I will tell you a story!
But it is not the story of havin sex and love, but it's my story of pain and humiliation.
This happend several years ago.
I knew her for a long time and I really liked her. She was the kind of girl that realy turnes me on. So I tried my luck with her. We were sitting at a drink. I was extremely nervous, but I surprisingly noticed, that she was pulling her glas of wine seesaw, so I concluded she was nervous too. So she invited me at her birthday, wich was several days later in the same location...
So let me try to discribe her: She is about 162 at height with short brown hair and big brown eyes. Probably the most tender woman I've ever seen - small beautiful hands, small beautiful feet. The most round and haelthy ass you will ever see. A face of rare beauty witch her dark even eyebrows and a perfect nose covered with some freckles. Lips like raspberrys. She is the kind of girl, who always does this little sexy things like showing her teeth, opening her mouth for a moment or giving a strange look.
So there we were at her birthday party. I knew only her and another girl. The rest were some very strange peaple, who obviously had bad manners... I had a nice gift for her - a silver chain with some green stone, which I packed in a small wooden box with a picture of a marihuana leaf on it. She liked it very much and told it was a "special gift" and was too shy to show it to the other people.
After dinner we decided to go dancing, but most people of the company wanted to go home, so we remained only three - she, the other girl I knew and myself. We went to her favorite night club, but it was full and the doorman didn't let us in. It was cold and I took my chance to hug her, but she pushed me away in two seconds. We had some drinks already. Then I led the way straight into a bar nearby, hearing the good ald rock and roll they played there. The bar was full. But the most customers were male. We danced and drank some drinks. Or precisly, we drank pretty much. She maybe tryed to provoke me or to annoy me. She did so as we are not together not even looking in my direction, but at the same time she bought me drinks. So some new peaple got into the bar and they tought that I am with the other girl. Some time later I was tired of her theatre and sat on the bar and was only watching. She went to the toilet and on the way back some guy started to dance at her. He was tall and maybe some nice guy but he had some disgusting puss (The other girl told that too later on). At the same moment I knew what was going to happen, so my heart began to pound und my hands got very cold.
They danced a little bit, than she came to us and we three with the other girl drank some new drinks. I cooled down a little bit. Then she get back to the guy getting closer and closer, so I begann to feel worse and worse and got really jealous. She huged his neck. Then they began kissing and I was not able to look in another direction. She got really hot, her face got red and her eyes got wet. She closed them and I could see him kissing her slightly open soft mouth, wich looked realy beautiful, hot and sexy. They kissed a while and I was feeling really bad. She climbed on him putting her legs around his hips. After that she came to me and bought me some other drink. Then she touched my hand and noticed that my hands were cold. So she put my hands around her face to cool it down. And yes! It was very hot.
Somehow at once it was time to go. And there we three (with the other girl) were standing in front of the bar. So the other girl and me, we were a little bit confused. She said that we are waiting for noone. So I breathe a little bit enlighted, but at this moment the funny guy was standing in front of the door. We all toghether walked for a while, and she said in a spoiled manner that her shoes are chasing. Than she sayd several times who would carry her in the same manner. So the guy heaved her on his shoulder.
We reached a bigger street and there were some taxis. At that moment I literaly tried to run away, but somehow she f***ed me to get into the taxi with them - she and the guy. The taxi drove first to my place. I tryed to jump out, but she asked to confirm that I will come at her place on the next day at noon.
And then I was alone at my place, feeling really bad. But at the same time I was such excited that my erection was literaly hurting. So I had to jerk off till the morning with no chance to fell asl**p and my imagination was playing all possible scenarios ot them two having sex at the same time. I even considered to go to her place, which was not so far away and try to climb to her window to witness the big final ot this evening.

Sorry about my english!

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