Youth Camping ....Part 4

As we hit the dock I bolted and took of to get cleaned up and looking like I hadn’t just been ****d for hours. My ass was sore as I headed from the tent to the showers to clean off and relax under the hot steamy water, there shouldn’t be anyone in there this early in the day…….Boy was I wrong……To be continued……

Part 4

As I headed off to the showers, walking funny from the serious fucking I had just received, I could feel some of the juice start to leak from my hole. I quickened my pace to get to the shower. As I walked in it was empty except one stall was in use, I couldn’t see who was in it nor did I care. I just wanted to get a hot shower. I tossed my stuff on the bench and stripped down letting my clothes fall to the floor. I step into the last stall and hit the water. Ahhhhhh this feels great, I let the water sooth my ravaged body and my hole. I lost track of time and just melted in the stall refreshing myself. Just then I see a shadow at the door of my stall. It starts to swing open and standing before me holding my ass crack, cum stained shorts in his hand was Greg the redhead with the monster cock. “Looks like you’ve been busy my little friend, huh?” I start to protest as he enters the stall but he is much bigger than me and I’m still drained from the previous events of the day. Greg comes closer to me as he says, “what’s wrong guy, had a tough day?” as he locks me in a bear hug and starts to caress me, “let me help you out.” He starts to massage me starting at the shoulders and working his way down my body. I just melt as it feels so good on my weary body. He gets to my ass and slowly rubs it massaging my roughed up cheeks. “Looks like this is wore in too.” as he sticks his finger in my hole which is still leaking cum from the loads from Chris and Shane. “yeah baby, this hole is lubed up nicely and that’s a good thing if your gonna take my monster cock.” I cringed at what I know is to come. I kneel down facing him and stare at the huge cock staring me in the face. I really feel like a slut now, first Kelsey, then Chris and Shane and now Greg. So much for not becoming the camp slut, I thought. I open my mouth as wide as I can and take Greg’s huge tool in my mouth and start giving the best head I can with such a large dick. I gag and choke a couple of times and this only encourages Greg. “Yeah k** your gonna get good at servicing this piece of meat, suck it down.” He grabs my hair and starts to control the face fuck. His cock gets even harder in my mouth as he jams it in as far as it will go before I gag again. “That’s right k**, you need some practice on this thing before you can just take it down.” “Now come around here and let me stick it in that well lubed hole of yours.” I turned around and Greg lifts my foot and places it on the grab bar for easy access to my hole. He starts to finger my hole as cum oozes from my hole. “Yeah baby, that’s nice.” He sticks his head at the entrance to my hole and pushes it in. Lights seemed to go out as he slid the monster up my hole. It was at least 20 seconds before I could take a breath again as he slid the entire cock up my well juiced hole. “Dam baby, that’s super nice. Slick and tight baby, that’s just the way I like it. He starts fucking me slow then picking up the pace as I whimper like a little girl with each thrust of this monster in my hole. If there were anyone in the bathroom besides us, there would have been no doubt what was going on. He started giving me a real good pounding, holding me up like a doll as I had no energy. He pulled his monster meat from my hole and picked me up and took me out of the shower. He laid me on the bench, “what if someone comes in?” I asked, No one will k** its safe, we wont get caught, I promise.” “Yeah, right.” I think, As he slides his meat back into me. I let out a moan as it hits bottom. He pulls it out to the head then pushes it in to the base. Over and over again, all the way out then in. My hole is now stretched around his massive cock to a perfect fit. “Yeah k** I knew this is what you wanted the first time you looked at it, there’s no running now.” He pushes my legs back to my chest and holds them with one hand as the other starts to slap my ass cheeks. With each slap I tense my ass which he must like cause now he slaps me with each thrust of his tool. Just then, as I feared three boys walk into the bathroom, “Hey Greg” one states, “I see you got another boy toy for your monster cock.” Not what I was expecting to hear. What kind of camp is this I think to myself. “Yeah, he likes riding this cock, but he was pre lubed before I got him?” “Yeah who else banged the fag?” I felt humiliated, “I don’t know, I didn’t ask.”, “Mind if we join? I’m horny as hell.” “Yeah that’s cool, but one of you have to stand guard.” Greg replies.
What is going on here? I start to get scared but I know I really want to get used like a cheap whore and before I know it there are two dicks swinging in my face as Greg continues his assault on my now numb ass. The two boys over me start jamming their cocks in my mouth one at a time then both. I feel stuffed with the meat in my mouth as well as the pounding from Greg. Things are really hot and heavy as Greg pulls his cock out and sprays his load all over my belly, chest and face. I barely noticed as I am trying to concentrate on the two dicks in my mouth. Greg gets up and one of the boys takes his spot and slides his dick in my hole. “You guys have fun but don’t kill him ok?” “Yeah sure Greg thanks a lot. See ya later. They begin to work on me some more as Greg leaves. Both take turns fucking me, I cant tell whats what as they continue to wear out my hole. Finally I feel a load empty into my ass as the other dumps his load on my face. He slaps his cock on my face getting the last drops of cum off then wipes his dick clean on my forehead. With that they both get up, get dressed and just walk out like they walked in, leaving me on the bench soaked in cum and sweat. I drag myself back to the shower to clean up. I managed to get up enough energy to go to chow but hit the sack soon after. I passed out in my bag right after. What was tomorrow to bring? Two days left.

To be continued…………..

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2 years ago
Well damn as long as you wanted it FUCK what camp did you go to I wanna go RIGHT NOW!
3 years ago
Love it, Love it, Love it!
3 years ago
mmmm yes, very sexy would love to have some of it. cant wait for the next instalment
4 years ago
Dude this just keeps getting better and my cock keeps getting harder and shooting bigger
4 years ago
It deserves more than XXXXX, would give 6 of it! Please, bring more