Unforgettable High School Idol

This wasn't my first time, but it was one of the first - and I'll never forget it.

In the high school locker room one weekend after a practice, I was left to hand out the towels to the last few guys. As usual, I checked them out, being careful not to be caught staring. All varieties of bodies - and they used plenty of towels.

They’d all finished and had drifted out, leaving only Mike P----- (medium-tall, nicely built, blonde guy, with a long, pretty dick - about 6" soft and uncut). He was also a super nice guy - a senior, like me. He had a really handsome face and a truly beautiful body - broad-shouldered, lightly muscled, and very smooth, except for his armpits, legs, and a thick dark gold pubic patch.

It was nothing new, my looking - except that this time he saw me. He stared back, put his towel around his neck, and asked "Like what you see?"

I nodded. He walked closer, right up to me, and stood, toweling his longish hair. As I stared, his cock twitched. He grinned, stared me in the eye again, and his smile grew wider as he said, "Wanna touch it?"

Hypnotized, I nodded again.

"Go ahead, " he said. Then my heart just about stopped as he tossed aside the towel, took my hand and put it on him - right on his cock.

I just about fainted. It was very warm and swelling, growing firm as I grasped it reverently. I caressed him, and he sprang a woody. His stiff dick grew by about half the length, and swelled thicker above his large balls, which hung free and loose in a nice, smooth scrotum.

I stroked him for quite a while, nice and slow, marveling at the wonder of his hard, spongy meat.

Me legs felt weak, so I sank to my knees. Also to get a better close-up look at his dick, which was oozing pre-cum. His thighs were taut; his golden rod was uncut.

"Go ahead, " he said. "Get a good look. Want to lick the head for me?"

Did I ever! I slowly peeled back his foreskin with my lips, and began to taste.

I'd always thought of myself as the tall, skinny, hairy dark-haired k** with glasses, kind of nerdy, good-looking enough - and I’d managed to suck a few cocks in a local park. But this was my idol offering me his beautiful meat. He wanted my mouth on it.

Once I was licking, I heard him groan, "Awww, man, that feels so GOOD!"

"Please, suck me?" He was almost begging me, but certainly giving me permission.

So I did. I took his cock slowly into mouth. He moaned and began a rocking motion, slowly putting more and more of it into my mouth. It must have been over 8 inches - maybe 9. When I reached the gag point, I looked up into his green eyes questioningly.

"Don't worry, " he said. "Just take what you can. A--- (his girlfriend) never can.”

With that, I slowly continued inching forward onto his stiff rod, and began to rock back back and forth, savoring the taste of his pre-cum, his spit-slick cock easing its way down my throat until he was balls-deep inside me, his blonde pubes almost tickling my nose and lips.

"Mmmm" was all he could say as he fucked my mouth. I went at it like a desperate man will - greedily, hungry for all of him.

I began to stroke my own stiff 7-incher.

Every so often, I'd stroke Mike with my hand, the spit working as lube, the foreskin rolling back and forth in my palm.

By now his legs were stiff, and his cock rock-hard.

"Oh, man, " he said softly. "Careful, dude. You're gonna make me cum."

"Go ahead," I said, plunging back down onto his meatpole.

He began to fuck my mouth in in earnest now that he knew I could take it.

His moans turned to gasps, quicker and quicker, until he couldn't hold back any longer.

He gave an incoherent cry as he rammed it balls-deep in my mouth.

"Oh, fuck," he cried. "Take it dude! Swallow my load!"

His now rock-hard cock was down my throat, and his balls began to draw up. I fondled them gently, supporting the rapidly shrinking wrinkled scrotum.

His cries became almost whimpers as he once again pounded it down my throat.

"Oh, man, " he cried.

And then he began to come. He held it there, his pubic bone tight against my face, his golden fur crushed against my chin, as he began to squirt sweet cum down my gullet.

I could feel his cock pulsing, and I tightened my throat muscles to make it feel good for him. Three, four, five hot jets of cum went down my throat, and I gulped hungrily. I'd been waiting for this all of my high school years.

I came too, hot jets spurting into the air, onto me, and onto his beautiful feet.

One final teaspoon of his cum I held in my mouth, savoring the taste around his cock. Yep, sweet, but with a slight buttermilk aftertaste.

I reached up to caress his chest. The quarter-sized rose nipples were in peaks, warm against my palms. Then I stroked back down, hoping I'd remember every detail of his magnificent torso.

Mike looked down at me, still crouched on the tile of the locker room floor.

"That was great," he said. "Thank you - and don't worry, I'll never tell anyone about this. You're wonderful - and not just at this." With that, he began to draw out of my mouth, still uttering gasps of pleasure.

He reached down, grasping my arms and pulling me up. As I stood there, uncertain, he took me into his arms, hugging me and kissing my neck.

"Man, that was really something. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, but I'll never forget it. Best sex I ever had, bar none."

And he wasn't lying. He was one of the most popular guys in school, and had had quite a few girls following him for years. He'd dated almost all of them, and sex was part of the dating process back then.

I stood, cradled against him, and then smiled.

"Look," I said, opening my mouth to display his cum, which I then drooled into my palm. I took a little on one finger and moistened my lips with. Fantastic.

He smiled, and asked "Can I play with that, too? Never tasted my own spooge before." With that, he scooped his gism out of my hand.

He tasted it. "Pretty nice," he said. And then he took his cock in hand, coating it with jizz. He also slicked mine up with it, stroking both of us firmly, but tenderly.

"C'mon " said, grinning. "We'd better get cleaned up. I hear if you rub this into your skin, it's good for it.

He did so, and I knelt again to kiss his beautiful feet, licking my own cum off them. He bent over, massaging my shoulders, then drew me up again and took my hand to lead me to the shower, where we washed each other slowly and sensually.

Later that day, his soaped finger invaded my rectum for the first time . . .

But that's tale for another time.

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1 year ago
sensual and gave me a boner
1 year ago
2 years ago
Thanks! More!
2 years ago
hot hot story..............................SHOOTERR
3 years ago
So hot. I can't wait for it to continue.
3 years ago
Super hot story.
You write very well. Hope you continue.
3 years ago
Wow that was so hot mzan what a way to suck cock thanks
3 years ago
That was a huge turn on for me....I love gay sex!
3 years ago