you will scent Me from all others

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i lay on my back, swathed in total darkness. The relative firmness of the body pillow beneath me dutifully tried its best to conform to, and support, my rather thin, and angular body shape. The apex of each of my two, protruding shoulder blades pushed unrelentingly downward into the synthetic foam, while at a point some 16-1/4” further away, the same resilient material was expanding upward in an attempt to fill the empty space created where the small of my back became the round of my buttocks.

A shiver tore through my fully nude body. In response, the two nubs of pinkish-brown flesh that sprouted from my chest flooded themselves with bl**d, swelling the tissue and becoming erect. The muscles in my lower abdomen constricted, urging me to release a soft moan.The thick-skinned pouch that hung down loosely between my open thighs continued to rest lazily against the full length of my moist, buttock crevice, even as i was consciously aware that the elongated sac had in fact tightened, altho the degree was negligible. my cock remained in it unaltered semi erect state.

my ears involuntarily perked up over a series of sharp clicking sounds coming from somewhere behind me. i knew that “The Voice” would begin momentarily, filling the room and my head with the timber of its undeniably arousing, baritone.

“Relax.” the deep, sensual Male voice began, initiating The Session in the same manner as each of the times before, with the single, two syllable word.

“Clear your mind of any stray thoughts created by the outside world. As if the musings orbiting inside your head were a grouping of tentacles being retracting back into its host’s body, pull back and seat all other thoughts than those which I will now direct you.” the unknown, unseen Male guided me carefully with the use of His voice alone.

As i pulled the veil over any attempts at my brain to encompass additional thought patterns which were not specifically certified as relevant, i became briefly aware that my penis was now fully erect, and was throbbing in rhythm with my heartbeat. my prick felt painfully swollen between my open legs.

my somewhat frayed awareness was abruptly brought back to The Session as the Male voice informed me that my “Dominant will now be taking His place.”

As i examined the exact meaning of His words coming at me from somewhere inside the darkness, their implications were being made clear, as well as being reinf***ed as i could both hear and feel the solid, husky form of my Dominant’s body moving around just above where i lay.

“He will now reach behind Himself, and grabbing a handful of ample flesh in each of His hands, He will pull His backside open, separating the two halves of His Ass. The meaty left cheek, from the equally meaty right.”

Even tho i could not actually see the demonstration taking place, i knew that it was in fact happening, a mere two or three feet above me, exactly as the seductive, Male voice was describing.

“...while at the same time,” the Man further informed me, “squatting, and lowing Himself down to fully rest on the rim seat.

i felt the warm swirl of air being produced directly around my head and upper torso, which seemed almost cool when compared to the heat radiating off of my Dominant’s brawny, 265 lb, fur-covered frame as He settled Himself atop the enameled toilet seat.

Once again, altho i could not actually see it with my own two eyes, i was able to effortlessly visualize the two halves of His plump Ass spilling over both sides of the rim seat’s horse-shoe shaped seat. i knew by past experience, and backed up now by tell-tale sounds above me, that He was opening His massive thighs wider still in an effort to allow the hefty bulk of Male Meat that He had hanging down between His legs to pour forward into gravity, and find some semblance of comfort.

“Breath in. Deeply.” Each word was enunciated with the pure masculinity of the speaker. “Breath...and exhale. Again...again...again.

Now, breath in; but this time when you exhale, do so fully. Exhale so completely that Your next intake of breath is able to be that much deeper.”

The deep pitch of the now familiar Male voice was both soothing and arousing to me, as He both directed and guided me on this journey i so desperately wanted to embark upon. my cock pulsed against my belly.

“Smell. Smell the natural, musky scent of Your Dominant’s unbathed backside. Fill your nostrils with His pungent odor. The odor that He has allowed to more fully develop and ferment between the soft, fleshy globes of His hirsute Ass.”

i knew His a****listic scent well. The ripe stink engulfed me as i continued to breath in and out as deeply as possible. As i lay there, taking in His odor, it seemed that every molecule of the surrounding air had been saturated with the stench of His foul smelling behind.

“By the completion of this series, you will not only be able to identify the natural odor of musk emanating from Your Dominant’s anal opening, as well as from His scrotal area, but you will also have attained the ability to distinguish His smell from those of other Males. Even in such circumstances as being presented with a pile of worn, unwashed, soiled underwear, you will be able to hone in on His scent, and His scent only.”

i had certainly heard Him make this particular claim prior to this session, as the opening of each session was exactly the same as the one before, and i assumed that it was done this way as a means of reinforcing your ultimate goal. Even tho distinguishing the individual scent of my Dominant was not the end goal in my training, i could not deny that each time i heard the sensual baritone repeat these familiar phrases, i experienced a series of what i am only able to describe as, small, internal orgasms in the pit of my belly.

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2 years ago
Allthough not into this kind of kink, the mental game sure captivated and aroused me. *verry well* written.
2 years ago
We might be in presence of the 21st century's Walt Whitman. This story is full of mysticism that can't be revealed unless the reader knows what "Transcendentalism" means. Don't stop at the erotic surface, go deep. You will scent Me from all others is an invitation to transcend the material body to an aether universal form. "Scent me from all others", I exist as a scent in all people.I would love to read a rewrite of Whitman's "Song of Myself" as visioned by UBERpigglet. Thanks for this trip!