My Best Friend's Dad

Just so you know, the sex scene is labeled, and it's about half way through.

"Jesus Christ Tom, can you do nothing right? I am sick and tired of you doing everything half-assed." Dad wasn't home for five minutes and he was already screaming. "Do you have any reason why I asked you to clean the dishes this morning and there are more than there were this morning?! One thing! I ask you one motherfucking thing and you slap me in the face with this shit."
"Dad, chill. I lost track of time, I'll do it rig-"
That was it, I was homeless, at least for the night. Sulking, I wandered aimlessly for about half an hour until an idea struck me. I can go to Jarrod's house.
Jarrod had been my best friend since fourth grade. Living in the south, our friendship was a little awkward, even though it was 2010, interracial friendships still weren't common. Blacks and whites still had a line separating them that may never go away. Of course, this didn't matter to us, we were just k**s.
I finally reached Jarrod's house and rang the doorbell. Surprisingly, Jarrod's older b*****r Tevon answered.
"Hey Tom, what's up?"
"Hey Tev, not much, is Jarrod around?" I asked.
"Nah man," he explained. "He left about an hour ago to meet some girl at the movies."
"Damn," I said. "Thought I could hang around for a bit. Dad and I are fighting."
"Again?!" he yelled. "You two are always going at it aren't you?"
"Seems like it, huh?" I asked.
"Well man, you can hang out, but it turns out I'm going too. Got a hot date tonight myself," he said with a smirk. "But dad's here, and he's not so bad."
"Yeah," I replied. "Your dad's cool. Thanks man."
"No problem. He's in the living room watching the game. See ya later, Tom," he added as he got in his car.
The next few hours I chatted with Mr. Johnson as we watched the game. At around 7:00, I was beginning to wonder if Jarrod was going to show his head tonight.
"Mr. Johnson, are you expecting Jarrod to come back tonight?" I asked.
"I don't know, Tom. Jarrod's a good k**, I trust him," he stated.
"Yeah, and he's a good friend," I added.
"You're a good k**, too, Tom. I know your dad is rough on you. How's it been goin' lately?" he asked.
"Same old, same old," I said. "Lots of yelling and cursing, the usual," I said.
"You better be careful," he warned. "Now that you're eighteen, he can kick you out for good. It's a shame that a good k** like you got stuck with a dad like him," he said out of the blue. "And if he ever does, I want you to know, that you will always have a home here, I like to think that I'm a good dad to my two boys, and I think of you as a son anyways."
"That means a lot, Mr. Johnson. Thank you," I said.
"Don't sweat it, son," he said absentmindedly.
Damn, the way he called me "son" got me thinking what would it be like if he really were my dad? I sat there for a few minutes thinking how happy I might be living in such a happy household with a dad who appreciated me. I snapped back to reality when I realized I had been staring at Mr. Johnson the whole time.
"You okay, boy?" he asked. "You've been staring at me for a few minutes." Just as he said that, we both saw my dick twitch in my shorts. Fucking hormones.
"Have anything you'd like to say, Tom?" he inquired.
"No, I, uh," I stammered, desperately trying to formulate a response.
"It's alright, I get it," he said with a smirk on his face. "Hormones. You must be horned up all the time, son."
There he went with the "son" thing again.
"Seeing you hard has got me a little horny, too," he continued. "Mind if I let my dick hang out? These shorts are tight."
Before I could say anything, he was already pulling the zipper down. "Ahh, feels good to let it breathe."
And there it was, the first dick I had ever seen other than my own. I couldn't help but stare at it. A thick vein curled from just below the mushroom head down to his fuzzy balls. It was a beautiful and rich dark brown, like milk chocolate. I was snapped back to reality when I heard Mr Johnson.
"Tom, you're staring again," he chuckled.
"Sorry, Mr. Johnson," I said, my face turning red.
"It's no crime to admire the male body, my boy, he said. "Would you like to get a closer look?"
I just sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds.
"Come on boy, don't be shy."
I timidly slid off the couch onto my knees and crawled over to him. My face was about a foot away from his rock hard cock. I reached out and lifted it straight up to see it's underside. It really was beautiful, especially up close. The balls were lying against Mr. Johnson's thigh, and I could tell they were low hangers.
"What do you think?" he asked. "You can get closer if you like."
I scooted up and continued caressing every part of his beautiful dick. The head was slightly spongy against my fingers, while the balls were stretchy yet firm. All this time my mouth was slightly agape, and when Mr. Johnson went to reach for the remote and turn the television off, his dick swiped my lips.
I couldn't help but lick my lips after, it was almost instinctual.
"Well, I was going to apologize for that, but it seems you enjoy it," he said. "Go on, if you want, my dick is all yours."
That was all I needed to hear. I dove onto that dick and sucked for all I was worth. Mr. Johnson moaned and groaned as I sucked greedily on his head. I moved down, swirled his fuzzy balls in my mouth and moved back up to the head.
Then, I began to go deeper until I was halfway to the base. For Mr. Johnson this was an invitation for a face fucking.
"Oh yeah baby, you like that? You like daddy's dick? I know you do. Damn, I never thought you were into this, if I had, you would have been sucking my dick a lot sooner, boy."
I was gagging and tears were streaming down my face, but I found it exhilarating. This handsome black man was using me for his primal sexual needs. I was loving every second.
After a few minutes, he stopped his onslaught on my mouth. "Damn, son, you are damn good at sucking dick," he said. "Is that your first time?"
I nodded, partly because I was awestruck, and partly because my jaw was sore.
"Well, does that mean you're a virgin, too?"
Once again, I nodded.
"Hmmm," he said. "Take off your clothes."
I slid out of everything and stood before him completely naked.
"Mmm, get on your hands and knees."
He crawled behind me and put his head between my legs. Then, he started licking and nibbling my scrotum. He licked up to the back of my balls and swiped at my anus.
"Ohhhhh," I moaned.
"You like that, do you?" he asked.
"Mmm, yes Mr. Johnson."
"Call me daddy."
I almost came right there.
He continued licking and eating out my asshole, slurping and moaning into it, making my entire body vibrate. I was on cloud nine the entire time.
Suddenly, he popped a single finger in and gently fucked my whole. Soon, there were two, then three.
"Alright, son, are you ready for daddy's big black cock?" he cooed.
"Please fuck me daddy," I begged.
"Here it comes, baby."
Unlike his fingers, he was not gentle as he slammed his dick into my hole. I yelped as the pain shot through my back. It felt like I had been torn apart.
"Fuck, son, you are so tight. Daddy loves a tight hole."
He was slamming into me nonstop and his balls were slapping against mine. My dick stood straight against my stomach.
"Let me get that for you baby," he said, taking hold of my cock and jerking it in rhythm to his fucking as he twirked my left nipple with his other hand.
"Shit baby, daddy's gonna cum inside you, son."
Torrent after torrent of cum squirted into my tight hole, sending my own cock into spasms all over the carpet. Defeated, my arms gave out and I fell to the floor. Mr. Johnson's cock came out with a squelch.
"Let me get you some pain cream for your hole, son."
Just like that, staying at Jarrod's house got much, much better.

Hey everyone, sorry if it took a little long for the story to progress. I haven't written in a while, and I have NEVER written anything sexual before, so be gentle. :) Thanks!

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2 years ago
no need to be gentle, you wrote a great story. felt like I was then letting you suck my cock.
2 years ago
That was awesome got me super hard =)
2 years ago
One hot fuckin' story! Thanks guy.
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ooooo shit gunna hv2 start wanking..great story
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gread story,when i was finsh reading i was cumming
2 years ago
i didn't have a daddy,but my best friend's daddy always gave ne a woody. he loved my girly way, but e\we never had sex
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hot man!!
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MMMM wow!!!!!!
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Really nice and sexy!
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Nothing to be gentle about, that's a great story w/ great writing.
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love your sexy storie
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loved it. give us some more.
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