Spending time with mother and friend

My friend and I like talking about each others moms and what we would do to them.One day my fried was gonna stay the night and my mother said she was going to take a shower,me not thinking anything of it my friend disappears for awhile.

So I went to see where he went,as I turned the corner to her room I hear the shower running and the door cracked open.As I peeked into the room I saw my friend sniffing my moms still warm panties.I slowly walked in trying not to make a noise.

As I sneaked up I saw my friend unzipp his pants and pull out his quickly harding cock sniffing moms panties.Then he got bold and slowly opened the door to the bathroom in her room.Hearing the water splashing livened up the once quite room.

He kept pounding away at his cock inhailing moms aroma.I Continued to follow him being as quite as possible,then out of know where a noise came from the shower...
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3 years ago
is very irritating ... sexual excitement description
3 years ago
Very hot love to hear more please!
3 years ago
Can't wait to hear the rest of this!
4 years ago
good start more details
4 years ago
Hot but not very long needed more story thanks
4 years ago
That's just the beginning, when I was getting a hard on you stopped!
4 years ago
hot story what happened then