I've decided to share something I couldn't talk to anyone about for three decades.

Way back in the 1970's, as a bored high school student, I took a class that sounded rather interesting.."Aquatics"..for my required physical education. The class was in the afternoon (after 'lunch')and held off campus at the nearby YMCA swimming pool. Ms. Howard taught the class, a skinny little bitch who thought her shit didn't stink and everybody loved her. Having been an AAU swimmer I knew the class would be a breeze and I'd get a good grade. What I didn't know is that my friend & I would be the only two males in the class,...with over a dozen of the finest looking babes in the school making up the majority in attendance. They were in bikinis, they were in those clingy Speedo lycra one piece suits, they were looking so hot we wanted to fuck them all but couldn't.
Well, I'd noticed that the women's dressing room had a sauna like the one in the men's...I had sneaked in there -after the girls all changed and gone out to the pool- to get an idea of what their dressing room was like. All the clothes were neatly stacked, there were no lockers, many pairs of clean & soiled underwear..again, from some of the most beautiful girls in the school.
So, I got to thinking...the vents for the saunas were on the door, one at the top, one at the bottom..and if the light were off inside the sauna, one could clearly look out without anybody knowing there was anyone inside. I noticed the key to these saunas was on a keyring the YMCA director often left laying around.
I got the key, told my buddy, & we got down their plenty early in order to sneak into the women's sauna before the girls got there to change. Of course we smoked some good imported gold weed from Columbia before the anticipated show.
Stoned we were when the young ladies began to file in...with my friend standing looking through the top vent & me laying on the floor looking up through the lower vent. Within minutes we were both sporting boners & began jerking ourselves off while looking up at those cherry fresh bushy cunts & down at the pert all-nipple-tipped tits. This went on for months & we never got caught, never told a soul because several of these babes had boyfriends that would've beaten the shit outta us if they knew we had cast our eyes upon those supreme boxes & boobs.
Years later my friend confessed that he had ejaculated onto the crotch gussets of the 'clean' pair of panties they'd put on after swimming, that he had watched several of the babes put on these cum-filled underwears without noticing the dollops of spooge on the crotch, some he said actually would dig it in after putting them on. Often we would bring a pair into the sauna to sniff while we jerked off, but messing them like he did was crazy...what if someone got pregnant?
Nobody ever got pregnant, nobody ever found out or knew...and to this day we can close our eyes & still see those 15, 16, & 17year old girls buck naked
drying their pussies & tits off...
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3 years ago
Too bad there were no handycam's around back then!
4 years ago
solid walls & no aquatics or sauna
4 years ago
the girls locker room was right next to ours and you could get up on top of the lockers and stick your head up in the rafters and see into their locker room and watch those hot sweaty pussies and titties while they were takin a shower. Jacked a lot of loads on top of those lockers!