Omegle cybering C;

Stranger: i am admiring your boobies

Stranger: and imagining myself softly pinching your nipples :P

You: :D And I can imagine myself..Maybe moaning..Mayybeee if your good enough :3

Stranger: ohhh, youll moan

Stranger: i am pushing you back by your boobs agaist the wall

Stranger: and pressing my hips to yours so you cant move

You: Oh wow, So I ended losing control...Hehe well I like your style C:

Stranger: ;)

You: What if I were to then turn the tables and kiss your neck licking down your chest and sucking on your stomach ? Would you like that, Or am I the only who would enjoy that?

Stranger: oooooo, thats not fair

Stranger: yeah, that would def put u back in control lol :P

You: So after I regained my control I would slowly rub your stomach which would then obviously lead to my hand going to down to rest on your cock C:

Stranger: and then...

You: And then id have too slowly stroke you.. Until your got really hard

Stranger: and then...

You: Heheehe And then id have to slide down and take the tip of your cock in my mouth stroking you roughly with both hands going opposite directions with both hands twisting them on your cock C:

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2 months ago
Haha mean! Get him all hard then Indian burn his cock!? Am I the only one who caught that? Hahaha. Maybe I misread it but that's what I got
1 year ago
It seems like you know how to handle the cock!...
2 years ago
The stranger is one lucky guy
3 years ago
ok im turned on... lol
3 years ago
I would love to be the Stranger.