Not What I Intended.. (Stepfather-Daughter)

It All Started When I Turned 18. My Father Sorta Started Coming Onto Me. At First It Was Ok, But Then It Got So Bad He Once Walked Up To Me With A Hard On. I Was Mortified Because I Wasn't Sure If I Should Do Something Sexual Or Simply Walk Away. I Looked Down And Decided, Fuck It. I Got Up And Pulled His Boxers Down Grabbing His Dick And Pumping Back And Forth. Now You Might Think This Is Fucked, But Really Just Wait. As I'm Pumping His Dick It Slipped My Mind That My Mother And My b*****r Were Coming Home Soon! I Stopped Abruptly And Ran Upstairs To My Room And Sat There Shaking. I Was Thinking "What Have I Done.." I Felt Like A Whore, Cheap And Slutty. I Just Shook It Off For Then And Laid Down In Bed, Drifting Off To sl**p. I Woke Feeling A Tad Bit Horny, I Must Have Dreamed Of My Ex And The Crazy Sex We Had. I Smirked And Walked To My Drawer To Get My New Toy ;D I Smiled And Slipped My Pants Off. I Laid Down Again And Slipped The Tip Of The Toy Into My Wet Pussy. Moaning A Tad Bit I Looked Down And Slipped It Halfway In. Moaning A Little Louder I Realized It Was Only 6:30 Am And Quited Down A Little Bit. But It Was To Late. My b*****r Walked In With A Slight Boner. " Jeremy! " He Smiled And Walked Over. "Get Out Jeremy, I Will NOT Do This." Although You Were Pretty Horny You Could Not Fuck Jeremy! He Was Nineteen And His Dick Was Pretty Big But I Would Just Feel Slutty. As The Vibration Continues And He Just Stands There I Think..Well..I've Got Nothing To Lose. I Get Up, Slipping The Dildo Out Of My Pussy And Walking Over To Him. He Smirked And Lowly Said, Obviously Trying To Seduce Me "I Win." I Giggle And He Rips My Shirt Open And Gropes My Breasts Through My Bra. He Smiles And Reaches To Undo It. After It Drops To The Floor He Sucks On My Tits Until They Become Hard And Kisses Down My Stomach. He Picks Me Up And Carries Me Over To The Desk I Have In The Far Left Of My Room. He Sets Me On It And Pulls Out A Condom And Sets It Beside Me. He Kisses Me And I Smirk. He Reaches Down To Rub My Pussy And Slips 2 Fingers Inside Me, Slowly Changing That To Three Fingers. Moaning On His Lips I Get Up And Drop To My Knees Smiling And Pulling His Boxers Down. I See About 8 Inches. I Wrap My Lips Around His Big Purple Tip. Feeling Veins Popping Out On His Erect Cock.I Latch My Fingers Around His Shaft And Start Pumping Slowly. Feeling His Urethra With My Tongue. Precum Oozed Out And I Licked It And Swallowed. Right Then My Mom Walked In...I Gasped And She Just Smiled And Came In Pushing My Head All The Way Down And Yelled "Stop Teasing The Boy!" She Grabbed My Dildo And Knelt Down Beside Me Whispering Dirty Things As She Fucked Me With The Dildo, And I Continued To Deepthroat Jeremy. " Maria! " He Called My Name And Held My Head Down As Cum Shot Down My Throat. Just As Dad Walks In Too... Great -_- He Walks Over As I Swallow Jeremys Cum.

More, Just Say So For Part 2 ;D
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2 months ago
More... More! ...MORE!!!
2 months ago
wow that is hot! wish i walked in on you
1 year ago
love your stories :)
2 years ago
More please
2 years ago
yes, more story,please

2 years ago
Yes more Please.
2 years ago
more plz
2 years ago
2 years ago
Please more
2 years ago
More more more more. Please.