Youth Camp.....part 3

The next morning was as normal as can be. No problems getting up with the rest and no problems or “misunderstandings” in the showers. After a good breakfast it was time to hit the canoe trip. As we prepared, it would be the four of us, Shane, Chris, Kelsey and me. Or at least I thought. Just as we were untying one of the camp directors told Kelsey that he was to report to the camp master or something like that. With that Kelsey got out of the canoe and we were told that Kelsey wouldn’t be joining us for the trip and we were to go as three. None of thought anything of it and the three of us headed out with the rest of the canoes. We went through a lot of winding portions of the river and we decided to head off to one of the out canals that looked barely traveled. The group would be stopping soon for lunch and we had plenty of time to explore. As we went through dense portions of the canal we started coming to a clearing, it started to look familiar as we come upon the same small lake Kelsey and I had our romp on the rocks. I just acted like I hadn’t been there yet and asked how they knew about this place. They both looked at each other, then me then back at each other and laugh at the same time. “what’s so funny?”, I asked. Then Chris speaks up, “don’t tell me you don’t know about this place twerp, weren’t you getting fucked just yesterday on the rocks over there?” I just froze. “We saw you getting all hot and heavy on Kelsey’s cock then getting it pounded in your ass? Your gay right twerp?” Just then Shane speaks up, I think he needs to suck my dick to keep us quiet Chris, what do you think.” I’m gonna get a piece of that tail myself, and don’t try to run twerp, we’ll tell everyone in the camp you’re a fag. You won’t never live it down, agreed?” I just get this look of oh my god now what and Chris says, “don’t worry twerp, we’ll take it easy on ya, kinda.” We get to the shore and Chris doesn’t even wait to get out of the canoe, “come here fag boy, suck on my dick you were eyeing the other night, yeah that’s right, I caught ya lookin, now come here.” He grabs the back of my head with one hand while undoing the Velcro on his shorts. His dick isn’t hard just yet and he f***es me down on his dick. “Come on boy get to work, we don’t have all day.” With that he started fucking my face. “See, I told ya Shane, he likes suckin dick, look at him go to town on it.” I, indeed, was going to town on his dick. I figured get this over with, tell Kelsey and watch him beat the crap out of these two. Just then I feel Shane grab the back of my shorts and start to tug them down. “Look at this ass Chris, you want a piece of this?” As he finishes he wet his finger and stuck it in my hole, which was probably still a little slick from Kelsey’s load the previous night. “Dam that’s tight twerp” as he starts to finger fuck me. All the while I’m slurping on Chris’ cock as he f***es my head down as far as it could go, “swallow it bitch” he says and starts long dicking my mouth. “Yeah k** take it all.” “Dam” “you ready for my cock up your ass boy?” I just mumbled as my mouth was stuffed full of cock. I don’t think he was going to wait for an answer anyway as he pulled me off his cock and told me to turn around and suck Shane’s dick. I swing around and Shane’s 7 incher is staring me in the face, I opened my mouth and he stuck it right in to the base. “Ohhh”, he said as it hit bottom. He started fucking my mouth with his hands on the sides of my face. Just then I feel Chris’ cock head at my hole, Hold on twerp, here it comes, as I felt the head passed the entrance and borough it’s way into my waiting pre lubed hole. He starts fucking me with relentless thrusts, over and over he slams my hole like a mad dog telling me how he’s gonna “use up my sweet hole”, I can again only moan as Shane is slamming his cock in my mouth. What a sight, so much for discretion I thought, so I started meeting Chris’ thrust and riding him like a stallion, as he put his hands behind his head and said, “look at this Shane, he loves getting fucked in the ass, he’s riding me hard, that’s right fag boy fuck that hot cock.” “Let me try it” Shane said, and with that they swung me around and switch positions, Shane started slamming my ass with a lot of “yeahs” and “ohhhs” as Chris again fucked my mouth. They switched a couple of times and were using up my ass good when Shane, without warning, started shooting a huge load down my throat. No way I could swallow it all it just kept coming, 9, ten shots. As he unloaded Chris started slapping my ass hard telling me how much of a little bitch I was and how he was going to fill my hot little hole up with his juice. His pace picked up as he grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them hard, then started shooting his load in my now well used hole. I just lay there in the boat as the two of them jumped in the water. I must have dozed a bit be cause before I knew it they were back and ready to go another round. “You didn’t think we were done yet k**, did you? Come here and give that hot ass again.” Chris said as he motioned me over to the rock that I had previously used with Kelsey. There the two of them tore my ass up for the next two hours. Taking turns at my ass and throat and thoroughly using me up. Finally after three loads apiece, we gathered our stuff and started heading back. I was drained I let the two of them do all the rowing all the way back. I figured my ass had paid for that ticket. “just remember twerp, our little secret or else, and your gonna do what ever we want from here till the end of the trip. And don’t think Kelsey’s gonna help cause they sent him home this morning. Seems as some one snitched about his hideout.” I looked up and to my horror the two of them were laughing with each other as if they were the ones who made it happen? Could it be true? This cant be good for me, I think to myself, “don’t worry k** we got plenty of stuff to keep a gay boy occupied with.” As they again laughed, we headed back to the group. Just as we reach the main river canal the group is passing us by and we just tag in tow and follow them back to the site. As we hit the dock I bolted and took of to get cleaned up and looking like I hadn’t just been ****d for hours. My ass was sore as I headed from the tent to the showers to clean off and relax under the hot steamy water, there shouldn’t be anyone in there this early in the day…….Boy was I wrong……To be continued……
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2 years ago
This was so good I can't decide if Shane and Chris were blackmailing you or they just mad that up as an excuse because deep down they really wanted to fool around with you.
Or if you slightly felt they were bullying you and just using you for sexual pleasures now they know you are gay :(
3 years ago
Damn, this is very hot, although I was hoping Kelsey and Greg would come to the rescue.
4 years ago
Nice to read a good story by an expert! Expect more of it!
4 years ago
love the story line twist
keep em cummimg dude!