Surprise Gift

Met a friend (Adam) at his place. We've been hooking up for a few months, but this time he surprised me with Joel, a blond, blue-eyed nordic type -- in the bedroom on the first floor, which had NO curtains. Nice indirect, mood lighting.

Joel was 19, with a nice 8-incher, the face of a Botticelli angel, skater boy legs, and the body of David. He was sprawled on the bed, on his back, wearing a pair of loose white shorts that displayed his cock and balls to great effect, and smiled at me when I came through the bedroom door.

Great kissing and touching. We explored our bodies for a while with our hands and mouths.

Hi skin was very smooth, a little bit salty, and his sweat was almost sweet as I ran my tongue from his pits down toward his crotch.

I took my time, sneaking a peek up at him. He was staring me straight in the eyes, and broke into a smile, then pushed me over onto my back and kissed me once more before he went straight to work on my cock.

He sucked me for about 10 minutes, slowly, quickly, running his tongue around my cockhead and playing with the foreskin. I sucked him until he was squirming, and then rolled him over to screw him from behind. It's easier for bottoms that way, to get them used to a cock up the ass. Once he was ready, I kept my cockhead in him as I rolled him over. I love to screw from behind, so I can stroke the bottom's cock, but I really love looking straight into a guy's face and watching the pleasure building.

Joel like to be kissed while being fucked, and his mouth was a pleasure to kiss. I kept the pace nice and slow, fucking in and out while I played with his chest and nipples. When I thought he was ready to take it hard, I gave him a deep, hot kiss, hoisted his knees over my shoulders, and slowly shoved my cock in as far as I could go.

I looked a question at him, and he smiled broadly, and nodded. He stared me straight in the eyes the whole time. I started really fucking him roughly, and he began moaning. His cock stiffened up and began to slap between our bellies with the rhythm. When he was ready, I held his wrists as I pounded him missionary style.

Great sex! I could feel his ass muscles clamping on my cock as I rammed home and shot up his pretty butt. And Adam said he'd never seen me like that. Didn't ever know I could top, let alone turn into the perfect fucking machine.

So we did it again, this time jacking each other off. I came on his face, which set him off. Nice white ropey squirts (about 6-8) that jetted a good three feet. We caught some of it in our mouths before we fell asl**p, spooning, with Adam up my ass.
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3 years ago
Wow. Super hot.
3 years ago
True story, too.
4 years ago
Very hot story, thanks!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Now that was fun had to jack off to finished your story it was that good thanks