Milking my ex-wife Angelique's huge tit'

Milking my fat ass wife Angelique’s huge tits...
Using a real cow milking machine.....

Angelique really tried like hell to please me from the day we met in anyway she could just to show me just how much she thought she loved me and wanted to stay with me, cause I was the best thing that ever happened to her fat ass and she damn well knew it. Hell she would do any damn thing I told her to do, no matter how wild, fucked up or i*****l it was. I explained to her the first time we ever went out, “which was right back to my house where I easily fucked her stupid fat ass after only having her there for 4 or 5 minutes” how much I liked my woman to do extremely wild and very damn kinky sex acts for me and she was all for it from the way she reacted by smiling and blushing. Hell she couldn’t wait to see how far we would actually go, mainly due to the fact that she had lead such a sheltered life, well up till she met up with me that is. She was 16 when we married and after 2 long years of living with her fat bitching ass I’d seen just how fuckin dumb and gullable she really was and how far she’d actually go just to keep me from divorcing her fat ass and making her move back in with her sorry ass mom and dad. So I took full advantage of that weakness she had shown me. I started treating her like shit, telling her she wasn’t worth a god damn and how no other man in his right mind would ever want her fuckin fat ass for anything other than a quick fuck every once in a great while when he was truly hard up and she was the only fat ass bitch he could find to dump his load of cum inside! I quickly and very damn easily had her self-esteem crushed as low as it would possibly go, but everything I did to her just seemed to make her cling to me that much more and I knew I could use that aginst her fat ass too. I knew I had the dumb fat ass bitch right where I wanted her after I had broken her down so damn bad.
So I made up my mind to turn her stupid fat ass into my own personal sex slave and whore her out where at least I could make some money off her by letting others use and abuse her fat ass, hell I wasn’t going to stay with her especially after I started forcing her to fuck all of my friends that came over to my house. Hell she enjoyed doing that shit way too damn much after I f***ed her to do it day after day, several times a day with different men each time!
It wasn’t long before I started renting the stupid fat cunt out to friends of mine when they would have these “private parties” and needed a stripper or a whore to perform or do extremely nasty sex acts while everybody at the party watched her or ran fuck trains on her. I always told ‘em once she’s rented out for the night and you’ve paid me for all the work she’d be doing, then they could abuse her fat ass for however long they wanted to use her for I didn’t give a shit about her. I didn’t give a god damn about that fat ass whore anymore! And they all did too, they used the hell out of that fat ass slut, real damn good several times! She got to be such a whore that she would tease men and women that came by our house by wearing skimpy little clothes that showed off everything they wanted to see and then even more they never expected to see.
After I’d paid for her 4th Abortion in less than 12 months the stupid cunt got her fat ass knocked up again not even a month later! When she told me she was pregnant again for the 5th fuckin time in less than a year, I got mad as hell at her and whipped her fat naked ass with my belt for a few minutes! I said, you God Damn lazy slut you’ve got to start making all these men pull out of your pussy and cum in your mouth or on your body, shit anywhere but up inside that damn baby makin pussy of yours! Hell beg them to pull out and shoot off into your mouth. Tell ‘em you’ll hold all of their cum in your mouth till they are finished shooting off then they can watch you hold your mouth open and slowly swallow every damn drop of it and most of ‘em will be glad to watch you do that. She simply said, oh ok baby that’s a good idea. That’s when I got the idea to see just how far I could f***e her stupid ass go to keep me from kicking her sorry useless fat ass to the curb. It was Friday afternoon and I was about to start my plan. I came in from work and I acted like I was really pissed off at her the second I walked in the damn house. I started cussing her and telling her all she did all day was lay around here watching TV and get fatter and lazier and I was fucking sick of it, hell you ain’t even cleaned up the fucking house you dumb whore! I said, this is it Angelique I’m getting rid of your fat ass today! She started crying and begging me not to leave her, just like I knew she would. Baby I’ll do anything you want me to do baby just please don’t leave me, she was trying to kiss me and hug me and I just shoved her fat ass away making her fall onto the sofa. She said, baby I swear I’ll do any fucking thing you want me to do to make all this shit up to you!
I thought for a few seconds then said, ok we’re gona see just how fuckin bad you really want to stay here, follow me ya fat ass slut. I took her in our bedroom and said go wash your damn face so you won’t look like a damn raccoon with all that makeup running down your face dumb ass. She did then I said, take off all your clothes. She took ‘me off and I handed her a thin rain coat and told her to put it on. She did and I said, now go get your fat ass in the damn truck ya fat bitch! She looked at me for a few seconds like she wanted to say something, but she went on out and got in the truck like I told her to do. I followed her outside, got in and drove us over to the dairy farm my friend owned. We pulled out on the road and she said, baby where are we going with me dressed like this? I said you’ll see just shut the fuck up and be glad I brought you with me ya fat ass whore!
We got to the farm I pulled over to the dairy barn. I got out and said wait here in the truck I’ll be back in a few minutes! She smiled and said, ok baby I love you. She’s so damn dumb she didn’t have a clue what I was up to. I went in the milking barn where my friend Calvin was waiting for me. I told him when I walked inside; ok I got the fat ass whore outside in the truck completely naked except for a rain coat is the milking stall ready for her fat ass? Calvin laughed and said, hell yea it’s ready and waiting on the bitch. I just got to go start all the video recorders. I said, ok when you start recording walk out to the truck and tell Angelique to bring her fat ass in here to me. If she does happen to ask you why, just say “hell girl I don’t know, you want me to go back and ask your old man why he wants you to come in there?”
She’ll come on in, cause she thing’s I’m already about to kick her pregnant slutty ass to the curb. He laughed saying no she ain’t knocked up again already is she? As he went outside to get her. I said, hell yea but I gona make her fat ass carry this one a few months before we suck it out of her like all the others. I walked over to the milking stall we’d set up especially for Angelique and waited. About a minute later she came in followed by Calvin; she said did you want me baby? I said, come over here ya fat ass. She walked over to me. When she got where I wanted her, I said, take that coat off. She looked at me with this dumb puzzled look on her face then she looked back over at Calvin. I said, aw hell bitch hurry up! Hell it ain’t like Calvin hasn’t already seen your fat ass naked plenty of times! She shrugged her shoulders as if to say yea well I guess he has at that, and she undid the belt that held the coat closed and took it off. Calvin took the coat and hung it over a rail. I said, now get your big pregnant ass up on this platform up on your hands and knees just like a damn cow. She giggled and said, are you serious? I said, Shut the Fuck Up and Get your dumb ass up on this platform before I take my belt off and beat your ass again!
She slowly clamed up on it saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this crazy shit.” Baby does this prove how damn much I love you? She asked me. I said, not yet bitch, not even close. Now listen to me. Calvin is going to hook your big fat juggs up to this milking machine then we’re going to milk you completely dry, so hold your big ass still till he is done with your tits!
Calvin walked up besides her laughing and took the milking unit out of its holder behind her (the one that we had specially modified to only work on a woman’s tits). We just blocked off two of the four suction tubes where only two of the big suction tubes would pull a vacuum and the two we were not using would be closed off. Calvin said, hey Cliff flip that switch beside you where the vacuum pumps will kick on. I flipped it on as Calvin reached up under Angelique and roughly grabbed hold of her huge left titty and squeezed it hard as hell. He said, here we go Angelique as he attached the big vacuum tubes suction cup to her big hard pink nipple. The suction in the tube quickly pulled Angelique’s nipple and a lot of her 4 inch wide areola right down into the suction tube about 3 inches before it sealed and formed a tight vacuum around her nipple! Angelique brought her head back a little bit and let out a loud squeel when it sucked her big nipple down into that tube and sealed itself! Calvin laughed and reached back under her again and grabbed her right titty, he attached the suction tube to her nipple, and it quickly sucked that nipple down into the tube about 3 inches before it formed a tight seal around her nipple which was sucked down into the tube about the same as her left nipple was now and Angelique let out another loud squeel from the amount of suction pressure that was being applied to her nipples! Calvin laughed at her saying, damn ya fat ass it hasn’t even started pumping your big old tits yet, hell that’s just the vacuum pressure to hold the collection tubes on your damn nipples so they won’t keep falling off! Angelique tried to play it off by saying, “I know that, I was just fuckin with yall, it don’t hurt it just feels kind of weird being done like this out in public like yall got me up in this barn.” Calvin walked over to the control panel and started to increase the suction pressure on the milking pumps. He said, Cliff watch Angelique’s nipples while I’m turning the suction pressure up, if her milk don’t start flowing into the tubes in a couple of seconds we’ll have to stick a needle into both of her nipples about 15 or 20 times then squeeze her tits for a few seconds kind of hard to f***e all of the little milk holes in her nipples to open up all the way.
I said, ok and watched as he increased the pressure on her. He said, ok it’ll start pulling on her nipples for about four seconds then releasing them for one second and cycle like that.
I said, yea it’s pulling on ‘em then it’ll release ‘em for a second. I can see her nipples going up and down about ½ to ¾ of a inch, but there still isn’t any milk coming out of ‘em. He turned it up higher, and her big pink nipples started moving even more. I said that’s about a whole inch of movement now. Calvin turned it up higher and said, how about now? As Angelique moaned and squeeled a lot louder from the pain it was causing her nipples I said, oh hell yea her damn nipples are stretching out real damn good now, they got to be stretching over 2 fuckin inches! He turned it up just a little more and came back over to where I was beside Angelique. He looked at her nipples and said; hell fire yea looks like we’re going to have to f***e her damn milk holes to open up. I said; ok let’s open them fuckers up then. He said, Cliff if you’ll squeeze on her left titty, I’ll work on her right titty and we’ll have your pregnant bitch producing milk just like one of my damn milk cow’s in a few minutes if we don’t have to use the needle’s on her. I said, ok as he moved over to her other side. He said, look just wrap your hands around her titty at the base and squeeze it kind of tight while you’re pulling down on it like this. I did just like he did and we both grabbed hold of Angelique’s big tits and started squeezing and pulling down hard on them big milk juggs of her’s. Angelique screamed out in pain as we did this to her over and over! Hell just about the same time we squeezed on ‘em 3 times, milk started squirting out of her nipples from several different little holes all at once!
I said hell yea now her damn milk’s flowing, so we let go of her tits and just stood there watching her. Calvin said is this the first time you’ve got any real milk out of her tits since she started back lactating again? I said, oh hell no everytime somebody fuck’s her and they suck on or pull on her nipples she’ll drip milk the rest of the night and just soak the fuckin bed! He laughed saying, you realize now that all them little milk holes in her nipples have been completely f***ed open the way we did ‘em she’s going to really leak milk after her tit’s start to fill up everyday from now on. Before her milk was probably just coming out of one or two of her little milk ducts, but the way we just f***ed all the holes in her nipples to fully open up when we squeezed her tits so damn hard a few minutes ago they won’t close back up for several months or until you stop milking her fat ass whenever you decide to do that. I said, shit we don’t have to worry about that because I’m planning on milking her big fat tits twice a day from now on just like we’re doing her right now with this machine, so we need to give her fat ass the injections you give the cows to f***e them to keep lactating. How much milk do you think she’ll produce for us a day? I asked. He said, well one of my cow’s will produce 6 to 8 gallons a day, and if you milk Angelique twice a day just like this hell we can probably f***e her to give us at least a gallon as big as her god damn tit’s are now and they are gona get bigger too. Her tits will get a hell of a lot bigger too now that we’re draining ‘em out like this using this industrial pump on her fat ass and with herbeing pregnant on top of that too. I said, no shit they really will get bigger? He said, oh hell yea man her fucking tits will get several sizes larger than they are now especially if we completely empty ‘em a few times everyday. Her body will think it’s producing milk for a baby and the more her tits are completely emptied out the more milk her mammary glands will produce which will cause her tits to grow and stretch even bigger, and as long as they’re milked she’ll make more milk each day just like a fuckin cow does. I said, hell fucking yea! I walked up beside Angelique and said, well how does your big tits feel while they’re being sucked dry like this? She turned to me and said, it hurts a pretty good bit, but baby as long as it makes you happy with me then it’s ok with me baby. I said, well then you’re going to be over here doing this twice a day from here on out, every single day. She didn’t even argue with me, which surprised me. Calvin got close enough to both of us where he knew Angelique could hear what he was about to say and he said, Cliff I know some guy’s that’ll pay damn good money to watch this shit being done to Angelique if you’d video tape it and sell ‘em a few tapes of her. I mean it’s just an idea if you were interested in doing something like that with her, he said smiling. I went along with it and said, aw bullshit who would pay to see a fat ass whore like Angelique here getting milked like a damn a****l! He said no bullshit I swear. I said, damn then we’ll have to check into it. I said, what do you think Angelique, hell you’ve already fucked everybody within 40 miles of here, and it isn’t like you ain’t real damn popular with ‘em. She said, but what if my f****y were to find out about a video like that of me having this done to me baby what would they say? I said, oh God Damn come on now Angelique, hell you’ve had the reputation of an absolute cum whore for several years now and I’m sure they’ve done already heard it all a thousand times so don’t even pretend to worry about that bullshit!
She looked down and said, well ok baby if that’s what you want me to do for you. I said, yea it is. I said, Calvin go ahead and check into selling some videos of us milking Angelique like this and see how much I can make off her pregnant ass and I’ll cut you in for a damn good percentage of the sales we make since we are using your machine and all and your time as well. He said, you got a deal b*****r. We again started watching as Angelique’s huge tits were pumped completely empty of all her milk. Calvin said, damn look at her collection jug. She’s doing real damn good, hell we’ve already pumped over half a gallon of milk out of her tits and it’s only been pumping her out for about 10 minutes or so. I looked over at the huge glass collection jug and saw the amount of milk she had in it and I said, damn it bitch you’re doing good so just keep it up for us. She said, but baby these suction tubes are really starting to hurt my titties the way they’re pulling and stretching my nipples out like this. I said, oh God Damn you’re a tough fat bitch, don’t start whining about a little bit of pain already just suck it up and make us proud of you, you’re gona be a porn star pretty damn soon. After I said that, it was like it gave her a big boost to her ego and she actually smiled and said, am I really making you proud of me by doing this for you baby? I said, of course you are Angelique, hell you know I like to see you show off and you’re doing a good job now that we’re milking you like this. Oh hell I made her day when I said all that bullshit, she was all smiles now and starting to get into it a lot more by moaning and humping herself back and forth in the stall as her breast milk kept on flowing for a few more minutes! I walked over to Calvin and he said, man Angelique has got to be the dumbest fucking white whore I’ve ever met! Hell all you had to do was show her a very little attention and it just made her fucking day. I said, I told you the cunt was dumb as hell! Hay go into the other room and bring one of the small video cameras back in here, I wana see how she’ll react to us video taping her right now. He said, you sure about that? I said, well hell you saw how she acted after I gave her just a few words of attention, I want to try video taping her today and we’ll see how she does on tape. He said, ok and went to get it. I walked back over to Angelique and said, damn bitch look over there in that collection jug at how much of your milk we’ve already pumped out of your big fat tits, it’s up to nearly ¾ of a gallon and this is your very first time being milked on the machine. Hell you’re doing damn good Angelique, I’m proud of all that damn milk. She smiled big as she could and said I’m really trying my best to please you baby, just like I told you I would. I said, you damn sure are and I like it too!
Calvin came back and gave me the handheld camcorder and I said, ok Angelique I’m going to record you for a little while so put on a good show for the camera ya fat ass bitch. She said, ok baby and she put on a pretty good show while her huge tits were being milked like a damn cow. Calvin looked at the jug and said, damn bitch you’re milk is still coming out pretty damn good, hell I figured you’re fat ass tits would be getting empty by now!
She looked at him and said, would you do me a favor and check my tits and see how they feel to you Calvin, I don’t really know when they’ll be empty since this is my first time being milked like a cow. He said, sure I’ll check your tits Angelique. He walked over to her and started squeezing and pulling down on both of her tits rough as he could and slapping both of ‘em hard, he said you’ve still got some more milk in them juggs, but we should have it all pumped out in about 20 more minutes unless I increase the vacuum pressure some more and put more pressure on them big tits.
I said, yea turn it up higher Calvin where her tit’s will empty out faster, cause she’s still got 2 diffrent men to fuck a little later and both of them are high dollar regular customers. He said, ok and increased the pressure more as I taped the milk being f***ed out of her damn nipples in large white streams. Angelique tensed up tight as hell and started crying when he turned the suction up higher, she said God Damn it baby that feels like my damn nipples are being ripped off of my tits! I said, aw hell you’re doing fine Angelique, bitch all you can do is cry if it hurts you that bad, cause you can’t do anything else about it. And she did too, I made sure to get the pain on her face on tape too and I enjoyed seeing her in pain a lot more than I really thought I would. We f***ed her to keep still by holding her down in the stall until the pumps had completely and fully drained both of her tits of every god damn drop of titty milk which took about 8 more minutes of pumping. When they were both empty she really started squeeling louder as the pumps tried to keep on dry pumping her tits due to the pressure being up so high! Calvin finally switched the suction pumps off and she calmed down some as the suction eased off, he said, ok I’m going to ease the vacuum pressure off of your nipples now Angelique but I can’t stop it all at once, you can stand up if you want to but don’t try to pull the suction tubes off your nipples. I’ll take them off of you in a few minutes after your nipples are stretched out real damn good. She said, ok and slowly stood up for the first time in over an hour and a half. Calvin came over and stood with me as I said, well Angelique you did damn good today for your first time being milked like a cow. Now we’ll be milking you 2 or 3 times every damn day from now on and I’m going to make some videos of you being milked in here and see how much money I can make off your fat ass. She said, I’ll do my best for you baby, you know I will because I love you so damn much and I felt so good when you told me you were proud of me a little while ago.
I said, yea you’re a good whore and I’m damn proud of what you did for us today. Calvin was standing where she couldn’t see him and he was laughing his fucking ass off at how damn stupid Angelique really was! When he finally stopped laughing he walked around to where Angelique was standing and reached up grabbing her right titty, ok we can take the suction tubes off your nipples now Angelique and he squeezed her titty and pulled on the suction tube, it came off her nipple with this loud popping sound, and he grabbed her left titty right quick and pulled that tube off causing another loud popping sound as the seal’s were broken around her nipples!
Both of her damn nipples were really distended, stretched and swollen up like a mother fucker! Calvin said, don’t worry about your nipples they’ll go back down to normal before it’s time to milk you again early tomorrow morning. All of the other women we milk out here their nipples always swell up the first few times they’re tits are pumped on the machine and once their nipples get use to being pumped like that they don’t even swell up that bad, but they’ll always distend and stretch several inches each time we milk you.
I said, damn Angelique your tits went down too damn much after we emptied ‘em, but I like how this stretched your nipples! Calvin said, yea they did go way down, hell we pumped over three quarters of a gallon of milk out of her fat ass tits this time, and her nipples will get even longer the more we do this to her too! He looked at her and said, damn girl I’m proud of your fuckin ass! Hell I thought you were going to fucking whine and bitch the whole damn time like some of the other whores that get brought out here to be milked and stretched. Angelique said, oh yall have other women that do this out here too? Calvin said hell yea girl, what did you think you were special or something? Hell you just love to be the center of attention don’t you fat girl? She giggled and said, well ..., I uh.... guess so..... I mean yall like watching me do things like this and I love being watched, so I guess I really do like to show off for people like this. I said, shit Calvin this fuckin whore loves for anybody to look at her when she’s naked, and most especially when she’s getting fucked real damn good and rough that’s when she really puts on a good show for ‘em to see, she’s an exhibitionist from hell! Ain’t ya my fat ass whore? She smiled big as hell and said, you better believe I am baby, and I’m all yours too.
Calvin said, oh what do you want me to do with all of her breast milk we pumped out of her today? I said, pour it up and let’s see exactly how much my little fat ass whore produced today. He went and got a gallon jug and we emptied the collection jug into it and it came to almost exactly ¾ of a gallon. Angelique was proud as she could be for giving that much milk. Calvin looked at her and said, hay Cliff you see what I was talking about look at how her tits are already dripping milk all down her fat belly. I looked and said, damn that’s pretty good, I mean since we just finished pumping her out a few minutes ago and she’s already leaking milk again this fast? Calvin said, hell yea she’s going to make a damn good cow for us to make some money off of.
Angelique was still standing there completely naked and Calvin reached over and handed her coat to her. She said, baby do you care if I put this back on? I said, yea go ahead cause we got to get back to the house your five o’clock appointment will be there in about an hour and you got to get ready for him. I said you need to thank Calvin for everything he did to you today. She smiled and said, thank you Calvin for pumping my tits out like you did, do I owe you anything? He smiled and said, I’ll just put it on your tab and collect it this weekend if that’s ok with Cliff. She said, sure that’ll be fine if he say’s so. I said, keep her milk in the refrigerator and we’ll just add her milk from her next milking in with it after she’s emptied out both times tomorrow afternoon. Calvin said you know we can sell her titty milk for a pretty fucking penny don’t you? I said, how much are we talking about here? He said, over $50.00 a gallon for her breast milk. I said, oh hell yea hook it up for us, but look I got to get this fat ass whore back to the house. We shook hands and left.
Everyday since then twice a day I take Angelique out to the dairy barn and hook her up to the milking machine and her huge juggs are completely emptied out by the pumps. Angelique is now producing well over 1 ½ gallons of milk everyday and her tits are really getting enormous as hell from all the pumping we are putting her fat ass thru each day they’re now up to size 44-HH’s when she’s full of milk!
Everybody that drops by the dairy barn to watch her getting milk says her juggs never looked better, so we’ve started letting a few good paying customers fuck her big pussy doggy style while her huge tits are pumped out but they pay a good price to fuck her while this is all being done to her! I made a deal with a vet friend of mine and he’s gona do all her abortions from now on after hours so it wont cost us anything and we can keep her fat ass pregnant for as damn long as we need to now which is great for making her huge tits even bigger.
Here is a recent picture of Angelique while we were torturing her fat tits for several long hard hours.
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