action. She pushed me along the row of seats until I was behind the woman, put her hand inside my shorts again and this time fished my cock out into the open. Sliding back along the seats away from me, she lay down with her cheek on my left thigh and started licking at the head of my cock, which by now was hard enough to hang a towel off and was an angry red colour. Whenever the bus stopped at a set of traffic lights, Fiona would go from licking to sucking me. After about five minutes of this she sat back up and kissed me with her recently-cock-filled mouth and slid away back across to the left corner seat.

She put her right foot up on the seat, said, “now you can” and hiked up her skirt. She put her hand on her mound and spread her labia apart with two fingers, showing me her pink slit. Even three seats away I could see moisture glistening, so I hastily stuffed my cock back in my shorts and slid over to her. Fiona said, “feel how hot I am”. I lifted her foot off the seat and over my legs as I slid closer still, reached between her thighs and put two fingers inside her. Never mind hot, she was so wet! I pushed my fingers up into her as deeply as they could go, in and out, in and out, in and out; after a couple of minutes of this treatment combined with the jolting of the bus along the sub-standard Sydney suburban streets, she shuddered and clamped my forearm between her thighs as she came with a suppressed sound deep in her throat. As her orgasm subsided I took my fingers out of her pussy and brought my hand to my face, inhaling her scent deeply.

To be continued

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